Nov 15, 2006

Mysticism - Part I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Mystic :- A person who seeks by contemplation and self surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

Mystique :- A fascinating aura of mystery , awe, and power surrounding someone or something.

Mysticism, Mystic or Mystique: it is a science of ultimate or the science of absolute awareness or the science to understand formation of everything from nothing, a mystic is a person seeking the ultimate truth or contemplating for union with the divine force, all this is mysterious to a layman, but a mystic has a direct experience or awareness of these spiritual energy within himself .

Birth, schooling, learning, earning, mating, reproducing, accumulating for future, enjoying, suffering, and finally to die is a normal course of life, the two ends, birth and death are the only mysterious points in this scale, remaining have been well explained by the physical, chemical or biological sciences, before birth and after death are two great mysteries, left over untouched by the general sciences, because they can not be quantified or proven empirically.

In a common man it is an unexplainable fear and intrigue, a taboo, why should some body know what is beyond these points, like some time back it was taboo to cross the oceans, but now it is a routine. I know one day people will be able to travel through past lives and will also be able to see future lives, and correct there karma readings, all this is not possible without divine help, the first and foremost step to attain this is to merge with the unknown force, many names have been given to this life force by many mystics in the past and present, but it still does not fill the void, because it is an out and out personal experience, it cannot be shared with a second individual in its totality unless he or she is also going through same experience.

The divine is, ultimate, absolute, unknown, infinite, tasteless, formless, shapeless,weightless, mass less, it is nothingness, it is everywhere, no space is free from it, it fills all the empty spaces, yet it is unquantifiable, it is everything but one can not quantify it, it is eternal, it is infinite in all directions, in all dimensions, in all forms, yet it is formless, it is so vast and unfathomable but one can find it in its entirety in oneself.

Lord Krishna could show his mother the entire creation in his mouth, so, as Deepak Chopra says it is like a hologram, a small piece of this hologram is complete in its own way, so the entire creation is present in smallest portion of the creation.

The human body is like an instrument which can actually create this holographic image internally, c
hakra's are like radio buttons in this beautiful instrument called human body, chakra's are like fine tuning centres in this instrument to actually create the entire creation internally, the thought is the fastest to travel it is many folds faster than the speed of light, and that thought which had traveled can become the nucleus for the hologram to recreate in its new location.

To move in this direction one has to unplug himself or herself from all the sensory images and illusions of the physical world, all senses needs to be subdued by shear devotion and not by suppression or resistance, there is no use suppressing the desire they will pop up again, desires need to be won over, they need to be emptied from the container called human mind.

Purify your body, let your body get only that is necessary, and positive, I know it is very difficult to do it living in a modern society, but if the goal is to merge with the absolute, do it. once the body is pure, purify your mind, your thought process, again lot depends on your food that you eat, eat only positive prana food, pumpkin, peanuts, coconut, Jaggery (no sugar), bitter gourd, and most of the gourds, beetroot, carrots, all leafy vegetables, salt, avoid negative prana food like, garlic, onions, eggplant, animal meat, nicotine products, narcotics, beverages, alcohol, sleeping pills, beetle leaves and nut, tobacco, etc, yes all the items which satisfy our senses needs to be curtailed for ever, once your mind is in your control, that means it allows only what you want to allow, nothing takes place without your approval, so the mind,body and soul are in complete union, tune your mind to attain consistent silence, with nothing in it, other than your personal bija mantra, or your deities bija mantra. let it resonate with the cosmic mind. enjoy it, nothing is more enjoyable than this.

One cannot control by leaving the world and living in an inaccessible place like forest etc. no, control your self when everything is around you, control is functional and more meaningful when the temptation is around, practise control on your craving for donuts, by sitting close to donuts shop, or eat so much that you might loose interest, but the first one is more spiritual, second one is for late comers and is time consuming, control your senses, once it knows the taste, it knows the temptation, it knows it is desirable, control it with freewill and not by forceful rejection, let the thought that is causing the mind to attract towards the temptation dissolve in the silence for ever, it is like controlling an unruly horse. one by one control all your horses, once done validate them by visiting the temptations, do not resist, do not suppress, let the thought vanish for ever, the temptation should mean nothing to you and your mind, once you reach this point you have won over your senses or Indriya.

Lord Krishna blows a flute, let your body be like a flute and let the divine force flow through you like it flows through a flute, the result is mystic's union with the mysterious, it is pure music.

You are ready for the voyage. more to follow...........

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Nov, 2006

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