Dec 8, 2006

Line Of Heart: Part -I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Line of Heart as the name suggests concerns heart activity, and it is the third most important line after the fate line and the line of intelligence, this line starts on the percussion side of the palm below the little finger, it travels from right to left in a left hand and from left to right a right hand dividing the palm roughly into 1/3 on the top and 2/3 below it, three very basic types of lines are, one ending very bluntly between the Saturn finger and the index finger (most common), second is curved up to the mount of Jupiter i.e. below the Index finger, and the third type is curved up to Saturn mount i.e. below the middle finger, it might not reach up to the mount, but again we have to see the position of mount if it is placed right below the middle finger.

It is a well known fact that the heart has to do with feelings, relations, courage, fear, intuition, emotions, every time we receive a bad or good news, it is this heart that takes the extra load, it is this heart that fails when a native fails in his/her endeavours, it is this heart which cries when love fails, it is this heart that floats in ecstasy when something good happens, it is this place where the soul resides, it is this heart which skips a beat when startled, it is this heart that makes a man tough and week, it is this heart that makes a women sensitive, loving and senseless, barren, it is this heart that forces us to take all decisions based on our emotions, it is this heart that keeps us going when even the brain goes blank, it is this heart, where we feel the pain, when we loose something so dear to us, it is this heart which when activated by kundalini energy through the Anahatha Chakra, the fourth chakra in the astral body, beautiful cosmic music can be heard by the native, it is like someone had just opened a music shop in the heart, cosmic tunes flow through this astral point of our physical existence, it is this heart, where the four chambers are closed by a priest before commencing his prayer, so that no evil enters it and only divine energies pass or reside in it.

Sri Chinmoy's


A sacred heart
Is God's inspiration.
A secret heart
Is man's imagination.
A crying heart
Is man s illumination.
A self-giving heart
Is God s realization.
A surrendered human heart
Reaches God's transcendental Heights
A perfect and manifested heart
Is the pride of God's Reality-dream.
A surrendered divine heart
Is the smile of the Absolute Supreme.

Fig P4A 1 to 6 shows various types of lines of Heart, no1 shows a thin line with pale color, mostly found in weak or soft feminine hands, no 2 shows pink and thin line, found mostly in normal people, no 3 shows dark colored but normal depth, found in careful but active individuals, no 4 shows pale colored but thick line, found in weak but stressed individuals, no 5 shows a normal person but stressed, no 6 shows dark colored and thick line, mostly seen in very rough hands with thick palm skin, very active, aggressive individuals, also sometime over strained, stress is because of biting more than they can chew, or taking too much load, so the native is stressed and strained mostly physical.

A good line of Heart is as shown in Fig P4B1, with finely curved and well placed between the base of fingers and the line of Intelligence, proper colour, depth and length, which would mean that the native is blessed with a very well balanced physical, mental, emotional and practical side, so definitely he/she will have very good physique and nature, provided the line is not punctuated with marks, crosses and breaks.

Extreme cases of this line are, first, in case of Simian (Fig P4B5) natives where there is no distinct heart line and line of intelligence, and the second one is a pink coloured, clear, fine line without any ridges, finely curved till the base of the index finger ( Fig P4B3), the native is endowed with a very good heart and physical ability, I would say a heart full of energy to live a good and healthy life, well governed by the Jupiter, that means very balanced and well choreographed life, a well placed line below the four mounts, Mercury, Apollo, Saturn and Jupiter suggests a very balanced heart, the gap between the base of the fingers and the line of heart, and the gap between the line of heart and line of intelligence should be equal, this also suggests a very balanced individual.

If the gap below the line of heart is smaller than the gap above it, then the individual suffers from confusion between the heart and brain matters, in a way stuck between two extremes practical and emotional sides of his character, but the positive side of this aspect is, the sex life of this native is bound to be very fulfilling and complete, if the gap above the line of heart is smaller than the gap below it than the native suffers from lack of emotional side and the life is more practical and even the sex life also becomes a matter of biological need. if the line is too straight and stops abruptly below the mount of Saturn or sometimes below the mount of Mercury or mount of Apollo, then the native is more interested in worldly affairs like, accumulating wealth, fame, material benefits, and will have less inclination towards sensual attractions, if the line is too much curved than the native is obsessed with the sensual attractions and will strive hard to fulfill those, a normal curve reaching the point between the Index finger and the middle finger, such a native will be balanced in both the material and sensual attractions, but if such a line reaches the mount of Saturn, than the native will be very disciplined in his dealing with opposite Sex and also will maintain a good material living, will be inclined towards accumulation and will strive hard to attain or retain the status, If the line ends up in the mount area of Jupiter i.e. below the Index finger the native will be very clear and clean in his dealings with the opposite Sex and will have inclination towards learning and preaching or teaching the good texts even in the heart matters, a sex therapist.

Fig P4C shows various types of lines of heart with afflictions in other wise a very normal and good line of heart, no1 has a break in the line below the possible position of mount of Saturn, meaning that the native at that time point lacked the discipline, energy for material accumulations, instead the Saturn made him to look at the romantic side of life, all practicalities vanished and the life would be more like a dream, floating through unreality's, but once the native is grounded back to the grave realities of the life, the touch down would not be very smooth, the same gap if it is below the Jupiter, then the ethics, and principles might take a nose dive, below Apollo mount, fame and popularity will vanish, and below Mercury mount the business, public affairs, and communications with everyone, especially with the opposite sex might take a fall. Similar results or phala can be derived from the lines if they stop below the different mounts or fingers as shown in figures, P4C1,2,3 and 4.

Fig P4C5 shows the longing for parental love from almost every individual he/she meets in the public life, and this native will deal with others in similar manner, he would like to be a parent of everyone around him/her, and this depends on the age of the native, no 6 shows too many jerks in the natives emotional life causing too much emotional stress, but the line kept regaining its form after every jolt, lot of energy was pulled in to sustain the external jolts, a reverse of this situation is loss of energy to sustain the jolts, in this case the native would suffer from severe and frequent energy loss, and would need frequent energy supplements to continue.

Fig P4D shows various normal lines of Heart punctuated with various signs and marks, some are favourable and some are not, a dot or a black spot is a very bad sign in a line of Heart, it suggest possible block in the pumping station, a circle shows internal flooding, small lines leaving the line of Heart, loss of energy, small lines joining the line of Heart, gaining energy, and a cross, contradicting energies joining and then leaving the native high and dry, in that area of life, again determined by the mount under which the cross or the sign appears, few ( 3 to 4 parallel lines above the line of Heart and below the base of fingers are a good sign in that area of life, it shows multiple avenues available to reap the benefits.

A whorl below the Apollo finger (Fig P4D6) is a sign of excellent Intuitive mental capacities, a whorl in the Jupiter mount or below the Index finger is a sign for opportunities in the area of love and romance, possibly leading to love marriages, a bifurcated line of Heart below the Jupiter mount also suggests similar ending.

Basically the heart is a parameter to measure the depth of emotions and emotional and physical strengths in an individual, join the two hands together and see if the two lines of Heart make a nice curve, this would suggest that the Heart is in place. No curve and too much curve are again two extremities, a straight line would suggest the Heart needs tuning.

Conclusions about one's life direction should be made by studying the fate line, Line of Intelligence and Heart, but over all life pattern can only be deduced after studying all the main, minor lines and other signs of the palm.

More to follow the way all the palm prints were drawn on my younger daughter Nicki Ianala's hand, she loved it.

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala, Jan, 2007

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