May 17, 2007

The Line of Health of Life

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

The line of Health of Life: Fig P6A1

The Six Main/Chief/Primary lines i.e. The line of fate, line of intelligence, heart line, the life line, now the line of health of life and later the line of Apollo or Sun.

The line of health of life:Line of Health or Line of Business as it is commonly known but I call it as Line of Health of Life, it is a secondary line for many palmists, not very common, it is present in many hands and totally absent from many hands, and this line is shrouded in cobwebs because many people have many views about this line, but let us read it the way one should, with out any inclinations to the preconceived notions.

The origin of this line can be from anywhere from the line of life to the fate line or away from the two mainlines, from the mount of moon or Luna (Fig P6A5), but this line always reaches for the little finger or the mount of mercury (Fig P6A2) present below the little finger, many people believe that this line tells us about the business acumen of the native, some believe it has to do with the health of the native, some believe it is a line which should not be present in a hand.

My personal experience, I have this line well marked emerging from the fate line and reaching into the mount of mercury, this line shows breaks when ever I am low on finance or in debt, it remains unchanged irrespective of my health, yes it changes when ever I changed jobs, whenever I got involved in multiple jobs or income generating activities, I have seen multiple parallel lines all flowing towards the mount of mercury, the length depends on the length of time devoted to such an activity, or if a proposition of business/Job/Income generating any activity lingers around you, the line remains prominent and also it indicates the future of such an endeavour.

I have seen and not seen this line in the hands of many people working for themselves or others, so this line does not indicate just the job or business, it is present in the students also who are dependent on their parents for their daily financial requirements, it is present or absent in people suffering or not suffering with some or other ailments or not, so what exactly is this line for?

The line is begins from the fate line (Fig P6A2)/mount of moon (Fig P6A1)/ or in rare cases from life line (Fig P6A3), it has to do with basic life and status of mind, or the direction the mind is tuned in to, then this line always flows towards the mount of mercury, mercury is the center of communication, business, financial investments, shares, it basically indicates if your life is green or not, or if the life is to a lawn, the Mercury is to green grass, if Mercury is well placed, then the grass in your lawn of life will be green and in abundance, if Mercury is not well placed then the lawn is dry and barren, so this line has to do with health of the life of the native, and it should be appropriately called as Line of Health of Life and hence it is a Major/Primary line.

So, the line of health of life indicates the quality of greenery in your lawn of life, now most people who are earning may have this line or might not have this line, presence of this line would indicate that the lawn is green with those earnings, i.e. income is more than expenditure hence some storage, absence would mean income is less than expenditure hence no storage, similarly people involved in business may have this line or might not have this line, if the natives business is doing fine the line will be well marked and without any breaks (Fig P6A6) or signs etc but if it is not well then the line might me totally absent or one or few broken lines might be present, again, the number of lines (Fig P6A4) would indicate the numbers of different activities, e.g. One of my friend was involved in making tools, boat selling, home repairs etc, so he had three lines of various lengths and quality, the business or the activity that he stopped, the related line also stopped growing in his hand, The one he has been doing for a long time and is still involved in it, the main line remained intact, The business in which he lost money, the related line showed break and cross.

The line of Health of Life basically signifies, communication skills, business ability or acumen, earning capacity, earning and spending habits, well being of Mercury, physical and mental health one interesting point worth noting is, the line of health of life flows through the Mars defensive mount, Mars generally denotes aggressive action but this mount denotes defensive actions, if the line of health of life stops near this mount the native needs to check his attitude with His/Her clients/colleagues/relatives/friends/family members etc. it is to check if any of these spheres of life are suffering because of this attitude, I will not say that it is very easy to change it, like a ON/OFF switch, but the cause for such an attitude buildup is always people, best way to bring a change is stay away from those people, again it is easy if they are people from external circles, it becomes very difficult to bring that change if they are your immediate family.

As we have seen this line has to do with the health of your finances, your income, your wealth, your earning power, your earning capacity, your relations, your social relations, your family support, their emotional or financial support, your abilities, this line if absent, means native is living a very ordinary life and is not exerting himself/herself for accumulating wealth and property etc, in a way he/she waits for his/her turn because the mind is not tuned in this direction and Mercury is also neutral, Income -spending = 0, and this line is very prominent and active in people who are very active and are in a kind of mad rush for accumulating wealth and money for their future generations, Income -spending = x balance, any breaks in this line would strongly suggest break in the flow of income or finance and other social factors are always the cause for such a break, if the break is due to personal and relational activity the fate line at the same time frame will also register a break, but if the break is due to health of body, mind and soul, then the life line, fate line, the line of heart and intelligence might also register a break at the same time frame.

If you do not have this line, do not worry, live your life, but yes if you are involved in some business/money generating activity through personal steam and the line is missing, then check if the business is run by you or you are just a secondary partner or a passenger, or you might lack initiative or direct involvement, vice verse if the line is present and you are not involved in any such activities, may be it is time you should look at your finances and think about starting something of your own. :-)

A multiple line patch( Fig P6A5) near the mount of mercury is enough to replace the line of heath of life, so in many people a fine multiple line patch near the mount of Mercury should denote all the properties explained for the line of health of life and it also suggests success in such any endeavour.

A well formed line of health of life and a well placed Mercury mount, multiple line patch and the line emerging from the Mount of luna would mean the Mind, body and soul are all in tandem for successful activities, if the line begins from line of fate then it is your personal initiative that will make it happen, and from the line of life start would suggest your family support or a ready made estabilishment waits for your involvement.

So check your hand and line, make plans.

More to follow.....................line of Apollo or Sun.

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, May 2007.

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