Dec 30, 2007

Secret of Success

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

I Wish All My Readers A Very Happy New Year 2008,

As everyone will be planning to make new resolutions for the brand new year 2008, (please note the number 8 in the new year, and no 8 is guarded by Sani (Saturn)), here is an Article by Sri Swami Sivanand Maharaj, which would help to guide your minds to decide on your new year resolutions.

What is real success in life? Is it material prosperity and thriving on well in this world with plenty of money and children or something else? Success is of two kinds, viz., worldly success and spiritual success. If you are in good affluent circumstances, if you have everything that this world can give you, this is worldly success. This alone will not suffice, because this world is imperfect. You must have success in the path of realisation as well. Then only will you have complete or perfect success.
What are the ways of attaining real and lasting success in life? It is easy to preach to twenty than to become one of the twenties in following the dictates. An ounce of practice is thousand times better than tons of theories. Now come to the solid field of practice. Become a practical Yogi of this world and the world beyond. Then alone will material and spiritual success ever attend on you.
Life is of two kinds, viz., life in matter and life in Atma or spirit of pure consciousness. Biologist and psychologist hold that life consists of thinking, feeling, knowing, willing, digestion, excretion, circulation, respiration, etc. This kind of life is not everlasting. This is attended with dangers, pain, fear, cares and anxieties, worries, exertion, sin, birth and death with their concomitant evils, viz., old age, disease, etc. Therefore sages, Seers, Rishis, prophets and saints, who have realised the inner self by discipline of the mind and the organs by Tyaga (renunciation) and Tapas (austerities), by Vairagya (dispassion) and Abhyasa (spiritual practice), by leading a life of self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-abnegation have empathetically, without a shadow of doubt—like Amlaka fruits in their hands—declared that a life in the Atman or pure spirit alone can bring everlasting peace, infinite bliss and supreme joy, eternal satisfaction and immortality. They have prescribed various definite methods for self-realisation according to diverse temperaments, capacity, and taste of individuals. Those who have implicit faith in their teachings, in the Vedas and in the words of the Guru (spiritual preceptor) march fearlessly to the field of spirituality or truth and obtain freedom or salvation or perfection. This is the real goal of human life. This is the highest aim or purpose of human life. Self-realisation is your highest duty.

All these does not mean that your life in the physical plane is absolutely to be ignored. Matter is the expression of God (Brahman) for his own Leela. Matter and spirit are inseparable, like heat and fire, cold and ice, flower and fragrance; power and the possessor of power, are one. Brahman and Maya are inseparable and one. A life in the physical plane is a definite preparation for the eternal life in Brahman. World is your best teacher. The five elements are your Gurus. Nature is your mother and director. Prakriti (Mother Nature) is your silent master. World is the best training ground for the development of various divine virtues, such as mercy, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, universal love, generosity, nobility, courage, magnanimity, patience, strong will, etc. World is an arena for fighting with the diabolical nature and for expressing the Divinity from within. The central teaching of Gita and Yoga Vasishtha is that one should realise one’s self by remaining in the world. Be in the world, but be out of the world. Behave like the water on the lotus leaf. Give up the lower Asuric nature which consists of selfishness, lust, greed, anger, hatred and jealousy. Assert the Divine Nature, a life of mental renunciation and self-sacrifice.

Science and religion, politics and religion are inseparable. They always go hand in hand. Politics prepares the ground for the reception of the spiritual seed. If there is no economic independence, if there is no freedom and peace in country, how can the spiritual seed be sown in the land? How can dissemination of knowledge be made to the children of the land? How can prophets bring home to the minds of the people the subtle philosophical truths and facts when there is absolute chaos in the country, when their minds are perturbed and when they have not got sufficient food, clothing and other auxiliaries of life. The mind can receive the teachings of the sages only when it is beyond cares and anxieties and when everything for Sadhana is fixed up.

Rajas (Kings) like Janaka were looking after the Sadhus and Sannyasins in the days of yore very carefully. Rishis had to be protected with plenty of cows and fruits in their Ashram to carry on nicely in their Sadhana. This was an important duty of all Rajas of old. They had to pay a very heavy penalty before God if they were negligent in the above affairs. They could not escape from the immutable law of God. Scriptures speak that a Raja is an Amsa of God and Lord Vishnu and that he is the real protector of the people. He is really an embodiment of Lord Vishnu. 

A portion of the Tapas of all the religious people goes to him if he administers true justice and if he looks after the spiritual people very carefully. He gains great spiritual strength and peace of mind, if he has good Sadhus and Mahatmas in his land, by taking recourse to their Satsanga. If a beautiful ideal Ashram for Brahmacharins, Vanaprasthis and Sannyasins with isolated Kutias in a solitary place with all the requisite convenience and a good library is established in every state, it will be a blessing for the state and for the world at large. Time and money spent in foreign travels is a sheer waste, if you really want peace of mind. If we really want lasting peace, and real happiness, every one of us should close our eyes, withdraw our senses and Indriyas and mind and plunge deep into the perennial Atmic spring within. Let us all tap the fountain of bliss and unalloyed felicity. Then alone supreme satisfaction will come.

If the householders observe the rules of life laid down in the scriptures, there is absolutely no necessity for so many Sannyasins in these days. It is only just because the householders are failing to observe the injunctions of the Shastras or the code of Manu, there are many blunders in the daily conduct of the householders. It is only to save the householders that Sannyasins grew up in our country, to lead a life of truth and sincerity so as to enable the householder lead a similar life by copying them. This is the real value of Satsanga with great men.

A close study of the observation and revelation of science brings a man nearer to God. Who gave the power to the electrons? What is that power that has combined four parts of Nitrogen and one part of Oxygen? What is the intelligence which moves nature? Can scientific inventions really make man happy? What has science done to us all these days? All scientific knowledge is mere husk when compared with the knowledge of the Self. Brahma Vidya is Para Vidya; All sciences are founded on the knowledge of the Atma. Man is growing more and more restless as his wants and requirements go on increasing with the advancement of science.

The only remedy for improving this deplorable state of man from all ills of modern scientific inventions is to go back to nature and natural thinking and natural living. We will have to adopt simple living and high thinking of our forefathers. Lead a simple natural life. Wear simple clothing. Walk daily; give up cinema and novel reading; eat simple food. Lead a hard and laborious life. Be ever self-reliant. Reduce your wants. Be ever straightforward. Ever strive to control the Indriyas or the senses. Develop noble qualities. Take recourse to the company of wise men. Remember God. Sing His Name. Feel His divine presence. Think aright. Speak truth. And act righteously. Learn how to lead divine life while remaining in the world. Serve society with Atmabhav. This is the best way for your salvation. You will have success in every walk of life and undertaking. Keep this master key with you and open the chambers of Elysian Bliss.

Truth cannot give pain to anyone. Truth alone can triumph. Truth alone can bring lasting happiness. We should live in truth only. Man is an embodiment of truth. You live and have your very being dissolving your mind and body in Truth. Realise the ultimate truth. It is very difficult to get a human birth. Having got it, you cannot afford to waste a minute, as time is ever fleeting. Become a successful man in your life’s career and become a godman right from now and this very second. This is my fervent prayer. All glory and joy be unto thee. Rest in thy Sat-Chit-Ananda Swaroopa.

"All the best to one and all for the New Year 2008"

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Dec 30

Dec 25, 2007

Christmas-Jesus Christ

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Jesus was a Palestine Jew. He was born of Mary and Joseph at Bethlehem without impregnation and out of immaculate conception. He was meek and humble. He remained as innocent as a child throughout his life. He was tolerant, kind and merciful. He was a Yogi of the east though he preached in Palestine.

Jesus welcomed and embraced the sinners, the despised and the harlots and purified them. He comforted them and gave them solace and peace. He raised the fallen. He brought relief and rest to the broken-hearted.

Jesus said: "Unless you become as little children, you shall in no way enter the Kingdom of God." To Jesus, God was a loving father, Jesus' watch word was love for God and fellowmen.

"Have faith in God. The Lord is our God, Thou shalt love the Lord with all thy heart and all thy soul, and all thy mind, and all thy strength. Thou shalt love the neighbor as thyself. The love of God manifests in the love of man." This is the central teaching of Jesus.

Jesus was a world teacher, a prophet and Messiah, His sermon on the mount is nothing but the practice of Sadachara or right conduct. It corresponds to the practice of the Yama-Niyama of Raja Yoga, the Eightfold path of the Lord Buddha. It is marvellous, inspiring and soul -stirring.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper, How humble he was! HE SAID, " Blessed are the meek, for they shalt inherit the earth."

Lord Krishna washed the feet of the guests in the Rajasuya Yajna performed by King Yudhishthira, Avataras or mighty souls perform such actions, should you not learn lessons from those great persons? Lord Krishna , the mighty Lord of the three worlds, took delight in washing feet of the guests. Should you not learn to be humble? How haughty and proud you have become!

You are puffed up with vanity and intoxicated with pride when you possess a little money, a small car and a small estate. You think you are a mighty emperor and walk with arrogant steps and treat others with contempt. You think too much of yourself and your position in life. In reality , your officership has created in you a slave mentality and fear of losing your position!

Christ's message has always been:" Love thy neighbor as thyself." He said:" The Kingdom of heaven is within thee. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Be not anxious, Seek ye first His Kingdom. Everything will be added unto thee." He was the way, the truth and the light , for all men to follow.

Jesus Christ laid stress on Love of God and love of fellowmen, and the need for repentance or a change of heart, for entry into the Kingdom of God, He instructed people to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. He said that a contrite heart was necessary in order to receive God's forgiveness.

"The Kingdom of God is with in thee. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto thee." This is the foundation upon which the ethics of Jesus has been built.

Jesus recommended prayer as a means to seek the Kingdom. He said, " If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more good things shall your father who is in heaven give you to them who ask Him?"

Jesus said:" You have heard that it was said by them of old time, 'Thou shalt not kill and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment.' But I say unto you that whosoever is angry with his brother shall be in danger of the judgment." In the sermon on the mount, he said, "Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled up. Those who seek the Kingdom of God within themselves will find Him, and therefore, ' All things would be added.' "

"Overcome evil by good." Jesus prescribed this great rule for his followers and the world at large. This is only the practice of Ahimsa or non-violence which purifies and softens the heart Ahimsa is a form of truth only.

Lord Jesus retired after baptism into the wilderness beyond the Dead Sea. He disappeared at the age of thirteen and reappeared in his thirty-first year, he came to ( Went) to India and practised Yoga. Thereafter he preached for about two or three years and passed into the Great Beyond.

Jesus left Jerusalem and reached the land of Indus in the company of merchants. He visited Varanasi, Rajgriha and other places in India. He spent several years in Hindustan. Jesus lived like a Hindu or a Buddhist monk, a life of burning renunciation and dispassion. He assimilated the ideals , precepts and principles of Hinduism. Christianity is modified Hinduism only, which was suitable for those people who lived in the period of Christ. Really speaking , Jesus was a child of the soil of India only, That is the reason why there is so much of similarity between his teachings and the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Jesus preached on earth the divine and prefect love. He spoke very highly of gifts and charity. he said: " It is more blessed to give than to receive. Give thy heart's best treasures. From fair nature learn. Give thy love and ask not . Await not a return. And the more thou spendeth from thy little store, the more will God give thee. He will give thee a double quantity."

Jesus Christ was crucified and yet he is living even now. He has immortalized his name. None can silence his voice. His voice has been speaking through centuries. Jesus said" " Come into the Kingdom by selling all ye have and distributing it to the poor." Men have not adhered to his message, but his voice has not been silenced.

Jesus was a perfect Yogi. He did many miracles. He stopped the waves of the ocean. He gave sight to blind people. He cured lepers by mere touch. He fed a large multitude with a small loaf of bread.

Lord Christ was crucified . He accepted death with great joy in order that others might live. What a magnanimous soul! He had learned to die cheerfully for His children. His last words are an example to the world. He said:" O Lord! Forgive those people who are torturing me and putting me to death, for they know not what they do." How noble! His hands were tied to the cross and nails were hammered into them. In this state he prayed for the people who were tormenting him. What a large and forgiving heart he had! Jesus was an embodiment of forgiveness of Kshama. That is the reason why he still lives in our hearts and why millions of people worship him.

Jesus set an example to man to overcome evil by good. The cross of Jesus will remain for all time as the supreme example of this doctrine: " Return good to evil". Jesus surrendered himself completely to God. He knew that God changed the heart of the unjust through the sufferings of the just.

After Jesus was crucified , he was restored to life . The resurrection or the rising again from the dead was, according to Jesus and ineffable condition in which all bodily limitation was transcended . It was a condition of being perpetually in the presence identification with the physical body. He identified himself with the Supreme Soul. He said:" I and my father are one."


Christmas is named after Christ. This is the birthday of Lord Christ, the Saviour Christ, the Yogi of the east. He was born in a stable at Bethlehem, of Mary and Joseph, the obscure village carpenter. Mary and Joseph made the stable a home for Christ, the King , the Price of Peace. the birth of Jesus is celebrated all over the world as the scared Christmas.

Lord Jesus was an embodiment of mercy, love and humility. He was an apostle of non-violence and peace. His body was crucified , but his voice has been speaking through the centuries.

The message of Christmas is the message of universal love . It is the message of Christmas is the message of peace and goodwill among all nations. Christmas is more than a day of rejoicing and festivity. It is a day for realising the Christ-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. It is a day for remembering the noble deeds of Lord Jesus and his sacred life of pristine purity. Christmas comes and Christmas goes, but let the spirit of Christmas be ever with you all.

Merry-making is not Christmas at all. Christmas does not consist in ringing bells and singing songs, exchanging mutual gifts and sending Christmas Cards, and in enjoying rich repasts and heavy dinners and eating cakes.

Christmas is a state of Christ. Walk in the footprints of Christ dive deep into the heart of Christ. Ever seek to express, in your daily life, love , joy, and peace. Imbibe Christ's message of love and sacrifice. Manifest the latent Christ with in you. Follow the Sermon of the mount. Attain God-Consciousness. Live in the spirit of Christ's teachings. Annihilate this little self-arrogating personality and melt yourself in Christ or the universal Soul. This is real Christmas.

All wish to enter the Kingdom of God. But how many of you possess the real spirit of Christ? How many of you are real Christians? How many of you follow teachings, precepts and doctrines of Christ? How many of you love your neighbor as your own self? Those who are endowed with purity of heart, humility , universal love, generosity and nobility---they only can attain the Kingdom of God or supreme peace and immortality.

The spirit or heart of Christ is seriously lacking in the vast majority of persona. The love of Christ is badly wanted . What is Christmas without love, mercy and purity? Everybody wants to exploit his/her neighbor, One nation wants to destroy another nation . Is this Christmas? Is this the teachings of Christ?

Real Christmas never comes and goes , it is eternal, Feel the spirit of Christmas not only one day, but throughout the year Every day is a Christmas day for a real follower of Christ, for a thirsting aspirant.

By Shri Swami Sivananda Maharaj

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Dec 25

Dec 13, 2007

Striking Principles and Precautions-Lal Kitab ( Red Book of Persia)

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

The author of Lal Kitab has enunciated such significant principles of astrology
that stand well tested today and as such they are of utmost importance in
our day to day life.
Residential Houses
No temple with idols should be constructed even for individual worship in a residential house. However, keeping photos or drawings of deities on paper is not prohibited.

This is highly
inauspicious for the natives born with Jupiter in 7th house.
If there is a small dark room at the end of the house, where there is no passage for air or light, the same should be left as it is and no attempt should be made to facilitate natural light through opening windows etc. in that room; otherwise, misfortunes will strike the residents.
Places where ornaments or money is kept secretly must not be left empty. If there is nothing to be kept, please put some dry fruits there.
There must necessarily be some non cemented place in a house. But if it is not feasible, the articles related to Venus must be installed and established there in.
Safe Delivery and Longevity of Children
•Worship of lord Ganesha is highly auspicious for children and property.
•For safe delivery of children, a milk pot filled with milk and a sugar pot filled with sugar must be touched by the delivering mother and kept at some different place.
After the delivery both the pots
should be offered to some temple and should not be brought back from there. Good effects will multiply if the quality of the pots is good.
•If one’s children do not survive the native must distribute salty preparations in place of sweets, to celebrate the birth of the child.
Alms and Charity
•Digging of wells or providing drinking water facilities for public is strictly prohibited for those
with Moon in 6th house of the birth chart. Any violation of the above would invite utter destruction and extreme poverty.
•Building of Dharmshalas (Free Dormitories), Sarais or inns is strictly prohibited for those having Saturn in 8th house.
•Saturn in Lagna and Jupiter in 5th house cause death of children one after the other, if copper
coins are given in charity.
•Jupiter in 10th and Moon in 4th cause false allegations and critical legal proceedings against the native if he builds temples or Gurudwaras.
•Financial aid to widows and scholarships to poor children are strictly prohibited for those having Venus in 9th house.
•Grave consequences would follow if a native with Moon in 12th house opens schools for free
education, or offers food to religious saints and Jogins .
•Anyone having Jupiter in 7th house must not offer clothes to anyone in charity
•Donations in the morning and evening hours by persons having Sun in 7th or 8th house of their horoscope will produce highly harmful and poisonous effects.
The younger brother should never go for adoption of children of the elder brother. At the same time he should also not arrange the free marriage of the daughter of his elder brother.

These practices
would certainly lead to disastrous consequences.
Selection of Bridegrooms ( Depends on culture, it could be Brides also)
•Saturn in 11th house makes the native desert his wife and children in young age, whereas Saturn in the grooms 2nd house proves inauspicious for the bride’s family.
•Mercury and Rahu combining in houses 3, 8, 9, or 12 of the groom is also inauspicious for the
bride’s family.
Venus and Ketu together in Lagna make the native impotent.
•The groom is likely to be of bad sexual habits and may destroy his wealth in that, if the planetary positions are as follows :
(a) Sun in 6th and Mars in 10th with the afflicted 12th house.
(b) Moon in Lagna and Jupiter in 11th house .
(c) Jupiter and Venus in 10th house.
Universal Remedies
•Sweet loaves of bread, specially baked in Tandoor, should be offered to animals every month for warding off sickness, quarrels and other troubles, caused by Mars negative in the horoscope.
•Place a pot of water under the head side of the bed at night and pour it on a tree or plant in the morning.
Taking meals in the kitchen is a strong safeguard against the mischiefs of Rahu.
•From one’s own meal a Chapati or a piece of it must be offered to cows, crows and dogs for
all round well being and prosperity.
Further, we all believe that going to a temple for offering prayer is always a good thing, which must be admired and encouraged. But according to Lal Kitab, the native having a malefic planet, especially Saturn in 8th house, when 2nd house is empty, must not visit temples or other places of worship, rather he should bow his head from outside.

Similarly, if planets occupying 6th, 8th and
12th houses are inimical to each other and 2nd house is not occupied by any planet, the native must avoid visiting temples and other religious places of worship.
The most striking thing about Lal Kitab is that it enshrines due admiration for Vedic culture and philosophy of the Hindus.

Living in a joint family has been suggested as a powerful remedial
measure and if for some reason this is not possible the native should sleep on the bed sheet which was used by his father.

In other cases the native has been asked to obtain the blessings of parents

and elders etc. as an amulet against the evil. It is worth pointing out that such simple and innocent remedies have worked wonders in tested cases.

There are many things in this book which have been observed through a most critical eye or most negative viewpoint, well one way it helps to see the worst scenario but in second way it increases the worries of a already worried soul, so people with little or no knowledge of Astrology should read and practise these remedies or suggestions with caution, most important is mental worries, control your worries and then proceed.

A stable mind and peaceful disposition of a person can handle any adversity, but on the contrary, if a person has a fickle mind and panic ridden soul, any small thing might effect him/her in a very grave way, so please follow precautions while checking your charts.

Any remedy should be observed for minimum 40 days or weeks, and observe for any changes in your mental, and physical health, your routine, your profession, your family relations, their health, etc. etc. once everything appears to be good then continue.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Dec 2007

Dec 12, 2007

Ketu : Effects And Remedies- Lal Kitab ( Red Book of Persia)

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Ketu, according to the author of Lal Kitab, represents son, grandson, ear, spine etc. 6th house is considered to be its ‘permanent house.’ It gives its exalted effect when in 5th, 9th or 12th house and its debilitated effect in 6th and 8th house. Dawn is its time and it represents Sunday.Ketu represents the opposite node of Ketu, in the tail of the serpent. Its colors are black and white. Venus and Rahu are its friends, whereas Moon and Mars are its enemies . Forty eight years is the age of Ketu. Ketu is also considered to be the bed. So the bed given by in-laws after marriage is considered to be auspicious for the birth of a son and as long as that bed is in the house, the effect of Ketu can never be inauspicious.Ketu in 1st House If Ketu is auspicious or benefic in this house, the native will be laborious, rich and happy, but will always be concerned and troubled because of his progeny. He may fear frequent transfers or travels, but ultimately it would always be postponed.

Whenever Ketu comes in 1st house in Varsha Kundli (Transit) there may be birth of a son or nephew. There
may also be a long journey. The native with Ketu in 1st house will always be beneficial for his father and/or Guru and causes exaltation of Sun. If Ketu in 1st house is malefic, the native would suffer from headache. His wife would have health problems and would have worries concerning kids. If 2nd and 7th houses are empty then Mercury and Venus would also give bad results. There would be travels, transfers with no gain. If Saturn is malefic it would destroy father and Guru. If Sun is in 7th or 8th house then after the birth of a grandson the health would suffer. No alms should be given in morning and evening.Remedies 1. Feed jaggery (Gur) to monkeys.
2. Apply saffron as Tilak.
3. If offspring is troubled then donate a black and white blanket to temple.

Ketu in 2nd House

2nd house is affected by Moon, which is an enemy of Ketu.
If Ketu in 2nd house is benefic then one gets paternal property. One has to travel a lot and his travels are fruitful. Venus gives good results, irrespective of its position. Moon would give bad results.
Sun is in 12th house then one starts earning his livelihood after twenty four years and is happy.
Jupiter is exalted along with Ketu in 2nd house, then income would be in hundreds of thousands of $/Rs. If Ketu in 2nd house is malefic, then one has to travel to dry areas. One cannot rest at one place and would be wandering from place to place. Income may be good, but so would be the expenditure. Thus net gain would be negligible.
If there is Moon or Mars in 8th house then native’s life would
be short and he would have serious problem at the age of sixteen or twenty years.
If 8th house is empty then Ketu would give malefic results.


1. Apply turmeric or saffron as Tilak.

2. One should not be of loose character.

3. If one religiously visits temples and bows his head there then Ketu in 2nd house would give
good results.

Ketu in 3rd House

3rd house is affected by Mercury and Mars, both enemies of Ketu. Number 3 would have an important
role in the life of the native. If Ketu in 3rd house is benefic then his children would be good. The native would be God fearing and a gentleman. If Ketu is in 3rd house and Mars is in 12th then the native has a son before 24th year of age. The son would be good for wealth and longevity of the native. The native with Ketu in 3rd house usually gets a job, which entails long travels. If Ketu in 3rd house is malefic then native loses money in litigation. He gets separated from his wife/sisters-in-law. If such a native lives in a house with its main gate facing south, he will have serious problems regarding children. Such a native cannot say no to any thing and so will always have worries. He will have troubles from his brothers and will have to travel uselessly.Remedies

1. Use saffron as Tilak.

2. Wear gold.

3. Offer jaggery, rice in flowing water.

Ketu in 4th house

4th house belongs to Moon, which is an enemy of Ketu. If Ketu is benefic in 4th house then the native is God fearing and lucky for his father and Guru. Son is born to such a native only after getting the blessings of one’s Guru. The son born lives long. Such a native leaves all his decisions to God. If Moon is in 3rd or 4th house the result is benefic. Such a native is a good adviser and will never have shortage of money. If Ketu is malefic in this house then the native is unhealthy, his mother is troubled, there is loss of happiness. One may suffer from diabetes. A son is born after thirty six years of age. Such a native has more daughters than sons.Remedies

1. Keep a dog.

2. Wear silver for peace of mind.

3. Offer yellow things in flowing water.

Ketu in 5th House

5th house belongs to Sun. It is also affected by Jupiter. If Jupiter, Sun or Moon is in 4th, 6th or 12th
house then one’s financial condition will be excellent and the native will have five sons. Ketu becomes benefic by itself after twenty four years of age.
If Ketu in 5th house is malefic then the native suffers from asthma. Ketu gives malefic results till
five years of age. Sons will not survive.
Livelihood starts after twenty four years of age. The native
is unlucky for ones sons.


1. Donate milk and sugar.
2. The remedies of Jupiter would be useful.

Ketu in 6th House

6th house belongs to Mercury. Ketu in 6th house is considered debilitated. This is permanent house of
Ketu. Here again the effect of Ketu depends upon the nature of Jupiter. It gives good result regarding son. The native is a good adviser. If Jupiter is benefic then the native has a long life and his mother is happy and the life is peaceful. If any two of the male planets viz Sun, Jupiter, Mars are in good position then Ketu is benefic. If Ketu is malefic in 6th house then maternal uncle suffers .

The native has to suffer due to useless
travels. People turn into enemies without any reason. The native suffers from skin diseases. If Moon is in 2nd house then mother suffers and even the native’s old age is troubled.


1. Wear golden ring in the finger of left hand.

2. Drink milk with saffron and wear gold in the ear.

3. Heat up a rod of gold and then dip it in milk. Then drink it. It would restore mental peace,
increase longevity and is good for sons.
4. Keep a dog.

Ketu in 7th House

7th house belongs to Mercury and Venus . If Ketu in 7th house is benefic then the native gets the wealth of forty years in twenty four years of age. The wealth increases in proportion to the children one has. The native’s enemies are frightened of the native. If one has the help of Mercury, Jupiter or Venus then the native is never disappointed. If Ketu in 7th house is malefic then the native is usually ill, makes false promises and is troubled by enemies till thirty four years of age. If there are more than one planet in Lagna then ones children are destroyed. If one abuses then the native is destroyed. If Ketu is with Mercury then after thirty four years of age the native’s enemies are destroyed by themselves.


1. Never make a false promise, be proud, or abusive.

2. Use saffron as Tilak.

3. In case of serious trouble use the remedies of Jupiter.

Ketu in 8th house

8th house belongs to Mars, which is an enemy of Ketu. If Ketu in 8th house is benefic then the native begets a son at thirty four years of age, or after the marriage of ones sister or daughter. If Jupiter or Mars are not in 6th and 12th house then Ketu does not give malefic results. Similar effect is there when Moon is in 2nd house. If Ketu in 8th house is malefic then the native’s wife has ill health. Son will not be born, or may die. The native may suffer from diabetes or urinary problem. If Saturn or Mars are in 7th then the native is unlucky. In case of malefic Ketu in 8th house the native’s character determines the health of his wife. After twenty six years of age the family life suffers.


1. Keep a dog.

2. Donate a black and white blanket in any temple.

3. Worship Lord Ganesha.

4. Wear gold in the ear.

5. Use saffron as Tilak.

Ketu in 9th House

9th house belongs to Jupiter, which favors Ketu. Ketu in 9th house is considered to be exalted.
Such a native is obedient and lucky. It increases ones wealth. If Ketu is benefic then one earns wealth through ones own labor. There will be progress but no transfer. If one keeps gold brick in his house then wealth comes. The son of such a native is able to guess the future. One spends a big part of his life in foreign land . One has at least three sons and if 2nd house is auspicious then Ketu gives excellent results . If Moon is auspicious then the native helps his mother’s family. If Ketu in 9th house is malefic then the native suffers from urinary problems, pain in back, problem in legs. The native’s sons keep on dying.


1. Keep a dog.

2. Establish a rectangular piece of gold anywhere in the house.
3. Wear gold in the ear.

4. Respect elders, specially father- in- law.

Ketu in 10th house.

10th house belongs to Saturn. The effect of Ketu here depends upon the nature of Saturn. If Ketu is
benefic here then the native is lucky, concerned about himself and opportunist. His father dies early. If Saturn is in 6th then one is a famous player. If one keeps on forgiving his brothers for their misdeeds the native will go on progressing. If the character of native is good then he earns a lot of wealth. If Ketu in 10th house is malefic then one suffers from urinary and ear problems. The native has pain in bones. The domestic life is full of worries and troubled if Saturn is in 4th house. Three sons would die.


1. Keep silver pot full of honey in the house.

2. Keep a dog, specially after forty eight years of age.

3. Avoid adultery.

4. Use the remedies of Moon and Jupiter.

Ketu in 11th House

Here Ketu is considered very good. It gives wealth. This house is affected by Jupiter and Saturn. If Ketu is benefic here and Saturn is in 3rd house, it gives enormous wealth. The wealth earned by the native is more than his paternal wealth, but one tends to worry about his future. If Mercury is in 3rd it leads to Raj Yoga. If Ketu is malefic here then the native has problem in his abdomen. The more he worries about future, more troubled he is. Grandmother or mother of the native suffers, if Saturn is also malefic. Then there would be no benefit from son or house.


1. Keep black dog.

2. Wear an onyx or emerald.

Ketu in 12th House

Here Ketu is considered to be exalted. The native is wealthy, achieves a big position and spends on
good works. If Rahu is in 6th house, along with Mercury, then the effect is even better. One has all the benefits and luxuries of life. If Ketu in 12th house is malefic then one buys land from an issueless person and the native becomes issueless himself.
If one kills dogs Ketu gives malefic results.
If 2nd house has Moon, Venus or Mars, Ketu gives malefic results.


1. Worship Lord Ganesha.
2. Do not have a loose character.

3. Keep a dog.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Dec 2007

Rahu:Effects And Remedies-LalKitab-(Red Book of Persia)

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Unlike other planets of the solar system Rahu and Ketu are not physical entities, substantial heavenly bodies, with shape or mass content. They are rightly termed as shadow planets, their movement is interrelated and as parts of one body they are at all times just opposite to each other. Greater significance has been attached to the role of Rahu in influencing human affairs in various dimensions, especially in Kaliyuga (The current era, 43,000,00 years).

The author of Lal Kitab describes Saturn as a serpent and Rahu and Ketu as its head and tail respectively. As a node of Moon, Rahu shall not provide adverse results so long as 4th house or Moon is not afflicted. He gives good results when Mars occupies houses 3 and 12, or when Sun and Mercury are in house 3, or when he himself is posited in 4th house.
Rahu further provides good
results if placed together with Mercury or aspected by him.
Rahu offers highly beneficial effects if placed in houses earlier than Saturn, but if it is otherwise,
Saturn becomes stronger and Rahu acts as his agent.

Sun provides very good results when Rahu is
aspected by Saturn, but Rahu gives the effects of a debilitated planet when Saturn is aspected by Rahu. 

Rahu gets exalted in houses 3 and 6, whereas he gets debilitated in houses 8, 9 and 11.
12th house
is his ‘permanent house’ and he proves highly auspicious in houses 3, 4 and 6.
Saturn, Mercury and Ketu
are his friends, whereas Sun, Mars and Venus are his enemies. Jupiter and Moon are neutral to him.If Sun and Venus are placed together in a horoscope, Rahu will generally provide adverse results. Similarly, Rahu will provide bad results if Saturn and Sun are also combined in a horoscope.

Mars will also become Mars negative. If Ketu is placed in houses earlier than Rahu, Rahu will provide adverse results, whereas Ketu effect would be zeroed.

Rahu in 1st House 1st house is influenced by Mars and Sun, which is like a throne. The planet in 1st house is considered to be the king of all planets. The native will achieve a position higher than indicated by his qualification and will obtain good results from government. Rahu in this house would give the result of exalted Sun, but it will spoil the fruits of the house in which Sun is placed. If Mars, Saturn and Ketu are weak only then Rahu would give bad results, otherwise it will give good results in 1st house. If Rahu is malefic the native should never take any electric equipments or blue/black clothes from his in-laws, else his son could be affected adversely. Its malefic result too could last till the age of 42 years.


1. Offer 400 gm lead in running water .
2. Wear silver in the neck.

3. Mix barley in milk in ratio of 1:4 and offer in running water .

4. Offer coconut in running water.

Rahu in 2nd House If Rahu is in benefic form in 2nd house one gets money, prestige and lives like a king. He will have a long life. 2nd house is influenced by Jupiter and Venus . If Jupiter is benefic then the native will live the early years of his life in wealth and comfort. If Rahu is malefic the native will be poor and have a bad family life, suffer from intestinal disorders. The native is killed by a weapon and is unable to save money. In the 10th, 21st to 42nd years of his life, he loses wealth by theft etc.


1. Keep a solid silver ball in the pocket.
2. Wear things associated with Jupiter, like gold, yellow cloth, saffron etc.

3. Keep cordial relations with ones mother.

4. After marriage do not take any electric equipment from in-laws.

Rahu in 3rd House It is the ‘permanent house of Rahu. 3rd house belongs to Mercury and is influenced by Mars. When Rahu is benefic the native will enjoy great wealth and a long life. He will be fearless and a loyal friend. He would be a clairvoyant for seeing future in his dreams. He will never be issue less. He will be victorious over his enemies; can never be a debtor. He would leave behind property. 22nd year of his life would be of progress. However if Rahu is malefic in 3rd house then his brothers and relatives would waste his money. His money once borrowed would never be returned. He would have defective speech and would be an atheist. If Sun and Mercury are also there (in 3rd house) with Rahu then his sister would become a widow in 22nd or 32nd year of his life.


1. Never keep ivory or things of ivory in the house.

Rahu in 4th House This house belongs to Moon, which is an enemy of Rahu. When Rahu is benefic in this house the native would be intelligent, wealthy and will spend money on good things. Going on pilgrimage would be beneficial for him. If Venus is also benefic then after marriage the native’s in-laws could also become rich and the native would also benefit from them. When Moon is exalted the native would become very rich and would benefit from the works or relatives associated with Mercury. If Rahu is malefic and the Moon is also weak then the native will suffer from poverty and native’s mother would also suffer. Collecting char coal, altering toilet, installing oven in the ground and alteration of the roof in the house would be indicative of malefic.

Remedies 1. Wear silver.
2. Offer 400 gm coriander or almonds, or both in flowing water.

Rahu in 5th House 5th house belongs to Sun, which signifies male offspring. If Rahu is benefic native will be rich, wise, enjoy good health. He would enjoy good income and good progress. The native would be a devout or philosopher. If Rahu is malefic it leads to abortions. After the birth of a son, wife’s health will suffer for twelve years. If Jupiter is also in 5th house father of native will be in trouble.


1. Keep an elephant made of silver.
2. Abstain from wine, non-vegetarianism and adultery.

3. Remarry your wife.

Rahu in 6th House (Exalted) This house is influenced by Mercury or Ketu. Here Rahu is exalted and gives very good results. The native will be free of all botheration's or troubles. The native will spend money on clothes. The native will be intelligent and victorious. When Rahu is malefic he will harm his brothers or friends. When Mercury or Mars is in 12th house Rahu gives bad result. The native suffers from various ailments or loss of wealth. Sneezing while going to work would give bad results.


1. Keep a black dog.
2. Keep a lead nail in your pocket.

3. Never harm ones brothers/sisters.

Rahu in 7th House Native will be rich, but wife would suffer. He would be victorious over his enemies. If the marriage takes place before twenty one years, it would be inauspicious. He would have good relations with the government. But if he engages in business connected with Rahu, like electrical equipments, then he will have losses. Native would suffer from head ache and if Mercury, Venus or Ketu is in 11th house, then sister, wife or son would destroy the native.


1. Never marry before 21st year of age.
2. Offer six coconuts in river.

Rahu in 8th House 8th house is concerned with Saturn and Mars. So Rahu in this house gives malefic effect. The native would spend money uselessly on court cases. Family life would be adversely affected. If Mars is benefic and is placed in 1st or 8th house or Saturn (benefic) is placed in 8th house, the native will be very rich.


1. Keep a square piece of silver.
2. While sleeping Saunf should be keep under the pillow.

3. Do not work in electricity or power department.

Rahu in 9th House 9th house is influenced by Jupiter. If the native has good relation with ones brothers and sisters it is fruitful; else it would adversely affect the native. If the native is not religious minded then his progeny would be useless for him. Professions influenced by Saturn would be profitable. If Jupiter is in 5th or 11th house then it is useless. If Rahu is inauspicious in 9th house then chances of begetting a son are less, specially if native files court cases against one’s blood relation. Rahu is in 9th and 1st house is empty then health could be adversely affected and one gets insulted and mental problems, specially from elders.


1. Use Tilak of saffron daily.
2. Wear gold.

3. Always keep a dog (it saves ones progeny).

4. Have good relations with your in-laws.

Rahu in 10th House Keeping ones head uncovered gives the effect of a debilitated Rahu in 10th house. The good or bad result of Rahu would depend upon Saturn’s position. If Saturn is auspicious then native would be brave, long lived and rich and get respect from all quarters. If Rahu in 10th house is with Moon it gives Raja Yoga. The native is lucky for ones father. If Rahu in 10th house is malefic then it would adversely affect ones mother or native’s health would also be bad. If Moon is alone in 4th house then native’s eyes are adversely affected. He suffers from headaches and there is loss of wealth, because of a dark complexioned person.

Remedies 1. Use blue or black cap. 

2. Cover ones head.

3. Offer 4kg. or 400 gms of ‘Khand’ in a temple, or in flowing water.

4. Feed blind people.

Rahu in 11th House 11th house is influenced by both Saturn and Jupiter. Native could be rich as long as his father is alive. Alternatively, establishing things of Jupiter would help. Native has wicked friends. He gets money from mean people. After the death of ones father he should wear gold in the neck. If Mars is malefic for a native with Rahu in 11th at time of his birth, there is every thing in his house, but every thing gets destroyed later. If Rahu in 11th house is malefic then the native has bad relations with his father or he may even kill him.Planet in 2nd house would act as enemy. If Jupiter/Saturn are in 3rd or 11th house then wear iron on the body and drink water in a silver glass. If Ketu is in 5th house then Ketu gives bad results. There may be diseases of ear, spine, urinary problems etc. There may be losses associated with business concerned with Ketu.


1. Wear iron. Use silver glass for drinking water.
2. Never take any electric equipment as a gift.

3. Do not keep blue sapphire, ivory or toys in the shape of an elephant.

Rahu in 12th House 12th house belongs to Jupiter. It signifies bedroom. Rahu here gives mental troubles, insomnia. It also leads to excessive expenditure on sisters and daughters. If Rahu is with its enemies then it becomes next to impossible to make ends meet, despite hard labour. It also leads to false allegations. 

One may even go to the extreme of contemplating suicide. One has mental worries. Telling lies, deceiving others etc. may make Rahu even more malefic. If some body sneezes at the start of any new work if gives malefic effect. There may be theft, diseases or false allegations. If Mars is with Rahu here, then it gives good results.


1. Take your meals in the kitchen itself.
2. Keep Saunf ( Fennel seeds) and Khand (Sugar) under the pillow for good night’s sleep.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Dec 2007