Feb 16, 2008

Karma Bhava- 10th House- House of Action/ Social Status/Fame /Authority/Career/ Honors

Aum Shri Gurave NamaH!

The Karma Bhava/10th Bhava/House from the Ascendant relates to Growth, profession, career, karma (action), conduct in society, fame, honors, awards, self-respect, dignity, knees.

The very general understanding about this bhava is that it deals with your Job and your capacity to earn, I would say "NO", Job as a mere service and vocation are handled by 6th bhava and income is handled by 2nd, 9th and 11th bhava, 6th bhava gives us the basic opportunity to work or gain some job and earn like most people do, and most of them remain in that status for most of their lives, because most of them have an empty 10th house, or a weak 10th house, with one Grah /planet which might also be very weak or ordinary in its disposition, so what makes this 10th bhava so special, this house/bhava is house of action, it tells us how a native would act in the society, how his actions are reflected by the society, what kind of reputation he/she will carry with respect to the society, and what kind of fame /honors
/awards those actions would bring to the native, and how strong is the natives Self respect, meaning how much value the native gives to Self respect, it has nothing to do with how robust he/she looks, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu all have some or other beneficial effect in this Bhava.

Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are the main planets which get undue respect and importance or role to play in the native life, it is like loading an ordinary car with all kinds of paraphernalia, and once loaded it needs a strong character to drive it, it is something like that, Profession and career are at the base level, role in public office and nation as a society stands at the top level of this bhava, meaning a President of a Nation might not have any Grah/Planet in this Bhava, because for such a President the presidency is just a Job to earn some money and not to use that opportunity to pool all actions towards a constructive nation building. Another President with loaded 10th bhava might do something so considerable and positive or negative also, depending on the auspiciousness of this bhava.

Few examples:
Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II of UK, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, G Bush (Jr) have no Grah/Planets in 10th.Roosevelt, Diana Spencer, Martha Stewart had Sun and Venus in 10th.
G Bush (Sr) had Sun in 10th.
Nixon had Saturn in 10th.
Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter had Rahu in 10th, Rudy Giuliani has Rahu in 10th,
Prince Charles has Moon and Rahu in 10th.

Few Examples: Mahatma Gandhi had Rahu and Moon in the 10th and Ma, Ve and Me in the Asc.

Few examples:
Bill gates has Moon in 10th and Sun, Saturn and Venus in 5th, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis had Moon in 10th.

Few examplesMan Mohan Singh PM of India has Sun and Mercury in 10th.

Few examples: Mitt Romney has Sun, Mars and Mercury in 10th, John Edwards has Venus in his 10th.

Few examples:
Fidel Castro had no Grah/planet in 10th, Vladimir Putin has Ketu in 10th,

Few examples: Adolph Hitler had Saturn in 10th, but he had Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in 7th, Benito Mussolini had Sun and Mercury in 10th, Saddam Hussein had Mercury in 10th, Usama Bin Laden has nothing in his 10th, :-)

Few Examples: Albert Einstein had, Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in 10th, B.V. Raman had Jupiter in 10th, Deepak Chopra has Venus and Ketu in 10th and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun in 9th, Leonardo de vinci had no Grah/Planets in his 10th,

Few Examples: Ammachi, she has Ketu in 10th, Ramana Maharishi has Ketu and Moon in 10th, Putaparthi Sai Baba has no Grah in 10th but he has Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Ascendant, Swami Jayendra Saraswati has Jupiter and Mars in 10th, Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa has Ketu in 10th and Moon, Sun and Mercury in Ascendant, Swami Sivananda Maharaj has Moon in 10th and Saturn, Mars, and Rahu in Ascendant, Swami Vivekananda had Moon and Saturn in 10th, Swami Chandrashekar Saraswati has Mercury, Sun and Jupiter in 10th.

Example, of a social contribution which can be used for negative purpose as well as positive purpose is of Albert Einstein, he had, Venus ( Exalted), Saturn, Mercury (Debilitated) and Sun in this bhava, Rahu and Mars in 8th house (Debilitated), Ketu in 2nd and Jupiter in the Dharma bhava (9th bhava) and Moon in 6th, Lagna (Ascendant) Gemini, and we know what he did to us, (E= MC(Square)) a simple formula changed the whole world and still we are dealing with it, well again this has been used for positive as well as negative purposes, but his intention would have always to remain positive only, but the circumstance in those day were such that his gift to the world was used for a negative purpose.
The 10th Bhava from Ascendant gives the real active mentality of the native with respect to his actions towards others, it has nothing to do with what world thinks about him, to see what world thinks about him, we have to see the 10th bhava from Arudha Lagna (AL), so for Albert Einstein, it is Gemini with Ascendant, the world perceived him as a ordinary, but very intelligent peer, but nothing very special, I am talking about the time when he was not "The Albert Einstein", because the loaded 10th from AL would confer the properties with or without any achievement, but in reality Albert Einstein was a Sensual individual, must have been a kind of ladies man and mostly he would have been liked by most of the opposite sex, given the exalted Venus in 10th (Pisces), very hard working, and might have worked very hard for what ever he achieved - Saturn in 10th, and Sun in 10th might have given him the radiance of the Sun and a great desire to withhold the public power, and a debilitated mercury, would have worked through his revenues by keeping him low on income and might have given him an ability to gamble. but above all the exchange between lord of 9th, Saturn and lord of 10th Jupiter, confer a kind of Raj yoga, and we all know what it is.

The overall properties extended for the 10th bhava effects are seen from

a) 10th Bhava from the Ascendant,
b) 10th bhava from Chandra (Moon),
c) Surya (Sun) in 10th from Moon and in Navamsa,
d) 10th from 10th, which will be 8th from Ascendant,
e) Dashamsa (D-10), Divisional chart.
f) 10th bhava in Dashamsa (D-10)
g) Chandra ( Moon) in Dashamsa (D-10)
h) Lord of 10th bhava and its position from Chandra (Moon
) i) Lord of 10th bhava ( Rasi chart) in Dashamsa (D-10)
The 10th Bhava, should also be seen from Ascendant, Arudha Lagna, Moon, Hora Lagna, Sree Lagna and Ghati Lagna.

Karma-Sthana- 10th Bhava/House from Ascendant.

Status, Pride,Social Rights, Responsibility, Independent views, help from Government, politicians,m Officers, Power, Executive abilities- Significator - Surya (Sun)
Fame, Ability to deal with women and children---Significator- Chandra (Moon)
Executive Abilities, proactive---------------------Significator- Mangala (Mars)
Professions & Careers, excellence in education, marketing, public relations, sales, communications, intuition, intelligence-----------Significator- Budh (Mercury)
Prosperity, Growth, Fame, Respect,Teacher, special ability in dealing with educational systems and culture------------------------------Significator- Guru (Jupiter)
Entertainment, beauty, pleasures, special ability in dealing with women, attraction and fashion-------------------------------------------Significator- Sukra (Venus)
Works, Actions, Karma, special ability to deal with fear and famine, hard working unionist------------------------------------------Significator-Sani (Saturn)
Pilgrimages, Imports, desire for power----------Significator-Rahu
Exports, aloofness from public ------------------Significator-Ketu

10th Bhava represents the Mid -Heaven, 2nd in importance only to the Ascendant, low ashtakavarga "bindu", in this bhava can weaken the bhava considerably, bhavas whose lords posited in the 10th bhava gain considerable strength and the activities ruled by them succeed, any grah/planet in 10th bhava is independently capable of giving good yoga, that could mean, power, rise, and success, Surya (Sun) and Mangala (Mars) that get directional strength in the 10th bhava can be a great blessings in any chart providing dynamism and success, 7th bhava being the pada of the 10th bhava, should also be studied, as the 7th bhava rules business, promotes business, and strong 7th bhava gives an entitlement for independent business.

Effects of Karma Bhava: BPHS

1. I now explain the effects of Karma Bhava. Listen to these, o Maitreya, in the words of Brahma, Garga and others.
2. Paternal Happiness. If Karma’s Lord is strong and in exaltation, or in its own Rasi/Navamsa, the native will derive extreme paternal happiness, will enjoy fame and will perform good deeds.
3. If Karma’s Lord is devoid of strength, the native will face obstructions in his work. If Rahu is in an angle, or in a trine, he will perform religious sacrifices, like Jyotishtoma.
4. If Karma’s Lord is with a benefic, or be in an auspicious Bhava, one will always gain through royal patronage and in business. In a contrary situation, only opposite results will come to pass.
5. Should Karma and Labha Bhava be both occupied by malefics, the native will indulge only in bad deeds and will defile his own men.
6. If the Lord of Karma Bhava is relegated to Randhr Bhava along with Rahu, the native will hate others; be a great fool and will do bad deeds.
7. If Sani (Saturn), Mangal and Karma’s Lord are in Yuvati, as Yuvati’s Lord is with a malefic, the native will be fond of carnal pleasures and of filling his belly.
8-10 Should Karma’s Lord be in exaltation and be in the company of Guru (Jupiter), as Dharma’s Lord is in Karma the native will be endowed with honor, wealth and valor.
One will lead a happy life, if Labha’s Lord is in Karma and Karma’s Lord is in Lagna, or, if the Lord of Karma Bhava is yuti with the Lord of Labha Bhava in an angle.
Should Karma’s Lord in strength be in Meen (Pisces) along Guru, the native will doubtless obtain robes, ornaments and happiness.
11. Should Rahu, Surya, Sani (Saturn) and Mangal be in Labha Bhava, the native will incur cessation of his duties.
12. One will be learned and wealthy, if Guru (Jupiter) is in Meen along with Sukra (Venus), while Lagna’s Lord is strong and Chandra ( Moon) is in exaltation.
13. Should Karma’s Lord be in Labha (11th), while Labha’s Lord is in Tanu Bhava (First Bhava) and Sukra is in Karma, the native will be endowed with precious stones.
14. If the Karma’s Lord is exalted in an angle, or a trine and is yuti (Conjoined) with Guru, or receives a Drishti from Guru, one will be endowed with deeds.
15. Should Karma’s Lord be in Lagna along with Lagna’s Lord, as Chandra is in an angle, or in a trine, the native will be interested in good deeds.
16. If Sani (Saturn) is in Karma Bhava along with a debilitated Graha, while Karma Bhava in the Navamsa Kundali is occupied by a malefic, the native will be bereft of acts.
17. One will indulge in bad acts, if Karma’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava (8th), while Randhr’s Lord is in Karm Bhava with a malefic.
18. Obstructions to the native’s acts will crop up, if Karma’s Lord is in fall, as both Karma Bhava and the 10th from Karma Bhava have malefic occupations.
19-21. Combinations for Fame.
One will be endowed with fame, if Chandra is in Karma Bhava, while Karma’s Lord is in a trine from Karma Bhava and Lagna’s Lord is in Lagna’s angle. Similar effects will come to pass, if Labha’s Lord is in Karma Bhava, while Karma’s Lord is strong and gives a Drishti to Guru (Jupiter).
Fame will come to the native, if Karma’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava, as Lagna’s Lord is in Karma Bhava and Chandra is in Putra Bhava.
22. O excellent of the Brahmins, thus have been told about the effects of Karma Bhava in a brief manner. Other related effects be guessed by you based on the relationship of the Lords of Lagna and of Karma Bhava.
Kalyana Varma Saravali: Tenth House And Effects There of:
1. Sages have explained effects relating to the Signs coinciding with the 10th House, planets posited therein and planets Aspecting the 10th House. I shall now explain those results.
2. The 10th House counted from the stronger among the Ascendant and the Moon, is called Karma-sthana and, if the Lord of that (10th) House is with strength, the effects in regard to Karma will prosper. Otherwise, the same will decline.
3-6. The effects relating to the 10th House will depend on the nature of the Sign, viz. watery, biped, Aranya (like Leo), or Jangala (Centiped), the form of such Sign and the places indicated by such Sign. The 10th House should be carefully examined on these lines. The occupant of the 10th House counted from the Moon, or from the Ascendant will influence the livelihood of the native according to his (i.e. planet's) nature and disposition.
7. In a previous Ch., results of placements of planets in the 10th House from the Ascendant have been explained, while dealing with angular positions of various planets. Now specially explained are with reference to the Moon.
If the Sun occupies the 10th from the Moon, the native will be successful in his undertakings, be very wealthy, very strong, be a king, will patronize others and be healthy in physique.
Mars so placed denotes, that the native will be interested in valorous deeds, will live in foreign places will long for sensual enjoyments, be cruel and will be akin to an outcast in conduct.
If Mercury occupies the 10th from the Moon, one will be learned, rich, will have abundant knowledge of sacred affairs, like Veda etc.), be dear to king, famous, aquainted with many an art and be intelligent.
If it is Jupiter, that occupies the 10th counted from the Moon, the native will be successful in achieving his desires, righteous, affluent, will have excellent history among men, be a king's minister and be famous.
If Venus occupies the 10th from the Moon, one will be fortunate, beautiful, famous, will be successful in his undertakings, be rich and be honored by king.
Should Saturn occupy the 10th with reference to the Moon, the native will have physical diseases, be poor, grieved, bereft of children and be always emotional.
Should the Sun be with Mars, while being in the 10th counted from the Moon, the native will be a laborer (karmakaran), will suffer severely from cough and pulmonary consumption, or consumption in general, be an astrologer and will be an expert in the science of marks and Signs and also in logic.
Should the Sun be with Mercury in the 10th from the Moon, one will enjoy robes and ornaments, be a trader and will live through the means of water.
If the Sun is conjunct Jupiter being in the 10th from the Moon, he will be successful in his undertakings, be honored by the king, brave and famous.
If the Sun is conjunct Venus in the 10th from the Moon, the subject will patronize his people, be fortunate, dear to the king and will increase his possessions through the help of his wife (or women).
The Sun and Saturn being together in the 10th from the Moon will make one liable to imprisonment, a servant, poor, wretched (or miserly), lose to thieves and prattle.
When Mars gets the company of Mercury being in the 10th from the Moon, one will have many an enemy, be skillful in archery and be very valorous.
If Jupiter be with Mars in the 10th of the Moon, one will be a mighty leader, will gain wealth via friends, will live thereby and be fortunate.
Venus and Mars being in the 10th from the Moon indicates, that the native will be interested in living in foreign places, will trade in gold, precious stones etc. and will progress through women.
Saturn and Mars conjunct in the 10th from the Moon, indicates, that the native will be adventurous, base and will suffer from diseases.
If Jupiter and Mercury be together in the 10th from the Moon, the subject will be rich, honored by the king, righteous, be leader of men and be famous.
If Venus and Mercury are conjunct in the 10th counted from the Moon, one will be endowed with friends, learning, wife, wealth and happiness, be a king's minister and a provincial head.
If Mercury is conjunct Saturn being posited in the 10th from the Moon, the person concerned will be a potter, be famous, imparts knowledge and be an author of books.
If Jupiter joins Venus in being in 10th from the Moon, one will serve a superior king, will head Brahmin's, be devoid of grief, be an impart knowledge of learning and be skillful.
Saturn and Jupiter in the 10th from the Moon denote, that one will be base, will cause grief to others, will act, like an aged person, will have a firm residence and will successfully begin his undertakings.
One with Venus and Saturn in the 10th from the Moon will be an artist, will trade in scents, be a doctor and will deal in black-salt and camphor.
Notes: “Neelam” apart meaning black-salt also indicates poison, antimony, sapphire etc., while Churna means apart from camphor flour, chalk, lime etc.
If the Sun, Mars and Mercury are in the 10th from the Moon, one will be fortunate, excellent among men, equal to king and be honored by all.
The Sun, Mars and Jupiter in the 10th of the Moon denote, that he will be fortunate, will destroy his enemies and will be plentiful.
The Sun, Mars and Venus in the 10th of the Moon will make one cruel, adventurous, steal others' wealth and highly skillful.
Mars, Saturn and the Sun posited in the 10th of the Moon denote, that he will be intent on doing cruel acts, be foolish, sinful and bad in conduct.
The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the 10th of the Moon indicate, that he will be learned, beautiful, righteous and be dear to his relatives.
Famous, righteous, devoid of anger, unconquerable, fortunes and plenty of robes these are the effects produced by the conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Venus, in the 10th of the Moon.
When one has the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the 10th of the Moon, one will be cruel, fickle minded, be not virtuous and will be afflicted by weapons and fire.
If the Sun, Venus and Jupiter be together in the 10th of the Moon, one will be fortunate, will earn by learning, be righteous and will always enjoy pleasures.
Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter in conjunction in the 10th counted from the Moon will make one devoid of (worthy) history, still honorable and valorous.
Venus, Sun and Saturn in conjunction in the 10th counted from the Moon will make one miserly, fickle minded and prohibited by all.
If Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 10th counted from the Moon, one will be righteous, will have a large family and many children and will be learned and wealthy.
Mercury, Mars and Venus in the 10th of the Moon will make one interested in fine arts, a dealer of garlands, goldsmith and dear to all.
Saturn, Mars and Mercury in the 10th of the Moon will make one righteous, addicted to sleep, wicked and dirty.
If at the time of birth one has Mars, Venus and Jupiter in the 10th from his Janma Rasi, he will be wealthy, valorous and be interested in honoring Gods and Brahmin's.
If Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are in the 10th counted from the Moon, one will be bereft of learning, wealth and near and dear, be mean, bereft of happiness and be deformed (or distressed).
Mars, Venus and Saturn in the 10th counted from the Moon denote, that one will be a minister, or an excellent personage, interested in others' religions, wealthy and have many professions.
Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the 10th (with reference to the Moon) identical with Taurus/Libra denote, that all his desires will be fulfilled (i.e. he will be happy in all respects).
Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the 10th (with reference to the Moon) in Signs other, then Taurus/Libra denote, that one will suffer from diseases.
Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th of the Moon denote, that one will be interested in authorship and literature, be wealthy, be a very modest servant, be fond of wandering and be beautiful.
If Saturn, Mercury and Venus be together in conjunction in the 10th counted from the Moon one will be endowed with wisdom, be a boxer, be interested in living' in foreign countries, diligent and tamed (like an elephant).
If Jupiter, Saturn and Venus join in the 10th from the Moon, one will be learned, righteous, kind and truthful.
49. Those are the results of planets up to 3 in number joining in the 10th from the Moon. Different results will be experienced, if more than 3 planets join in the 10th of the Moon, as explained below.
If the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter be in the 10th from the Moon, one will be valorous, physically hurt, charitable and interested in all deeds.
With Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 10th from the Moon one will be a garland dealer, writer, or an artist.
With Mars, Sun, Saturn and Mercury in the 10th from the Moon one will be endowed with wealth, conveyances and elephants.
The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the 10th from the Moon denote, that even though one will have a mean profession, he will be excellent, will have sons and will have agricultural living.
The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th from the Moon denote, that one will be skillfully cunning, cruel and will cheat others.
The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn being in the 10th of the Moon, will make one hardhearted, fortunate, eloquent and interested in agriculture.
The Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn being in the 10th of the Moon, will make one interested in foreign places and have many an acts to do.
If Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 10th from the Moon, he will be skillful courageous and unconquerable in battle.
If Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 10th from the Moon, one will be dirty, ever longing for war and will destroy enemies.
Should Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn join in the 10th of the Moon, one will have abundant learning, be valorous and will be broad-bodied.
Should Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn join in the 10th of the Moon, one will be courageous and endowed with family and wealth.
If Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are placed in the 10th from Janma Rasi, one will be calmly disposed, intelligent and dear to people.
If Malefics occupy the 10th House counted from the Moon and Aspected by benefic's, one will be a doctor, Purohit (a religious guide), an astrologer, or will be interested in cheating others.
63. Whatever effects have been ascribed so far in this Ch. will specially reveal beneficially, if benefics aspect the 10th House from the Moon. If malefics aspect, the benefic results may not be there.
Malefics in the 3rd, or in the 6th with reference to either the Ascendant, or the Moon will prove favorable, while in the 8th, 12th, or the Ascendant they are inauspicious more so in the Ascendant.
One's livelihood should be predicted based on the 10th from the Moon, or from the Ascendant; whichever is stronger will prevail. The earnings (livelihood) will also be indicated by the stronger of the Lords of the 10th counted from the Moon, or from the Ascendant.
If Aries, or many of its divisions be in the 10th, one will live through gardens, intelligence, service, agriculture, trading in juices (Rasa has other meanings, like liquor, poison, mercury, mineral/metallic salt etc.), or be an envoy.
With Taurus, or a majority of its divisions in the 10th, one will live through carts, quadrupeds, birds, wild animals and by gathering grains.
Similarly Gemini denotes trading through water, precious stones, vessels, conch, writing, accountancy etc.
Cancer in this context means weapons, golden ornaments, arrows and hunting.
Leo on the 10th, or many of Leo divisions related to the 10th denote livelihood through precious stones, gold, stones (like construction material) agriculture, cows and the like and grains.
Wealth comes through vehicles, gems, gold, scents, music, arts and writing, if Virgo features, as above.
Libra in similar condition indicates livelihood through teaching, dealing in gold, many ways and means, friends, cows, buffaloes, many salable articles, things emanating from water, grains, fruits, agriculture and arts.
Similarly Scorpio denotes livelihood through female association, agriculture, thieving, serving the king, sinful acts, rendering physical treatments (i.e. medical profession), blacksmith and grains.
Ministership under a king, protection of forts, cattle, horses, firewood, indicating omens, machinery, mathematics, medical treatment etc., are denoted by Sagittarius in a similar manner.
Capricorn in similar condition denotes livelihood through cots, gardening, chemicals etc. and abundant income through waterborne items.
Aquarius indicates weapons, burning, separation (or creating inimical relationship between two), thieving, carrying head loads and through physical stamina.
Pisces in similar manner denotes living through weapons, waterborne items, sale of horses etc.
The Sun in the 10th indicates income through father, the Moon mother, Mars enemies, Mercury friends, Jupiter brothers, Venus females and Saturn servants.
82. There will be gains in many ways, if the Ascendant, the 2nd and the 11th are, respectively, occupied by strong (favorable) planets, so say the preceptors.
Thus ends the 33rd Ch. entitled “10th HOUSE AND EFFECTS THEREOF” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.
Effects of Grah/Planets in Karma Bhava/ 10th Bhava/House.If Sun occupies 10th, the native will be extremely intelligent, rich, strong and will be endowed with conveyances, relatives and sons, will succeed in his undertakings, be valorous, unconquerable and great.

If Moon occupies 10
th, the native will not suffer grief, be dutiful, successful in his undertakings, affluent, pure, very strong, valorous and charitable.

If Mars occupies 10
th, the native will be proficient in his acts, be valorous, unconquerable, will serve important people, be endowed with sons and happiness and be very courageous.

If Mercury occupies 10
th, the native will possess distinguished intelligence, will perform distinguished acts, will attain fruition in undertakings, be very learned, courageous, strong and will be endowed with various kinds of ornaments.

If Jupiter occupies 10
th, the native will attain successful beginning in his undertaking, be honorable, effort full and will be endowed with abundant welfare, happiness, wealth, relatives, conveyances and fame.If Venus occupies 10th, the native will earn success in litigations and will be endowed with happiness, sexual unions, honor, wealth, fame and great wisdom.

If Saturn occupies 10
th, the native will be wealthy, learned, valorous and be a minister, or a justice, or be the leader of a group, city, or village.If Rahu occupies 10th, It is the desire to reach the top position in the social hierarchy, and the native opts for very unusual and manipulative, as the native starts this journey from the lower stratas of the society, the native goes through sudden jerks in his persona and leadership qualities, the focus of the native is on the public admiration and recognition as an public respected figure, and the native moves up using the instabilities and spaces in the social hierarchy.If Ketu occupies 10th,
A very withdrawn individual, who lacks public recognition and confirmation for his/her contributions, its all in the mind, the thinking, feeling, the gravity to pull himself/herself back 'cause they do not have anything to offer to the masses, the knowledge of public appearances, poise, dignity, honor, humility, lack but they do gain it slowly through their own status. once gained might try to pull himself/herself apart from the great expectations that lay on his shoulders, it is like they get shocked by the sudden spotlight.
The Rahu makes a individual a Extrovert and Ketu makes the same individual an Introvert.

Karma bhava-10th bhava/house- Argala ( Intervention)

Argala is intervention of Grah/planets, which can be Sukha- Argala, meaning intervention for good, and Papa-Argala, meaning Intervention for bad.

Ascendant has Sukha-Argala on the 10th bhava, if the grah/planets in 10th bhava and Ascendant are friendly, then the native will experience satisfaction and if the Grah/planets are inimical then the the native will experience dissatisfaction.

11th bhava has Dhana-Argala on 10th bhava, meaning the Grah/planets in 11th bhava will have bearing on the fruits of the actions by the Grah/planets in 10th bhava and 8th bhava has Labha-Argala on 10th bhava, meaning the grah/planets in 8th bhava will determine the end of career/work etc.

Lord of 10th in various bhavas:

Lord of 10th in Ascendant: Strong leadership qualities, and easy public recognition if it is exalted or strong, and in case of the lord of 10th being in fall, might not do well in his career due to his/her own self esteem issues, 10th lord in Ascendant confers Simhasana yoga- meaning kingly status after the middle years or later life.

Lord of 10th in 2nd bhava: Direction of Karma and source of fortunes, family business will be source of livelihood, if the 10th lord is afflicted the family business wil be disrupted and misfortune to the native, strength of Jupiter and significtor of family deity is a crucial factor, 2nd house indicates food, and hotel industry, and the significator of hotel industry is Moon and if Moon influences 10th lord, success is sure.

Lord of 10th in 3rd bhava: Constant travelling and short journeys specially if Venus joins 10th lord, co-corns will further the career of the native.

Lord of 10th bhava is debilitated: Native will face obstruction.

Lord of 10th is Exalted or strong: Extreme happiness and will enjoy fame and will perform good deeds.

Lord of 10th with Benefic or aspected by a benefic: Gains through royal patronage and in business.

The results will be opposite if the 10th lord is aspected or conjoined with a malefic.

If the lord of 10th in 5th bhava: Research occult studies, gambling, speculation, growth and achievement, service to orphans, handicapped, old and sick people, and If Jupiter and Moon are present in the 8th, they will damage the above effects.

Note: I will complete this section with other bhavas later.

Lords of various bhavas in Karma bhava.
Lord of 1st in Karma bhava:
Strong leadership, easy public recognition if exalted or strong, and if in fall, might spoil his/her career due to self esteem problems.

Lord of 2nd in karma bhava: A good leader with strong morals and principles, enriches his/her leadership with culture and business ideas.

Lord of 3rd in Karma bhava: Public relations, might need public approval for every action, and might not be able to protect the monetary interest of the society at large.

Lord of 4th in Karma bhava: Very popular and trusted leader but only at the root level and not at the national level, might lack global instinct.

Lord of 5th in karma bhava: A strong leader who would like to play and create or gamble, might be very uncomfortable in the role of a director, but would do extremely well in industry of theatre.

Lord of 6th in Karma bhava: The native of this kind can be extremely good at handling leadership in areas that involve conflicts like police, Army, medicine, debt, divorce, loans etc.Lord of 7th in Karma bhava:
Auspicious, Particularly good results in administrative law, judgeship, policy and planning, human relations/human resources, diplomacy, and other agreement-seeking disciplines. Lord of 8th in Karma bhava:The house of Saturn dislikes change and this native might shun change, the native adopts a very linear approach, like I want to go up inch by inch and if matched with someone who want to scale everest overnight, conflicts would arise and thenative might change his location but would not change or adapt to the existing conditions.

Lord of 9th in Karma bhava: Good leadership for thepeople and the native
, brings some great value to the leadership role and might have a very broad view point if the Grah is auspicious and this native might take the leadership as a responsibility towards the society, understand law and self righteous, and would be trusted by people he/she would lead.

Lord of 10th in Karma bhava: In a way the best position for the lord of 10th, the native might have a global perspective and is well suited for multinational corporation, mega plans and large scale projects, all planets would give an extra edge as a team player except Surya ( Sun) here is too independent, Saturn would be the best.

Lord of 11th in Karma bhava: This position is not suitable for the financial position of the native himself/herself, he/she might bring some knowledge to the administration but would remain aloof, the native might connect people and commerce.

Lord of 12th in Karma bhava
: The Lord of Vyaya bhava in Karma bhava, it is a difficult proposition, the native would loose for the benefit of the organization, not a candidate for open arguments and discussions, would like to operate behind close doors and make secret contracts, so the advisers might remain at loggerheads with the native, good at international levels and plays.

Let me see my chart: I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn in 10th house and Sun, Mercury, Saturn in 10th bhava, because Mars moves out into 11th bhava.

The Planets Saturn, is on the margin between Aquarius and Pisces, Mercury is also on the margin but in Pisces, Mars in on the margin between Pisces and Aries, so only planet standing right in the center of 10th bhava or house is Sun and hence the constant urge for independence or freelance working habit, Venus is also on the margin between Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter is also on the margin between Taurus and Gemini, may be this adds to the duality in thinking and thoughts, and Gemini being the Ascendant it adds to the duality.

If I compare my chart with that of Albert Einstein: ;-) 14 March, 1879, 11:30 a.m., Ulm, Germany.

we both are Gemini, Ascendant in Gemini, both have Pisces as the 10th bhava, both have Sun, Mercury and Saturn in 10th, Mercury is debilitated for both, only difference is his Exalted Venus is in 10th, adding the beautiful touch or as Barbara Pijan Lama says special ability to deal with women, beauty, public relations etc, and I have Mars in 10th instead, which adds drive, and aggressive drive to achieve, energy, leadership, his Mars is in 8th (Capricorn) where it is Exalted, his ascendant lacks any Grah and Planets but is Aspected by Jupiter from 9th, I have Jupiter and Moon, so the character, physical appearance, Intelligence, Creativity and Imaginative power would be at different levels, my traits in this regard should be way better then his, but his Jupiter is in Dharma bhava, giving him an advantage in this bhava, hence the popularity and recognition, fame, name, and may be wealth, yet he created some thing so destructive, it is said that a intelligent brahmin is more dangerous then a crooked and strong underclass, because the destructive power of the intelligent brahmin is far more superior and this was proved right by Albert Einstein, and my Jupiter aspects dharma bhava with Venus reaching it in its bhava chart, His Moon is in 6th bhava, hence the line of his vocation, Rahu in 8th is subdued due to the presence of Exalted Mars and Ketu in 2nd would cause problems in his inheritance or might have lost his forefathers property, my Rahu is strong and placed in its permanent bhava, Taurus, and it blocks the 10th bhava, and Ketu in 6th, hence the line of my vocation, and was very difficult to sustain, because of Rahu controlling it.

Well! It does feel well when you have something similar to someone who is well achieved in science, Now all those examples I have given, were to show that if you see all the Presidents of USA, the job is same, the level of position is same, yet the configuration of their 10th house is so different, and only thing that will match with their 10th bhava configuration is the kind of work they took as priority and the way they took their work, meaning the kind of energy they supplied during their stay in white house, that would be little too much for me, may be someone can do it for me, now the new candidates for the presidency.

Barack Obama has Sun and Mercury in 10th.
John MacCaine has Sun and Venus in 10th
Hillary R Clinton has no planets in 10th ( I am not sure about her birth data)

All this presuming that their birth data is correct, Barack Obama and John MacCaine has Sun ( I am not taking the strengths in to account here) so the leadership qualities, love for their country, patriotism, power of endurance and energy will be almost same, but when it comes to the style, Obama has Mercury, hence the communication, speaking power, oratory skills, memory, intelligence, public relations, understanding of money and law and business men like attitude will be there and in case of MacCaine, Venus, the ability to deal with everything beautiful, women, beauty, the way he will pull people together will be more because of his nature and good human qualities, but there is no guarantee, that everyone will be satisfied with him, because of inimical planets like Sun.

Hillary Clinton, somewhere else I saw she has Moon in 10th, that is why I am not sure about her birth data, Moon in 10th would give her that motherly attitude towards everyone and everything and also ability to connect with mind, but as a president I am not sure, it does not mean that one has to have Grah/Planets in 10th bhava to become a president, no, see the examples, so many presidents did not have any Grah/Planets in 10th bhava, Bill Clinton did not have any Grah/Planets in his 10th bhava, because it is the 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th and 10th and 11th bhava put together that gives this ability or entitlement to run for presidency.

A person who does not have this backing from the 10th bhava will depend mostly on others to understand and carry out the task, Sun gives the independent leadership ability, Saturn would add a very sickly kind of leadership ability, and if other Grah/planets are posited with it, there will always be clash among the planets but every planet is quite capable of conferring a Raj Yoga kind of honor independently.

More Grah/planets in 10th bhava, more choice and more types of vocations would be available, then there is the 10th bhava from Arudha lagna (AL), that is how the world perceives about them, which is not their true self, here Hillary has a edge above, Mars and Saturn would show her like she is a very hard working, serene, and energetic individual, Obama and MacCaine, both have to work very hard to show there real self to the world so that the world could make some image out of them, because they are not backed here, one mistake and the world will pounce on them to tear their reputation to bits and pieces, on the other hand Hillary Clinton might make 100's of such mistakes , people will not be able to brood on them, it is like an false illusion that would mask the world, she will always escape the public direct assault, well people might show their unhappiness when they cast their votes.

It is funny that I live in Canada and I am so closely engrossed in US politics- Curtsy CNN, same thing with American Idol, I do not watch Canadian Idol. :-) ))
In fact the judges of Canadian Idol look more polished.

If you ask me why, I really don't know why?
it is all about 10th from AL, we need to see the two chart Canadian and US, may be then we can say something about it.

There are few more things which I could not cover, I will try to put them together in one of my future posts.

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, Montreal, Feb 2008


Xenareborn said...

I have been lurking around your blog for quite sometime now. Having read all your write ups on the various bhavas, I find your interpretation extremely different in a very enlightening manner.
The way you inter-link bhavas and lordships with ease, and link them to common behaviour is brilliant and teaches one to interpret the relevance of houses and karakas.
Just wanted to say that you've done a great job- so helpful for toddlers in astrology like me :D
Thank you...
Sudha R

romil said...

This is seriously exciting . My jupiter, mercury and venus are in 10th house and i find your interpretations exciting. Could please throw some light on Hamsa Yoga ?

with regards

Anonymous said...

Hi, your study w.r.t bhava is really great! I have moon, jupiter, mars, saturn in my tenth house; venus in it's own, seventh house; Sun and Mercury in 8th; rahu in 9th and ketu in 3rd.

I am seriously rapped by my life in every sense whether it's family, education, relations, money, every thing. will you be able to interpret any thing relating to the position of my stars.
If you could convince about any planetary position in my chart.

I WILL... I dont have words.


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the last message was posted by me. If you could predict any thing about my planetary position.
Mine is the last message in your blog, my details are there in that message.

I shall be waiting for your valuable comments!


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wonderful work and great contribution...my dob 14th dec 1985 11:45 am (vellore , tamilnadu), i have rahu in 3rd house, ketu and mars in 9th, venus,mercury,satrun, and sun in 10th, moon in 11, jupiter in 12...right now i am running rahu mahadasa from 4th quarter of 2007...can u predict something regarding my career..i completed my b.tech..but no job.looking it for last two years

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Please tell me about my life, profession , marriage life .my DOB 31/08/1991 time 11.20am at haora WB

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Hello ,my name pooja .my date of birth is 16 may 1990 kolhapur maharashtra . Want to know about the my career opportunity
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