Mar 7, 2008


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

If the first thing that comes to our minds when you hear the word "Nature", is landscape covered with greenery, with trees, shrubs and grass, calls and sounds of various animals, and the most superior animal, the human watching over it to maintain it and preserve the true spirit of the Nature as a guardian.

If this is what comes to your mind, then you are a non-polluter or you are not an Eco-Terrorist.:-)


If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "Nature" is kilometers of wood, hunting, melting Icebergs, Deep desert holes and spreading deserts, oil reserves, tobacco, wine, miles and miles of water reserves where you can divert your effluent and sewage, deep trenches of pacific ocean or remote vast spread of ice as burial grounds for radio active material, bird meat, fur and beaks, animal meat, fur and skin, tiger claws, skin, and penis, rhino horn and skin, crock tooth and skin, whale meat, or skeleton, Shark oil, Ivory, zoo, animal safari parks for entertainment, then you are a polluter of Nature or an Eco-Terrorist.

Pollution I understand is a term which should be used when a contaminant is put into a natural source or resource, for example If I am breathing fresh air in my balcony and suddenly I smell cigarette smoke from someone in my proximity then that person is a polluter and nature i.e. the air is the primary victim and I am the secondary victim, then when that person throws the cigarette butt still smoking then all that comes in to its contact are third victims, one can say the collateral damage,:-), I see these cigarette buts strewn around everywhere, the cigarette butt is made of paper, tobacco, glue and ash, so more then the damage it looks very dirty, and I can not imagine or understand in my wildest possible dreams, how people suck on those nasty looking things. :-)) which does not smell good or taste good.

I know Tobacco is a source of living for many poor people in my own home state of Andra Pradesh in India, they do not pollute, they just pick this plant material and earn a living, the cigarette manufacturer also does not pollute with this material, he just cuts them and packs them in paper and sells them to earn a living, may be he uses some water source to wash or clean, but it is a natural material, so no pollution as long as it is not lit, the retailer also does not pollute, he just extends the product so that he can make some living, the actual polluter is the person who lites it and converts the harmless tobacco into a dangerous gas and sends it everywhere with his breathing capacity, the most disturbing sight is street corners, public buildings and parks where these polluters spread this poison with out shame and guilt and in fact with a sense of pride, :-)) every country should have a public policy or law against these polluters, and anyone who does this should be given a ticket worth 100$ right on the spot for polluting the air and land, every citizen should have some power to issue this ticket, "ok! buster! here you go take this ticket, that's it".

Right here in St-Laurent one can see boards on the street which read, "If you feed Pigeons, you will be fined 200$", and we know the pigeons purify the air quality, the air is freshened by the wings of pigeons and it is a very natural cure for people suffering from asthma, every person who suffers from this breathing disease should have pigeons around his/her home, they provide you with very healthy air supply, and may be this is the reason all old cities have "Kabutharkhana", Pigeon houses", and these pigeons are made to circulate round and round, that changes the air circulation, but if you feed pigeons here you might be fined 200$, but I have not seen a single board which reads " If you smoke or throw a butt", you will be fined 2$, no because all those influential guys who make policies are regular smokers and most of them die of lung diseases, I wish instead they keep few pigeons in their backyard, they might live longer. ;-))

So all those laws which are made should be directed towards this polluter and not against the people who grow them, or make them or sell them.

The term "pollution", exists in the modern mans conscience, back in the head of a chemist, industrialist, policy maker, business tycoon, media person, govt official this word keeps humming in a never ending circle, and I am sure everyone want to do something about it, but the modern man's necessities are so many and have become so important, with out which it is almost impossible for him to even survive a moment, the day starts with a cup of coffee, then the toothpaste, washing soap, shampoo, shaving soap, perfume (chemical), then the paper, then may be a cigarette, or may be a glass of wine, then the fast food, synthetic clothes, metal objects, electrical appliances, electronic appliances, chemicals to clean, preserve, and disinfect, the transport which runs on organic oil, all are pollutants in one way or the another, and all that effects our nature.
Production of all these so called comfort giving appliances, and entertaining robotic devices, involve lots of chemicals, so does the effluents, the refined food, refined oils, medicine, everything involves huge amount of effluents, they are semi treated or mostly not at all treated and are let in to open drains or water sources, the water source no longer remains a water source it becomes a gutter, the nature's has the capacity to take this load and purify itself with its own army of microbes, the oceans, the atmosphere, the land are all saturated with micro-organisms which work round the clock like immigrants and refugees of Canada, ;-) non stop, for very little returns, but these micro-organisms actually, consume all the pollutants and convert them in to useful ingredients, land mass is like a big black hole, anything that goes in it gets converted into another ingredient, definitely useful in some way, oil and petroleum, the natural carbon reserves, they are under a continuous chemical process, nature needs these chemicals to maintain the chemical balance, but the ever searching human being  found this treasure, and since then has been burning these chemicals in the open, converting it in to more toxic, useless, chemicals and gases, in a way increasing the workload of the nature, nature has been very patient but not very silent spectator, since it is like a computer software, everything is very well programmed, and also very well validated, now the human bug is working like a virus on this software, creating syntax errors, and nature is well equipped with debugging also, but sometimes, the human virus is too fast in creating an error, even before the nature takes up debugging and reads, error in line no ....................., the damage is done, but it is very minute, given the size of the earth, we are all like microscopic entities on this earth, it is our minds which have grown so big that we equate everything in such a huge quantum's.

Global warming, rise in temperatures, rise in floods, rise in tornado's, earthquakes natural one's not man made, ;-) tsunami's natural one's, all these are the nature's way of debugging, to maintain the chemical balance or physical balance for its own good, but the most alarming pollution is in the sphere closer to human aura, this is caused by greed for money, people educated, well informed, and well provided are stooping so low, big hype is created to cover their ass, and the hype is that there is no pollution due to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, pesticides, take a closer look, they are all toxins i.e. some form of chemicals, so is our human body a chemical entity.

I keep my body in order by letting in only required nutrients and chemicals which help me in building or replacing the body proteins or amino acids, but when I am exposed to unnecessary chemicals in the form of toxins from second hand smoke, fossil fuel gases, CO2, CO, alcohol etc, I am getting polluted and why should I get polluted, who has given these people the right to pollute the surroundings and atmosphere around them, I need to breath fresh air, which is very essential for maintaining my chemical balance and I am entitled to breath fresh air, drink clean water and eat natural products.This is an open suggestion to anybody involved in fighting tobacco, if the tobacco lobby argument is that there is no pollution in form of second hand smoke or climate changes are natural process etc, then the policy makers should in fact allow them to produce as much tobacco products they like or they can stock, but not one product should emanate visible smoke, and the government should fix a limit for gases emanating from the tobacco product in terms of smoke and irritants, particulate matter, there are instruments available to measure the particulate matter in the atmosphere, the pharmaceutical industries are using these instruments for keeping their air clean, so should the municipalities, the bus stations, train stations, airports, transport companies, etc, every building should have a limit on the board , if the smoke emanating from a tobacco product is visible and causing any cough or allergic reactions, the nearest municipal office should be called in to sue the person smoking in my close proximity, and also the building owner or the municipal jurisdiction should be able to co-sue the use of such a product. 

The main resistance any forum working towards tobacco free world will face, will be the politicians, who live a very comfortable life because of all these polluting lobbies, oil, petroleum, tobacco, synthetic products etc, the list is very long, I did not touch the radio active waste, how do you inactivate the radio active waste, it keeps radiating some kind of alpha, beta and gamma rays, and are always potent enough to initiate chemicals reactions in a human body, and why a living being not related with all this take all these chemical and gases into its system.

Cancer is one of the symptoms of the human body, trying to tell that in some corner of my body, the toxins are too saturated causing unstoppable chemical reaction, and the result is continuous cell division and unwanted body growth which not only hinders the body functions it also destroys the primary functions of the body, and the human body fails to recuperate.

The good side of this cold war is the bunch of scientists who are fighting a war with very little resources, I feel the cancer research is like a rudder less ship, since the target or the destination keeps changing or keeps popping at different new locations, the direction is lost. all we can offer to the cancer patient is, chemo therapy, radiation or amputation, which not only kills the growing malignant growths it also kills the patient, now we have few scientists, moving towards the input chemicals, because they feel that if the inputs like food and nutrients are controlled, since they are the basis for the building and development of the human body, this method can prevent the unwanted toxins from entering the already overloaded body, but they can not alter or stop the chemical reaction causing the unstoppable growth due to already saturated toxin levels.In a normal body, the cells are supposed to divide and multiply to replenish the different organs including the skin and when the cell division reaches the required limit the cell division stops for this there are chemical processes in place, the big question is do we understand all the chemical reactions that take place in the human cell, I don't think so, we have neglected to study it, the way it should have been studied, instead we started using short term means to get rid of the problem surgically or by inducing more harmful chemicals or radiation, making the already troubled spot more troublesome.Need is to study the human cell like it should have been studied, catalogue all its chemical reactions and chemical products, understand the cell division, and cell multiplication. identify all the unwanted toxins that modern man is consuming, regulate those products to stop or reduce the toxin levels, policy makers have to understand that it is a global problem and not just limited to few affluent people, scientist have to understand that it is not something which can be eradicate by short term solutions, people have to understand that the fast life has its perils and cancer is one of them.How many people visiting flesh traders really feel or feel responsible for themselves leave alone the globe, the human being the modern one is very selfish, does not want to compromise does not want any hindrance in his pleasures, it is only when they are hit by these deadly ailments they run from pillar to post, but can we blame those children infected with AIDS, who are born to already infected mothers or some times fathers, this is where the policy makers come in to the picture, they need to understand the implication more clearly, it is pollution, when a infected person knowingly infects another and the third one born out of it comes out with the infection and dies a terrible death, I can argue this by saying it is karma, the people going through all this are sinners and are paying back their bad karma, but reality is something which we can not turn our sight away from it, they are also human beings just like us, media should run advertisements in every channel educating people about these polluters, but what we see is more ads for eating frozen dirty chicken and beef then fresh vegetables, before eating this beef, one should see the video footage on CNN, the way these helpless old, and sick cows were treated, they are kicked around in dirty floors and buildings which looked like drains before they are cut and sold as healthy food, the consumer is unaware of all this, this is pollution.

Tobacco releases toxins when it is burned, alcohol releases metabolites which are toxins, fast foods, colored candy many more products which use artificial colors, junk food, artificial ingredients, all are toxins, they enter our body and never leave it, as the saturation goes up and the threshold is reached, the mechanism falls apart, the toxin works as a catalyst, possibly forming derivatives with the most essential chemical in our human body, and the function of these chemicals is to stop the cell division or cell multiplication at the right moment as the body grows, but in presence of these toxins they get derivatised, the process fails to stop, because it has changed, it does not fit in to the socket, the cell division continues, filling all the required gaps in the human body, the doctor cries out, "CANCER", the patient is hit with a bolt from the blue and the culprit of this pollution is enjoying his vacation somewhere in Bahamas/Cuba or Dominican republic.

The temperature of my home town"Hyderabad", in India used to be more or less around 25 degrees through out the year in 1970's, and this was a place where people would prefer to spend their vacation for its excellent atmosphere, but now the temperatures remain around 35 to 45 degrees Centigrade, the water is short, the lake which was constructed for fresh water supply to the city is a industrial effluent drain, there used to be a fish house next to it, now I doubt any fish can survive in that water, well the world's tallest Monolithic Buddha statue stands in the center of this lake, and a dredger works in one corner pulling out silt from the lake bed and I think it has been doing so since 1989 and in two or three corners the industrial effluent from Jeedimetla Industrial Township, the largest Industrial township in Asia drain into this beautiful lake.

So the point I want to make is, that everyone is doing their thing all at the same time, the polluter is polluting and very interesting point is one such polluter is awarded by the state govt of Andhra Pradesh, how pathetic, the cleaner is cleaning and the naturalist is trying to make it look beautiful, there is a site which highlights the problems in that area, but I am talking about global issues, the pollution generated by warfare, where deadly explosives are used to destroy everything, what happens to the area there, after the blast, the pollution spread by pesticides, the Oil spill in the ocean, the polythene bags strewn everywhere from Everest to the Antarctica, it goes on and on and on.

The shopping bags should be made of cellulose which is abundant, or cow dung if elephant dung is running short, :-) zoo's should be done away with, all animals in the zoo's should be left into their natural habitats and the money should be spend to keep that area secure from poachers then spending it to create artificial nature in cities, every time I visited a zoo in India or in Canada, it appeared to me  like the animals are saying "common guy what the heck you are looking at, if you really like us then go do something for us, where we can live our private and natural life", and not in this prison where we are poked and teased at, worse people keep these animals as pets in cages and boxes, the punishment should match the doing, put that fellow in a cage for the same time and feed from outside and the people who support zoo's should be kept in an adjacent cage next to monkeys or lions and should be poked and teased at, then may be they will change their outlook.

The television channel Animal planet, where animals are poked and tied with a radio collar on the name of research, the policy makers should put a radio collars around these researchers and track them, just to see where the license holder of this kind of research is doing his research, that will keep the poachers and researchers in check, I am kind of shocked when I see them taking the weight, length and width of some animal, and it is worth watching the face of the person, it is filled with fear, particularly when they are around lions, injecting chemicals in the bodies of these animals on the name of research, my question is who gave them the right to induce such chemicals, imagine a animal which goes through a horrible experience of loosing its control over its own body when hit with a dart, it must be horrifying for that poor animal, try this on humans to vaccinate them on the street, just take a gun and shoot a vaccine dart at someone with out prior information, the fellow will collapse on the street and the trauma he will go through would be unexplainable, then ask him what happened, I am sure he will not be able to live his normal life again after that incident, same reaction but in a more horrifying manner must be happening with the animals.

Who gave them the right to go and catch an animal and check its weight, the animal never told them to do so, this is also pollution, another experiments conducted on animals is to see their bite power, they put a pressure measuring device in the mouth of a reluctant animal and they make it to bite hard on that device to see how much is its bite power, but they never check the bite power of the researcher, :-) I ask what is the purpose of this research, no one checks the effect this experiment might have on the teeth of those helpless animals, this is also pollution.

Small portion of an article published in "The Gazette", Mar 09, 2008-- reads

Air pollution is killing more than 1,500 Quebecers prematurely and causing more than 9,000 cases of bronchitis in children each year, a conference on environmental impacts on public health heard today.
A soon-to-be-published study by researchers at Quebec's Institute of Public Health estimates that in 2002, air pollution was responsible for more than 500 hospital visits for cardiovascular problems, 250,000 days of mild-to-severe symptoms experienced by asthma sufferers of all ages, more than 9,000 cases of childhood bronchitis and more than 1500 premature deaths.
The study was presented at the Institute's 11th "Journées Annuelles de Santé Publique" conference, a four-day event which this year focused on environmental issues.
One full day of the conference was devoted to air pollution.
Linfen and 15 other cities in China, LA in US, Ranipet in India, Chernobyl in Russia, southern Quebec and southern Ontario in Canada, appear to be the most polluted locations in the world, and the corrosion map show, Halifax and Montreal stand out in Canada, NO2, SO2, CO2 generated by various sources get mixed with atmospheric moisture and form corrosive Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid, Carbonic acid etc.Companies pushing artificial drinks, running colorful ads and posters, they mesmerise people to try their drink, once you get addicted, they make money and you consume the toxins on name of modern living, once I told a group that I drink just fresh water, people looked at me with awe and said how do you live, when I asked them what they drink, they said with pride, we drink to live and enjoy our life, Beer, Wine, Pop, carbonated drinks, etc. etc. I was expecting they would say water or lemon juice at least for sake of humility, but no, they are happy with their drinks, you will find more carbonated drink vending machine then water sprouts, this is pollution.

The cars and other vehicles running on gas and diesel, pollute the atmosphere with smoke, CO2, CO and other harmful metabolites of the natural oil, from
La Fountain Tunnel
to St Laurent on auto route 40, when the traffic is slow, moving few inches per minute, at that time ask any car driver what is pollution, if it is a natural process or man made mess (MMM), to check the level of pollution, put a white shirt and ride a bike, do not put helmet, do a 8 hour shift in the open, then come back and take a bath in a tub, check the color and contents of that water in the tub, and also the color of the white shirt, then decide if this is natural phenomenon or MMM.

Nature is too big and it has great capacity to endure and convert this harmful chemicals into beneficial chemicals, but it takes lot of time, because the natural process is slow, but the capacity of Man to pollute is fast and efficient, so in this war, man wins in short terms but nature would always win at the end, and nature has that capacity to press the panic button.

So first try to keep your body free from pollutants, then your surroundings, then your family, then may be your neighbourhood.

Can you say " I do not pollute".

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Mar 2008

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