Apr 2, 2008

Dreams or Mechanisms of mind to solve-I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

The Body sleeps and yet Mind remains active and at this stage the Prana resides in the Throat and this is called the dream state and the mind is busy creating illusions and visions, based on past experiences and If you live in an apartment in a western city like Montreal or Toronto then you might be sujected to induced dreams electronically to see your reactions to various situations artificially created by few folks working and paid by your own government. :-)

While the body sleeps the mind is busy constructing and reconstructing various issues, and there is a state between these two sometimes called as REM state i.e. Rapid eye movement state, in this state the Mind is like defragmenting all the information collected in that day, many believe that if a person is disturbed during this stage for a long duration, the person might develop Insanity, I am not sure about this, because human mind is far more superior then what we know or think about it, the mind will always find a way out and survive, the next immediate state is the dream state and in this state, the human mind creates something so real that sometimes even the body also goes though the effects, like falling from a edge of a mountain, most of the time, we remember each and every detail of our dreams, and many times the dream remains hidden to the conscious mind, so we do not remember when we get up from the sleep, and many times we recollect the dream in its every detail and for many days and years we do not forget that particular dream.

In the REM (Rapid Eye Moment) state, the mind is defragmenting and filing all the data into the cosmic mind, only a small thread remains in the microcosmic mind, remaining everything is transferred into the cosmic mind, using the thread we are able to recollect the whole data like a computer loading the program from the Hard drive in to the RAM-ROM, once
loaded we recall every detail, but sometimes these threads are lost for ever, it needs external help, like we insert a CD/DVD/Floppy disk, someone had to remind us of that event or happenings, that small piece of information works like a thread to pull the whole program out of the cosmic mind in to our RAM-ROM.

When the body is in deep sleep, the mind is busy, in the dream state, which mostly happens in initial sleep, or in early morning just before we are about to wake up, we remember the whole sequence like a movie and this time is the most appropriate time to actually work on your incomplete dreams because not only the Mind is fresh and energetic it is free and new.

what is the purpose of mind venturing out in to open?, when the body is sleeping. Is it the survival instinct of the human being to find out what is in store for it in the future, sometime it ventures in to the past, this time it is to find out the reason for the past happenings, once the reason is known the strong mind makes a note of this and might help the native in not repeating the same old mistake, so it means that every dream has a meaning and they definitely mean something to the native and a weak person would tell you or would run to a psychiatrist :-). 

Well in the past and also in the present times there are lots of people involved in dream interpretation etc, but I feel dreams are very unique and the meaning of every dream is also unique to each and every person
, if one can keep tag on all his/her dreams and match with their daily events, every one can actually understand their dreams, because it is unique to oneself, few dreams are universal and the meaning of the dream is also universal.


People rolling in feaces, or working with feaces, or surrounded with feaces, is an indication that the future of the native holds good for all the financial investments and financial dealings, this is very universal, since the requirement of money is universal, it is a universal desire deep rooted in the psyche of the modern human being, without which nothing moves, in some movie, some one said, "Money makes bullshit walk, then what is a human".Marriage in dreams also is universal, there is a belief that it is linked with the only universal truth, the death, it does not mean that death is certain, it depends in what situations the marriage was seen by the native, it could indicate a lingering issue which could lead the native into a death trap etc. and some believe that Marriage in dreams means future engagements, which would turn in to partnerships etc. One such Dictionary of Dreams by Antonia Beattie, says Marriages in dreams naturally concern partnerships, then the nature of participants, setting , mood, and so on would give us the clue to what particular form of union is being brought to our attention, this explanation appears more logical then death.

Another Universal Dream sequence almost everyone goes through is a Nasty Lion or a monster following them all over the place but with very slow movement and actually the lion does not harm, it simply follows everywhere, even in to a bath tub, this dream is very universal in children, it only shows the general fear of animals, and the Lion not attacking in the dream suggests that the Fear is not real and the Lion following also suggests that it is an Insecurity that lingers in our Minds, that we are at risk and someone is always following us, then the Lion getting into the bathtub and sharing the water with you, suggests that the Fear is imaginary and when you face it, it no longer remains a Fear but it turns into your strength, the Dictionary of Dreams by Antonia Beattie says, Dream of a powerful creature as such as a Lion or Tiger generally signifies your inner Strength.

Other animals,

Elephant or Rhino = Weight problems or Slow moving Projects,
Horses = Change,
Mice and Rats = Part of a efficient team or family,
Monkeys = Playful side of your nature,
Rabbits = New baby,
Sheep= Spiritual protection,
Cats = Self pity, superstition,
Deer = Loss of friendship,
Dogs = Loyalty and protection,
Snakes and lizards = uncertainty and deceit.

Many times the mind shows us small glimpses of some event that would happen in the future, most of the time the conscious mind does not remember but there is a thread attached to this event, and the moment the event unfolds, to the native it appears that this has happened before, but actually he/she also experiences it for the first time like everyone else, but since they have a thread attached to this event, for them it appears they have already seen this before, and if this happens again and again, don't go to a psychiatrist.

Because general understanding is you have lost your mind, there you would be asked some meaningless questions and then prescribe some medicine, he/she would not have enough information about the implications or side effects of that medicine, the native would unnecessarily get into trouble, I would say instead of running to a psychiatrist, run to your notebook and make a note of it, do not get excited or do not think that something is wrong with you, and see if you can remember the event before it takes place, it is possible, once you get up from your sleep, make a note of the dreams or events that you remember, word by word, a drawing of the dream is more helpful then words, and please keep it private to yourself, because 99% people do not understand this including psychiatrists, It is exactly like the UFO Stigma, Oh! did you see a UFO, OK, did they kidnap you, then what happened , did they do something to you etc. etc., all this is the result of insecurities particularly of those people who wants to control this world, and when they find someone more evolved or advanced they develop deep insecurity and the result is all this lousy talk.

Another time I was traveling with my mother, we were in an Autorickshaw, which stopped at a cross roads and then I narrated the next few seconds to my mother, she said, how do you know, but she did not contradict me, since she too experienced these kind of things many times and her mother i.e. my grandmother also did, my grandmother it seems saw a giant getting out of a Peepal Tree and crossed the street in two steps and vanished, and very interesting thing about this event was that I recollected another event attached to the same place, that I would be sipping tea in a cafe on that very crossroads, I kept this in my mind, few days later not by force but due to an old friend I had to share a cup of tea in that cafe (It is a ritual among friends in Hyderabad-India to order one cup of tea and an empty cup), there is no significance, since they were just mundane events or may be there was something for me or both of us and may be we missed it, but if some thing significant is attached and you are not able to recollect it before it happens, it is a mere wastage of energy, but nothing to worry, we will be just another person from the normal lot, and many would be happy about it.

Another important event that happened right here in Montreal, A women joined my department in 2002 ( This is the same women who asked me all my ideas and dreams), the very moment I felt that as if someone was telling me, this women will bring you lots of hardship in the future, I wrote that message and gave it to my wife, she read it and suggested, "then stay away from her", but I thought, if I stay very close with her like a good friend then may be I can bypass those troubles, but as it is said, "Man proposes and God disposes", the Troubles came as they were supposed to, this women created ( Through lies and rumours) so much trouble for me, I am still dealing with them, it has been 5 years now and I can say I am not yet out of them, well I know it is my bad Karma from past and I am paying it back, the planets act through humans only they can not act directly, so in a way humans are planets.

Now I try to make a note of all the dreams that are created by my mind and if possible I try to keep it in my recent documents folder (Not my computer, it is in my mind :-))), it helps a lot to pull the event even before it starts to unfold, some people might read this as " Oh!, he knows the future" etc. but it is a practised art which needs to be perfected, but this will happen only when we humans break the current shell of hypocrisy or avoid trying to explain everything, or if we can not explain it then not to accept it, accept only if we can see it or hear it, every time such a discussion pops up, there is only one question for this, " Do you see or hear or taste or touch the remote signals?, I am sure the answer is NO, but the moment we press a button on the Remote, the channel changes in the TV, everything paranormal is like this, they are beyond the perception of our senses, so it is not possible to explain it, so to explain them first we will have to accept that Human being is capable of certain activities which might be called paranormal, and once accepted, then the required sense or senses would automatically develop and then we will always be in a position to explain them.

There are few people like Brenda Mallon, who organise group activity to share the dreams and also to initiate the common dream in a group, Most of the famous scientists finished their scientific research with the help of dreams, eg. Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrodinger, and many more, that means during dream state our mind is more focused and is more apt to solve intricate problems, in waking state the mind is distracted, which also suggests that we can continue or discontinue the dreams, as per our wish and whim and fancy, so it is like story which can be written as per your wish, yet it remains a dream, so very complex problems can be solved by just making them your dream topics, like in one of the books by Brenda Mallon, she says write down your topic and keep that paper under your pillow, it help us to create that dream in our mind, in a way, that piece of paper works as a thread to activate certain story in your mind.
ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Mar 2008

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