Apr 11, 2009


Aum Shri Gurave NamaH!

Hanuman Ji, the Celibate, The powerful son of God of Wind, the perfect devotee of Lord Rama, you chant Rama, Rama, Rama and Hanuman Ji would be around you with in no time, and in my visions I have seen him meditating in his silent abode in Himalayas, and now I came across this picture available in Internet.

The story goes with this picture: someone accidentally came face to face with Lord Hanuman ji in 1998 and without wasting any time he took pictures and died right there, and his camera fell aside, so some one brought his camera and printed the pictures and circulated this picture of Lord Hanuman in Himalayas.

and the following picture is more popular picture of Lord Hanuman ji.

And the following picture is not popular at all but is interesting to take a look at, the title reads " BAHUBALI".

and there is another one, popular with kids..

Hanuman Ji is a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, and he had reached the highest level in devotion, no sage, no saint, no demi god had reached that level of devotion, he appears and resides in all those places where Lord Ram is worshipped.

His Birthday was celebrated by millions this week.

"Aum Hoom Hanumate Rudraatmakaya hoom phat"

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, Montreal Apr 2009