Jul 7, 2014

Current 07 July 2014

World cup Brazil; Brazil Vs Germany and Argentine Vs Netherlands, Semi final match on 08 July 2014, my guess is one of the four will win the Cup for sure. :-)

Netherlands has been very consistent in this tournament, but it has lost some shine from its initial games.

Oh! Brazil went down in such a way was not expected, and it shows how they did not prepare for the world cup, such a poor performance or they just gave up because two people were down, that is not expected from Pele country, it was just bad soccer.

Hope today the match will be of world cup standard.

Argentina enters final, Netherland lost its style half way, so final between Argentine and Germany.

One European and One South American, No Asian, :-((

I think I might not be able to see this final as it is on Sunday and my cable is off.

I could not see the match but Germany won the world cup 2014, with great difficulty, they scored a lone goal in the last few minutes.
Journalists: I think anyone who writes or enters into any investigative work to unearth any truth is a Journalist, it might not be the exhaustive definition.

If Charlie Chaplin was in Canada, USA, UK, or any European country he would have been prosecuted and might have ran away to Russia or Ecuador. :-))

So George Orwell wrote his novel 1984 not for USSR but for the NATO countries. :-) his imagination was right but focus was in wrong direction. :-))

I am sure he might be turning in his grave. :-))

I would not be surprised if Canada calls itself Hacker ville and USA calls it self United states of Surveillance, :-))

Coward games:

Now I got it, if you take the name of the devil, the devil gains, :-))

This devil was buried alive in her past life but it seems it did not learn any thing from that traumatic experience, it is walking on the same path like she did in her past life.

Well whatever, as long as cowards are corrupt, Devil has nothing to worry, :-))))))

And Cowards have only one person to worry, that is me. :-))
Trains In India.

Modi Government plans for 200 km per hour express trains all over India and a bullet train from Ahmadabad to Mumbai, I would say now India will march forward. :-)

I remember long time ago in 1977 we were travelling from Agra to Secunderabad on a vacation,  
:-) and as usual my father would never reserve seats in advance, so the best bet were three or four trains from Delhi to South India, all were fast trains (80 km per hour) :-)) and they would reach Agra around 12am, mid night, and the trains were with one general compartment which were mostly packed with ticket less passengers, and my father had to push through the crowded general compartment in middle of the night with small luggage, :-)) I was around 11 years old, but such terrible vacation, :-)) only my father could plan, actually he never planned and we were also part of the luggage, and surprisingly my mother never objected to travel in such a manner, she was so loyal to him and his ways, so first night we were unable to get into any compartment as they were all packed to the brim, so we returned home, and tried the next night and luckily we got into a train which was going up to Jhansi, then from there to Itarsi, and then to Warangal and then to Secunderabad in 3 days, 2 nights, 1600 kms, :-)) but that was some vacation, I think after 1980 only one train from New Delhi to Secunderabad was introduced i.e. AP Express travels, which was supposed to travel at 120 km per hour but it mostly travelled at 80 kms per hour and took around 24 hours to 27 hours to reach Secunderabad, I used to think why the governments after governments are so lame they can not plan a simple train route from New Delhi to Secunderabad, :-)) Hope Mr Modi will break that jinx, I think Mr Modi's government has announced express train from Nizzambuddin to Secunderabad, with 200 km per hour speed, the bottle neck is one track on most part of the route between Delhi and Secunderabad, so trains had to wait for hours for other trains to pass and that reduces the speed from 120 km per hour to 80 km per hour, and same might happen to 200 km per hour to 160 or less.

The worst part of the travel is Jhansi to Nagpur, where the trains are packed with ticket less travellers who storm the trains like bees on an attack, they don't leave even the reserved compartments, some careless passenger leaves the doors open that is all they need to claim a small part of the berth for their short distance free travel. :-))

Hope that will change now, I never travelled like that alone or with my family ever since I started to plan, I plan and prepare way in advance, with all reservations, tickets, coupons, hotels, in place even before I travel, :-)) I think this habit is as a result of my fathers ways. :-))

The worst train journey I took was in 1984, from Punjab to Secunderabad, no reservations, I just passed my 12th grade and received a telegram from one of our stupid relative, the telegram came around 11 am, and I took the 1:00 pm train from a station 30 kms away from my home, :-)) and 6 hours from Punjab to Delhi I have to stand and travel, then a night out on the empty tea stall in Nizambuddin station to take Janata Express to Secunderabad, and this train is sidelined every time even a passenger train passes by, so slowly moving inch by inch it reached Secunderabad in 36 hours, and I stood all the way with out food and sleep, because If I would get down from train on any station, there was no gurantee I would get that standing place back, :-))) and I might loose my bag which was somewhere under other peoples luggage, :-)) families screaming through the crowd and packed compartments to get in or get out, but luckily an army man boarded the train in Nagpur and was travelling to Tamilnadu and was carrying a washing machine, and he wanted someone to keep an eye on it while he would get down for food etc, so we had a deal, you get food for me I will keep an eye on your thing, and it worked though we were positioned near the toilets, :-)) but it was some experience, I was still 17 years old  sturdy tough like a nail teenager but there were small children who also went through that terrible journey just because governments after governments in India could not plan, they prefer to sleep in the parliament.

And as it is said "salt to injury", when I arrived in Malakpet (a small town from Secunderabad-Hyderabad)  where my stupid relative lived, the town was under curfew and it was raining, :-))))))))) but somehow I managed to take a rickshaw and reached their house. :-)

Imagine there was a train which travels at 200 kms per hour and no one can board it without reservation, particularly during night time, no standing passengers are allowed, and baggage is checked in like airports, and only limited small hand bags are allowed, the experience would have been totally different, well then the extra crowds were due to operation blue star in Punjab in 1984.

Otherwise also, all our train travels from 1969 to 1985 were all wonderful adventures with out any prior knowledge as what will happen next, :-))))))) after 1985 I never travelled without prior proper reservations and also never with my father. :-) after 1985 it was only my mother who shared his ways of travelling, always terrible.

Hope all this will change for the millions of common people in India. :-)) but even after all that clumsiness, the music that flows in the railway stations or whenever a train approaches a railway station is so beautiful, :-)) one can enjoy that if he is seated near a window and has a reserved seat.

And all that can be made more attractive if railway stations are improved in their looks and ever stranded crowds are managed properly, even the garbage, sewage, water flowing like their is a leak which can not be plugged, people taking showers next to the trains and toilets with open holes spreading filth everywhere, and people using those toilets when trains are parked on the platforms, all these needs a change. :-))

But still I have some beautiful memories of long train journeys in India from east to west, north to south, south to east, :-)) nothing can replace them.

Travelling by air is like you board a huge drawing room, then take off, and then the drawing room remains in one place, and then you land, :-)) 

My first international flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam, KLM in 2001, :-)) I was seated on the bulk head seat and watching some TV, but was given sticky pea nut butter sandwiches which would not go down my throat, and no water was served even after repeated requests, and then there was this women from Goa who was travelling with her baby on her lap and the baby was so uncomfrtable on her lap, she would continuously ask me to change my seat so that she could make the baby sit, but there were no empty seats and the air hostess so many of them were all so rude and dumb.

Finally when I started to choke, I never had a peanut butter sandwich before, :-)) I washed by throat and mouth in the washroom, but the stupid women never gave me a glass of water, and all that changed when I took Amsterdam to Toronto, KLM flight, may be it is simple politics, like many people complained, when ever you travel to any city by flight, and if you don't belong to that city the flight crew treats you like shit, and when you leave that city, you are treated like royalty. :-)) British airways is one of them people have complained mostly, but no body have any complains against KLM except me, :-)) Lufthansa was very nice in 2010.

Budget In India:

Ciggarettes are going to be expensive, wow! They should be so expensive that people whould think ten times to buy a packet of ciggarettes, :-)) rather buy toys, sweets or clothes for their children.

Same thing should be done to alcoholic drinks, they should be so expensive that people should shudder to even look at the bars or liquor shops, and people who need them as medication should get a proper prescription, and if the prescription is found dubious the doctor should loose his license.

These are social responsibility of the governments all over the world, but west is still sleeping, one would find these ugly butts everywhere near all commercial buildings such a an ugly sight, and mostly it is women who smoke as if there is no tommorrow. :-))

Soft drinks also are luxury drinks little expensive is OK.

TV's Computers, Tablets are cheaper, good for lower income groups they shoul dalso afford them.

But biggest dissappointment is IIT, IIMS, I don't understand why only 5 or 6, every state should have minimum one IIT and one institute for management, medical sciences, and fine arts.

If AP was given one IIT Telangana should also have given one, little narrow mindedness on part of Modi government here, this was the best opportunity to pull telangana people towards BJP and they missed it again, same mistake was done by Congress I for 60 years.

Well, Telangana government should create its own IIT's and AIIMS etc, they should not depend on BJP or Congress I, :-) and the standard of these institutes should be so high that world students should look forward to join them. :-) it is a challenge and empty slate is in front of you.


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