Jul 16, 2014

Current 16 July 2014

BRICS development bank: This is a wonderful decision for BRICS, but just 100 billions, they should reduce their dependence on IMF or world bank and create their own financial world which also reduce the hegemony of west on Asia and other continents.

It seems Russia had burned its hands with west, :-)) western countries keep grudges for centuries, even if they were rumours or lies, they just keep and their entire foreign policy surrounds such grudges. :-))

It is good for Asia, India and China, and this bank should help all other smaller nations in Asia, Africa, and South America also, because IMF and World bank are indifferent to them.

India, Israel and Palestine:

Mrs Sushma Swaraj FM of India said, "No discussion on Israel and Palestine, because both are our friends".

My take: If both are friends then they should allow India to play a role to stop all the violence, and illegal settlements etc, but they don't give a damn of human life, and friendship of India or any other country. :-))

They just want to destroy ordinary people, they are friends of no one, they are just nuisance for this world.

Israel is a very stupid nation.

India should press Israel for ratifying the Chemical weapons treaty, This is the only country which has not ratified the treaty, how can it be a friend of India. :-))

Israel should have been the most peaceful country with highest understanding of human suffering given their history with violence against them, but unfortunately it is behaving like another Nazi camp.

And Palestine is not yet a nation in UNO, so we can point our index fingers at Palestine, once it becomes a nation in UNO and then if it resorts to violence like Israel and NATO countries, then we can blame it and say Palestine is a violent nation, but poor guys have been pushed in a corner in their own country by Israel and they can not even raise their voice. :-)) common!!

Canada/USA and few other numb countries towards human sufferings are to blame for the violent stand of Israel.

How can any country be a friend of Israel as long as it uses mindless violence against Palestine.
D-8 : Dangerous 8

This is a group of countries which hold some form of nuclear arsenal and has the capacity to cause immense damage to humans.

And all the contractors of this world which includes Canada are not saying anything about it or are even bothered about this. :-))

Everyone will pay for this indifference towards Nuclear arsenal, those who have them and those who do not have them and are silent or do not have balls to raise this issue on a daily basis in UNO or other forums of the world.

New style of political propaganda: :-)))

Now new style of propaganda is followed by political parties in Canada, it is called "bang your head on the floor", and this function is given to folks in uniforms. :-))

So what they do is they get into some neighbours home or apartment and they bang their heads on the floor on a continuous basis, actually they work in shifts, one is tired another takes over and they bang their heads on the floor, and anytime during night or day if you listen, a thumping sound "dum dum dum dum dum dum", continues from your neighbours apartment.

If you listen such a sound, don't worry, it is one of the political party banging their heads on the floor for your attention, :-))))))))))) you might as well ignore and vote for some other party, they will continue to bang their heads all night, all day, all the time, irrespective of which political party you vote or do not vote. :-)))))))) I think  it is conservative party invention.

This is special duty for folks in uniform, after all they are doing nothing and taking hefty salaries.
See who is paying:

The MH17 went down because of mass surveillance by many governments, which includes western and eastern, and I am very sure every government knew the exact location of MH17 before it was shot.

But like all security agencies western or eastern they can not come out into open ans inform MH 17, "divert you are going to get shot", that will reveal their secret surveillance program to the world, so they would rather keep shut and watch a civilian aircraft go down but not help those passengers. :-)

So see, what I mean, all NSA activities, or any intelligence agency spying is useless, it will never help a single civilian divert from danger. :-)) billions of dollars are being wasted on these mass surveillance programs by almost all the governments, it is only few folks in these agencies are having fun, that is all, there is no other benefit from it.

Similar will be the situation with Nuclear arsenal, because people are no longer responsible they have turned very irresponsible, so result is people with or with out nuclear arsenal will go down like MH 17, helpless and without any say.

All we will do is Candle light vigils. :-)

How stupid can it get: Civilian flights are being flown over Ukraine, where it is any one's game, everyone is involved and no one is responsible, the airline industry should be blamed for its stupidity to fly over conflict zones. :-))

Anyway, everyone will forget this one also in few days or weeks and resume their routine "spying",

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