Jul 22, 2014

Current 22 JUL 2014

22 July 2014,

Indian cricket team wins at lords England against the host, how did this happen, :-))

I am surprised, Now Indians will raise Dhoni as the best Captain ever, few days back they wanted to change him or replace him. :-)

Winning a test match in England on their ground, :-))

Dhoni might even get a Bharat Ratna for this win. :-)

At Lords India had won the third Cricket world cup in 1983 under Kapil Dev.


 Ex Imperialist and Ex Slaves get together to play games,

They call them common wealth games, :-)) there is nothing common about their wealth though, I UK Pound is equal to 102 Indian rupees, and the Queen does not want to return the Kohinoor diamond and all other historical artifacts looted from India to its orginal owner and still they call it Common Wealth. :-))

And the games begin with a joke, they hold Indian flag upside down. :-(

And India has sent 250 athletes to win medals in these games and compete with other slaves from other slave countries. :-))

Common wealth is possible if all these countries have a common joint account in some bank and they withdraw and deposit money as per their will and others don't even object or raise a question then it is common wealth. :-))

Like a joint account of a couple. :-)

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