Jul 28, 2014

Yellow Fever- Get a Cure

It is an old saying, "if someone is suffering from yellow fever, they see the world yellow", :-)) in that case if that person starts messing with the world instead of getting a cure for yellow fever then things can get real messy.

I think the condition of cowards in Canada, be the one supporting Liberals or Conservatives are kind of suffering from yellow fever, and they are messing with the world. :-))

So in their case the yellow fever is "suspicion", and today the suspicion has grown in to sequoia gigantea which is impossible to cut and is being nurtured on a regular basis. :-)

Imagine the load of such a huge tree growing in your mind, the world looks mean, :-)) I pity the conditions of cowards and all others. :-))

So both these sides want to know my most inner thoughts, and they are using very sensitive microphones placed in my neighbours apartment and some three or four owls stay awake all night trying to record my inner thoughts, :-)) but I think they mostly end up recording my fantasies, and fantasies are limitless, :-) and since they are fantasies they don't involve any person living or dead, they re mostly imaginary, because they are fantasies. :-))

But In India there has already been a TV serial called "Moongerilal ke sapne",:-)) my fantasies are more or less like moongerilal nothing different, cowards can get a copy of that TV serial and watch, they might stop recording the thoughts leaking out of my brain/mouth in the night. :-))

May be they think I will blurt out the secrets I have in my life, :-)) my question would be which secret are you looking for, and any secret manes only I know about it, because if two people know about any secret, it is no longer a secret and particularly if the second person is a women, :-)) It is said a women carrying a secret can not endure the stomach pain caused by the secret. :-))

And more over I don't keep or have any secrets with any living person or dead, :-) anyone looking for anything should ask herself or himself a simple question, "Did we have any sectet between us"?, and as the answer is always No, apply this to every other person, man or women. :-)) I follow very simple and straight rules.

So If anyone from the past claims to have secrets with me, either it is a lie or a rumour, just ask him or her what is that secret? :-))

So yesterday while the owls in my neighboring apartment were struggling to get the best possible recording, I spoiled it with my loud description of many things, :-)) when ever I do this, the owls in the apartment be it mid night or early morning, they start running tap water in the washroom.

In 2012, there was this Algerian family who started running water in their bathtub and it ran continously for two years, they left the apartment in 2013 and the new tenant came and he did not stop the running water, it ran day and night for another year, now the new tenant had stopped it, so imagine the quantity of water wasted by these cowards.

approx 10 liters in 5 minutes, which means

2102400 litres of fresh water in the drain just for nothing.

Actually cowards are going nuts because nothing is happening like they want, :-))  and the pressure from the two mafia parties must be loading up, :-) that is why I said many times, don't take up some thing you  can not control or which is beyond your control.

All they are doing is moving in a circle, round round round, :-)) and their electronic toys are also not in their control, :-)))))))

Cowards in a hole: :-))
Coward hiding in a hole think they are invisible to the world, may be they are invisible to human eye, but not to the nature, nature knows exactly what you are doing, where you are hiding and for whom you are working and what you are thinking. :-))
So cowards how do you escape nature?? :-))))))))))))

Wake up cowards wake up, there is no difference between you and that smallest living thing on this earth, both have limited life like a life of a bubble.

Instead of wasting your life for some thief or a fraudster or a prostitute or a corrupt politician, spend that time to upgrade your karma, so that you can move up the ladder of births and deaths.

I am through, I have achieved what no human in recent past has ever achieved, I have moved up so high, you can not even imagine. :-)

Look what one thief had done to your country and world, shun that thief and work for the good masses, there are billions of them, choose whom you want to serve they will bless you, thief will only give you pain, suffering and bad karma.

Why suffer for a thief or a fraudster or a prostitute or a corrupt politician.

Rest it is your life, nothing stays here for ever, so bubble make most of the small time you got on this earth.

Your electronic toys have limited functions, nature has no limit, it is eternal.

So fool!! stop fighting with powers of this universe..........instead connect with it.
Choice to serve?

I gave the cowards an option to serve anyone from billions of masses, which does not include the thiefs, fraudsters, prositutes and corrupt politicians or senators, but cowards always choose the thief. :-)

I don't know why they are stuck with only two people, Thief and prostitute, :-)

Well what can I say, it is for the cowards to serve so it is their choice, since they have been after me to choose for them, I suggested anyone but those four, but it seems they are obsessed with the thief or the prostitute.

Then they should not ask me or involve me. :-))


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