Aug 8, 2014

Current 08 AUG 2014-All four seasons

Last two days I have been tracking the flights from Hyderabad to Chennai, Chennai to Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Montreal, and guess what, up to Chennai everything was clear and had an idea where the flight was, and once it flew for Frankfurt, there was no information on Frankfurt airport website if the flight had landed, and also for Air Canada 875 there was no information if it had taken off from Frankfurt for Montreal.

Montreal airport website suggested, Air Canada 875 is 10 minutes early, but on Frankfurt airport website it was like, it is good for you to stay in limbo, :-) but Hyderabad, Chennai and up to some extent Montreal airport are up to date.

Then the same merry go round at the Montreal Airport, I saw many getting lost in that Jantar Mantar,  looking for parking at the Airport, please go slow and read carefully the instructions, while you keep an eye on the pedestrian and other vehicles behind you, :-)) and one wrong turn and you go for a 15 minutes drive out of the airport. :-)) but I did well and found the parking, but many others were not that lucky, one blue car was stuck between two direction, eventually he took the wrong direction. :-)

As expected there was some delay at the Montreal airport, the crows were all over the airport, :-)
so I expected at least 2 hours delay but my kids and my wife emerged after 1 hour 10 minutes, so it felt good to see them back, :-)) though they looked little tired after a long painful cattle class journey.

But 2 months in India kind of turns you into a nut, the noise, the continuous mela, crowds, but Life is only in India, there is no other country where life is blooming in all its vibrant colors like its democracy, one should know how to enjoy that.

And as usual cowards/crows with their preconceived notions ran an campaign in India, trying to tell my family that they can not live in India and how difficult the life is in India, :-)) as if they went there to settle down, :-)) this is sure the job of the crows, :-)) Leech :-)))) wasting their money and energy to cure the world of the yellow color they see 24/7. :-))

I suggested don't cure the world of the yellow color it is you who needs treatment, :-)) but you know when one suffers from Insecurity, there is no cure, it is like someone suffering from suspicion, there is no cure for both the insecurity and suspicion.

So finally there are two groups suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder and Attention deficient disorder, Cowards and Crows. :-)

Then few prices from India trickled in and I started comparing with Montreal,

Milk, 48 Rs per KG, Montreal 2.2$ per liter, (In Indian Rupees it is 120 Rs)

Vegetables, 4 times expensive in Montreal,

Lamb Meat is around 400 Rs per kg in India and is fresh and you can choose what you want, Mourletos Montreal, 22 $ Per kg, you have to accept what is available, (which is 1200 Rupees) almost three times expensive.

Chicken is very expensive in Montreal almost 5 to 6 times, eggs, and you name it.

Rent: Don' ask, 50% of your income goes into rent, because the landlord extracts all his taxes from the tenant. :-)) and landlord gets lots of tax credits for what a tenant is paying and tenant gets "ghanta", and In India the rent is based on space, size, locality, and amenities and no more then 20% of your basic salary, only in few cities it is either 30 or 40% of your basic salary. :-)

Insurance: If there is no claim, then the premiums go down and eventually after 10 to 12 years the premium is zero, but in Canada, the insurance premiums go up even though there are no claims and every year registration is 380$, which includes contribution, and no one will tell you what is this contribution for, I guess it is politicians comfort fund, same thing in traffic tickets, there is a contribution and no one will tell you what is this for. :-))

Every two years driving license renewal fees, with contribution, and taxes, same thing for houses, every year taxes, taxes, taxes.

An average Canadian pays three times taxes on a single wage, and at two places, one federal and one state, they simply suck you dry.

Then above this you have two groups, Cowards and Crows, always wailing, waaaaaaaaaannnnnnn, if someone asks what is that wailing noise, oh! they are our Canadian pale cowards and crows, they are wailing 24/7 and everything is a reason for wailing, waaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn. ;-)

But why, one might ask.

Oh! they want only the pale folks to live a better life, so their job is to follow others and you know what wail, waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Forget about them, they have been doing this since they came to Kanata from Europe, first they were doing with native Indians, and now with the visible minorities. waaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn

So bottom line is : Don't compare Canada with India or any other country. :-)) Ask parents of Indo Canadians why they can not live in Canada for more then few months, they run away back to India, the answer for that simple question is there is no life in Canada, we live a life of an animal in Canada. :-)) don't like it, that is true, Canada is a zoo.:-))

If anyone wants to see Canadians, don't just walk on the street, those are all with face masks, want to see real Canadians in their real habitat with or with out distrubing them or theri habitat, just walk into on eof the local police stations (LPS), and ask :

I want to see Canadians in their real habitat...

LPS: Do you have any friend in Ottawa??

You want a friend in Ottawa.....Just tell any pale person on the street, you are good at stealing, fraud, Paedophilia, sex abusers etc. in no time you will have friends in Ottawa. :-))))))))))))

Then use that connection and go to any LPS

From there you will be given access to certain special technology, where you can see Canadians in their original habitat, uncut, unedited, and if you can pay, you might get a chance to disturb the Canadian in his own habitat, all LPS have this technology, you can also specify, Indo Canadians, Africano Canadians, South east asian Canadians, etc. etc.

This facility is available in US also, meaning you can watch Canadians in their original habitat from US, I guess it costs little more and you need to have strong friends in Washington.

The best free pass or seasons pass is given to special friends by two groups in Canada, Cowards and Crows, I am sorry I am not aware of their hideouts, two bitches work with them, they might be able to help get those seasonal passes. :-)))))))))))

Try finding "Bitch from hell", in Toronto and "Leech Slime ", in Montreal.

All the best, Summer season is ending soon, but it is open in Winter also, you can have all four seasons pass, but for that you will have to be too good at fraud. :-))))))))))))))

Don't complain or talk about it with anyone, otherwise you will be asked to see a clinical psychologist. :-))))

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