Aug 11, 2014

Current, 11 AUG 2014-Psychology

There is a saying in Hindi,

"Bura Jo Khojan Main Chala, Bura na Miliya Koyi,

Jo dil Khoja Apana Muja Sa bura Na koyi",

As on today, it suits the "Bitch from hell", and her corrupt friends in Ottawa, :-)) so my suggestion to her and them is get yourself psychologically evaluated, better if you get it done by a group of top clinical psychologists. :-)

By way the saying means,

"I went looking for bad in the world, and I did not find any,

But when looked back in my own heart, I was the baddest",

Why I have quoted this saying for them is because they have been searching for bad in me and many others for almost 10 years now and even today they are sitting empty handed, so after such an effort they having nothing in their hand to blackmail me or anybody else, :-)) that is because there is no bad, and while doing this, they have committed so much bad that they are diverting the attention to Malaysia. :-)

And I would suggest that when you and your friends in Ottawa see the clinical psychologists, tell them what you did while you were looking for bad in others....tch tch tch

I am sure the clinical psychologists will put you and your friends in a straight jacket and then put you under 24/7 surveillance, with an electronic anklet, and they might request elite forces for theirs and Canadians protection. :-)

And they might recommend all the universities in Canada/US to rewrite the entire syllabus of Psychology as a subject, because the current syllabus is not enough to recognize people like "Bitch from hell" and her friends in Ottawa as threat to society, and Freud and Carl Jung might turn in their graves after listening to your story.

And they might as well take appointments with other clinical psychologists to get themselves checked if they are living in real world and dealing with real people, :-) Some of them might as well write a book, "Bitch from Hell", and her friends in Ottawa, a must read for all those who are interested in Psychology of humans.

And once this book is published, Most Canadians might think of migrating elsewhere, even Afghanistan would look very secure and safe. :-))

Before this women does more damage, someone should throw them into some dungeon, so that people in Canada can live safely.

I call her friends in Ottawa "Cowards", a common term for anyone who hides and attacks, but they have divided themselves in two two groups, and I call them Pigs and Crows. :-))
Conservatives Vs NDP vS Liberals, and the hidden cowards

I was thinking since Conservatives have become like Liberals and are doing same mischief as them, there should be some equation.

So the equation is:

Conservatives if they commit any mischief, and blame left parties, then they should loose one seat per mischief in 2015, = And that one seat they loose per mischief should go to NDP, :-))

Fare enough!!!

This is "Bitch from hell", policy, which has been adopted by the cowards, which means never give the credit to the one who works for it, always pass it to someone who did nothing, so in this proxy war, NDP has been neutral, so If Conservatives loose because of their  own foolishness, or oversmartness,  then NDP should get benefit from it.  ;-)

Like Liberals lost in previous elections because of their mischiefs, foolishness and oversmartness, as a result NDP got the benefit. :-)))))))))))

Nice equation for 2015. :-)) "Nothing is permanent", the moment you settle down thinking this is it, things start changing, I guess this is natures way of telling us, you are just a temporary visitor on this earth, so don't make permanent plans. :-)))

So my suggestion to Conservatives is continue with your foolishness like Liberals have been doing since 1995. :-)))))))  and give maximum benefit to NDP. :-))
Biggest joke of the century, :-))

A 73 years old women makes permanent plans for her political, financial, social future and at the same time tells a 48 years old he has no future, his life is finished. :-))))))))))))))))

Banking  in Canada:

If you keep your money in any bank in Canada, you get nothing as interest, may be 1% some banks, but you will have to pay 1 dollar for every transaction, including ATM transactions, :-) and if you take a package, you pay minimum 4$ for a limited number of 10 transactions per month, and you will never read an entry which would read, interest    tch tch tch!. :-))

But if you borrow money from any bank, most credit cards the interest rate is 19.9% for purchases and 21% for cash, and the a separate cash fee is charged on the balance every month till your balance gets down to zero, or for a 100$ cash you might end up paying 200$ over few years, :-))

Then CIBC has come with a special 11% Select Visa card, which is a good sign that banks are realising that they have looted the people enough on credit cards with high interest rates.

TD Bank also has a new card, Emerald Visa and the interest rate is 4.5% to 19.9%, based on your credit history, which is also a good sign.

Hope banks will make less profit and give or share some of their huge profits with investors, even a small banking account is an investment in a bank, there should be minimum interest rate, because the bank uses that money for higher profits through credit cards, so they should share a small fraction with every client of their bank.

And to open an account, you need to carry your biodata, :-))))))))))))))) and please don't ask about the privacy and confidentiality of your information, your signatures, your account information, because in Canada, these things do not exist. :-)))))))))))

Minutes after you gave your signature to the bank, your signature might be an electronic entity floating around in almost all government and non government agencies in Canada as well as in USA. :-)), it is like USA has a right of information on every person this earth. :-)

Sorry!! This is Canada, "Nothing is yours", everything belongs to the Crown, even your signature. :-)
Fraudster from Calgary,

We have one fraudster from Calgary, who owe us some 1800$, and he has been dilly dallying for quite some time and now he refused to pay.

One client used his Credit Card to buy a ticket to India and he paid cash to this Fraudster, and this fraudster took cash from the client and gave him his friends credit card, who is an pakistani living in Lasalle, and that Pakistani it seems refused the charges on his card. so now Airline is aksing us to pay that 1800$.

The ticket was issued as a good gesture as everyone in this were know to the agent, and now after they used the service now they refuse to pay. :-)

Our past experience with Police regarding a similar case where tickets worth 25,000$ were issued and the amount was never recovered, and police behaved like it is not their job to deal with fraud in Canada, and RCMP in Montreal were so upset that we were complaining about it.

So in this case also I am sure there is no use going to Police. :-)

I guess Conservatives might be behind this Fraudster refusing to pay, otherwise people don;t behave like this, that to a young man.

So Conservatives should ask this man to pay up, and One should see his facebook profile, with high flying life style, cars, bikes, and what not, but he can not pay 1800$.

If Bitch from hell, the Fraudster of all fraudsters is involved, some one should give her a nice thrashing with a split bamboo stick, till she stops such crimes.


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