Aug 27, 2014

Individual Courage

Long time back, there were this neighbours of my uncle, all black belt in judo and karate, even the two girls were well trained in judo and karate and the girls were in college, one day the elder girl was returning from the college by walk, and on her way near a police station, :-) about 1/2 a km from her home, a small boy about 6 or 7 years old playing with his old torn tyre took a look at her and passed some comments, the martial arts learned girl of 20 came home running and informed her black belt brothers and fighter ex defence father, about a boy who made some comments, the two brothers ever ready to fight ran towards the direction and came back disappointed that there was no one, then they took her with them and there was that boy still playing with his tyre, the brothers could not stop laughing and came back and informed their father about the eve teaser, :-)) then the news came to me and I could not stop laughing, but the father took is very seriously and he gave her a nice thrashing, because she was trained martial arts and she could not confront a small 6 years old.

What was she lacking, "Individual courage", though she was well educated and well trained in martial arts, but what is the use if she lacked individual courage, all she learned was useless, today she must be around 50 years old, mother of children, hope her children do not lack individual courage. :-)

I have seen this lacking in 99% people and they hide behind the excuses, :-) and this is the only reason why one person rules and rest simply follow him, I think generally unmarried women lack this due to lack of experience, and once they get married they slowly develop it, and few turn into brats, because too much courage is also too bad, we are not taking about nut cases or madness here.

Challenge is too keep your cool and yet keep your individual courage at a very high level.

Men mostly are good with individual courage but not always.

So I thought I will give small small exercises to cowards and their two clients Bitch from hell and Leech slime to develop some individual courage.

Level Maternal

Take your car, with out informing any one, including family members and drive around the city for few hours and return home safe.

Then slowly increase the distance and enter new localities, but all by yourself  no one should know where you are, or it is a waste.

You can do it by walking also, but don't take public transport or move with any groups or people.

The best location is India, because every street has a bunch of local dogs and these dogs think the street belongs to them, even a small puppy barely able to walk will bark at you, :-) and little reaction from you, they run for cover, :-) same thing with people, here in Canada we don't see people or dogs but there are cowards everywhere, they are enough, cowards behaviour is similar to the behaviour of street dogs in India. :-))

Level 10th grade

Change your country, go to a new country all by yourself, and with your own earned money look for accommodation, and a job, earn and call your family members, and settle down in the new country.

For this level, Canada is the best location, here the fraudulent characters fish for new immigrants in HRDC centres, airports, bus stations, shopping malls, and these characters are well connected with the government of Canada and political parties, so Canada is the best location. :-) Though I did not had any prior knowledge of this system in Canada, it revealed itself slowly over a period of 10 years or more. :-)

Most immigrants under independent skilled category have already done this, that includes me, if you have family or friends already in the new country then it is a waste, do the application all by yourself no agent or middle man should be used.

Level 12th grade

In the new country, try to keep your culture, your religion, your opinions, and your political will, and refuse to co operate with any criminal activities, fraudsters, etc, and face the music for not co operating with the fraudulent characters. :-) I have done this. :-)

Level Graduation:

Stand alone with your opinion and stand, no matter how many people try to pull you down, stay put and continue to live in the new country, and face the fraudsters and their political friends, and fight the rumour mills and manipulative characters, blogging is the best way, but keep your point of view and continue to live.

Level Post Graduation:

Face politically fraudulent people well connected with the national political parties, and face all that they throw at you through all the government departments and continue to live in the new country and still keep your point of view and freedom of expression, and try to teach them a lesson and offer them your expertise, how to live like a king. :-)))))))))))))

Level PhD,

Face all political parties not only in the new country also in your home country and all the diplomatic hegemony against you, because the new country like Canada, will ask your home country folks to help them, :-) face all the propaganda against you by everyone around you and related to you, but still keep your point of view, opinion, thinking process, and continue to live in the new country and travel to your home country as well, :-) and do things that cause frustration to all those tormentors involved in your new country and your home country, and keep a smile on your face, and move freely, like the jungle belongs to you. :-)))))))  by the time your reach this level the nature will already be co operating with you. ;-))

Level Post Doc,

Ask them (The tormentors or cowards or domestic terrorists)  to kiss your ass. In the new country as well as in your home country and just live your life.

Level King

Just live your life. :-)

So basically this is one of the hard ways to test your individual courage and all along you should remain alone without help from anyone or even advance information will not help in developing individual courage. :-) Because when with backing even a small puppy barely able to walk barks at strangers that is not individual courage.

Note; If you panic at any stage, think that your are not yet ready for that level, so go back to your previous level, and please take time, this might take decades, :-) there is no short cut.

All the best.

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