Aug 25, 2014

My World and the external influence

Let me give an incite to my world, because cowards in Canada/USA/India are struggling to get an idea of my world, so that they can give a head start to the dumb women who had already wasted her 73 years. :-))

First and foremost, I was born and brought up in a very simple, middle class, away from civilian life, my first 23 years were mostly in defense camps, which means, very vegetative, simple, surrounded by nature and outside life ends by 8 PM, Gardening was the major pass time, but the people around us were always from 30 different languages, 25 different states, 10 different religions, 1000 different castes and creed, so multi culturalism is my forte. :-)

My Civilian life started after my 23rd year and it was shocking to see how people lived a immoral and manipulative life, it was a different world from which we were unaware, our environment was a secure, well within certain physical limits, with good security around us, but civilian life was like you are surrounded by "Bitch from hell", and you need to take care of every small small things, or they are gone. :-))

It was not as scary as Canada, because there was still hope with certain government departments which might work to stop any "Bitch from hell", trying to steal, though we were surrounded by many "Bitch from hell", 24/7  but they needed an opportunity to steal, I am sure this situation has not changed in India.

But Canada is changing fast, under Conservatives, now people like" Bitch from hell", need not look for opportunity to steal, the opportunity is provided by the government agencies, which includes the corrupt police, the information is provided by these government agencies. :-))

I used to have small small dreams, very small, but not any more, I was a very practical person right from the day one but little romanticism crept in now and then, and fantasies were non existent, I never had fantasises, but now I am having more fantasises, I think that has to do with Canadian illegal Brain research, but thanks to "Bitch from hell", my fantasises break the moment she appears in  them.

My Fantasies are actually designed by cowards so you can imagine what would they be, :-)) but I have a system so it turns them into something else and I am safe and does not fall prey to the cowards intentions. :-))

Hype: It has no place in my world, does not matter how big it might be, if you are a piece of shit, after all the hype, in my world you are still going to remain a piece of shit, so don't waste your time , money and energy here, it will not work, it did not work when I was 25, why would it work now, my first employer wanted more then a good employee from me, he wanted a slave, for that he tried to use hype, but nothing changed, I worked 5 years with him and he remained an asshole for me, till I resigned, though he suffered and is still suffering from what I showed him in terms of ability.

He could have simply awarded me for my ability, may be we could have done many excellent things, but he wanted a slave and not an employee and he wanted all the credit to himself, so he lost me, his main game was to award those around me, because they were slaves, :-)) fool.

So don't waste your time on hype, I use hype to make fun of people and not to jack them up. :-))

Fear: I am the most scared person in this world, I am afraid of almost everything, :-) but I have no fears. :-)) difficult to understand,:-) For me Mr M K Gandhi was the most courageous individual in the history of mankind, even more then Hitler. :-) I will give an imaginary situation.

If Canadian government under the instructions of "Bitch from hell", had to deal with Mr M K Gandhi in one room and Hitler in another, Hitler might agree with out much sweat to the dictum's of Bitch from hell, but M K Gandhi might not budge from his stand no matter what. :-)) It is called individual courage.

Authority: If you put your glasses on the bridge of your nose and use high pitch to show that you are an authority figure, I would rather make a caricature out of you or use you as a butt of all my jokes then give you any attention, don't try that, If you scream I will show you my lung power. :-)))

Authority for me is a person who has to organize the resources to facilitate and make lives of people easier.

Noise: As a kid I used to play among huge defense vehicles with shrill horns, mostly Russian make, I had easy access because my father was the boss of such exercises, so your sirens, shrill horns from Police cars, Ambulances, Fire trucks remind me of my childhood (6 to 12 yrs old) days when we would play with sirens, they were installed to warn the people for any incoming aircraft's from Bangladesh during 1971 war. :-)) people in uniforms, that is were I grew up, My father was always in uniform. ;-)

So people in uniform if they insult the uniform, I don't like it.

Family: Since we lived in a close family till I got married, and I never lived away from my family for more then a year, so family stands first and no family is with out children.

Individuals, people who live independent lives amuse me, how they can even live like that.

Gold/Silver: I have none, I don't like to wear them,

Tattoos: I think weak people need something like a tattoo to project their stand, I have no tattoo's and I would not like to have one.

Alcohol/Sedatives/Narcotics: You need help, please ask for help.

Alcoholics/Addicts: Please don't feel weak and unwanted, take some spiritual drink.

(Note: Some misguided people particularly in west think spiritual journey can also be experienced with drugs, that is just the drug effecting your brain and nothing to do with spirituality)

Smokers: Please send them to Guantanamo bay and keep them there.

Cigarettes: Ugly, smelly things people shove them down their throats to die faster. ;-)) (This is my daughters definition) :-))

Homosexuals: Please get therapy for better understanding of sexuality and take an African safari in the wild and look for one animal which is trying to screw same gender, if you find one please let me know, I will take therapy.

Old Women: I suffered at the hands of my two grand mothers, psychologically, they treated me like doormat, so I am not very comfortable around them, and as if that was not enough, the two old bitches did the same to add insult to injury.

Older Men; I never saw my grand fathers, they passed away years before I was born, and my father too passed away at 62, and never lived with any older uncles or relatives, so I have no experience with older men.

Children; They are the future, and they are closer to god and god manifests through them, so I see GOD in them.

Women: Always an enigma and will remain so. :-)) Never had an idea how they will react. :-)) scary, so mostly I stayed away from them. :-))

Physical relationship: Only with one, my wife. And now I don't crave for it.

Physical kisses: I could kiss only one women on lips, my wife. :-))

Mental relationships :-)) please don't ask for my innermost world. ;-) not yet.

Friends: Since we moved a lot from one city to another, one locality to another, one house to another, I have no long time friends, and I am not bothered if I have none, it is the culture we grew up in, most of the times we did not had time to say good bye, we just packed and left. :-)) but short time friends plenty, I was the ring leader all my life, and kids would wait out side my home for me to start the days activities. ;-) but they too changed as they too moved.

Like: People don't like each other because they suffer from same disease, or have same color, or look alike or have same religion, or eat same food, or watch similar movies, :-) people like each other when the chemistry clicks, which is mostly mental.

And Chemistry can not be controlled by Government agents of Canada, :-)) they might be able to cause short memory loss, or stimulate the brains certain parts to cause sleeplessness, or cause sleep, or cause giddiness, etc, but they can not control the brain 24/7 like a computer. :-))

Bottom line: No government can make two people friends, leave alone lovers. :-))

Lust; Shankara charya wrote in his Bhaja Govindam song, youth with out Lust, lake with out water, relatives with out money are useless. :-)

Love: Love is God.

Truth; Truth is God.

Lies: Are escape routes, should use them in very extreme situations or harmless situations, but we have created a world on lies. :-))

What troubles me most: women hurting women, physically or psychologically, I could never understand what is the basic problem of women when they turn so mean to hurt other women, be it relatives, or strangers, and this menace is universal.

When rich folks steal from poor, When Children go hungry, When government hurts citizens.

There are many more.

What else, hope this information helps the dumb women to get some head start, but still you can not beat me. ;-))

you want to know the reason, why you can not beat me.

" Because you depend on 1000 people to move an inch, I don't", I move miles on my own steam, advance information need not always work in your favour, it can also work in entirely opposite direction. ;-))

By the way someone wants to know how much gold we have, we are Indians so we do have small amount of gold, :-)) Canadian government should start a new department, gold evaluation, :-)) then cowards need not work so hard through international diplomacy to get an idea how much gold one is having. ;-)

In Bengaluru Airport, some Indian jack ass asked my wife on 24th June 2014, does she have an estimation of the gold she was wearing, particularly he asked about her Mangal sutra, which every married women in India wears it, :-)) my suggestion to that Indian jackass is ask your wife if she has any estimation of her Mangalsutra. :-)))))) she might kick his sorry ass.

(Note: The declaration form given to passengers clearly states, if you have anything worth less then 10,000$ you need not declare, :-))

In Montreal Airport: Another Canadian jack ass asked the same question, and funny part is, when my wife said about 4000$, he then calculated and told her it is around 3500$, :-)) and then he let her go.


Can some one shove that declaration form up their ass so that they can update themselves, and also the person ( I am sure it was Bitch from hell) needs one up her ass too. :-)))))))))))))))))))

Curiosity is good but it needs to be kept in control or it can turn into an obsessive, chronic disease, then you suffer from severe obsessive curiosity, which means no piece of information will satisfy your curiosity, it is like drug addiction.


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