Aug 20, 2014

Why? please ask yourself Why?

Why? it is a three lettered word and is such a beautiful question, which when asked could not be answered by the most respected saints of this world. :-)

So when ever someone tries to pull something with out the knowledge of any person or party involved without their knowledge, then this question should be asked, Why?? :-)

Then see, how the people who think they are master minds are stumped with open mouth and no sound, :-)

This has been my most favourite question of my life time, Why? and then see people trying to find an answer and fall flat on their faces. :-))

The scriptures also talk about it, when saints said, God created himself and then created this world and then humans etc, well everything is ok, then this simple question was asked by an ordinary person like me, and the saint was stumped and said, this is one question no one could ever answer.

The they come with defense, fools are not to be included in such discussion, so anyone who asks why? is also a fool, :-)) because rest everyone is highly intelligent because they understand your motive or intention, except the fool. :-))

Now bunch of people connected with Canadian government want certain things from certain person, there might not be any reason why they want, it could be just, they just want it because they are in the government, and people who accept such requests are gullible citizens, but the one who asks, why? is unwanted by the government of Canada. :-)

I have a colleague, who makes lot noise about huge home taxes, welcome taxes, school taxes, etc, and as he happens to be in the worse tax bracket, above 45000$, he gets nothing from the government but he has to pay every single tax, the government proposes, so he feels the pain, I was once in that bracket and felt that government was unjust, so my friend made lot of noise about unjust taxes in Quebec in particular and Canada in general, then I asked him. :-))

Then Why? did you vote the same government, :-))

As expected there was no Answer. :-))

He is not alone in this crowd, millions are in Canada, USA, India, they make lot of noise, and when the time comes to exercise their franchise, they fail to make noise and vote the same old party holding the government. :-))

Beauty of democracy is so simple, just exercise your vote in a proper manner, it is ok, still the same old party might win, but at least you will not regret that you voted the party and received unjust treatment, but people don't do this, they get carried away by the last minute promises of the politicians.

And I think this time in India, people did exercise their franchise in a very appropriate manner, and they will see the result in few years to come, and the party which got kicked out has not yet learned its lesson, probably the skin is too thick to feel the pinch. :-))

Or it will take few years to feel the pinch, particularly when the new governments efforts will bring the promised results. :-))

India: Only few months have passed and Modi's government is still working to move the huge mountains of stagnated and unfulfilled promises and the old government responsible for that is trying to create and impression that Modi has not fulfilled his promises, :-)) Someone should tell them do not worry people of this country are well aware of everything and will compare their performance after 5 years when the reelection will come. :-)) or to be just, after 10 years is the right answer.

Yes after 10 years of Modi governance, if there is no change in the country, then give him what the old party got, but for 10 years to pass, we will have to wait more then 9 years. :-)))))))))

Telangana: Well KCR must be getting the reality of being a non Cong-I, Non BJP, Non TDP CM, and how difficult it might be to even move a inch, because in Telangana repeated governments of Cong-I had created such a non functional system, that would need many years of continuous efforts to undo all of them and then move forward, but then TDP is going to be in Hyderabad for at least 10 years, for Telangana it would be like a sharp double edged spear in the bed. :-)

If KCR wants that Telangana and its people should see some growth and change in their lives, he will have to move very slowly inch by inch but make sure he does not stop, :-)) I think the recent survey was in a very good direction, at least it will show them who is who, and who is getting maximum benefit, though they might not deserve.

How many air conditioners is a very good question, that will show how people use power and what is their social and economic condition, same thing with how many bedrooms. :-)

If government is conducting a survey, people should not forget to ask the simple question, Why?

This will keep the government on its toes, the problem starts when people stop asking questions like Why? the government turns in to a dull system feeding their lazy bodies and lazy party. :-)

And check any state or country where ever a single party has held power for more then two terms, the lethargy creeps in the second term and it rests till they are kicked out. :-))

For Modi government, the main trouble maker is west, because west is comfortable with Sonia Gandhi and her clan, with Modi it is a different equation and the first impression is in a terrible shape for both sides, to mend that and take a huge leap is too much for any current politician, :-)

So west will look for internal and external  trouble makers who can do things for them against Modi's government, who can be Adani, Chandra Babu Naidu, various Chief Ministers of BJP, Shiv Sena, RSS, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, all these are in some way connected with the west, not that Modi is not aware, but still spears in the bed are not advisable when you have a government after 10 years of opposition rule.

It is always better to keep spears outside the bedroom. :-)

Amit Shah in Telangana is too early, because everyone knows what Chandra Babu Naidu is looking for, he has invested lot of money in settling in Hyderabad, and their are millions like him who moved lock , stock and barrel to settle down in Hyderabad, and now they have to leave in 10 years, which would be very difficult thing to swallow for people like Chadra Babu Naidu. :-)

BJP will have to be very careful with TDP and other parties like it, :-) it is too early to play with things for those who supported you in whatever form, BJP should should take at least 2 to 3 years before they even touch issues like Telangana, they should let KCR do what he wants to do, after all people of Telangana are also citizens of India and BJP is responsible for India and its every single citizen.

BJP should ask itself, Why? Chadra Babu Naidu supported them in the last minute in 2013, he is being backed by the same people from far away continents who also backed Ex and Late CM of Cong-I, who died in a helicopter crash. :-)

So please ask yourself Why?


So I always ask myself Why?

Why? Bitch from hell", did that did this, is doing this or that, you will get an idea, :-) same thing why cowards are doing this or that, Why Leech is doing this or that, Why Liberals are not doing this or that in their own constituency, Why Conservatives are doing this or that in Saint Laurent, Why my neighbour keeps changing but continues to do what others did silently or by making some noise, :-)

Why? Should I do this or that, :-))

Any Answers please. ;-)

Read this non sense:

Leech and her cowards say: It is "Bitch from hell", everywhere. :-))

Bitch from hell", and her cowards say; It is Leech responsible for everything. :-))

I say: So what? Why I should be bothered? :-))

" The one who is responsible for everything will get back what ever they give to others including me"

I know who is running after whom, that answers all questions. :-))

Just ask yourself, Why???

Cowards clarification and Warning for "Bitch from hell",

Yesterday cowards clarified in their neanderthal ways, that both the women are responsible for everything that happens in Canada/Quebec and they are just mere puppets who can not raise their tails, hence they keep them tucked in. :-))

Warning for Bitch from hell:

"Bitch from hell", needs to be careful about her family members, Leech and her cowards are targeting family members of Bitch from hell, like her children and grandchildren, so take precautions and keep them under alert.

Canada is turning into a open terrorist country, till now everything was hidden and under the blanket, now everything is going to be openly done, the cowards are loosing patience, :-)) so they want to play Hitler- Hitler. :-)

I gave bitch from hell such a good opportunity to screw Leech back in 2004, but Stupid "bitch from hell" screwed me, and that was a blunder on her part, so now she will pay for that blunder, she created this demon and this demon is running loose.

I guess she can only create demons but she has no plans to keep them under control.

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