Aug 1, 2014

World Trade -01 AUG 2014

 World Trade:

It is real scary to know that a group of selfish countries can actually use an international
organization of bygone era like WTO to arm twist an independent country from stockpiling its agricultural products, it is scary and I think what India did is what US is doing on almost every international forum.

Simple example: Israel Vs Palestine, UNO, US will never support for a Palestine state because Israel is its military friend or may be a bed mate, even though it might be known openly that people in Palestine are suffering, and Canada is a hopeless case when it comes to violence of any form.

They safe guard the interests of their country and also of their friends like Israel or NATO members, so if India chooses not to sign some stupid biased trade agreement, it has every right to do so, and India has a large internal market which needs to be taken into consideration and India is by and large an agriculture based country unlike US which is a weapons based country.

I am sure all these countries in North America and Europe are running out of reasons to keep their currencies at a higher value and import stuff from China and India and many other developing and poor countries for peanuts.

This has to change, one country can not print paper and get everything else in return for that paper, there needs to be something solid behind the value of a currency, something like gold, silver.

Now take for instance US dollar, they can print them at their will and buy whatever they want from any country, that is bull shit trade, and countries like China have 2 trillion US dollars stockpiled and that has happened because of biased western trade agreements, China has been always the most favoured nation for US, Canada and Europe and the result of such long spells of biased trade, China is holding 2 trillions of US dollars.

Then between China and US, there might be many secret deals, which no one knows, at least India is not told, :-)) likewise there are many countries which might as well be having secret trade agreements with US and its NATO friends, and US expects all other countries which strive hard to earn those US dollars to buy mundane items like Oil, they want them to just take everything lying down.

(Note, Not just US, almost every country might be having secret deals with their friends but the way US does it is alarming and appears very unjust)

India should be congratulated to take a stand for its billion people, who otherwise might be robbed of their fundamental right for food, which is grown in their own country, the farmers in India are already not paid well, the middle man is making a fortune by just selling them to the consumers, with such biased trade deals these middle men will sell the product directly to foreign countries if they make little more profit then selling them in local market.

How absurd must be a global trade agreement which restricts a country from stockpiling its own food products.

Uncle Sam tells the country: No you can grow rice but not stock it, sell it to us, or our friends we will give you peanuts, or green printed paper, we can print that paper with out any restriction. or else face the wrath of the world, see all our puppets they dance to our tunes, or we will enter them and screw their country, look at Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya.

I say: What about Russia Bro!! don't want to enter Russia... :-)))))))))))))))

US; we are United states of surveillance; Mmmmmmmmmmm No!! look for small small countries with out any defence, that fuels our patriotic flavours. ;-)

I ask: What exactly west is looking for and expects from the world.

We want all countries to surrender to our will like Canada did, it has handed over its 30 million citizens and visitors to us, we can do whatever we want to a Canadian by pressing one key on this keyboard from NSA head quarters, and they should take dictation from us, what they should do with their people and country.

I ask; Or

USS; Face sanctions, we will destroy them, their economy, their social fabric, we are the biggest terrorist country of this world, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sorry!! that came out little too much, I mean we are the most developed rich country, with a fundamental right given by our constitution to enter any foreign country and teach them how to live, and establish democracy, and we believe in diplomatic negotiations and not arm twisting.

In privacy: Jesus that hurts our ego, and our pride, ohhhhh!!! it hurts we have to beg and deal with countries which stood with begging bowls 50 years back, now look we have to sit with them shoulder to shoulder, why can't every country be like Canada, Pakistan, Israel. booooooooooohhooooooooooo

I say; Then change, you have exploited the world enough on the name of trade agreements, sanctions, democracy, and what not, this is 2014, and people in every country are awake and educated, so change and be another country and not try to be police of this globe, you know the most corrupt department in any country is always the police department.

USS: What do you want?

I say: Peace for the billion of people on the globe who have no say, that includes US citizens, Canadians will wake up after few years, they have yet to understand that they are the only country on the globe which is run by foreign nations.

Non biased trade freedom, any two countries should be able to do trade on their terms with out any third country or an international organization arm twisting them, and that trade could be simple barter also.

Any country should be able to buy Oil, Fuel, Gold, Silver with their currency or with any of their resources, but today they can not, they have to earn US dollars by selling their resources at peanut prices, which is working always in favour of so called developed nations.

USS: Then how will we survive, we have always manipulated world economy, IMF, World bank, to our advantage, if we do trade on real value basis, we will not be able to spend trillions on invasions, weapons, and we have to maintain 800 military bases all over the world, we are keeping our war ships near all countries who are neutral or are not NATO members, how will we do that.

I say; That is your problem, you should have thought about all this before taking over those bases from UK in 1945.

And stop this madness of surveillance, Free children from your grip of 24/7 surveillance, free our politicians, prime minister, leaders of political parties, army, police, from surveillance, may be then Canadians will get some freedom from this mad 24/7 surveillance, this disease has captured the minds of our RCMP, Local Police that every inch in Quebec, Canada is under surveillance, I don't know what do they watch but they are not free in schools, hospitals, police stations, banks, government buildings, private buildings, our printers, computers, cell phones, children i pods, teenage girls cell phones, nothing is free from hacking, your sickness for surveillance has turned Canada in to a Hackerville, people have turned into a three dimensional figures on your computer screens, who can be manipulated with a touch of key on your keyboards.

USS; That is our fundamental right given by our constitution, and we can not amend it.

I say: Uncle sam, your constitution should apply to your country and not Canada or India or any other country.

USS; We are global power, only super power, economic and military, we will do what ever we want.

I say: Well then you will face more international leaders like Mr Modi of India in all the international forums where bias is the basis of day to day functions.

USS: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!  In a corner Canada; ee he hee ee he ee he he he he he!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Political Science Lesson;

Chanakya of India wrote "Political science", in BC, i.e. more then 2000 years ago and he said,

Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed should be followed when faced with an opponent, which means, kings should use these methods to appease or take control of an opponent, it might not apply today in its totality as there are no kings, except in some cold places, :-)))))))))))))) who still wear a crown after brushing their teeth. ;-))))))))))))

Saam: Is to pacify, suggest, talk, negotiate, diplomacy, etc.

Daam: Is when you find out that your opponent is strong, and has a point, buy him, pay him his price, it might work or it might not work.

Dand; Punish, which might mean go to war, invade, this should not have any place if you live in a democracy, but you know all kings are not strong as far as morals, ethics or principles are concerned. :-))

Bhed: Find the secrets, weakness, and blackmail.

So first always it is SAAM, then DAAM and then if the situation becomes desperate then DAND and BHED.

These four methods have always been in use every where but in various other forms, like in West,

The first method followed against anyone who acts like Charlie Chaplin is DAND and BHED, both at the same time, and these two methods do not work with everyone, like SAAM and DAAM  also do not work with everyone.

SAAM and DAAM are never considered in west, because it is against the huge ego of pale folks, be it Canada or US or Europe.

It all depends on what is the agenda?

So always first find out what is the agenda, not from hearsay, always straight from the horses mouth.

And I think this is the reason why west has been failing so regularly on almost any project they take up on an international platform or with any individual who is not pale. :-))

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