Sep 24, 2014

Mars Mission, India and Canada

Indian scientists at ISRO had once again made all Indians very proud for their success in placing Indian satellite in Mars orbit on their maiden attempt, :-) bravo!!!!!

This is a huge boost for the Indian people, Mr Modi,  and Indian scientists, they can do anything provided they work together leaving their differences behind.

It is an amazing feat for India and all Indians around the globe feel very proud.

I think the reason why we do not fail before any thing we do is because we take permissions from all the powers of this universe and others do not, US had three failed missions, this one got through, was a challenge and they beat Indian mission by few weeks, but Indian mission cost India 74 millions, and US one is 600 millions, so obviously there will be difference in Ferrari and Ambassador, :-) but the most important fact is, this was India's first attempt. :-)

And above all we beat China in this mission and became the first Asian country to do so.


I can not wait to see the colored pictures of Mars taken by both MAVEN and Mangalyan.

Not that I have not seen pictures of Mars taken by NASA, but this is different, it is our camera, Indian camera taking those pictures. :-))
Canada and Research,

Actually countries like India, Russia, USA, Italy-Europe, China and Japan are wasting their money in searching for life on Mars, just for the sake of science they are spending millions, they should learn something from Canada.

Canada is busy researching how to hurt humans from a remote point, this is the big research, which will not only help them control this world also keep them invisible, :-) and they can claim, the best country to live in title.

Then Canada is also researching in better blackmailing techniques, psychological profiles, brain research, knee research, and many more and all the research scholars are from police stations.


Because for such research you need to think with your knees and police is known to think with their knees.

Oh! the subjects for research, the new immigrants, what do you think they come to Canada for, they are the Lab rats, :-)) on whom the research is carried out and it is all free. :-)))

What is on Mars?, everything depends on human control, if you can control the humans then you can control everything. :-)) Learn from Canada. :-)

When all the research and curiosity about Mars will be over, it might be used as a destination for all our radio active waste, then Canada will join them to dispose off their Radio Active waste. :-)) now Canada is throwing their radio active waste in the frozen north pole.

Mars will be a good destination for all our Radio Active waste, 220 million Km away. :-))

Mars Mission and Remote technology,

India and few other countries are using the remote technology to manipulate Satellite 220 millions km away and feeling proud.

And our little pale cowards with their small dim disturbed brains in Canada are feeling very proud by manipulating people's cars with same technology. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

Chrysler sent me a letter that many 2009 Dodge Journeys have a starting problem, so they are still waiting for the spare parts to be replaced free of cost, but last year when my car did not start, I was told it is because of cold weather and battery problems.

But funny part is I received the letter only three days back and my car did not start yesterday near my office, :-) and then I have to go to my home by bus to get the booster and even then it did not start, then I requested the tow service to tow my car to my home parking lot, and then while waiting for the tow truck I tried after 5 minutes and it started. :-) 

And this morning again no problem, it started.

Now pale cowards are in a fix as to how they can get this thing sorted out in their favour, it is like chickens, always pull things towards them, so I am asking pale cowards what lesson did you learn from this.

" Hurry Hurry is a thing of Demons, ", just because you have the technology does not mean you can put them in peoples homes and cars in a hurry because some sick women wanted it, and now you are finding ways to get them out, for that you will have to commit another half a dozen sins. :-)

Before doing anything stupid think 10 times.

I call this Blunder time, because when frustration goes up, and desperation rules your minds, it is blunder time.

By the way to see things little clearly try detaching your mind. :-)
First pictures of Mars by Mangalyan,

Today one picture showed how mars look like from a distance of 75000 km, and the close up shots were like taste buds of Mars, :-))  but still they are not satisfying.

I wish the scientists plan their mission in such a way that when the Probe leaves Earth, the camera should start sending pictures, and should continue to send pictures till it approaches the Mars, with complete pictures of Mars as a planet and then slowly as it enters the orbit, etc, If possible shots of Sun from Mars or behind Mars, Pictures of Earth from Mars, etc, these are things which interests people and new enthusiasts, for a scientist a speck might be very useful but not for people.

Anyway we are still feeling proud that we could see Mars through a Indian probe. :-)

Oh!! Canada :-))

Well the current thinking in Canada is something like this....

"If people help her, she can do what they do, other wise she is useless".......:-))

(Note: Help means they will have to do everything, :-)) She will just put her label.

"like If tiger woods hits a birdie, she will claim it as she did it", :-))

Pale folks in political parties in Canada are in this mood now, they will only claim for other peoples work, :-))

Looking for some one talented who can carry her on their backs and not tell anyone or more audacious argument which is much better, accept yourself as the student. :-))))))))))))) the desperation and frustration to become popular is so high that other people's routine is their talent show, like if someone like me wipes his arse with a tissue paper, someone in the contention for something from some political party would like to be that tissue paper and feel very proud.

:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) This is how low Canada is going now a days............tch tch tch

Well this is what will happen if you market a 65 years old thing as a sexy thing and an entire political party rests on that one thing, :-)) and worse there is a 75 years old thing also in contention.
:-)))))))))))))))))))) I am not sure if she also thinks she too is sexy, :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and depends on it for her political career, which might never take off. :-)

It is not their fault, it is the little pale impotent cowards with their minuscule dim disturbed brains, who can not perceive more then that, if you keep a sheep's brain next to their brains, sheep's brain will look more advanced. :-))

Pale Cowards in Canada -Frustrated :-)))))))))

Never in the history of Canada, last 100 years or more, the pale cowards were this frustrated, :-))

Happens!! there is always a first for everything. :-))

Slowly you will get used to it. :-))

By the way Cowards will have to redefine their "Sexy thing", or get their eyes checked. :-))

One man Vs hundreds of pale cowards in Canada, and Look who is frustrated. :-)))))))))))))))


Sep 19, 2014

Utopian dreams

I think the UK-Scotland drama, will become the new fashion of showing the world that democracy exists, :-)) first allow a referendum for self determination and then whatever happened in Scotland-Falkland-UK referendum. :-))

Anyway few people who might have really wanted an independent Scotland, might be feeling real bad but slowly they will adjust, like Quebec in Canada. :-)

I think Mr Jean Chretien should be given a special prize for creating this new technique of allowing referendum and then finishing it with a NO vote. :-))))))

Politicians we think are free and do nothing in their spare time, but see what and how many things they think, can a normal man imagine, that a country can actually conduct a referendum and then defeat it with 51% vote. :-))

So the question is, Is referendum a political tool?

Anyway this are times of globalization and that was in a bad taste, English trying to separate from English, French running away from English we can still understand but English running away from English, we can not understand the differences they have in day to day life.

But after living in Telangana, I can totally understand how people who look similar, eat similar, talk and live similar can still suffer from small small differences, and those small difference can actually cause one section of society to loose its very fundamental rights.

Ask a Tamilian who is our neighbour, he will have no clue why Telangana and Andra got separated as two states, and ask an Andra guy he will only complain that they are responsible for all the development Telangana, :-)) only problem is they can not or did not develop their part of the state, may be they forgot, and ask a Telangana guy, he will be lost like where am I, Oh! did we get independence from the British, when did that happen, and why Andra people are everywhere in my part of the state, and why we have no political leader in Cong-i or BJP, :-) Telangana has yet to come to terms with reality, that British had left, so will the Andras, :-))

So the point is similar difference might be there in Scotland-UK, but we have no clue, only Sean Connery can tell, but expecting independence from a country which maintained 800 bases all around the world, is no easy task. :-))

Telangana is still a part of India and will remain so, that was never a question but Scotland wanted independence, I am not sure what were the reasons, but whatever were the reasons the Queen can now keep her castles and her valuable collections. :-))

Now If UK follows Jean Chretien style, then it would not be long before Scotland will also turn into a Quebec, a state under total surveillance, 24/7, even though there might be some provincial government but the federal agents will be calling the shots like in Quebec.

In Quebec many private apartments are completely wired by the Federal agents, and these apartments are allotted to certain people, when any pale person raises an alarm, real or false, mostly they are false alarms, :-)) jealousy is main reason, then those people are put under the scanner and then they study you like a lab rat, 24/7 :-) it is unfortunate Canada has this ugly side also and it is hidden apartheid, which is so well hidden from the international community, that hardly anyone knows about it, those who know they don't speak or don't give a damn. :-) So I write about it because I think someone should address this issue which is so deep rooted and so widely spread from coast to coast, and most objectionable part of this is even children are not spared in their private homes or schools.

Sometime back I told one pale person, a women that she might be watched by the Canadian government sleuths, she said, I don't care, let them watch, who cares, this is the attitude of a normal Canadian and this attitude is exploited by the government agents to the max.

I think the referendum in Scotland was an intelligent plot on part of UK to see who wants to separate from UK in Scotland, and now they  have the data, now they will make sure no such thing as separatists exists in UK, is Charlie Chaplin turning in his grave. :-))

Quebec should not think of separating from Canada, it should instead think of joining USA along with Canada, after all they look alike and speak English, USA can benefit from French speaking Canadians, France and England had joined the European union.

Like European union, USA-Canada-Quebec, one union, one currency, only problem will be to keep the Queen on the currency or not and also French should be a part of the currency or not. :-))

This way NSA will be very happy, they can cover coast to coast, 24/7 with out any legal issues. :-)

:-)) Scotland goes to referendum!! What a joke.
Modi Speech in Time Square:

It seems Mr Modi is expected to give a speech in the time Square New York, and news is the tickets are already sold out, no more free tickets are available, :-) Good for a person few months back who was on US government No Visa block list.

And the speech will be in Hindi, Bravo!!

Imagine the speech was in Sanskrit (And Sanskrit was the main official language of India), the entire India would have rejoiced including Tamils in the south.

Even I sometimes see Utopian dreams, :-))
Coward technology:

The technology cowards are having or let us say expertise cowards are having, can only turn two people in to foes and not friends, and this  is what pale cowards have done for the last 100 or more years, and turning two people in to lovers is a tall order for cowards who can only spoil things.


And by the way what happened with the "Mind", :-))

Not able to locate the Mind, :-)) it is difficult but not impossible,

Keep trying, you have wasted 100 years already it is ok if you waste another 100 years searching for the Mind, :-))

Mind is not as elusive as God, :-))

Money should  not be a problem ask Ottawa to divert some more funds. :-)

All the best
Canadian Tax System,

Modi's government in India and KCR's government in Telangana are trying to do something good for their respective political spheres, which includes the people, but money is the problem.

To generate money, Canada and its tax system is the best to study, and see how Canadian government sucks dry each and every citizen and then breathes  little air into the one who might fall throw the cracks. :-)

1) Housing tax, every year it has to be paid around 4000 $  to 5000$ per year for a two or three bedroom cottage, and this tax is not there in India or Telangana,

2) School Tax: This tax is paid by all, House owners directly and rental through the landlords, about 400$ per year

3) Vehicle registration Tax: Every year the vehicle has to be registered , about 390$ per year,

4) Vehicle Insurance, Tax: About 15% on 1000$

5) Traffic ticket, tax: :-) about 15%  on 52$ to 675$, depends who is behind the ticket. :-)

6) Sales Tax: 15% on any thing you buy or sell.

7) Income Tax: 16% to 58%,

8) Municipal fines, for not following municipal bylaws, like not mowing grass, or cleaning snow from the drive way, not keeping balcony free from hurdles or stuff, there are many. :-)

There are many more, 15% Tax on any thing you do with money.

Now see In India, there is no Housing tax which is paid every year, no school tax, no vehicle tax which paid every year, insurance is there but it becomes zero after 12 years or no claim, not in Canada.

Traffic tickets, holds a huge promise for raising funds, and this will teach some discipline in the vehicle owners, particularly four wheelers and three wheelers.

Income Tax, only 4% people pay taxes, rest 96% are not contributing any thing, this also holds a huge promise for raising funds.

And then municipal fines for not following municipal bylaws, this holds a huge promise for funds which municipal corporations are running short of, and this will also teach people particularly the affluent ones to keep their surroundings clean and tidy, or pay fines.

( e.g., 1995 I saw a sewage drain open and flowing, and the house near by are all good one, well off, and the drain lid was removed by some one to let the sewage flow, I saw it in same condition 2001, 2010, and it remains in that condition even today, :-)) This is the advantage of democracy in India)

All people living near that drain hole are educated, earning well, but no one feel that it is his or her problem, and Municipal corporations are for doing nothing, if  this was in Canada, the drain would have been repaired in a day or two, after someone calls the municipal corporations, or face fines.

So India and Telangana has to learn a lot of things from Canada, and this is the time, with out money the change that is expected by the people will not happen and Canada is the best country to study how to suck money out of people. :-)) This is positive, Canadians might feel I am letting them down.

:-)  IMF had recently warned Canada to reduce the taxes or else people might die of tax suffocation.

I don't want India to suck dry citizens for money, but Canadian system will at least show the way how to raise the funds for all the change we want to see.
Know your opponents fears,

Under a regular joke, there was this small message, know the fears of your opponent,

Bitch from hell, from Toronto, her main fear is authority figure, anyone even an inch above her can scare her to death, :-)) she will kiss her superiors arse in a jiffy and at the same time she will expect people working under her to do so. :-)) 

Talk loudly at her, she will become a meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooowww,

Reduce her Income, or block her income for few weeks, she will fall on her knees and beg for mercy.

Sudden small noise can scare the hell out of her, like a car starting, even dark spaces scare her. :-)

Leech Slime, from Montreal, Her main fear is closed spaces, restricted spaces, put in a small closed room, she will never go there, like a lift, she is scared of heights, in a flight taking off or landing, :-))) colored people walking towards her.

Can not talk in front large group of people, she has stage fright, :-))
Well educated, chic, well spoken elegant women can scare the hell out of her, :-)) put her among few well dressed, smart, well spoken women see her sweat. :-))))))))))))

Cowards: There is hardly anything that does not scare them, :-))  so they prefer staying in the small cracks and holes and manipulate from there. :-)))))))

Little red chilly spice scares the hell out of them, Spice is the most dangerous thing for pale cowards in Canada, it is big enigma for them, how people consume red chilly spice. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

They are scared of vegetarian people, :-)))))))))))))

But they like following few things,

Pain or any discomfort to the body, Cold  temperatures, Skunk urine, anything nasty smelling, Mucus, :-)) they love these things, If you come across a pale Canadian coward, just give them all of those listed above as gifts, they will love you to death. :-))))


Sep 15, 2014

Left or Right or Neutral, take your side

Sometime back I wrote this world is politically divided into two sides, left and right, I think I was wrong in saying it is divided in to sides, actually few folks in the west wants to keep it that way divided into two sides left and right, and in this proxy game, I think Canada is obsessed with it. :-)

What else do you expect from Canada, 8 months it is cold, people live indoors like in prisons, and hardly spring comes and summer appears and disappears even before the winter mold dries, pale folks are trying 24/7 to keep their control on other folks immigrants or refugees, so Canada is busy internationally trying to divide the world in to two sides, left and right, don't fall for the PR work they do to keep an image of a very polite, gentle, best country to live in the world image, they are too good with manipulative techniques, fall for it at your own risk. :-))  I wish Charlie Chaplin was alive today.

We have illegal brain research, Illegal groin research, Illegal knee research, etc, :-) all managed, funded and run by Canadian government, at the same time they also maintain "Human rights Museums". :-))))))))))))))))

Canada awards Aung Suu Kyi of the world but keeps  or tries to keep their Suu Kyi's in Mental asylums.  Hypo potamus en!! :-))

I am not sure which party belongs to which side, because it is irrelevant, the purpose of dividing the world in to two sides is too keep them busy with flimsy proxy wars, so that, that few in the top can live a very comfortable life, one pale person I knew in the past quipped, "What else can be done for the comfort of the white man".

This pale person did not say it just like that, in fact this is the only bottom line of the entire gambit of dividing the world in to two sides, serious issue, colored folks (All over the world)  pull up your socks and keep 24/7 vigil, they will not let go that easily.

And the Canadian cowards, who work for both sides, :-)) have been trying very hard to push me towards one or other side, for them it is of least importance which side I am, because they play from both the sides, :-)) it is only the people who are pushed in opposite sides either fight to death or kill each other, not the pale folks, :-)) it is mostly colored, black, Muslim, Jews etc, Pale folks they stay in a safe distance.

Now use this as bench mark and put all the conflicts of the world, I think even USA is not spared, depending on which party in power, it is pushed in left or right side, but the games are played every time by the same set of small group of pale people. :-))

So after 12 years of hard try by these Canadian cowards, I thought I will give them some breathing space, they are going in circles, round round round and then end up near my groin. :-))

So here is a small poem for the Canadian cowards.

I am neither pale nor dark, I am brown,
I am neither tall nor short, I am average,
I am neither a PhD nor a graduate, I am a post graduate, :-)
I am neither complex nor very simple, I am average,
I am neither rich nor poor, I am middle class,
I am neither violent nor peaceful, I am in the middle path,
I am neither a Muslim nor a Jew, I am Sanatana, but I respect all religions,
I am neither Christian nor Sikh, I am Sanatana, but I respect all religions,
I am neither Buddhist nor Jain, I am follower of all religions,
I am neither Punjabi nor a Tamilian, I am an Indian,
I am neither Gujrati nor a Bengali, I am an Indian,
I am neither Keralite nor a Bihari, I am an Indian,
I am neither English nor French, I am Multilingual,

I love to speak, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, English and French, and would like speak Tamil, Gujrati, Malayalam, Kannada, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, :-)) big list.

Neither I have taken a penny from left, nor from the right, I earn my own,
Neither I have given a penny to the left nor to the right, I give to the needy, If I have, :-))

Neither I shun news nor I fall for them, I just read them,
Neither I am a genius nor I am a an idiot, I am an average person,
Neither I am pro men, nor pro women, I am for equality both in awards and punishment,
Neither I cover my head nor I keep my head shaven, I am with what nature gave me,
Neither my hair is dark nor it is gray, it is a mixture of both black and gray, :-)) (sorry I don't use any chemicals for that, it is natural.)

Neither I have any peers, nor I keep desciples, I am always learning
Neither I lead nor I follow, I am for good and against evil.

My support to left or right is not my objective it is subjective, and I am not a fan of family legacy or political party pvt limited.

Hence, I am neither on the left nor on the right, I am in the middle, and I have already taken my place. :-)

Even nature wants me to remain neutral, unbiased, and I think I would like to keep it that way, which means I will not go towards left nor will I go towards right, but if you come my way, what you will get depends on what you give me. :-))

Conclusion: I might support an individual from any side, because I like his or her  style or way of life, culture, like I did for Mr Obama, Mr Modi, etc, but it does not mean I am supporting everything they do or their party does, again it is subjective to what they do.

So if a political party from left or right, picks up someone, as their leader and uses force on me to endorse him or her, I would not do that, you have already tried and you know how much force I can resist. :-) I would say you picked so it is your problem, deal with it. :-))

For me supreme is being democratic, and good to the people, who elect you, the most important thing is people who expect that you will make their lives better, that's all it ends there, it is of least importance to me:

Who does it, how it is done, when and where it is done, the job should be done,

left or right, is irrelevant.

And most important,

If you think you are evil, please keep your distance,
If you think you are a bitch, please keep your distance,
If you think you are too smart, please keep your distance, because I am not,:-)
If you think you have master plan, go for it, but spare me from all the trouble.

Bottom line:  I fly solo. :-))
Caution: People of Montreal

Videotron operators are very careless, they climb electricity wooden poles and might drop a tool on your head, particularly during peak hours, when school children are walking to the school, and they will also not put any caution sign to warn the children and other people who might be walking under those poles.

Want to see what is in my head, :-)) simple, it is not empty. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Sep 9, 2014

Current 09 Sep 2014-Location of Mind, Cleaning river Ganges

Where do you look for the mind in a body? :-))

I think if you want to connect a printer to a computer, apart from cables you need a driver which communicates between the two devices, similarly mind plays the part of the driver between the brain and the other body parts, :-)) but drivers in a computers can be found if you press search button, but no such facility is available for searching the mind in a body. :-))

So the question remains, where do you look for the mind in a body??

Any miserable cowards with an answer. :-))

So, I think cowards will have to go back to the drawing board all over again and start from scratch because mind should have been the first item in their research, oh! sorry, Canadian illegal brain research program which is run directly on the citizens.

Now Mind is not just a driver, it is something of a much greater value.

I was surprised to read that we have frigates in black sea, some HMS Toronto is in black sea, and was circled by some Russian jets, :-) but what are we doing in black sea, is it not very close to Russia, so obviously they will have to check whose frigate it is, :-)

I am surprised we have frigates also, do we have destroyers, and aircraft carriers, etc. 

Hope we are not looking for trouble in black sea, because we do not have answers for questions like, why did Canadians go to Iraq. :-))

I think all the books of Leo Tolstoy should be made compulsory reading material for all Canadians.

Question: What do you call people who suffer for some peace of $#!#

Miserable cowards.

How do the miserable cowards make people sexually excited in Canada?

Cowards: By giving them itching in their private parts, and if does not work more severe itching, till they scratch their private parts with an abrasive, :-))

This is miserable cowards technology, and Canadian government is channeling our tax dollars for the development of this program, may be the money meant for Native Indians is being diverted for this illegal research, and guess who are the research scholars, :-)) your friendly neighbourhood policemen, they work from your neighbours house. :-))

And when they don't get results, they turn into Rabid dogs....


What happens to rabid dogs/bitches,

They eventually die of rabies, better if you shoot them and destroy their bodies.

Indian PM in US in Sep 2014,

Well that is a huge leap from refusing Visa to sending an invitation, but it is a big err (read stain) on foreign policy of US, how could they make such an error, may be they never expected Modi as PM that to with such majority.

US should understand one simply thing, India is a democracy and democracy plays there in its total nudity, which western countries have yet to see, democracy in west is clad in designer clothes and most western countries including Canada is run by local police, the elected politicians are on 24/7 vacation in Ottawa. :-)

So in a democracy anything is possible, so options should always be kept open particularly when dealing with a foreign politician, it is good that US is trying to amend its mistake and bridging the gap.

Have you ever heard India refusing Visa to any foreign politician (Exception Pakistan) , I have never heard about it, they issue Visa like hot dogs vendor selling hot dogs on a nice afternoon, :-))

And have you ever seen any proper reason for refusing Visa by Canada, :-)) I am yet to see one.

Anyway it is good to see the two countries getting along once again, but Pakistan will always get stuck in the throat of both these countries when ever they meet.

US should also try to help India clean its most sacred river, Ganges, the cost would be peanuts when compared to spending in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Two countries have already joined this project, Germany and Israel.

Anyway they can print them as much as they want, so if they print them for a good cause like cleaning the most sacred river in this world then why not.

After all the purpose is to wash our sins.
Rabid dogs: :-)

Rabid dogs in Saint Laurent are not real four legged dogs, these are two legged cowards, :-)


Telangana-Pressure from Andhra, Messy times for KCR and Telangana

It seems KCR is taking too much pressure from TDP, BJP, Cong-I, and industrialists in Telangana who actually belong to Andhra, and the media which is also controlled by Andhra or people from Andhra in Telangana.

That is why initially I suggested that TRS or any Telangana party would need their own media to protect their state, this situation is going to remain like this for next 10 years because all the media, TV channels belong to Andhra people in Telangana, only after 10 years the real statehood will happen, till then someone will have to take all that pressure.

TDP-Chandra Naidu babu will not sleep till he reverts back the separation, after all he and his people must have invested millions, if not billions in Hyderabad to make it his permanent home, and it was so convenient, get elected in Andhra and live in Telangana, :-)) and he is/was dreaming about moving to Delhi.

Now due to Telangana separation he has been cut to size, and BJP is trying very hard for a space in South India, and Hyderabad is the best place to begin with, and Cong-I is in a very bad shape so what else one can expect from them, the slogan of most politicians is:

"When in power we will not do anything,

When out of power we will not let anyone do anything", :-)

And Chandrababu naidu claims that it is him who developed Hyderabad, then why is he afraid of repeating the same in Andhra, Vijayawada or Guntur or Vishakapatnam :-) it should be an easy task for a person who claims that he developed Hyderabad. :-)

It is easy to claim, Hyderabad got developed in 400 years and not in 5 or 10 years of Babu misrule, so instead of claims and crying on spilled milk, he should concentrate on developing Andhra. :-) which he knows is impossible task, because the culture you get in Hyderabad, you will not get anywhere else in Andhra.

KCR will have to maintain his cool, we can understand the kind of pressure he must be taking, with very little support from Telangana, because Telangana has no industrial base, financial base, political base, which would come to his aid.

It is tough for KCR but it is OK, time will pull him and Telangana through this rough times.

Cong-I has been already punished for playing this dirty game of 10 years Hyderabad as Capital of two states and common Governor, common Judiciary, it is a joke Cong-I played on people of Telangana, and they received what ever they deserved.


It is common sense, never to build castles on thin air or lies or rumours, but I am surprised few people in the best country to live in, built huge castles on lies and rumours and not only that they took folks for a tour. :-))))))))))

And folks from two political party infact took the tour and enjoyed the castles, :-)) now that the castles are falling apart, both the buildre and the tour takers are in a fix.

So only option they are left with is to turn each and every lie and rumour in to a fact. :-) or watch their castles fall apart and folks who visited them also fall on their faces. :-))

Even 1000 cowards can not keep your castles from falling apart, :-) same castle build on one simple truth would not need government support.

Bottom line: Never build castles on lies or rumours, and even if you could not resist building never take folks on a tour. :-)))))))))

What you gonna do!!
What you gonna do!!
What you gonna do!!

Sep 3, 2014

Current, 03 Sep 2014- Saint Laurent-Rabid Dog

The schools have reopened and kids are back to school, and this year the police was present with their colorful lights near Ecole Enfant Soleil, on Rue Tasse, in Saint Laurent, to trouble the parents from dropping off their kids, :-)) this time there is some construction going on in the regular entrance, so the front door is kept open and police car with lights on in front of the school, to ward of parents from stopping and dropping off their kids, so I walked with my daughter instead of getting a ticket for dropping children at the school. :-))

Only few days back Mr Dion, sitting MP of Saint Laurent with the Mayor forever Mr Desouza, were in the park adjacent to the school for celebrating 100,000 people in Saint Laurent, when I read that for a moment I thought it must be million, then ok I am not in India. :-))

So went to drop my college going daughter, even there some construction was going on, it seems they are redoing the entire front portion, so even there I saw a police car with out lights, :-)) but there is no rush and kids are adults now, so no worries.

But the books they were told to buy, were expensive, 36$ for some physical education, and 50$ for Maths, wow!

Apart from these school construction, everywhere there is some construction work going on, few roads are being relaid, and near Cote Vertu metro new pipes were being laid, and in front of my building when ever it rains a small lake used to be formed then some engineer added some cement and then onwards a huge lake is formed, and the drain is so badly constructed it can not drain the water fast, so water remains logged for days, but it is good to wash your cars bottom every time you enter or leave the parking lot. :-)

By the way when Mr Dion and Desouza met, they might not have discussed the parking space for teachers of Ecole Enfant Soleil, everyday morning and evening the traffic gets clogged near the school, auto bus every 5 minutes have to move precariously through the maze of cars and in addition to that there is this police menace. :-)

Very important thing I wanted to write was about the small square spaces around every municipal trees or plants on Rue Chabanel or near any other main road, these mud spaces are for watering the plants but they are covered with cigarette butts, millions of them, same thing with the backyard of our apartment building, butts, butts everywhere, people smoke and simply throw the butt from their apartment, the new landlord Metcap does not have anyone for cleaning the backyards of buildings so they are dirty, then there is this bylaw of Saint Laurent for keeping the balconies clean and free from any hurdles, and Metcap maintenance office also has a big banner telling people about the bylaw but no one cares in Saint Laurent, my neighbour who does not clean when it snows, and his balcony is his storage area.

I guess when something wrong happens then everyone will run to check for few days and then back to routine, this is what happens in India, but India is huge in terms of population, there are 40 Canada's in one India, and yet we are soemetimes worse then a third world country.

All residents of Montreal should thank Mr Jean Charest and Mr Tramblay for not doing anything for 10 years, see the new government is having so many opportunities to show the people they are doing something. :-))

I think few dunderheads are always needed to see the average performer as a genius, otherwise no one will appreciate the average person. ;-)

Ecole Enfant Soleil: On Rue Tasse,

Now this  school is the hub of all political activity by two mafia political parties (Liberals and Conservatives)  and their corrupt extensions, i.e. police, :-)) poor teachers of this school are troubled by these two political parties and are asked to play various stupid dramas everyday, :-)) and these teachers have no other option but to act out the drama given to them and say what ever script is given to them. :-)

And Police wants to be present on the scene with their dash cams but they have no business, so they park on nearby roads, playing their part, any way the entire school is watched by the paedophiles in uniform or in government of Canada/Quebec all the time, and I am very sure the children are watched by these sick sleuths while they are in their classrooms, they are just puppets, they are doing this because few sick folks on the top must be requesting it, like they want to see when I take shower in my washroom. :-)) I don't know what they watch, very sick folks.

Actually there is one coward who controls the mischiefs in saint Laurent, given the activities I think that coward has gone rabid or mad, and you know when a dog goes mad, it should be shot and destroyed, I think this is what we will have to do with this one crazy coward in Saint Laurent, he or she needs to be shot and destroyed, or he or she will continue to cause trouble to every one in Saint Laurent.

Hope Cowards notice and take some action, I said shoot the dog it has gone rabid.

Fear Mongers:

I think people who are trying to install fear in other people should first overcome their fears, like travelling alone in a small lift from first floor to second floor. :-))))))))))))))

Sit straight with out fear when an aircraft takes off, :-))

Look down from the window of an aircraft when it is at 10,000 feet.

Do not fear when a colored person walks towards you. :-)

There are many more, first overcome your fears and then try to install fear in others.

Teachers day in India,

Well, teachers day in India is celebrated in such a way that hardly you will find some teacher as an example, :-)) 99% of them are desperate to get a job, so they take up teachers job and then they struggle, when not able to teach they blame the students, and most heinous crime they do is destroy the confidence of students, they blow a child's confidence to smithereens, every damn day and they don't get tired, and the real culprit is always the principal or vice chancellor.

In my 12 years of schooling, I remember only three or four teachers who were good at teaching and also good with students, 30% were like they have to do this job, so they were neither bad or good, but rest were like rogues, always looking for a reason to kick some kids ass, and we were like those animals always on alert trying to get away from that hidden danger, which might pop right out and hit you.

And there were few teachers who were harassed by students, they could not confront, poor guys.

And few teachers were so nasty, including the principle, they should be hanged in the morning assembly. :-))

Government of India should have a investigating body or commission which visits each and every government run schools particularly CBSE, and check the credibility of teachers and take immediate action if a teacher is found abusive.
Canada: There is no such thing as teachers day in Canada or Quebec, but if left alone teachers are ok here it is only the two political parties ( read mafia) who trouble them otherwise and then the 24/7 surveillance of schools by police and law enforcement agencies is another issue, official paedophiles in uniform is a big problem in Canada/Quebec.

God save the children of Canada/Quebec from these government sharks.
Rabies and Rabid Dog,

Rabies is a very dangerous disease which effects brains of the person bitten by a rabid dog, and eventually depending on the immune response of the person or victim, a slow death is imminent, the rabbies virus reaches the brain in few months to few years, but the symptoms start to appear after 6 months of infection.

I am vaccinated against the rabies, and my blood was collected and stored as blank as well as for the antibody count. :-)

One should catch the suspected rabid dog and tie it to a pole in the open away from people, and watch it, if the dog is rabid it will sure die within 10 days, once infected no vaacine will help that rabid dog.

Dead rabid dog can be a danger for other dogs and other animals so the body should be destroyed in a very proper manner.

It seems a coward has been bitten by a rabid dog and he is running loose, the symptoms are quite visible, :-)) the madness is everywhere, this rabid coward is also functioning from Apt No 3 1480 Rue Crevier, so someone should catch this rabid coward and tie him to a pole away from people and shoot, then destroy the body in a proper manner, otherwise everyone might get infected. :-))

God save the people of Saint Laurent from this Rabid coward who is running loose. :-))
Miserable Cowards and Rabies, :-))

The cowards are in a very miserable situation but they would not tell anyone, because they have to stay in market and keep the hopes of many dogs and bitches, :-)

Don't you think first the coward should help himself from misery and then help other dogs and bitches. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now the dog is rabid and is running loose, and I am sure slowly all cowards are going to turn rabid,

so in future we will hear, painful howling of rabid cowards, unwashed (Hydrophobia) dirty dogs suffering from rabies. Hooooowwwwwwwwwwwwoowwwwwwwwwww!!

This is the misery cowards have been asking for a long time, they are like please give us our quota or else we will not settle down. :-)))))))))

So enjoy the misery or simply shoot the rabid dog and close the chapter right here.