Sep 3, 2014

Current, 03 Sep 2014- Saint Laurent-Rabid Dog

The schools have reopened and kids are back to school, and this year the police was present with their colorful lights near Ecole Enfant Soleil, on Rue Tasse, in Saint Laurent, to trouble the parents from dropping off their kids, :-)) this time there is some construction going on in the regular entrance, so the front door is kept open and police car with lights on in front of the school, to ward of parents from stopping and dropping off their kids, so I walked with my daughter instead of getting a ticket for dropping children at the school. :-))

Only few days back Mr Dion, sitting MP of Saint Laurent with the Mayor forever Mr Desouza, were in the park adjacent to the school for celebrating 100,000 people in Saint Laurent, when I read that for a moment I thought it must be million, then ok I am not in India. :-))

So went to drop my college going daughter, even there some construction was going on, it seems they are redoing the entire front portion, so even there I saw a police car with out lights, :-)) but there is no rush and kids are adults now, so no worries.

But the books they were told to buy, were expensive, 36$ for some physical education, and 50$ for Maths, wow!

Apart from these school construction, everywhere there is some construction work going on, few roads are being relaid, and near Cote Vertu metro new pipes were being laid, and in front of my building when ever it rains a small lake used to be formed then some engineer added some cement and then onwards a huge lake is formed, and the drain is so badly constructed it can not drain the water fast, so water remains logged for days, but it is good to wash your cars bottom every time you enter or leave the parking lot. :-)

By the way when Mr Dion and Desouza met, they might not have discussed the parking space for teachers of Ecole Enfant Soleil, everyday morning and evening the traffic gets clogged near the school, auto bus every 5 minutes have to move precariously through the maze of cars and in addition to that there is this police menace. :-)

Very important thing I wanted to write was about the small square spaces around every municipal trees or plants on Rue Chabanel or near any other main road, these mud spaces are for watering the plants but they are covered with cigarette butts, millions of them, same thing with the backyard of our apartment building, butts, butts everywhere, people smoke and simply throw the butt from their apartment, the new landlord Metcap does not have anyone for cleaning the backyards of buildings so they are dirty, then there is this bylaw of Saint Laurent for keeping the balconies clean and free from any hurdles, and Metcap maintenance office also has a big banner telling people about the bylaw but no one cares in Saint Laurent, my neighbour who does not clean when it snows, and his balcony is his storage area.

I guess when something wrong happens then everyone will run to check for few days and then back to routine, this is what happens in India, but India is huge in terms of population, there are 40 Canada's in one India, and yet we are soemetimes worse then a third world country.

All residents of Montreal should thank Mr Jean Charest and Mr Tramblay for not doing anything for 10 years, see the new government is having so many opportunities to show the people they are doing something. :-))

I think few dunderheads are always needed to see the average performer as a genius, otherwise no one will appreciate the average person. ;-)

Ecole Enfant Soleil: On Rue Tasse,

Now this  school is the hub of all political activity by two mafia political parties (Liberals and Conservatives)  and their corrupt extensions, i.e. police, :-)) poor teachers of this school are troubled by these two political parties and are asked to play various stupid dramas everyday, :-)) and these teachers have no other option but to act out the drama given to them and say what ever script is given to them. :-)

And Police wants to be present on the scene with their dash cams but they have no business, so they park on nearby roads, playing their part, any way the entire school is watched by the paedophiles in uniform or in government of Canada/Quebec all the time, and I am very sure the children are watched by these sick sleuths while they are in their classrooms, they are just puppets, they are doing this because few sick folks on the top must be requesting it, like they want to see when I take shower in my washroom. :-)) I don't know what they watch, very sick folks.

Actually there is one coward who controls the mischiefs in saint Laurent, given the activities I think that coward has gone rabid or mad, and you know when a dog goes mad, it should be shot and destroyed, I think this is what we will have to do with this one crazy coward in Saint Laurent, he or she needs to be shot and destroyed, or he or she will continue to cause trouble to every one in Saint Laurent.

Hope Cowards notice and take some action, I said shoot the dog it has gone rabid.

Fear Mongers:

I think people who are trying to install fear in other people should first overcome their fears, like travelling alone in a small lift from first floor to second floor. :-))))))))))))))

Sit straight with out fear when an aircraft takes off, :-))

Look down from the window of an aircraft when it is at 10,000 feet.

Do not fear when a colored person walks towards you. :-)

There are many more, first overcome your fears and then try to install fear in others.

Teachers day in India,

Well, teachers day in India is celebrated in such a way that hardly you will find some teacher as an example, :-)) 99% of them are desperate to get a job, so they take up teachers job and then they struggle, when not able to teach they blame the students, and most heinous crime they do is destroy the confidence of students, they blow a child's confidence to smithereens, every damn day and they don't get tired, and the real culprit is always the principal or vice chancellor.

In my 12 years of schooling, I remember only three or four teachers who were good at teaching and also good with students, 30% were like they have to do this job, so they were neither bad or good, but rest were like rogues, always looking for a reason to kick some kids ass, and we were like those animals always on alert trying to get away from that hidden danger, which might pop right out and hit you.

And there were few teachers who were harassed by students, they could not confront, poor guys.

And few teachers were so nasty, including the principle, they should be hanged in the morning assembly. :-))

Government of India should have a investigating body or commission which visits each and every government run schools particularly CBSE, and check the credibility of teachers and take immediate action if a teacher is found abusive.
Canada: There is no such thing as teachers day in Canada or Quebec, but if left alone teachers are ok here it is only the two political parties ( read mafia) who trouble them otherwise and then the 24/7 surveillance of schools by police and law enforcement agencies is another issue, official paedophiles in uniform is a big problem in Canada/Quebec.

God save the children of Canada/Quebec from these government sharks.
Rabies and Rabid Dog,

Rabies is a very dangerous disease which effects brains of the person bitten by a rabid dog, and eventually depending on the immune response of the person or victim, a slow death is imminent, the rabbies virus reaches the brain in few months to few years, but the symptoms start to appear after 6 months of infection.

I am vaccinated against the rabies, and my blood was collected and stored as blank as well as for the antibody count. :-)

One should catch the suspected rabid dog and tie it to a pole in the open away from people, and watch it, if the dog is rabid it will sure die within 10 days, once infected no vaacine will help that rabid dog.

Dead rabid dog can be a danger for other dogs and other animals so the body should be destroyed in a very proper manner.

It seems a coward has been bitten by a rabid dog and he is running loose, the symptoms are quite visible, :-)) the madness is everywhere, this rabid coward is also functioning from Apt No 3 1480 Rue Crevier, so someone should catch this rabid coward and tie him to a pole away from people and shoot, then destroy the body in a proper manner, otherwise everyone might get infected. :-))

God save the people of Saint Laurent from this Rabid coward who is running loose. :-))
Miserable Cowards and Rabies, :-))

The cowards are in a very miserable situation but they would not tell anyone, because they have to stay in market and keep the hopes of many dogs and bitches, :-)

Don't you think first the coward should help himself from misery and then help other dogs and bitches. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now the dog is rabid and is running loose, and I am sure slowly all cowards are going to turn rabid,

so in future we will hear, painful howling of rabid cowards, unwashed (Hydrophobia) dirty dogs suffering from rabies. Hooooowwwwwwwwwwwwoowwwwwwwwwww!!

This is the misery cowards have been asking for a long time, they are like please give us our quota or else we will not settle down. :-)))))))))

So enjoy the misery or simply shoot the rabid dog and close the chapter right here.


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