Sep 9, 2014

Current 09 Sep 2014-Location of Mind, Cleaning river Ganges

Where do you look for the mind in a body? :-))

I think if you want to connect a printer to a computer, apart from cables you need a driver which communicates between the two devices, similarly mind plays the part of the driver between the brain and the other body parts, :-)) but drivers in a computers can be found if you press search button, but no such facility is available for searching the mind in a body. :-))

So the question remains, where do you look for the mind in a body??

Any miserable cowards with an answer. :-))

So, I think cowards will have to go back to the drawing board all over again and start from scratch because mind should have been the first item in their research, oh! sorry, Canadian illegal brain research program which is run directly on the citizens.

Now Mind is not just a driver, it is something of a much greater value.

I was surprised to read that we have frigates in black sea, some HMS Toronto is in black sea, and was circled by some Russian jets, :-) but what are we doing in black sea, is it not very close to Russia, so obviously they will have to check whose frigate it is, :-)

I am surprised we have frigates also, do we have destroyers, and aircraft carriers, etc. 

Hope we are not looking for trouble in black sea, because we do not have answers for questions like, why did Canadians go to Iraq. :-))

I think all the books of Leo Tolstoy should be made compulsory reading material for all Canadians.

Question: What do you call people who suffer for some peace of $#!#

Miserable cowards.

How do the miserable cowards make people sexually excited in Canada?

Cowards: By giving them itching in their private parts, and if does not work more severe itching, till they scratch their private parts with an abrasive, :-))

This is miserable cowards technology, and Canadian government is channeling our tax dollars for the development of this program, may be the money meant for Native Indians is being diverted for this illegal research, and guess who are the research scholars, :-)) your friendly neighbourhood policemen, they work from your neighbours house. :-))

And when they don't get results, they turn into Rabid dogs....


What happens to rabid dogs/bitches,

They eventually die of rabies, better if you shoot them and destroy their bodies.

Indian PM in US in Sep 2014,

Well that is a huge leap from refusing Visa to sending an invitation, but it is a big err (read stain) on foreign policy of US, how could they make such an error, may be they never expected Modi as PM that to with such majority.

US should understand one simply thing, India is a democracy and democracy plays there in its total nudity, which western countries have yet to see, democracy in west is clad in designer clothes and most western countries including Canada is run by local police, the elected politicians are on 24/7 vacation in Ottawa. :-)

So in a democracy anything is possible, so options should always be kept open particularly when dealing with a foreign politician, it is good that US is trying to amend its mistake and bridging the gap.

Have you ever heard India refusing Visa to any foreign politician (Exception Pakistan) , I have never heard about it, they issue Visa like hot dogs vendor selling hot dogs on a nice afternoon, :-))

And have you ever seen any proper reason for refusing Visa by Canada, :-)) I am yet to see one.

Anyway it is good to see the two countries getting along once again, but Pakistan will always get stuck in the throat of both these countries when ever they meet.

US should also try to help India clean its most sacred river, Ganges, the cost would be peanuts when compared to spending in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Two countries have already joined this project, Germany and Israel.

Anyway they can print them as much as they want, so if they print them for a good cause like cleaning the most sacred river in this world then why not.

After all the purpose is to wash our sins.
Rabid dogs: :-)

Rabid dogs in Saint Laurent are not real four legged dogs, these are two legged cowards, :-)


Telangana-Pressure from Andhra, Messy times for KCR and Telangana

It seems KCR is taking too much pressure from TDP, BJP, Cong-I, and industrialists in Telangana who actually belong to Andhra, and the media which is also controlled by Andhra or people from Andhra in Telangana.

That is why initially I suggested that TRS or any Telangana party would need their own media to protect their state, this situation is going to remain like this for next 10 years because all the media, TV channels belong to Andhra people in Telangana, only after 10 years the real statehood will happen, till then someone will have to take all that pressure.

TDP-Chandra Naidu babu will not sleep till he reverts back the separation, after all he and his people must have invested millions, if not billions in Hyderabad to make it his permanent home, and it was so convenient, get elected in Andhra and live in Telangana, :-)) and he is/was dreaming about moving to Delhi.

Now due to Telangana separation he has been cut to size, and BJP is trying very hard for a space in South India, and Hyderabad is the best place to begin with, and Cong-I is in a very bad shape so what else one can expect from them, the slogan of most politicians is:

"When in power we will not do anything,

When out of power we will not let anyone do anything", :-)

And Chandrababu naidu claims that it is him who developed Hyderabad, then why is he afraid of repeating the same in Andhra, Vijayawada or Guntur or Vishakapatnam :-) it should be an easy task for a person who claims that he developed Hyderabad. :-)

It is easy to claim, Hyderabad got developed in 400 years and not in 5 or 10 years of Babu misrule, so instead of claims and crying on spilled milk, he should concentrate on developing Andhra. :-) which he knows is impossible task, because the culture you get in Hyderabad, you will not get anywhere else in Andhra.

KCR will have to maintain his cool, we can understand the kind of pressure he must be taking, with very little support from Telangana, because Telangana has no industrial base, financial base, political base, which would come to his aid.

It is tough for KCR but it is OK, time will pull him and Telangana through this rough times.

Cong-I has been already punished for playing this dirty game of 10 years Hyderabad as Capital of two states and common Governor, common Judiciary, it is a joke Cong-I played on people of Telangana, and they received what ever they deserved.


It is common sense, never to build castles on thin air or lies or rumours, but I am surprised few people in the best country to live in, built huge castles on lies and rumours and not only that they took folks for a tour. :-))))))))))

And folks from two political party infact took the tour and enjoyed the castles, :-)) now that the castles are falling apart, both the buildre and the tour takers are in a fix.

So only option they are left with is to turn each and every lie and rumour in to a fact. :-) or watch their castles fall apart and folks who visited them also fall on their faces. :-))

Even 1000 cowards can not keep your castles from falling apart, :-) same castle build on one simple truth would not need government support.

Bottom line: Never build castles on lies or rumours, and even if you could not resist building never take folks on a tour. :-)))))))))

What you gonna do!!
What you gonna do!!
What you gonna do!!

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