Sep 15, 2014

Left or Right or Neutral, take your side

Sometime back I wrote this world is politically divided into two sides, left and right, I think I was wrong in saying it is divided in to sides, actually few folks in the west wants to keep it that way divided into two sides left and right, and in this proxy game, I think Canada is obsessed with it. :-)

What else do you expect from Canada, 8 months it is cold, people live indoors like in prisons, and hardly spring comes and summer appears and disappears even before the winter mold dries, pale folks are trying 24/7 to keep their control on other folks immigrants or refugees, so Canada is busy internationally trying to divide the world in to two sides, left and right, don't fall for the PR work they do to keep an image of a very polite, gentle, best country to live in the world image, they are too good with manipulative techniques, fall for it at your own risk. :-))  I wish Charlie Chaplin was alive today.

We have illegal brain research, Illegal groin research, Illegal knee research, etc, :-) all managed, funded and run by Canadian government, at the same time they also maintain "Human rights Museums". :-))))))))))))))))

Canada awards Aung Suu Kyi of the world but keeps  or tries to keep their Suu Kyi's in Mental asylums.  Hypo potamus en!! :-))

I am not sure which party belongs to which side, because it is irrelevant, the purpose of dividing the world in to two sides is too keep them busy with flimsy proxy wars, so that, that few in the top can live a very comfortable life, one pale person I knew in the past quipped, "What else can be done for the comfort of the white man".

This pale person did not say it just like that, in fact this is the only bottom line of the entire gambit of dividing the world in to two sides, serious issue, colored folks (All over the world)  pull up your socks and keep 24/7 vigil, they will not let go that easily.

And the Canadian cowards, who work for both sides, :-)) have been trying very hard to push me towards one or other side, for them it is of least importance which side I am, because they play from both the sides, :-)) it is only the people who are pushed in opposite sides either fight to death or kill each other, not the pale folks, :-)) it is mostly colored, black, Muslim, Jews etc, Pale folks they stay in a safe distance.

Now use this as bench mark and put all the conflicts of the world, I think even USA is not spared, depending on which party in power, it is pushed in left or right side, but the games are played every time by the same set of small group of pale people. :-))

So after 12 years of hard try by these Canadian cowards, I thought I will give them some breathing space, they are going in circles, round round round and then end up near my groin. :-))

So here is a small poem for the Canadian cowards.

I am neither pale nor dark, I am brown,
I am neither tall nor short, I am average,
I am neither a PhD nor a graduate, I am a post graduate, :-)
I am neither complex nor very simple, I am average,
I am neither rich nor poor, I am middle class,
I am neither violent nor peaceful, I am in the middle path,
I am neither a Muslim nor a Jew, I am Sanatana, but I respect all religions,
I am neither Christian nor Sikh, I am Sanatana, but I respect all religions,
I am neither Buddhist nor Jain, I am follower of all religions,
I am neither Punjabi nor a Tamilian, I am an Indian,
I am neither Gujrati nor a Bengali, I am an Indian,
I am neither Keralite nor a Bihari, I am an Indian,
I am neither English nor French, I am Multilingual,

I love to speak, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, English and French, and would like speak Tamil, Gujrati, Malayalam, Kannada, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, :-)) big list.

Neither I have taken a penny from left, nor from the right, I earn my own,
Neither I have given a penny to the left nor to the right, I give to the needy, If I have, :-))

Neither I shun news nor I fall for them, I just read them,
Neither I am a genius nor I am a an idiot, I am an average person,
Neither I am pro men, nor pro women, I am for equality both in awards and punishment,
Neither I cover my head nor I keep my head shaven, I am with what nature gave me,
Neither my hair is dark nor it is gray, it is a mixture of both black and gray, :-)) (sorry I don't use any chemicals for that, it is natural.)

Neither I have any peers, nor I keep desciples, I am always learning
Neither I lead nor I follow, I am for good and against evil.

My support to left or right is not my objective it is subjective, and I am not a fan of family legacy or political party pvt limited.

Hence, I am neither on the left nor on the right, I am in the middle, and I have already taken my place. :-)

Even nature wants me to remain neutral, unbiased, and I think I would like to keep it that way, which means I will not go towards left nor will I go towards right, but if you come my way, what you will get depends on what you give me. :-))

Conclusion: I might support an individual from any side, because I like his or her  style or way of life, culture, like I did for Mr Obama, Mr Modi, etc, but it does not mean I am supporting everything they do or their party does, again it is subjective to what they do.

So if a political party from left or right, picks up someone, as their leader and uses force on me to endorse him or her, I would not do that, you have already tried and you know how much force I can resist. :-) I would say you picked so it is your problem, deal with it. :-))

For me supreme is being democratic, and good to the people, who elect you, the most important thing is people who expect that you will make their lives better, that's all it ends there, it is of least importance to me:

Who does it, how it is done, when and where it is done, the job should be done,

left or right, is irrelevant.

And most important,

If you think you are evil, please keep your distance,
If you think you are a bitch, please keep your distance,
If you think you are too smart, please keep your distance, because I am not,:-)
If you think you have master plan, go for it, but spare me from all the trouble.

Bottom line:  I fly solo. :-))
Caution: People of Montreal

Videotron operators are very careless, they climb electricity wooden poles and might drop a tool on your head, particularly during peak hours, when school children are walking to the school, and they will also not put any caution sign to warn the children and other people who might be walking under those poles.

Want to see what is in my head, :-)) simple, it is not empty. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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