Sep 24, 2014

Mars Mission, India and Canada

Indian scientists at ISRO had once again made all Indians very proud for their success in placing Indian satellite in Mars orbit on their maiden attempt, :-) bravo!!!!!

This is a huge boost for the Indian people, Mr Modi,  and Indian scientists, they can do anything provided they work together leaving their differences behind.

It is an amazing feat for India and all Indians around the globe feel very proud.

I think the reason why we do not fail before any thing we do is because we take permissions from all the powers of this universe and others do not, US had three failed missions, this one got through, was a challenge and they beat Indian mission by few weeks, but Indian mission cost India 74 millions, and US one is 600 millions, so obviously there will be difference in Ferrari and Ambassador, :-) but the most important fact is, this was India's first attempt. :-)

And above all we beat China in this mission and became the first Asian country to do so.


I can not wait to see the colored pictures of Mars taken by both MAVEN and Mangalyan.

Not that I have not seen pictures of Mars taken by NASA, but this is different, it is our camera, Indian camera taking those pictures. :-))
Canada and Research,

Actually countries like India, Russia, USA, Italy-Europe, China and Japan are wasting their money in searching for life on Mars, just for the sake of science they are spending millions, they should learn something from Canada.

Canada is busy researching how to hurt humans from a remote point, this is the big research, which will not only help them control this world also keep them invisible, :-) and they can claim, the best country to live in title.

Then Canada is also researching in better blackmailing techniques, psychological profiles, brain research, knee research, and many more and all the research scholars are from police stations.


Because for such research you need to think with your knees and police is known to think with their knees.

Oh! the subjects for research, the new immigrants, what do you think they come to Canada for, they are the Lab rats, :-)) on whom the research is carried out and it is all free. :-)))

What is on Mars?, everything depends on human control, if you can control the humans then you can control everything. :-)) Learn from Canada. :-)

When all the research and curiosity about Mars will be over, it might be used as a destination for all our radio active waste, then Canada will join them to dispose off their Radio Active waste. :-)) now Canada is throwing their radio active waste in the frozen north pole.

Mars will be a good destination for all our Radio Active waste, 220 million Km away. :-))

Mars Mission and Remote technology,

India and few other countries are using the remote technology to manipulate Satellite 220 millions km away and feeling proud.

And our little pale cowards with their small dim disturbed brains in Canada are feeling very proud by manipulating people's cars with same technology. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

Chrysler sent me a letter that many 2009 Dodge Journeys have a starting problem, so they are still waiting for the spare parts to be replaced free of cost, but last year when my car did not start, I was told it is because of cold weather and battery problems.

But funny part is I received the letter only three days back and my car did not start yesterday near my office, :-) and then I have to go to my home by bus to get the booster and even then it did not start, then I requested the tow service to tow my car to my home parking lot, and then while waiting for the tow truck I tried after 5 minutes and it started. :-) 

And this morning again no problem, it started.

Now pale cowards are in a fix as to how they can get this thing sorted out in their favour, it is like chickens, always pull things towards them, so I am asking pale cowards what lesson did you learn from this.

" Hurry Hurry is a thing of Demons, ", just because you have the technology does not mean you can put them in peoples homes and cars in a hurry because some sick women wanted it, and now you are finding ways to get them out, for that you will have to commit another half a dozen sins. :-)

Before doing anything stupid think 10 times.

I call this Blunder time, because when frustration goes up, and desperation rules your minds, it is blunder time.

By the way to see things little clearly try detaching your mind. :-)
First pictures of Mars by Mangalyan,

Today one picture showed how mars look like from a distance of 75000 km, and the close up shots were like taste buds of Mars, :-))  but still they are not satisfying.

I wish the scientists plan their mission in such a way that when the Probe leaves Earth, the camera should start sending pictures, and should continue to send pictures till it approaches the Mars, with complete pictures of Mars as a planet and then slowly as it enters the orbit, etc, If possible shots of Sun from Mars or behind Mars, Pictures of Earth from Mars, etc, these are things which interests people and new enthusiasts, for a scientists, a speck of data might be very useful but not for people.

Anyway we are still feeling proud that we could see Mars through a Indian probe. :-)


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