Sep 19, 2014

Utopian dreams

I think the UK-Scotland drama, will become the new fashion of showing the world that democracy exists, :-)) first allow a referendum for self determination and then whatever happened in Scotland-Falkland-UK referendum. :-))

Anyway few people who might have really wanted an independent Scotland, might be feeling real bad but slowly they will adjust, like Quebec in Canada. :-)

I think Mr Jean Chretien should be given a special prize for creating this new technique of allowing referendum and then finishing it with a NO vote. :-))))))

Politicians we think are free and do nothing in their spare time, but see what and how many things they think, can a normal man imagine, that a country can actually conduct a referendum and then defeat it with 51% vote. :-))

So the question is, Is referendum a political tool?

Anyway this are times of globalization and that was in a bad taste, English trying to separate from English, French running away from English we can still understand but English running away from English, we can not understand the differences they have in day to day life.

But after living in Telangana, I can totally understand how people who look similar, eat similar, talk and live similar can still suffer from small small differences, and those small difference can actually cause one section of society to loose its very fundamental rights.

Ask a Tamilian who is our neighbour, he will have no clue why Telangana and Andra got separated as two states, and ask an Andra guy he will only complain that they are responsible for all the development Telangana, :-)) only problem is they can not or did not develop their part of the state, may be they forgot, and ask a Telangana guy, he will be lost like where am I, Oh! did we get independence from the British, when did that happen, and why Andra people are everywhere in my part of the state, and why we have no political leader in Cong-i or BJP, :-) Telangana has yet to come to terms with reality, that British had left, so will the Andras, :-))

So the point is similar difference might be there in Scotland-UK, but we have no clue, only Sean Connery can tell, but expecting independence from a country which maintained 800 bases all around the world, is no easy task. :-))

Telangana is still a part of India and will remain so, that was never a question but Scotland wanted independence, I am not sure what were the reasons, but whatever were the reasons the Queen can now keep her castles and her valuable collections. :-))

Now If UK follows Jean Chretien style, then it would not be long before Scotland will also turn into a Quebec, a state under total surveillance, 24/7, even though there might be some provincial government but the federal agents will be calling the shots like in Quebec.

In Quebec many private apartments are completely wired by the Federal agents, and these apartments are allotted to certain people, when any pale person raises an alarm, real or false, mostly they are false alarms, :-)) jealousy is main reason, then those people are put under the scanner and then they study you like a lab rat, 24/7 :-) it is unfortunate Canada has this ugly side also and it is hidden apartheid, which is so well hidden from the international community, that hardly anyone knows about it, those who know they don't speak or don't give a damn. :-) So I write about it because I think someone should address this issue which is so deep rooted and so widely spread from coast to coast, and most objectionable part of this is even children are not spared in their private homes or schools.

Sometime back I told one pale person, a women that she might be watched by the Canadian government sleuths, she said, I don't care, let them watch, who cares, this is the attitude of a normal Canadian and this attitude is exploited by the government agents to the max.

I think the referendum in Scotland was an intelligent plot on part of UK to see who wants to separate from UK in Scotland, and now they  have the data, now they will make sure no such thing as separatists exists in UK, is Charlie Chaplin turning in his grave. :-))

Quebec should not think of separating from Canada, it should instead think of joining USA along with Canada, after all they look alike and speak English, USA can benefit from French speaking Canadians, France and England had joined the European union.

Like European union, USA-Canada-Quebec, one union, one currency, only problem will be to keep the Queen on the currency or not and also French should be a part of the currency or not. :-))

This way NSA will be very happy, they can cover coast to coast, 24/7 with out any legal issues. :-)

:-)) Scotland goes to referendum!! What a joke.
Modi Speech in Time Square:

It seems Mr Modi is expected to give a speech in the time Square New York, and news is the tickets are already sold out, no more free tickets are available, :-) Good for a person few months back who was on US government No Visa block list.

And the speech will be in Hindi, Bravo!!

Imagine the speech was in Sanskrit (And Sanskrit was the main official language of India), the entire India would have rejoiced including Tamils in the south.

Even I sometimes see Utopian dreams, :-))
Canadian Tax System,

Modi's government in India and KCR's government in Telangana are trying to do something good for their respective political spheres, which includes the people, but money is the problem.

To generate money, Canada and its tax system is the best to study, and see how Canadian government sucks dry each and every citizen and then breathes  little air into the one who might fall throw the cracks. :-)

1) Housing tax, every year it has to be paid around 4000 $  to 5000$ per year for a two or three bedroom cottage, and this tax is not there in India or Telangana,

2) School Tax: This tax is paid by all, House owners directly and rental through the landlords, about 400$ per year

3) Vehicle registration Tax: Every year the vehicle has to be registered , about 390$ per year,

4) Vehicle Insurance, Tax: About 15% on 1000$

5) Traffic ticket, tax: :-) about 15%  on 52$ to 675$, depends who is behind the ticket. :-)

6) Sales Tax: 15% on any thing you buy or sell.

7) Income Tax: 16% to 58%,

8) Municipal fines, for not following municipal bylaws, like not mowing grass, or cleaning snow from the drive way, not keeping balcony free from hurdles or stuff, there are many. :-)

There are many more, 15% Tax on any thing you do with money.

Now see In India, there is no Housing tax which is paid every year, no school tax, no vehicle tax which paid every year, insurance is there but it becomes zero after 12 years or no claim, not in Canada.

Traffic tickets, holds a huge promise for raising funds, and this will teach some discipline in the vehicle owners, particularly four wheelers and three wheelers.

Income Tax, only 4% people pay taxes, rest 96% are not contributing any thing, this also holds a huge promise for raising funds.

And then municipal fines for not following municipal bylaws, this holds a huge promise for funds which municipal corporations are running short of, and this will also teach people particularly the affluent ones to keep their surroundings clean and tidy, or pay fines.

( e.g., 1995 I saw a sewage drain open and flowing, and the house near by are all good one, well off, and the drain lid was removed by some one to let the sewage flow, I saw it in same condition 2001, 2010, and it remains in that condition even today, :-)) This is the advantage of democracy in India)

All people living near that drain hole are educated, earning well, but no one feel that it is his or her problem, and Municipal corporations are for doing nothing, if  this was in Canada, the drain would have been repaired in a day or two, after someone calls the municipal corporations, or face fines.

So India and Telangana has to learn a lot of things from Canada, and this is the time, with out money the change that is expected by the people will not happen and Canada is the best country to study how to suck money out of people. :-)) This is positive, Canadians might feel I am letting them down.

:-)  IMF had recently warned Canada to reduce the taxes or else people might die of tax suffocation.

I don't want India to suck dry citizens for money, but Canadian system will at least show the way how to raise the funds for all the change we want to see.

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