Oct 10, 2014

Current: 10 OCT 2014: Time is precious but Truth is more precious then time.

We are already in the month of October of the year 2014, :-)) time is flying, :-) in a year or two I will touch 50. :-)

"Time is sure precious, but Truth is more precious then time".
Nobel Peace Prize: Mr Kailash Satyarthi of India gets Nobel peace prize for the year 2014, and he shares it with 17 years old Malala Y, as per news Mr Kailash has been working for Child rights in India and Mala is a child who got shot by Taliban.
I never heard about Mr Kailash Satyarthi, there has been no news about him, probably because he must be working against the wishes of the government of India, :-) and his work towards child labour must be hurting businessmen in India who employ children, and government of India must have always felt that he is exposing India to the world, and hence if you see his list of awards, there is no Padma award, :-)) and now suddenly he gets Nobel peace prize, and this is sure a slap on government of India's face and also it is a slap on Indian media's face also, because they spend more time reporting garbage from Indian cinema and politicians in opposition.
Child labour or deplorable condition of children in India should be exposed, and it is the right thing to do, but the way western media likes such people and shows some extra interest in reporting and never covers what their governments do with children in their countries, like Canada, USA, Europe is shameful. :-))
The decision of Nobel peace committee has nothing to do with child rights or anything to do with children, this is just a political agenda, and this time it worked in favour of Mr Kailash Satyarthi, a gandhian by style, but most unfortunate thing for Nobel peace committee is Mr M K Gandhi, only person in flesh and blood who is known for non violence, was never given this Nobel prize, because then the political agenda was against him. :-)
Congratulations to Mr Kailash Satyarthi for his good work and the money that comes with this prize might help him take his work forward.
Hope, Government of India, gets up from its slumber and sets its record straight, and recognizes such social workers and nominates them to Rajya sabha, so that they have a voice, instead of nominating every tom, dick and harry from Indian cinema or sports.

If Nobel peace committee looks for such individual who are doing yeoman service to children, every year they will have to give this prize to some Indian, most of them are unheard of and like I said government of India is not interested in such people, they like people who sing praises of certain families, who think they are royalty. :-)

I think all those people who have devoted their life for social cause, should be nominated to Rajya Sabha so that they get some voice and can carry their work forward.

Venkataraman Ramakrishnan, Another NRI got Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2009, Indian scientists get Nobel prize only when they work outside India, :-) when in India they have to deal with caste, and people just refuse to include people from other castes forward or backward, I am not sure when this disease will leave India, and again government of India has legalised the system of castes, so one should not even think about it leaving India soon. :-

India Vs Pakistan,

This has become a joke on part of India to keep warning Pakistan of violation of border or illegal shelling of villages on the border, India should take some stern action, US-Iraq style and see that never again Pakistan resorts to rogue tactics.

Pakistan is going no where, and India is pulling ahead in many areas, where Pakistan can not even dream, Nuclear warheads, they got it from irresponsible USA, because of myopic foreign policy of US under many anti democratic US presidents, Pakistan has nuclear warheads and Taliban. :-)

But I am sure they can not make Pakistan send a probe into Mars orbit, :-)) where US itself has been failing, nuclear warheads they distribute like onions to their friends. :-)) and Pakistan got them this way, I wish Taliban gets hold of those nuclear warheads in Pakistan, then US will hard time getting them back, because both Taliban, Nuclear warhead in Pakistan are creations of US.

I think this is high time, India should engage Pakistan in a bloody battle and teach this rogue country some good lessons, how to respect peaceful countries like India, if required they should not shy from dropping few Hiroshima's and Nagasaki's, that will put this terrorist country to rest for at least few decades.

"Phod do".
Bamboo ritual:

I think it is time political parties which are above law or who at least think they are above law, should include "Bamboo ritual", in their curriculum, and any member of their party if found corrupt and fraudulent should be given a nice, thorough, sound thrashing with a bamboo stick, women or men, equality should be strictly followed.

Bamboo ritual will bring some discipline in these political parties, like Liberal party of Canada, or Quebec, Conservative party of Canada, and it should be given on a monthly basis, like many companies have this program, "best employee of the month or year", so "the most corrupt member of the party", should be given a public bamboo ritual, irrespective of age and position in the party,  and I think this ritual will bring the clean people in the front and corrupt will leave the political parties and look for other green pastures. :-))

The ritual should be given by some 12 robust members of the party, and should begin at 10:00 am in the morning till 10:00 pm in the night, on a continuous basis with out a lunch or tea break, other party members should surround the ritual and encourage the people giving the thrashing and can have Pizza, Hamburgers, Coke, Pepsi, Rasmalai :-).

And the thrashing should be very sound, so that once a member receives this ritual should never ever look towards corruption as a way of life.

So folks I nominate "Bitch from hell 75 years old lives in Toronto" and "Leech Slime, 65 years old lives in Montreal" for this months "Bamboo ritual".

And if possible please include the name of the coward (The pale rabid dog) who works in Saint Laurent with Apt No 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, this guy is very desperate, unless he gets his daily quota he does not go to sleep. :-))

I would not mind if I am asked to give this ritual in both the political parties, :-)) "Phod do".
Misinterpretation :

Cowards hide very fast behind misinterpretation of anything anyone says or writes,  what a bunch of losers.

Their interpretation is like the story of two chickens and a farmer, :-)


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