Oct 17, 2014

Current 17 OCT 2014- Ebola or no Ebola people are sick.

"Time is sure precious but Truth is more precious then time". so if you are loosing time and you know the truth, better stay with the truth.

If someone is running out of time because of old age, I would say you should have planned early, you must have wasted precious time doing nothing, when most people develop themselves, and when most people like to retire, you are trying to make most out of your life. :-)))))))

I finished my studies when I was 22, and started working at 23 itself, and retired when I was 38, :-))

Ok not retired, kind of going slow with my life, my mother used to say, "it is always better to sit and drink water then run around and drink milk". :-))

So now I am kind of drinking only water and have no interest what so ever to run and drink milk, I have done that a lot for 15 years.

I would suggest people to take things slowly, and enjoy the life at a slower pace, live every single moment to its fullest.

So which also means that, I am least bothered

Who is whose friend,

Who is with whom,

Who is blocking whom,

Who is with which political party and why

Who is crying and who is laughing

Who is in debt and who is rich

Who is winning and who is loosing  :-))

Who is Ebola virus and Who is plague, :-)

Who is black and who is white, because like I said before,

I am always in the middle path.......Buddha also said it and he said,

"Live in the world but stay unattached", what a wonderful thought". and we have people in their 60's and 70's trying to make a fortune. :-)))))))))))))))

Ebola Virus;

Where did it come from? I mean all of a sudden, don't tell me Zaire is the source, I mean which lab is the source for this sudden epidemic?.

Which are the countries who keep this virus  and many other such deadly viruses as a stock,

What we are seeing in west Africa, is it a biological war experiment?

Why this virus spread so fast, while WHO was doing what? and why is that WHO is always kind of catching up with such epidemics and is late by few months.

And the big question is why every now and then people in world are forced to face some unknown Virus which has no vaccine or counter medicine, who is responsible for these sudden outbursts of such deadly virus?

See so many questions and no one is even discussing them, what is next and where.

I think the next place for such an happening is Europe or North America, so what precautions we are supposed to take when we have such irresponsible governments.

" Point to notice is Ebola is not air borne", it needs some liquid medium to spread".

So Ebola or no Ebola, the best way to greet is "Namaste from a distance". Indian style.

My first lottery winnings:

I have been playing lottery for quite some time, not very regular but some times in few months, and first time I won some thing, and you know how much, 1:00$ :-)) this was US Mega millions, the jackpot was 150 Millions.

Actually some coward in Canada and US took pains to arrange that 1:00$.

The cowards in Canada have been trying very hard to convince me that I have run out of luck, may be this is one way to put another nail in the coffin, they want me to sleep in. :-))

The folks here are sicker then people suffering from Ebola (Zaire strain) virus disease.

That is why I suggested, 'Bamboo ritual", which is the only way to rid them of this sickness.

Just to check how European Lottery and Canadian Lottery results, I purchased online, which means all the sick had my numbers in Canada, US and Europe.

Voila!! I won 5.5$ in European Lottery, Jackpot was 160 Million Euros, so someone got lenient and I won 5.5$ :-)))), some pale coward had a big heart, he allowed 5.5$. :-)) wow!

Then I purchased 6/49,  :-(  Conservatives are not happy with me, they did not allow even 1:00$, :-)

I know that lottery in Europe, US and Canada are managed in a very improper manner and then the sick folks add their misery, I guess they block all those numbers which have been already bought, in series.

BJP wins both Maharastra and Haryana,

I guess the Modi wave is still active, and people have lots of hope from this one person, :-) so do I.

Congress-I did not learn its lesson so got another beating, pushing it to third or fourth place, the first thing they should do is change their party president and party vice president, which will send some positive vibes that Congress-I also believes in democracy. :-)

So in Haryana, BJP will form the government but in Maharastra as they are 22 seats short of majority, they should opt for NCP external support, which will also teach Shiv Sena few lessons, but they should in no condition share power with Pawar.

It is the best time whcn BJP can show the people that they are secular and can bind with anyone, but it is up to BJP and its think tanks, good show by BJP.

 Sorry State of Affairs-Canada

Even a soldier standing in front of the parliament building in Canada is not safe, sad very sad, and no one knows who the gunman was.

The state of affairs have to be this bad, because the entire government of Canada and Quebec is busy working for a thief, :-) this women is keeping the entire government busy for running her fraudulent activities and everyone from politicians to uniformed folks are busy working for her and the result is anyone can just walk towards the parliament building and shoot anyone. very sad.

I am sure this gunman was trained in Canada and was issued a gun in Canada, :-) I won't be surprised if he keeps a copy of license with him all the time and must have been checked, :-)) because anyone can have a gun in Canada, provided he or she gets proper training. :-))))))) saving grace is guns are not available like vegetables, like it is claimed they are available in USA.

And these people talk about human rights, :-)) they call themselves predators and same time they also talk about justice. :-)))

"Sir I want to shoot somebody?

"OK! that is ok, in Canada it is ok, but you will have to buy a gun with a license?

"Where can I get the gun with a license",

"No you will have to get some training to use a gun properly, because we don't want you to miss the target, that would be a shame for Canadians",  :-))

OK!! I will get the training, but where I have to go",

"Go to any "Pale skin protection centres", Oh! I am sorry, "Paedophile development centres", Oh I am sorry, just because they take up too many functions, I mean you have to go to any Police station in Canada", the best one is in Saint Laurent no 6, they will check everything and train you and give you a gun, and also they will develop you as a paedophile, and might as well give some target practice, and see through electronic toys.

but make sure when ever you carry your loaded gun in Canada, keep proper documents with you, OK now you are a Canadian Jones and free to use your weapon at will. :-))))))))))))))))))

"How about a soldier in front of the parliament building"

"In front of the parliament building, inside, outside,  anywhere as long as you have proper documents you can do whatever you like, it is your weapon, and if you have small children, like babies, you can use their diaper bags as holster, this is Canada, as long as you keep proper documents you can keep loaded gun inside any place, and please note this fundamental right is only available to visible majority, and we can not extend this right to visible minority, because we are not free yet, you know the crown. :-))


I was watching "Border Security", a TV program which is a reality show, and one couple with a small baby, travel to US from Canada, with three guns and that to loaded guns, with a baby and alarming thing was one loaded gun was kept with the baby diapers, and Border Security felt that since they had all documents for all the three loaded guns, they were allowed to travel, by the way they were going on a picnic. :-)))))))

Yes! you guessed it right the couple were pale skinned, :-)) if they were colored, their baby would have been taken away by the social services of Canada and the man and women might have been cooling their heels in some jail for carrying guns, :-))  but this is Canada, everything is ok if your skin color is pale.

Terrorism by a pale person is like heroism and heroism by a colored person is Terrorism. :-))

For Colored folks the tolerance is zero"

For Pale folks, there is no limit for tolerance", :-) in fact they are seen as hero's. :-)))

Bloody!! Hyppppppopotamus!!!!

Suggestion: Please set your backyard in order and then point at others.
Shooter was being watched:

I don't know when ever I think of Canadian security services, I can not stop laughing, :-))

Serious!!  One of the shooter was being watched by Canada, but what is the use, he did the damage, one poor soldier got killed for mistakes of some 1000 Canadian security services persons, and the name of the person suggests he could be Jewish.

And it seems RADIO news suggested that some 380 such unstable people are being watched, but I am surprised, only 380, no, some 1,00,000 are being watched in Saint Laurent alone. :-))

The number includes my small children, :-)

It is the same logic, NSA logic, to find a needle they have to process the entire haystack, but what is the use, in US, NSA could not stop the marathon bomber and now our Canadian NSA could not stop Mr Zehaf the shooter.

Long guns were taken off from the licensed weapons list by our Conservatives, Public safety ministry, felt it is OK for the long guns. :-))

If they were watching, then they should have known when he took his shotgun and loaded it, and took some ride to reach the parliament hill and then walked up to the poor not so alert soldier, and then walked into the parliament, during all this what were our watchers doing, waiting for the damage to happen, or they were busy watching bell Canada free TV from Apt No 3, 1480 Rue Crevier. :-))

I think the so called watchers have failed miserably,

Anyway, I just want to make sure "Bitch from hell" , is in that list of 380 people, that is all, then Canada is little bit safe, because watchers will never stop such shooters they will wait till everything is finished and then they will tell a story,

"He is was mentally disturbed, he was on drugs, he was Muslim convert, he was this, he was that", and then they will go to sleep or may be just watching.

But one thing, Was this guy from Left or Right? :-)))))))))))))))) it is important.

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