Oct 8, 2014

First Impressions

I always felt that "first impressions", are not important, but I think I was wrong, all that matters is "first impressions", does not matter how much damage control is done after the initial impressions, hardly anything changes, I am not talking about myself, I am saying about people in general and this is the reason why there are more conflicts around the world then peaceful friendships.

So people always keep in mind the first impression you left with them, when you met them the first time, and that stays for a long time, and what ever you do after, hardly anything changes, even an open minded person like me also falls for this psychological thing and might as well stick with the first impressions, not always but mostly. :-)

I think the reason for such primitive behaviour is, when you meet someone first time a temporary file is created in your brain, and a permanent file is created if that person meets few times in a short duration and if the person in question change any of his behaviour later, it would appear like he or she is  playing some game, so people don't feel safe, which also means we have not developed in this area. :-)

This is the reason why people huddle together based on their skin color, caste, creed, religion, or how they look, etc which also tells people don't feel secure in different surroundings, and this mostly depends on your brought up, If you have never moved out of your locality in Toronto, you will be very insecure in Montreal, because language is different and vice verse. :-))

On the other hand, a person like me, who never lived in one place for more then few years will have nothing to do with if you are secure or not secure, :-)) because I never felt the need of someone for security, and to that nature added few more challenges. :-)

So my suggestion to people who stayed stuck in one place all their lives is to move around, travel which will not only open your mind it will also expose to many things which other wise appear like myth or a story.

Now don't flaunt yourself and end up saying, I have travelled a lot, India is like Mexico, :-)) just stay with the facts if you know, otherwise say, sorry I have not seen India or Mexico, or any other country, so I have no knowledge, but people tend to make statements based on hearsay.

"India is like Mexico", :-))  I would say there is one province in India, which is Uttaranchal, it might have some similarity to Mexico, otherwise India is nothing like Mexico, :-) I have not been to Mexico, but I have seen many in Canada, which is also not right thing to base your opinion on.

So I should only compare Mexico and India, after I visit Mexico for few weeks and travel the country, eat its food, interact with people from various regions of the country, etc. once we do this there will be less problems in this world.

British spread this rumour that, "India is a country of snake charmers", and I am sure it still remains in the western psyche, that India is a country of snake charmers, :-) and now British might try very hard to change that, it is difficult.
At 20 What was I doing:

Yesterday I read an article on people, who did what at 20, then I started thinking what was I doing or have done in my 20's,

I was doing my Masters in Organic Chemistry, and was very worried about my fathers health, and carried out the transactions to buy our first apartment, I just carried the cash in my pocket, and completed the transaction all by myself. :-))

So I did things too early, people would do when they reach their 50's.

In India people say, you turn mature when you do these two things, construct a house and get your daughter married, and I have already performed these two activities way early in my life, in a way, I was very instrumental in getting my sister married with in six months of my marriage. :-)

My father was like a handicapped child, who had to be transported carefully.

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