Nov 19, 2014

Current: 19 NOV 2014

Another one month and 2014 will be history, :-)) and people who have run out of time are going to be a step nearer to their expiry date, :-) and still they are taking baby steps. :-))))))

I know the terrorist no 75 wants lots of things like they used to be in 2001 or before, but if that was possible then look at the long queue of dead folks (This includes Hitler) who would like that kind of thing, past is past, it is not possible to change your past, but at least you can take proper steps today so that your future is better.(What ever little future is left)

If given a chance I would like to start all over again from 1989-90, :-)) but is it possible, not possible.

But unfortunately people don't understand this simple rule and continue to live in the past.

So my suggestion to Terrorist no 75 is instead of looking at past, I would suggest go to the nearest hospital and see a doctor, tell him or her your story of short cuts and ambitions, and also tell what all you did to achieve that, they might suggest a good psychologist, and if you take the help of your human resource terrorist, she might arrange for an clinical psychologist, :-) see that shrink and I am not sure even he will be able to help you, :-))  because the trauma you suffer is from your past life.

Anyway, I wish terrorist no 75 good luck with her sessions with a shrink. :-)) and hope your destructive thoughts will diminish with time and only way you can do that is by letting go your anger towards all those who tormented you in your past life. :-) I think she was one of the Jews who were tortured by Hitler, so in this life she tried hurting people with reason or with out reason.

Other then this I have nothing for this women, Oh the terrorist no 65, what about her?

She came into existence because of terrorist no 75, so she too will have to do the same, other then that she has no role.

If there was any hope, even 0.00001%, I would not have called them terrorists no 65 & 75.
Modi and his ways,

If you see Mr Modi, any person might feel that what is so difficult about it, :-) he makes things appear so easy, so people who did not move a inch on their own might as well feel ah!

Funny part of this story is Mr Rahul Gandhi, says, government means the weakest of the weak should get power, but where was he when his mother misruled India for 10 years, only 5 months ago. :-))

75 million $ aid to Fiji made Congress-I see red, :-)) may be they want to construct toilets for the poor people with those 75 millions, :-)) but what were they doing when Mr Manmohan Singh was PM for 10 years. :-)))))

Amazing folks amuse me over and over and over again.

Their slogan is simple,

"Na hum kuch karenge no kisi ko kuch karne denge".

Wailing wall and women of Israel.

For centuries Jews have been fighting for the wailing wall and when they finally occupied the wailing wall, they did not allow their women to pray near the wailing wall, :-) instead they constructed a separate corridor away from the wailing wall, where women would look at the wailing wall.

I think in 2013 or 2014, Israel's top court allowed women to go near the wall but are not still allowed to pray in certain religious fashion. :-)

I think Terrorist no 75 should take up this issue with Israel. :-) instead of building castles on some one's existing or not existing personal life. :-)

Actually women who are menstruating are considered impure even by our religion and are not allowed to enter the temple, kitchen or even touch water, because of the blood involved, so during those days women should have personal rule not to touch any thing divine or food etc.

But women who have crossed menopause should be allowed, but separate corridor is not in good taste, at least not for a religion which fought for this wall with numerous Muslim kings for centuries, and even British. :-)

The funniest part in the history of wailing wall is the role of British, when they guarded this wall and would not allow people go near it. :-))))))))))))

Palestine:  Spain and UK had approved Palestine as a state, which is good thing, at least they have shown their sensitive part, US is still in a dilemma. :-)

Best place for the Terrorist no 75 & Terrorist no 65,

Given their destructive mentality, anti social nature, and love for mess, I would suggest these two women should look for a place in any official terrorist organisations, in Canada/USA, like NSA or CSIS etc or even Europe, :-)) or if that does not satisfy then there are so many old and new terrorist organizations created in Middle east by the official ones, :-) and Terrorist no 65 is already having an Islam connection, her vagabond husband was from Egypt, so all she has to do is look for him and join him and do what ever you want to do, and given your skin color west will always support you.

As per Jehad: The person who kills himself gets 6 or 7 virgins, :-)) I guess same rule must apply to women also, 6 or 7 young men if you blow yourself up, but please do it outside Montreal, :-)) some remote area and not near the official buildings, there are good shooters inside these buildings. ;-)

Terrorist no 75, I guess she is preparing to leave Canada and settle down in Israel, to settle the age old issue of Wailing wall. :-))

Ferguson USA burns,

The reason why it is burning is because there was this one "gun", :-))

Imagine the same situation and the cop did not had any gun in his possession, the situation would have been totally different, may be a scuffle or the cop would not dare to act like a superman, he would call for back up and follow the person till the back up arrives. :-)

Imagine the same situation if the cop was 6 foot plus and heavy built, the situation would be totally different.

Imagine the same situation with a balanced jury, instead of 9 white, and 3 black, it could be 3 Chinese, 3 Indians, 3 white and 3 black, :-))

Bottom line: Police should not carry guns when they police neighbourhoods, and the cops should be minimum 6 feet tall and heavy built.

Police is not court and police has no right to punish anyone, they have to just file charges, for which you don't need a gun, you need evidence, police should leave prescription of punishment to the courts.

We are still living in pre medieval era. :-))

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