Nov 11, 2014

Politics, "The dirty linen yet to be washed."

It is so disturbing to hear that people who are supposed to lead by example and are actually breaking the law and rules like there is no tomorrow, very shameful.

Sheila Copps, Ex deputy Prime Minsiter, MP Liberal Party of Canada, has claimed that she was raped twice by MPP, some 30 years back, more shocking is when she was on a tour with another MPP, while they were working on violence against women and that MPP raped her and it seems police did nothing, they just warned the culprit to keep his distance. :-)

For me it is not a shock, that police did nothing, police in Canada is really doing nothing, they are involved more in politics then the actual politicians, :-)) the police is actually the propaganda machinery for the parliamentarians, which is shocking, so they don't have time to deal with crimes, like Sheila Copps said, "police did nothing".

But one thing more disturbing is, why is she talking about it today after 30 years, she was no ordinary person, she was an MP, and after she got raped twice she went on to represent people, and kept the secret that she was raped twice, this is also unpardonable action, if she was an ordinary person then we can understand, what a women goes through in such an event, but MP.

So my doubt is, is she stuck with the some of our Canadian cowboys, who are always fishing for some person to use in their regular blackmailing games, now they will blackmail Liberal party of Canada, :-) with Sheila Copps, I am not saying there will be no more such cases, it is the tip of the iceberg, look at the culture, society, promiscuity is a way of life, so such incidences go unnoticed, RCMP, Police, no organization is free from this, so how many people you are going to punish. :-)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, harassment, sexually violence, physical violence, "Jean Chretien in one of his biography, we pushed him into the lift and threatened him", or something like that, :-)) asking police to take care of those who do not toe their line, all these are normal ways of the parliamentarians in Canada. :-)) 

Though they dress up like gentlemen in dark suits, but in reality they are monsters, that is why I said I don't like these suits because they hide the real personality of the person and even donkeys look like well dressed horses.

Now back to our Terrorists no 75 & 65, these women have committed so much crime (not directly) with people just to get rich, and lead a comfortable life, and look who is doing their dirty work, again it is the police.

Terrorist no 75: On the day of my joining in June 2001, I saw this 61 years old married women kissing an married employee (most employees female expressed he was good looking), square on his mouth, is it a part of the Canadian culture?, where do you draw the line?.

Terrorist no 65: She would fall all over me, while I was working, I did not take it as sexual harrassement, because in those days I used to call her "mom", because she said she has no children and wanted to adopt me, :-) well she did not adopt me or anything but later I realized she was just playing a game. :-)) and I had no idea how a mother would touch, because my biological mother never touched us boys, once we were 5 yrs old and only time she touched us was when she had to hit us. :-))

Then one day Terrorist no 65 told me she kissed an male employee (She said he was gay) on his mouth, and then she told me, you don't do this. :-)) like I was a casanova running around kissing women, :-)) I could barely bring myself to talk to them freely, that is because of my culture, maximum I would do is a hand shake, which I don't think I did even that in India. :-)

Now for me, all this was part of a culture, :-)) so I did not raise an eyebrow, I thought that is Canadian way of life, but employees kissing each other on Christmas eve or any other occasion would stop at 2 feet distance with me, and just shake hands, probably my body language was reserved and not physical. :-)) then I felt may be we are retarded, but today I feel so great , thank god I did not touch any person, because in India, if you touch a women, it is deemed as sexual harassement, but here it is a part of the culture, I have seen senior employees touching young female employees like they are giving them massage, :-))I have seen married women wearing plastic breasts on top of their dress on halloween, ;-)) It all looks harmless and fun untill it turns ugly,  I don't know if that is part of the culture or exploitation under the garb of culture. :-)) like once I saw on a T Shirt of a women, it read, "recycle women". :-)

So If Sheila Copps or any other women did not object to kissing, as part of the culture, then men who do this kind of things on a routine basis might be taking it easy, :-) so now imagine how many girls in ttheir teens might be going through this kind of thing, just because it is a culture to freely kiss any women in public. :-))

So the best culture is say, "Namaste from a distance", :-) no problems.

But If people are creative, they can change anything, I remember when I joined Indian Immunologicals Inc in my home town in India, there were few women 4 or 5 working in production, but people warned me that here few folks use women to settle their scores so stay away from that one, this one, they told me one senior manager was transferred because he did something to a young trainee veterinarian and her confirmation of probation was due, so the senior group which belong to one particular caste kept her probation in hanging animation and probably asked her to blame the senior manager, because he was very dynamic and was challenging the top executive, so he paid the price for it and was transferred to Kolkata, but he returned to the plant few years later, and he was there when I joined, and I have not seen in my entire career any one that dynamic, clear minded and authority, work minded, If he called one of the assistant managers on telephone, the asst manager would stand up in his chair out of fear, and another would start stammering, but he was all praise for me and it was him who pushed for my confirmation on time, but he left due to voluntary retirement scheme, and there also his dues were blocked by the same director, so he left without any financial benefits, and when I left India he was CEO of some multinational company in India. :-) he was not my caste,or creed, all that mattered to him and me was output.

So when I joined in 1995 I was also in probation, and I lived 35 km away, so one day while I was going home on my bike, the same women still a trainee veterinarian waiting for her confirmation came running towards me asking for lift, I said OK, while many employees were watching us while they waited for the bus, I gave her lift up to certain point somewhere near her home and left, the next day more then ten employees warned me to keep my distance from her, :-)) given the reputation, the poor women left the same year when her probation was not confirmed after 5 years, she was lady like with me and she also told me her side of the story and warned me about the single caste group, :-)) so I continued with my probation with information about the two sides and I got my probation confirmed in an year with a compliment that, "for a promotion all I need to do is put little more efforts", which never came, :-)) because the single caste group kept working against me till I left for Canada in 2001. :-))

This group worked against anyone who was good at work and had traits of going up the corporate ladder, and I was so surprised, the director liked them all, and he was always surrounded by them.

"Jerks like jerks". :-))

Bottom line is if people plan together and they belong to one single interest, they can pull anything.
:-)) all they need is people who look and listen to only one side. :-)) and all my life I have seen most people doing that only, they don't have time to even look for the other side.

So Sheila Copps and MP and Deputy Prime Minister opening up now is little too late, but she might lead a way where more will open up revealing the number of "p", in   Hypppppppppppopotamus. :-))

which will also reveal how liberated is western women in her home country. :-)

Then there is this story of Mr Gomeshi, I was surprised how CBC could get involved, when there was no complainee, :-)) Did Mr Gomeshi play a game to trap CBC, :-)) anyway everything is possible when money is the criteria, and when you have cowboys swarming like bees anything is possible, so never read any news item like it appears, try to think pros and cons.

Then we have the story of NDP MP's harassed by two Liberal MP's, :-)) probably someone must be consolidating their position, because the Canadian cowboys are dividing everyone into two groups, left and right. :-)))))))))
Political party and the Kings and Queens, :-)

First thing there should not be anyone person holding all the power if there is democracy in the party.

Imagine, someone from your family gives you the political party as a gift on a platter, and you don't know what to do, :-)) or even if you know what to do, if people do not like you or the party members feel you should go, or after the elections if it is clear to you and others that the party did not do well because of you, I think that should be real terrible at a personal level, you can not leave and start a new business and live an anonymous life. :-))

But that is the price one has to pay, if you want to be king and queen in a democratic setup, so the best thing to do is always stick to democracy.

This is what Cong-I should do, they should bring democracy in to their political party, then there is a chance the kings and queens of Cong-I can survive and get a fresh life, and they can always come back with new energy and ideas.

So use democracy as a tool.

I did that, when I was pushed as a general secretary of the employee club, the purpose was to show the people how useless I was, because my detractors were unable to hurt me in the work place, ;-))))) but I am not auseless person, so I did what I do always, :-)) so instead of bad words I was getting compliments, and instead of sticking to it, I called for fresh elections after one year and voluntarily chose a new general secretary and moved out.

There was nothing else remaining to do, so there is no use sticking to something which will not do any good to your reputation.
Conservatives and Punjabis in Canada

I think Conservatives are planning something with the Punjabi community in Quebec and even Canada, let us see time will show us what is the plan.:-)

Punjabi community does not understand politics like many others would, they should be careful and weigh every bit of information that is passed among them. :-)

Which again is very difficult for them.

New way of Propaganda by cowards for Left and Right.

On any oven you will find four stoves, 2 on left and 2 on right, and people use them depending on on the size of the vessel and no one will ever suspect that there are people in Canada, who actually use it as a game for political propaganda, absurd!! :-) but it is true.

Again it is your neighbours apartment which is handy, so they watch your oven and record on which stove you are cooking, we mostly cook on the right stove because the small exhaust is closer to it, but the cowards are using some heating device which actually burns the bottom of whatever is in the vessel, and if you leave it for 5 minutes, your dish is gone, it will burn in the bottom. :-) for this the neighbour sits in the laundry room and concentrates on whatever you are cooking, sometimes the pressure cooker builds so much pressure that it spills all its contents out, though the gasjet and everything is fine.

Lot of such technologies are being developed in Canada. I am not sure what is the purpose, may be they want to chow everyting as an accident. :-))))) sick folks!! en very sick folks!!.

Now I remember on the day of US elections, I was cooking on the left side and Obama won the elections the second time, :-)) it look so stupid but it is true.

Which shows there are so many useless folks in this country. :-))

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