Nov 4, 2014

Terrorism, Heads and Tails, Drama at what cost-II

Globe and mail : "More you write less you will make". :-) 

(I have been making less since 2005, and I started writing since 2006, and then I did not make anything for three years, but I used to write, and since 2008 I am making less only, thanks to Liberals and Conservatives. :-)) so don't give me this crap. :-)

Yezidi (Or is it Yehudi) women being sold like slaves, meaning a new tail is being created, and Canada goes bombing from air, I am not sure how the bombs find the targets, do they have eyes and ears, "Kurdish oh! Canada, sorry!! we are looking for ISIS", :-)) boom!! really I am serious do we have such bombs, I read somewhere US has such drones. ;-)

Or it is like we have some near expiry bombs in stock and after a long time we have this opportunity, so let us drop them somewhere in Iraq. :-) so there must be some collateral damage, which would mean more tails would be created.

Mr Thomas Mulcair: By bombing, the recruitment to ISIS will increase and it will be counter productive.

Mr Stephan Harper: By not responding it is growing like Cancer.  ( Do we have any cure for any form of cancer?)

By the way Mr Harper, we do not have any cure for any form of Cancer, it is tackled by multiple ways of treatment, not by just surgery.

Long gun registry:

Mr Harper, few bureaucrats are trying to bring back the long gun registry as a log, we will not tolerate that in Canada. :-)

"May be we will bomb them later, once they also grow like cancer in Canada". :-)

I think Mr Harper suffers from political myopia, and unfortunately like cancer there is no sure at this moment for political myopia. :-))

What Canada is supposed to do is run an international campaign to stop all kinds of guns, and warfare, but suffering from political myopia, they are repeating what US has failed doing for more then a decade and more interesting thing is they are repeating exactly in the same place where US has failed.

This is what I meant when I said, "Stir the hornets nest", and hornets are all over middle east and see who are getting stung, poor yezidi (Yehudi) women, can our cowboys stop this, I don't think so, so Canada should open their immigration gates for these people.

And in this mess created by our cowboys, there must be people who would like to be hornets and do what they wanted to do for along time, settle their personal grudges with local communities.

I think Mr Thomas Mulcair is absolutely right that it is going to be counter productive.

When you stir a hornets nest, you don't continue to smoke them, either you kill them all, or you leave them alone so that they can settle down, but what our cowboys are doing is smoking them.and letting them sting all those innocent people who come in their way.

This has no end, and we will keep hearing about this CSIS vs ISIS war for a long time, by the way CSIS is Canadian intelligence agency, :-)

"Attention seeking mission".

I was thinking is CSIS planning to get attention that they are damn against any kind of Islam, :-) I would say it is a very good plot, :-)) but do we have enough army (armed) to counter any backlash from them, US has a huge army and political will also, but even they ran out of money fighting tails after tails created by them.

Mr Harper, peoples lives are more important then your third term as prime minister.

"Canadian Electronic Groin Attack",

"I have a better idea, Canada should open its refugee quota for only ISIS fighters and take them all and place them in Saskatchewan, and let cowards work on them with their electronic toys, particularly the groin attack, because the kind of technology Canadian sleuths have developed, the sexually hyper ISIS fighters will love the electronic stimulation . :-))))))  this way Mr Jean Chretien will also be very happy. :-)

Then one by one they can be used in our Canadian style parliament attacks. :-) because homegrown or imported what is the difference. :-))

I am sure Mr Harper will be very happy with this idea, :-)
Long Gun Registry:

It seems Conservatives argument is cost of maintaining such a registry, (They spent 1 billion to host G8-G20 in Ottawa) and Police wants this registry because it gives them an idea who has a long gun, and few police officers think it is a waste of money, because such a registry serves only one purpose that is when a registered gun's registration expires they can go seize it, etc.

But above all the arguments, they forget one simple thing, guns are meant for killing. irrespective of they are registered or not registered, so instead of having 7 million unregistered guns, it is better to know who has a long gun or any gun.

Crazy culture.

Favorite game of Canadian Intelligence agencies:

Canadian intelligence agencies listen to two people's conversations and use that information to create misunderstanding between those two individuals or if a third individual was the topic of discussion, by misinterpretation if there is not enough negative information and just by passing if there is enough negative information. :-) (They highly paid for this work by the government of Canada) :-))

For this purpose they use microphones which can record the sound of a cockroach walking, meaning very sensitive microphones, or break into telephone conversations, fax, photocopiers, cameras etc. and these gadgets are placed with out any concern for privacy, confidentiality or any other moral values. :-)

This technique is not just used to create misunderstandings between two or three individuals, they use this between two or three communities, parties, between other sister agencies, government departments and governments, and even among various family members, and I am sure they must be using this technique to put two countries at loggerheads etc.etc.

And they are obsessed with visible minorities. :-) Immigrants, refugees, skilled workers, visitors, parents of the immigrants, skilled workers. :-)

And I think if any person from visible majority or even  visible minority with morals or conscience tries to stand up against them, following few patterns are used against them.

1) He/She is crazy, or mentally unstable,
2) He is a serial killer,
3) He is a womaniser, or homosexual or paedophile or all of them, :-))
4) He is home grown terrorist recently changed to Islam,
5) He/She is a threat to security of the country,
6) He is a drug addict, or drug dealer etc.,
7) He had a illegal gun and suffers from depression, suicidal tendencies etc. etc.,

So they try one of them or all of them to placate that person and get rid of him or her. :-) and for this purpose they use lots of electronic gadgets, based on X-rays, Infra red, Thermal, lasers, etc.etc.

The best defence they have if questioned: He/she is crazy.

The logistics manager of such gadgets is the local police station. :-)

The operators or users of such gadgets are mostly youth in their 20's, these young men are developed by the local police station, and definitely they are paid. :-)) it is your tax dollars which are wasted like this and now conservatives -Mr Harper wants to increase this funding. :-) because it helps them control those who will not follow their diktat. :-))

(So the best democratic reaction would be to Vote for some other party other then Conservatives in 2015, but keep in mind this system was very much in use during Liberal party of Canada's rule also) :-) So that leaves us with NDP only.

The location of such operations: Closest vantage point, which is mostly the neighbours apartment.

Purpose: To keep the superiority over all other communities, because Canada is a country with divided communities. :-)) and I think the Canadian intelligence wants to keep it that way, because it works in favour of the visible majority.

White, Brown, and then Black is the hidden apartheid code strictly followed by these intelligence agencies of Canada.
New bill to be tabled to protect girls and women in Canada

Conservatives are going to table a new bill to protect girls and women from their families, it says Canada will protect girls and women who have come here for a better life at any cost, very good!

I have a small problem,

Does it include protection of girls and women born in Canada from Canadian intelligence agencies, police and other criminal outfits which operates in coordination with Canadian government agencies and hurt girls in their homes and schools.

Know this Canadian terrorist: Terrorist no 75

She is a women , 75 years old, half Jewish, lives somewhere in Toronto, and does not believe in law of the country, and is pro to any form of terrorism, but she has good connections in Ottawa. :-)

She has lived like a frog in a well called Toronto, surrounded by men who crawl on their knees, so she thinks all men are like them, her husband would clean her shoes every time she walked outside. :-) (She should take up a world tour and experience real life away from donuts, coffee and ass kissers), she smokes, and might be alcoholic.

She likes men who follow her command,  like she asked one such man (marketing manager) in front of me, "XYZ say good morning to ABC,", and that ass did exactly what she told him to do , he said "Good morning ABC", until then he was standing unconcerned as if he is least bothered about who goes or who stands, this guy was well in his 50's.  what an ass!!.

All her life she must have kissed all those people's arse who were above her in terms of age, authority, position and bank balance. :-))))))) so she expects exactly same from people below her in terms of age, authority, position and bank balance. :-)

My experience:

If she is a member of a team, she will not cooperate with anyone or with the leader of the team, she will do everything to create problems for the team and the leader, she will be like I have nothing to do with them..

If she is second in line, she will create so much mess for the team leader and the team members.( If she is behind anyone, second in command, I would suggest that person should immediately fire her and replace her with someone more dynamic. :-)

If she is given captaincy of a team, she will destroy the team and screw the team members for no reason, it is her brain which makes so much noise and spews negatives fumes 24/7.

Her favourite game is screw the team members for no reason and consolidate her position, does not matter the opposition wins at her teams cost, :-) all she wants is some bunch of ass kissers who would run around her giving her unnecessary attention, :-)) even if they don't get paid, they should treat her like a queen. :-))

If anyone who does not  do the above, is an enemy for her, and she will use everything at her disposal to attack that person,  what a pathetic parasite. (Even real parasites would think twice letting her any where near them) :-)

So I have nothing for her, and as per me and the nature, she has no role to play  in whatever I will do, in fact Nature is dead against her, the reason is simple she is so anti to society and people.

Every time she makes a move nature gets disturbed and sends out fearful vibes, If I could study her brain,  I want to see why her brain generates so much negative energy.

She carries so much destructive energy in her psyche, I am not sure from where she got all this negativity, She once told, her parents were very slack and careless.

Keep an eye on this terrorist, she escapes the radar because she is a women. :-)
Shadow Terrorist: Know this one as well, Terrorist no 65

There is one more Terrorist in Canada-Quebec, 65 years old, no religion, no morals, no family, no friends, no relatives, no law, no nothing, just an animal but a coward, this one is a shadow terrorist, it lurks behind people like a shadow, and will do everything nasty but will remain as a shadow, and will always blame others for her faults and actions. :-))

She has a very wrong impression about herself that she is a psychic and no man can resist her, :-) but unfortunately she could not tell what is happening behind her back. :-))

This Terrorist no 65 was jacked up into politics by the Terrorist no 75, she promoted her as a genius, a peer, and what not. :-)) that was 12 years back, but today I think the equation is something else, no more genius or peer. ;-) probably because she did not get that kind of promotion. :-))

And the logic was, "I promote you and you promote me", but as I said Terrorist no 65 is an animal she does not know all these things, she might have just forgotten who promoted her etc etc :-)) so the equation today might be like no 36. :-)) I would say bad judgement on part of both these terrorists.

Location: Is your neighbours apartment, will move with you like a shadow, because it does not want to miss one single moment. :-)) which also means this animal so scared that it does not want to miss even one second with out watching you. :-)) it suffers from paranoia. :-) and hallucinates, is a movie buff, lives in the movie world, can not differntiate between real and unreal, she thinks people follow movies to live their lives :-)) suffers from very low self esteem, is a smoker and alcoholic.

It is her fears which she indicts on others. :-))

Whatever, the reason why I am writing about them is, instead of fighting with each other or between the two political parties, Liberals and Conservatives, they are fighting with me. :-)) I have not voted for any of them in any elections, I voted for PQ instead, and I have not joined NDP yet. :-))

And both of them are targeting my income. :-(

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