Nov 17, 2014

The new Canadian Style of politics :-) the future

The new style of politics, folks in Canada are playing, is very easy and no one will know how it is happening, though it is packed with cowardice, :-)) not new for folks already suffering from it, :-) but it is also packed with contradictions,


"You are a baby in front of me",

"but I am your daughter, though I am 75 years old terrorist". :-)

" You are a baby in front of me",

"but I am your daughter", though I am 65 years old terrorist". :-)

(Note:I am 48 yrs) :-)

So in this new style of politics a old witch who has wasted her life looking for short cuts to get rich and popular, she now thinks if she calls herself my daughter, she will get some political mileage. :-))
What an absurd thought but folks are not shying away from it, they are very excited, the cowards are very excited, " Vinasha Kale Viparita Buddhi",

Another e.g.

"This world runs with money and only money",

"please I am your brother, sister, daughter, wife, mother, father, neighbor, dog, cat etc.etc. there is no end to these relationships, but don't ask for money".

"This world runs with money and only money",

"but we would like you to give an airline ticket for free or no extra fees", :-))  

Another e.g.

" We are powerful people, don't mess with us", we control this world",

"but, please please please we touch your feet, say I am good, I am nice, I am your guru, I am this, I am that, please please please",

:-))))))))))  Yes this one keeps the smile on my face  most of the time. :-))

Another e.g.

" Sky is the limit", "There is no song you can not sing, there is no thing that you can not do",

"But but but please we are in deep trouble", please please please co operate in our fraud", :-))) 

This one is out of this world, folks here they want me to cooperate in their fraudulent activities", :-)) and who is running around with this placard, the custodians of the Canadian law and order. :-)))))))

Another e.g.

"Sun sets in west", :-)

"I am the Sun, so do Surya Namaskara", :-))))))))))))))

Another e.g.

" Dham Dham Dham Dham",


"Please call us", :-)) Please call us, Please call us.

Another e.g.

" Please we will have coffee", "cough", "cough", "cough",  :-))

" But there is everyone before you, you are the last, but please please please call us". :-))))))

(Coffee is 6$ a medium size bottle) :-))

Another e.g.

"We are the masters of toilet ministry", so we will not let you relieve yourself",

"Please please please let me be the tissue paper of your toilet". :-)))))))))))

" She is the turd", :-)

And sink, wash basin, shower, bath tub everything is ours",

"but please please touch your private parts and play with them , "we want to watch", today is our day", :-))))) and don't touch tomorrow because it is not our day",

(Note: If people are not able to make any sense of all this, that is all right, it needs lot of focus to understand these new style of politics in Canada, :-)) only few cowards understand them and I do because I have lot of free time) :-))

Another e.g.

" It is too cold today", " so don't take any shower", :-)

"It is very cold today, " Are you not going to take a hot hot shower", " because it is our day today".

:-))) same thing with brushing your teeth etc. etc. :-))

Another e.g.

" You are watching this channel", it is our program", we will disturb you so much that you can not watch it", TV goes all multi colored.

"Please please please watch it watch it, today is our day". :-)))))))))

Another e.g ( This is heights of stupidity)

" You said hello to your daughter or spoke to your mother, or talked to your wife",  they are all us.

" Please please please talk talk talk to them, they are us", :-))))))

There are so many of these ways which are used by these cowards, 

Another e.g.

Sometime back I said, "kitchen sink politics", that's it, Kitchen, Oven, Vessels, Fridge, Onions, Tomato's, Rice cooker, washing dishes, cooking food on right or left stove, Cashew nuts :-))  every thing is politics for the cowards and they spend so much time on collecting data. :-))

"Kitchen sink politics", means, politics of house wives, who show all their tantrums in the kitchen sink, when they are upset they kind of throw vessels in the sink and make excessive noise, or when they are ok they wash dishes silently and might as well be singing :-))))))))) and look what cowards have turned a kitchen into. :-))) actually cowards distributed all our vessels, plates, spoons, among two or three national level political parties. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

"Toilet Ministry",  means: this is a place where we relieve our self and nothing else, it has no other importance, when we visit this place we get rid of some stress, my neighbour walks with me every time I walk into my toilet and he sits in the bathtub recording, :-))) same thing while I walk into my kitchen, I don't know, what he must be recording. :-))))))))))))))))))

Same thing with Garbage, you throw what you don't want, cowards played garbage- grbage day in day out, and suddenly they removed all the garbage bins and changed the collection system. which is OK, garbage bins were very filthy to watch. :-))

So cowards did not want to leave anything untouched, so they distributed our household things, family members, rooms, furniture, :-)))))))) among the two or three national level political parties, Liberals, Conservatives, etc. meaning If I sit on one sofa it would mean to them that I am supporting some party and other sofa would mean another party. :-)) and If I sleep and cover myself with a bed sheet even that is politics. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

In all this nonsense, I am not getting anything :-)) other then little discomfort, some one from these two political parties will get some mileage, this is the new style of politics in Canada. :-))))))))))))))

And once they win they ignore you like who the hell is he, "bloody insignificant fellow, we can mash you like a bug". :-))))))))))) I have seen this three four times in the past 14 years.

(It is a product of a very sick brain, which otherwise should be in a mental asylum, but she is leading Canada now. :-))))) So Canada which is already a fucked up country as far as human rights are concerned, is going towards hell. :-))))))))))))))))))))

If the sickness deteriorates, we might see something like this in future or may be 2015.

Liberals : They will give Ebola virus to people, which would mean, If people suffer from Ebola then they are supporting Liberals.

Conservatives: They  will give SARS or Pig flu or Chicken flu or Bird flu, to the people etc, which would mean, If people suffer from such a flu they are supporting Conservatives,

NDP: Since no one is playing any proxy or such games for them, if people are sane and healthy that would mean they are supporting NDP. :-))

Cowards might loose their both legs and have a frozen brain, which would mean they are not required any more.  :-)))

Something like this, :-)))))))))))

Canada pull up your socks, and put your belt on, more sickness is coming your way in the name of politics.  "Brace yourself".

God save the Queen. :-))))))))))))))))
Age and Maturity,

Maturity does not reach people just because they lived 85 years or 100 years, maturity comes by experience, and exposure to life's ups and downs, basically it means a mature person has gone through more then others. :-))

A 75 years old or a 65 years old might have spend his/her life in Tim Hortons, stuffing their faces with donuts, and coffee, but when it comes to life, they might not have the experience of a 40 years old from a third world country, which means a 40 years old might be more mature due to his or her life experiences then a 75 years old from Toronto. :-)))))))))))))))))))))

And maturity can not be bought or arranged, one has to go through the life experiences.

If you say Toronto is cold, well I would say in Toronto, we have heating in the air tight houses, in the car, in the bus and in the office, and in the Tim Hortons also, but I have lived in a cold place in India for 5 years, house either made of brick and cement or wood with gaps in the floor, with out any heating, or jackets, or gloves, :-) no boots, I think all we had was a small coal stove, wollen gloves made by my mother, canvas shoes, and a wollen sweater and first thing in the morning was to get milk in an aluminium can. :-)) and few lazy people would add their cans as well and my father would never say no. :-)

And no car to take us to the milkman's house, had to walk back and forth in cold mornings and by the time we would be home our hands were frozen and stuck to the aluminium can's handle, so warm them over the coal stove to release them, collect water from natural water springs in buckets, and climb the hill, by the time we would reach home bucket would be half gone, :-))

So maturity does not come free of cost it comes at a great price.

And a mature person need not look old, with gray hair, or with difficult physical movements, :-) a mature person can be a young person with great experience.


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