Dec 30, 2014

Current 30 DEC 2014

I think this will be my last post this year 2014, :-) I wanted this year to pass as fast as possible.

This Christmas all the snow got melted away exposing the green grass everywhere, so instead of a white Christmas it was a Green (Grinch) Christmas, and for the last 5 or 6 years the two Grinch's have been stealing my Christmas and this year it was expected, so they did steal.

But along with my Christmas they also steal my bad luck, :-) so it is only a matter of time when their pan will weigh heavier then my pan and they will slip towards Nadir, "Na Din Dinha", :-)  hope it happens faster. :-) because these women have already wasted my 10 years but they could not touch my spirit. :-)

Actually one of these women who lives in Toronto and is around 75 years old (Terrorist no 75 or T75) has been looking for a person who can dominate me, this has been going on since 2001 or 2002, because she thinks if she has a person at hand who dominates me but plays puppet to her, she can do lot of things. :-))))))))))))) please she is already 75. :-))))))))))))) by the way she is with some political party.

Even a priest in Kesmark temple was asked to dominate me, in 2003-2004, poor fellow gave up and said, "it is impossible to dominate you", and left Canada,  I think this was the reason she used and promoted T65 as a genius and peer, but then she must have understood that T65 is a top notch opportunist. :-)

Question: Why would T75 look for someone to dominate me?

Answer; Because she never communicated with me. :-)

Then the other women who is 65 years old (Terrorist no 65 or T65) and lives some where in Saint Michele Montreal,  and is also with some political party has been trying to break me since 2004 I guess, and she has things like depression, suicidal tendency, etc etc. on her agenda and she thinks she and her bunch of cowards can break me and put me in that area of depression. :-))  reason is simple jealousy, because someone challenged her that she can not dominate me, :-)) now you know who that culprit is, and since 2003 they have been working on this agenda.

Question: Why T65 is hell bent on breaking me?

Answer: Because she thinks I know too much about her and her past. :-))

But please remember the Newtons third law, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction", but If you draw an equation, then "equal", can be any number. :-))))))

T75 & T65 both were supposed to commit a blunder in 2014 which would have taken them straight to the prison, may be 2015 will bring that good news, "Because they suffer from Greed and they are desperate".

I wish all my readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015.

People can have resolutions but it is a waste to have resolutions and not able to keep them, so best way is don't have any resolutions and keep all options open.


Jammu and Kashmir:

I think the way the mandate came, it is clear that people want PDP and BJP to come together and form the government, which will be very difficult but there is no other option, this unity between PDP & BJP will also show a way for the people to get together and start building their broken state.

And they should understand one thing the enemy of J& K is operating from outside the country.

And more then anything building the state should be the one and only priority.

Let Cong and NC take a break, till they figure out what went wrong. :-)

2015 is also Election year for Canada.

I think NDP will get majority and Conservatives will take the role of largest opposition, Green party might gain, and we might see Liberal party vanishing in to oblivion.

I think I will vote for NDP this time. (Reason is simple, we have not seen NDP rule and other two Parties are fighting with my legs and also with my third leg :-))

Liberals are depending on following few things more then their leaders and their leadership.

1) Who is sleeping on Left side and keeping their right leg over left leg, :-)))))
2) Everyone should have some shit in their left nostril.
3) People should not get sleep during night time and during day time they should sleep in the office.
4) People should not do business, they should work in some Job, because that way Liberals can play with them and blackmail them, particularly in Quebec, where PQ is in Oblivion and Conservatives are nowhere to be seen in Quebec, though they are everywhere for mischief but are not representing Quebec in Ottawa.
5) Everyone in Saint Laurent should be under the radar, this includes children.

And by doing all this Liberals feel they will win this election and people like me will vote for them, what kind of mindset is that, you hurt someone and then expect that person will vote for you. :-)

So here are few things for both the Left and Right parties.

1) Right parties can not drive any Car in North America, because the Driving is on the Left side.
2) Left parties can not use accelerator and brake because it is on right side.
3) Right parties will have to use their right hand only for all activities including backstage cleaning.
4) Left Parties will have to use their left hand only for all activities including eating.
5) Right parties will have to sleep on right side and keep their left leg out of the bed. :-)
6) Left parties will have to sleep on left side and keep their right leg out of the bed. :-))
7) Left parties don't use your right eye and Right parties don't use left eye.

So it can go on and on, I am not saying, "You Pale cowards are working 24/7 on these things".

Suggestion : None, because I care two hoots, who looses and who wins.

By the way I have written a small poem for the pale cowards.

What Should I Do?

You say she is on the left, Then what should I DO

You say she is on the right, Then what should I DO

You say T75 is on left, Then what should I DO

You say T75 is on Right, Then what should I DO

You say T65 is on Left, Then what should I DO

You say T65 is on Right,Then what should I DO

You say T65 & T75 are on Left, Then what should I DO

You say T75 & T65 are on Right, Then what should I DO

You say she is with T75, Then what should I DO

You say she is with T65, Then what should I DO

You say T65 is with T75, Then what should I DO

You say T65 & T75 are very rich, Then what should I DO

You say T65 & T75 are very poor, Then what should I DO

You say T65 & T75 are very influential, Then what should I DO

You say T65 & T75 are in misery, Then what should I DO

You say she is with both T65 & T75, Then what should I DO

You say T65 is above T75, Then what should I DO

You say T75 is above 765, Then what should I DO

You say She is above T65 & T75, Then what should I DO

You say the game is over, Then what should I DO

You say T65 is going to prison, Then what should I DO

You say T75 is dead, Then what should I DO

You say T75 is alive and kicking, Then what should I DO

You say or make lot of noise, Then what should I DO

You say, sky is the limit, Then what should  I DO

You say a lot and change them every now and then, Then what should I DO

You run around me, after me, above me, below me and ask me to call, Then what should I DO

You do scrutiny scrutiny scrutiny for a fraud, Then what should I DO

You work for a low character, then what should I DO.

You say you have no morals, no chracter, no nothing, Then what should I DO.

Then what should I DO. :-))


Air Asia Flight, missing between Surbhaya and Singapore and then after 2 days the bodies are found floating, shows our grip on technology used for operating Airlines, I would say very slack and the Airline should answer why they could not find the flight with in minutes of its disappearance from the radar.

We are using technology for all the wrong purposes, If you watch Daily Planet, it appears Airline industry is 50 years slower in catching up with technology.

Many passengers must have been alive but due to no help reaching them they must have died of cold weather and many other factors.

I think the entire Airline industry which is being run like Grocery store needs a good review regarding passenger safety and how much each airline is following them.


Dec 24, 2014

This Christmas 2014

                                  VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHRISTMAS 2014

Every year Christmas comes and goes it is not new, but only very few people celebrate Christmas like it should be, though I am not a Christian but we also celebrate in some way.

When I see the city of Montreal, I am disappointed that people don't have time for Christmas, may be most people in Montreal are struggling to make the two ends meet, because this city is stuck between the English-French age old fight, and people living in Toronto are involved in Montreal politics, which is very sad for Montrealers, and the Liberal party is a lame duck.

Our Landlord MetCap operates from Ontario, but from 01 Jan 2015 a new company Coorg Inc will manage these apartments. :-))

These apartments on Rue Decarie and Rue Crevier in Saint Laurent can only be managed hassle free if the Local police Station number 6 and the Liberal Party of Canada let them be managed by the landlord. :-) Most apartments on these two streets are wired by the local police station, this has been going on since a long time when CRV inc was managing them, and I would not be surprised if people in Toronto and Ottawa can actually watch people in these apartment in their homes.

This Christmas 2014

I know and have observed that Albino fools, (pale folks) live a very complicated life packed with lies.

So this Christmas my request to these folks is do yourself a favour.

This Christmas on 25th Dec, experiment with Truth.

a) Get up as usual and then try to live that one day with out telling or banking on lies.

b) If you can survive one such day with out telling or banking on lies then increase the time to one week and so and so forth.

I know it is very difficult for pale folks to live a life free from lies, but there is nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Well I don't expect political parties Liberals and Conservatives to even try this, they are happy with their lies and manipulations for small small things. :-) you will not believe me for small small things they bank on lies.

If I don't expect this from political parties then need I say anything about the old fat women of Toronto and Saint Michele. :-))  It will be too much.

What did Jesus Christ taught us.

1) Faith

2) Face the Truth

But people talk lies and behave like Grinch and celebrate Christmas. :-)) and talk about being Santa Claus etc,

Dec 23, 2014


One week and 2014 is gone, :-)

Numerology: If I look back, number 1, 4, 8 and 13 have come very frequently in my life or in a way have been connected to me or my family.

4, is my younger brothers birthday
4, is my elder daughters birthday
my mothers house number is 4, but the building number is 5

I came to Canada on 17 ( total is 8)
The Apartment number in Toronto was 8, building number 780,

Montreal Area code is 514 (total is 10, further it is 1)
My first apartment in Montreal was number 8,  building number was 2150 (total is 8)
Second apartment number was also 8,  building number was 2200 (total is 4)
My third apartment number is 1 but the building number is 1480 (total is 13 further total is 4)

My car plate number was 008
My  current car plate number is 844

My father passed away 13 Mar (Total is 4)
My Sisters birthday is 13 Mar
My wife parental house number is 13
My current office door number is 13 and building number is 555
My roll number in my school was mostly 13 or 31

Many more numbers have always been 1, 4 , 8 or 13 and any year ending with 4, 1984, 1994, 2004, and 2014 have been very different then other years. :-)) I think I will have to wait for 2024 for another year full of discouragement from all spheres of life. :-))

I will not write about number 5 because I don't want Albino fools to work on it for extra effects, I want to see it like it is destined. :-))

Albino (Pale) fools have been working very hard with little results, :-) they want one of their fool to lead them, but I am not supporting them or their fool, :-)) actually the reason is I don't know why they want my approval, I am not one of them, meaning I am not Albino, :-)) they will have to search the Internet.

"How to upgrade an Albino fool among Albino fools", :-)))))))))))))))))))

The purpose is to upgrade an Albino fool and all contestants are Albino all those who vote are also Albino, but why bother colored folks including me. :-)

By the way I predicted that the entire race of Albino fools will go extinct by 2090, let me tell how that will happen.

1) Homosexuality or Lesbianism is the reason.

2) Already it has taken roots, and Albino fools in their enthusiasm to show the world that they have freedom of everything are encouraging homosexuality left and right.

3) This trend will pick up as a race for propaganda, the two main political parties will compete with each other in increasing the number of people living a homosexual life, slowly by 2060, all Albino fools will be homosexual and lesbians, if anyone would try to be heterosexual, he or she will be subjected to torture by pale cowards (Government agents) with their electronic toys, :-)) as a result they will suffer from impotency or frigidity, and there will be no children born to Albino fools, :-)) and by 2090 there will no Albino fool left on the face of this Earth. :-)))

I would say good riddance.

To see that I will have to live till I am 124 yrs old. :-)) which is little difficult but not impossible :-)

Somewhere Dinosaurs will be joking: Did you know that another race has gone extinct on earth, they started f%$#@# each other. :-)))

And they prosecuted those who did not had any scratch marks on the thighs. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Dec 12, 2014

International Yoga Day June 21

June 21 is declared as International Yoga Day by the UNO, and this is one beautiful gesture UNO had made, actually yoga should be made mandatory for every school and every educational institution and minimum five Asanas which are the most important should be taught and each and every child should practise them at least till they get married, and if they can continue it is always beneficial.

Following are the main five Asanas:

1) Padma Asan, Normal Lotus posture, or those who can not due to bow legs they can use Sukh Asan.
2) Sarvang Asan,
3) Uttar Paschimot Asan
4) Mayur Asan
5) Shirsh Asan

And one should be able to hold each asan for at least 5 minutes every time they do it, and Brahma Mahurta 4:30 a.m., before the sun rays hit the Earth, is the best time to start.

We had regular yoga classes in our school and we were taught all these Asanas on a regular schedule, which was the reason why I continued it even after my schooling.

Elaborate Astang Yoga course should be available on UNO website for everyone to download for free and read and practise, they can get this from Swami Sivananda ashram website for free.

Above given asanas only give benefit to the physical body, but they do little for the mental and Astral body, for that higher yoga needs to be practised, Pranayama is one of them.

I have seen on the TV, people are told to do Kapal Bhati as a regular exercise, which is good but it does not do the complete good, if it is done with out proper process of body cleaning etc.

Whatever, International Yoga Day on June 21 of every year is very good and I liked it more when they called Yoga as a science, it is a science and has not been explored by modern scientists.

Yoga not only helps people with their body issues, it also helps with mental issues, astral connectivity issues, and many more issues which we are able to see, feel or sometimes, we don't even see them or feel them, but a yogi can see or feel them.

The most beautiful part of Yoga is control on everything, Anger, Senses, Mind, Desires, Happiness, Sadness, etc. and once a person experiences all these, one will never live with out Yoga.

The goal should be to attain the status of Yogeshwar, of course which will need lots of discipline, integrity, openness, food, etc. but it is not impossible. :-)

Aum Tat Sat!
Padma Asan:

Sukh Asana

Sarvanga Asana

Uttara Paschimot Asana

Mayur Asana (Peacock Pose)

Shirsh Asana

Each Asana should be held for minimum 5 minutes with normal breathing, or one can practise by holding the breath also, but if during those 5 minutes if one feels any discomfort, please slowly discontinue and sleep on the ground flat like a dead body which is also a Asan, "Shav Asan", for 5 minutes till your breathing returns to normal, and If you are going from no 2 to no 5, don't jump like a frog from Asan to Asan, takek your time and between each asan you can do Shav Asan for few minutes till your breathing returns to normal.

During the Asana, one should try to listen to the body sounds, and feel the stress and identify the location of the stress and then work on it with your prana, sounds easy but it needs lot of concentration and practise.

There is a big misconception that Yoga should be done like an exercise, purpose of yoga is to tune your body, Mind and Soul, and should be done with out any physical exhaustion, better if you play some very soothing music at a very low volume, like Shruti of Veena or even Jazz sounds good.

There are many warm up asanas, which should be done in the beginning, "engine daud" is one of them people like to do, it is like jogging in one place with movement of both hands and legs like a locomotive. :-))

Beginners should start yoga in a very calm atmosphere and with out any hurry and worry, and better in the presence of a learned person, same thing for Meditation, begin in a very serene, calm location, but eventually once you get hold of it, you can do anywhere in a soccer stadium or  even in a rock music concert hall, meaning once you get the mastery, the location becomes meaningless.
Sanskrit as a mandatory subject,

Modi Government should see that Sanskrit is made a compulsory subject along with English and Hindi, not just rudimentary Sanskrit but on par with Hindi as a language.

Benefit of this will be North to South , East to West in India Sanskrit is available but is used by very few elite, once it is made mandatory then a Kashmiri will speak freely with a Tamilian in Sanskrit and when they write they can write in their scripts, same with Gujarati to Assamese, Sanskrit is one language which can actually dissolve all the difference due to Languages in India.

Even today a priest in Kashmir if he can speak Sanskrit, then he can freely communicate with a Sanskrit speaking priest in Tamilnadu or Karnataka or Andhra in Sanskrit, though they might write in their own scripts.

Well Sanskrit brought differences of caste in India, it might as well remove those difference when a lower caste person cleaning a toilet speaks in Sanskrit and very well understands what the priest in the temple has just chanted. :-)

The differences of I am elite and he is low might go away and then a Brahman might as well work in a municipal office cleaning roads and sewers, all speaking Sanskrit, :-)  then once this happens all government offices If function in Sanskrit then the need of Caste based reservation system will go away, instead a economy based reservation system will be needed, because the common factor which brings all lower castes together is economy, and there are many forward caste people who are poor, but they get nothing from the government and they have to fight for everything in a huge competition, which is not fare.

Conversions to other religion,

I think one should be free to change his or her religion any time and any number of times, :-) after all the purpose of religion is to take you to the portal of spirituality, without spirituality a religion is another political office.

If people in India who were forcibly converted to Islam by Mughals and Turks for more then 900 years, then those people If they feel they want to come back to Sanatana dharma, they should be allowed.

But one should understand that all people living in India irrespective of their religions are Hindus, because being a Hindu is live a particular way, Hinduism is a culture and not religion, the real name of religion is Sanatana dharma, or Vedic Dharma, those who follow Vedas or Gita, Puranas, etc.

Bottom line: Whether you call yourself a Sanatana dharmi, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, one that will not change is "One God", so how does it matter if you are what religion.

Yes current world, Islam has been tainted by many from with in and most from outside, so I am sure many Muslims must be very uncomfortable when they travel abroad, particularly to Europe, and North America.

I think there should be no issue if people want to join the main stream of India, or majority population of India and change their name to some Subramanium or Pradeep Kumar, it is all fine.

But even Subramanium or Pradeep kumar will have problems in North America. :-))


Dec 8, 2014

Current 08 DEC 2014, Politics of "Just Claim",

Years back I experienced a different kind of politics, and initially it was very frustrating, because the person would just claim to his credit once the job is done, and the ass on the top was not bothered, he had a simple rule for promotions, donkey or horse, race horse or a lame one all get promotions after 7 years, :-) so the wise one just sat on their ass and passed their time and foolish one like me kept running covering new ground every day. :-)

One fellow stood out among the useless, he was 15 years senior to me, all he would do is import and export of information and he had a nice team of people from his caste, so he and his friends would create a problem on Monday, and talk about it all week and solve it on Friday. :-))

Well it did have some impact on young people who were running for credits, but the top ass stuck to his one simple rule, promotion after 7 years, but  this ass was ready to break his rule, when he complimented that, "little more efforts and you might have got a promotion with in one year of joining", and he said that in front of the senior gang. :-))

I was like, shit! why this ass has to open his mouth in front of this gang, so obviously the out of turn promotion never came, rather it got pushed behind by many years, :-) probably he did on purpose, because he actually told the gang, stop this guy or you will be in trouble, :-) because more then the gang he was more scared of me which became evident in 2000-2001. :-))

So I am not new to this kind of politics and not only they would claim, like once I worked  4 to 5 hours extra for more then 6 months and finished some project where few Microsoft products were combined together, the fellow simply took the credit, it seems he claimed," I trained him", :-)) then the management said, ok then give a talk on the project, :-)) then I got pushed in the front for the talk. :-))) but their promotion came exactly after 7 years on time.

They survived playing these politics for more then 30 years and now they might have as well retired.

Any thing from my fathers illness to his death was on agenda of this man's politics, :-) on the day when my father passed away, this man was still playing his dirty politics.

So now here in Canada, If few old lazy women try to do the same, I only smile because there is nothing at stake, we are not in one company, or in one political party or not even in one city, back then I was running for credits, fast growth, control of my department, good name in the books of the management etc, but now I am not even brisk walking, :-)) but the lazy politics continues. :-) may be we should call it, "Just claim politics".

Well these women are one step more desperate, they want the cake and eat it too, :-)) they remind me of one simple saying in hindi.

" Bhuddi billi 9 chuhe khakar haj ko challi", meaning old cat is going to mecca after eating 9 rats.

Now they are talking morals, one of them had married 5 to 6 times and had more then 200 relations, is talking about marriage and commitment, :-) if someone who had lived with one spouse for 45 years and then he or she talks about commitment, I would salute them, but after 6 marriages and 200 relationships and god knows how many one night stands and kissing employees in a wrong manner and talking about marriage, commitment, morals and sin. :-))))))

Then the other way is get information about likes and dislikes and then claim, "he likes blue color because I wear always blue color", :-)))))) actually I like fluorescent blue for small cars like Toyota Corolla, Silver for Toyota Camry and yellow for expensive cars, and I think all the economi cars like Nissan Sentra, Honda Accord,  Civic, Pontiac, Hundai Accent should be either grey, black or steel gray, because donkeys look good when they are gray, imagine yellow donkeys, :-)) or gray birds, yellow suits parakeets.

And Dodge Journey either cherry red or white, looks good, so it depends what is the item, a young women in her youth would look great in a yellow sari, then same sari would look fancy or cheap for a grown up women, :-) so it depends, a white sari looks great on a grown up women, but it would look very dead on a young women.

Blue is a good color for curtains, table cloth, reason why most 4 class workers, porters wear blue dress, and I purchased blue jacket because that was the only item available for 35$ and was on sale, if it was even gray I might have as well purchased, because the purpose of a jacket is protect from cold winds and some warmth, nothing else, it is certainly not a political statement, but if few lazy people want to make it a political statement, what can I do, I do not control people and their politics.

"He purchased the blue jacket because my favourite color is blue", oh!! sorry I don't believe in favourite colors, it changes depending on the ruling planet, If the ruling planet is Rahu, blue is liked by the native and Rahu is not a very good planet for me, it ruled my 13 initial years and my school uniform was blue. :-)

And black I don't consider it as a color, black is no color, or no taste. :-))

Then the other form of politics is, find out what is he doing now", this can be done by hacking the computer, or visiting the home of a person, read his or her personal diary, or get information through a common acquaintance or a temporary worker :-)) (all these are regularly done in Canada by you know) :-) and then claim something that matches the information from the diary or computer etc.

I think the expectation is look you and me have similar ideas, tastes, and dreams, may be most people would jump and say, voila!! you and me will make great team, but I would say, Oh! O, I don't like to be a sheep, please look for other pastures or I will go look for something else, I hated when my parents bought same colored shirts for all three brothers, so I would wear a different one from them.

Because what I think, a great team is a group of zodiac, 12 constellations, 12 months, 31 days, 7 days of a week, 8400000 species, 200 countries, 7 colors, these are great teams because they bring variety, feasibility, taste, life and balance.

Now change your story and start claiming what ever I  said above, and when that happens I will bring more diverse ideas, where frogs who lived in single well all their lives will suffocate. :-)) because I know frogs are comfortable among frogs.

So the bottom line is stay original, by stealing someone's character or ideas one can not go too far, eventually your original character will take charge and will take you where you belong. :-))

So if you are a mean person, stay mean, :-) because whatever you do your meaness will flash all the time, no matter how much sugar you coat on it. :-))

"Eat the cake and have it too", is good, but how??

Liberals and two options.

Liberals have two options, one retain your current number of seats in the parliament or keep the activities of Apt no 3 1480 rue Crevier, you can not eat the cake and have it too.

Pense: If you can go down to 30 seats, you can go down to zero also. there is no restrictions, so behave and try to bring democracy into your party and throw all your Hitlers and Mussolinis out.

Because if a political party can not function in a democratic fashion, how will they bring democracy to the governance or the government, they can not.

So now you know my problem.

Caucasians and claim,

When I said, "By 2090 Caucasians will vanish from this Earth, meaning they will not be waking on the face of this Earth by 2090". this is based on my observation and you can say knowledge also.

The big brother who controls the Caucasians all over the world is so upset not because they will go extinct, but because this prediction came from a colored person. :-))))))))))))))))))

Caucasians want that anything happens that should come from them and other should follow, like the dooms day prediction of 2012. :-)

But sorry guys you are late this time, a colored person had beaten you this time. :-))

But since no one knows me you are free to claim, extinction of Caucasians was first observed by, :-)

Ya! you can put any pale person's name and just claim, anyway who cares. :-))))))))))))

If you see Mars, that is what will happen to our Earth after certain time, which means the current Mars was in our Earth's place in the past, and Venus will take our Earth's place, and the current Mars will be pushed into the Jupiters orbit and Jupiter into Saturn etc, Mercury will take the place of current Venus, and a new Mercury will be thrown out of the Sun.

This is a simple chemical process, which repeats itself over and over again and expansion is the trait of the universe and this process will continue untill the Sun looses its capacity to create any more Mercury's.

The time can be calculated by the distance from Sun etc.etc. :-))) but who cares.

So Chill!!  If Earth will look like the current Mars, then what is the big deal with race and religion.  :-)

Two sides of this confrontation;

Truth Vs Lies, Truth and Lies are the two sides of this confrontation.

Truth knows that there is no lies on its side, so it is chilling.

Lies knows the Truth but is full of lies. :-) but not for long.

Because lies are like cloud, one day they have to come down and the Truth reveals itself, which means Truth just stays there, and lies plays all the "just claim", politics and eventually it falls on its face. :-)))))))

And see who is standing with Lies or is on the side of the Lies.

Caucasian race, :-)) which is listed for extinction :-)
Liberal party of Canada,
Conservtive Party of Canada,
Cowards in uniform or no uniform, hackers,
Terrorist no 35, She is from Laval and is very stupid, :-)
Terrorist no 65, She is from St Michele, Grinch and nasty shit.
Terrorist no 75, She is from Toronto, Grinch and very nastry shit.
Government of Canada and Quebec,
and many proxy drama players or actors.(purchased with money or favours)

But the end result will be Truth will stay where it is with a smile, and Lies will bite the dust. :-))

And that day I am going laugh with my Ass. :-0

Those who wants to stay away from the Lies, should stay where they are and not support the lies, because you can not support Truth, and Truth does not need support.

Truth can stand alone.