Jan 12, 2015

Current 12 JAN 2015- Free Speech

J & K India,

It is a challenge for both the parties, PDP & BJP to overcome their personal differences and work for the people of J& K, they should keep in mind, Pakistan is watching very closely. :-)

I know it is very easy to talk then do it, but for political parties there must be people who can walk both sides of the aisle.

Charlie Hebdo

12 people got killed but it seems no one has learned any lesson here.

what is the use of a free speech which can not change people, or if the purpose is not to change someone, Charlie Hebdo says they were not against Islam but they were against every religion, now that is lame, if you don't believe in any religion then why oppose it, just start a club which reads, "No Religion", membership free, expected intellectual discussions on all topics and also members are expected of high tolerance, see If Canadians can even pass, :-)))))))))). etc. but printing a naked picture of Mohd is of what use.

You want to make people laugh, watch "Comedy nights with Kapil", a show on colors channel, and he does not leave anyone including the audience, but people like him and his show, but never he made one wrong comment on unnecessary topics like religion, gods, prophets etc, that is responsible free speech.

But what Charlie Hebdo was doing was irresponsible free speech.

Charlie Hebdo will have to redraw their agenda and see where they want to go with free speech, insult people of their religious sentiments or help them understand the religion better.


Saudi Arabia and Free speech, a young man who managed a free speech website was sentenced to 10 years prison with 1000 floggings, this week he received his first 50 floggings, it seems every week he will get his one installment of 50 floggings.

Now the entire west which is so disturbed with Charlie Hebdo  killings are very close with Saudi Arabia, If they care for free speech, they should take up with the Saudi Arabian kingdom and get the man released, do they have the guts?

Or can they invade Saudi Arabia? :-))))))))))))))))))))

Hypocrisy as long as it stays with the west, nothing good is going to happen, many Charlie hebdo might be sacrificed but as long as the intentions will remain same, there is no use of any free speech.

Simple reason: Middle east is fundamental, Islamic, follows certain barbaric culture when it comes to punishments, particularly to people who live a western kind of life, and west is very close friend of Saudi Arabia, if west cares for free speech, most of these countries should be under economic sanctions and west should refuse to buy oil or any commodity form these countries till they change their certain culture or even religious practices. :-)

But west is having honeymoon with some and is at loggerheads with some, so only picture that emerges is that the west is a hypocrite.

If this young man is told, that at least Saudi Arabia is giving you in the open, If it was Canada, then his balls and penis might be under constant attack by the CSIS and other law and enforcement agencies and that too when he goes to sleep in his bedroom. :-)))))))))))))))))

Free Speech in Canada. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The truth is no one likes free speech if it is directed towards them west or east, and everyone likes free speech if it directed towards someone you don't like, :-))

Imagine If I draw a picture of a ball less white guy trying to insert his nose into a Muslims arse and sniffs and claims I don't like Islam how it smells.

Will it be Charlie Hebdo kind of free speech or the already touched white community in Canada will take up arms and look for me. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))) they might pass a bill to remove licenses for keeping all kind of guns.
White Man has problem with everything

A Russian girl claims she can tell who is suffering from what disease, and a white guy has problem with that, before he takes the test to see how many he can tell, he disqualifies her because she could tell 5 out of 10 cases correctly, :-))

Poor women who came all the way from Russia to  USA tries to convince that she uses some leaves etc and conditions are different, but the white guy says, "If you could tell 7 out of 10 then we could consider it as a talent", I was like wow!! :-)))))))))

I would ask that white guy how many he could tell, I guess zero then who gave him the eligibility to conduct such a test and disqualify her. I guess the white guys they take it for granted that they have this birth right to test others. :-))

If someone talks about 6th or 7th sense, .............who has a problem,  it is them...tch tch tch

If some one calls himself god man, e.g. Putaparthi Saibaba, people like him, who has a problem, only the white guys have problem with that.

Somewhere two sects are fighting with each other for more then 1000 years, who has a problem, white guys have problem, not that they can solve anything or they have solved any thing in the past, they just create more mess and leave. :-) 90% problems the world is facing today are the creation of irresponsible white guys.

Somewhere some country is trying to find minerals in their country, who has as problem, you guessed it right.

Somewhere in Zaire some Ebola virus spills in to the open, who collects samples, cultivates the virus and tries to make a vaccine, always the white guys, see in this case, WHO which is also managed by white guys is also very irresponsible like them, when Ebola spilled in Zaire, it was the responsibility of WHO to see that the virus does not leave Zaire borders and anyone who wants to do any research with it will have to do with in the borders of Zaire, but I am sure on commercial airlines  irresponsible white scientists must have carried the virus in their luggage to their respective labs, :-) and WHO would not have any records who took what from Zaire. :-)

Now this Ebola virus must be available in many labs in Canada/USA and could be used as a biological warfare by these countries, just because few white guys in WHO are irresponsible.

I eat spicy food in my home, purchased with my hard earned money, taxes are paid, who has a problem, you guessed it right. :-)

I like vegetarian food, who has a problem......................:-) you are right it is them.

I don't like alcohol, because I am allergic to it and I can not take the odour of alcoholic drinks, who has a problem, it is them..............always

I do not like smoke, or people smoking,....................who has a problem, the white women...:-))

I watch TV and spend time sleeping, who has a problem................It is them

I don't shave because I am lazy, and I have a sensitive skin, who has a problem............it is them always.

I don't like to do business with people from Algeria, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, because they never buy anything, but who has a problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It is the white guy who has a problem. :-))))))))

I do not want to join any political party, it is my free will, ...............but who has a problem,  :-))

I don't eat food from outside and I avoid it as much as I can, ................but who has a problem......I am sure the white guys discuss all these about every immigrant who comes to Canada. :-))

I do prayers and some times I don't it is my wish and my religion etc. but who has a problem.................it is the white guys, they have a problem If I do or also If I don't.

I get up late sometimes, 11 am, ....................my life , my time, and my issue...............who has a problem, the white guys...........always it is them.....then they say why I don't like them.:-))

I used to get up early morning 4:30 am and do Surya Namaskara and do other prayers, I did that for 4 to 5 years, and all that time, who has a problem...................it was the white guys

You tell any thing that happens in this world, personal, public, religious, non religious, no one except white guys will have problem with that.  :-)))

Imagine this scene:  A white guy is standing on a tube of the oxygen cylinder of some person, who is on a bed in a hospital, and that person not able to breath is in real trouble so he uses gestures to tell the white guy, in that situation the white guy will think something like this, " Why is he using obscene gestures towards me, what did I do, I don't know why they hate us so much", and he will call his political party to complain against that man". :-))))))  and he will also say they hate us for our freedom and free speech. :-))

Now please don't tell me white guys belong to one particular political party, I think they belong to all spheres of life. :-)) I have yet to see one responsible white person with integrity.

Bottom line: If the white guys stop poking their nose into every ones arse and smell, this world will have 90% less problems.

White guy/gals want to be just Thomas. :-)

The safest role to play in any drama is the role of Thomas, because to play Thomas you don't need any talent, knowledge, morals, shame, ethics, principles, religion, culture, nothing, you need nothing to be Thomas. :-)

Basically Thomas is a pain in wrong place when every one else is in a different mood and understanding. :-))

People who do not have any idea who Thomas is, Thomas is one of the follower of Jesus, who did not believe that Jesus did come back from his death, or Jesus got resurrected after crucifixion, so this ass asks for proof, and when the two palms of Jesus with scars of crucifixion are shown to him then he believes. :-))

So in this world every one is trying to develop themselves with some talent, white guys and gals want to be just Thomas.

But they should remember no one is Jesus here to even consider such an ass.
Charlie Hebdo wants to print, Caricature of Mohd holding "Je Suis Charlie", with tears, I think If Mohd was alive he would have really done that, he might have gone to Paris and held many such banners "Je Suis Charlie", :-)) this dimension of Mohd as a prophet I don't think even Muslims could understand and Charlie Hebdo did.

There is a saying: "Wise gets the idea before burining his fingers".

Free Speech: Now after 17 people are dead, the Pope, and many others are talking about resposible free speech, If they would have reacted similar way before this killings, 17 people would still be living and many children would still be having their parents.

What is the use, Did Mulims stop praying Mohd, or Did Mohd changed, :-) 12 people died for nothing.

What a waste of talent.

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