Jan 20, 2015

Current 20 Jan 2015-Girl Child

First time in the history of US and India, a US president is visiting India 2nd time, :-) and he is the second president to visit India, and US tells the world that they are pro democracy and are selling democracy in middle east or elsewhere with gunpowder and drones. :-)

It seems US is nervous about the security arrangements of India, :-) this is not the first time any foreign dignitary is visiting India as a chief guest in the republic parade on 26 Jan, :-) but for US it is first time. :-)

And more over, the two sides of the coin are controlled by CIA and its allies, then why worry.

It is a good parade, and it is peaceful, I remember as a child we left early morning 3 or 4 to get the best front place.

Oil prices, I think the current prices of oil are real, and they should remain like that, which does not appear like a burden on a common mans pocket.

If the price remains at 75c per litre in Montreal, then it would mean some one is doing proper business with Oil, and it the price goes up then it means someone is making extra money at Montrealers cost.

Delhi elections: Interesting to see that even BJP is worried about Kejriwal, who has more to prove then anyone else.

I thought Kiran Bedi was for social welfare, but when Kejriwal offered her CM position she did not take, but now she has joined BJP and is ready to take CM's office, what is the difference, Delhi and its people are the same, only it is either AAP or BJP. :-)

And this is the time when Rahul Gandhi can prove that he is vote getter and so he should see that Congress-I wins in Delhi. :-)

Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao program : This should have been done 60 years back, but it is still OK, not only five states, Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar, and Rajasthan, other states like AP, Tamilandu, Karnataka, Telangana also need this program, particularly in the caste circles of Chadra babu Naidu, CM of AP, his caste is known for treating girls in a very shabby manner.

In General it is Indian culture to keep boys ahead of girls in everything, but few sections of society are notorious in this regard.

1995 when my daughter was born, my mother told me to get sweets and distribute in the nursing home, to my surprise, nursing home staff were shocked to see me distribute sweets when a girl was born and we knew that a girl will be born, the first question people would ask,

"Is it a boy",


"It is a girl!"

" What", a girl and then why the sweets?

Because she is first child!! in both the families,  

Their facial expression would be like , "what", is he a fool or crazy guy, does he not know that in India no one distributes sweets when a girl is born. and many would do that gesture with their index finger, which means "crazy".

So I decided that I would repeat the experiment in my office, where people were educated and come from so called forward society, even there, it was the same reaction, and surprisingly women were more surprised to see sweets being distributed for a baby girl then men, :-)) only few were very happy and they all had girls only.

So when my daughter turned 1 year, I decided that I will host a birthday dinner party in a hotel and I invited around 80 people from our relatives and office, and though the people were eating and enjoying the party but at the same time their expression was, "what a fool".

It was I who spent all the money for the party, a 5 kg cake etc, but my father -in-law was taking all the credit, :-) few people commented, anyone can host such a party if one has a father-in law like yours, I said, wow!! my father-in-law would not spend a penny on me but he has this knack of claiming the credit, and immediately after the birthday party my daughter was sick, some food contamination and poor girl was in the hospital for 4 or 5 days, all these 4 or 5 days me and my wife stayed with our daughter, not one person who enjoyed the dinner visited to see the girl, :-) and once she was ok, again I was paying the bills and my father-in-law walked away with the girl saying those cute things. :-)

In Quebec 2003, when I informed them that I had a girl second time, most employees signed the card with comments, but this pale guy said, "making girls en!! ", :-) I said to myself Oh! even here there are people who feel girls don't deserve.

And when I showed our new born babies pictures to the fat old women from Toronto, she slide her index finger on the baby skin  in the pictures and looked at me, meaning, see the color, :-)) babies are pale, even I was pale as a child but slowly once we eat spices and other natural food, the color turns to brown, now my both kids are brown, but then the fat women meant, look at the color she is not your child, :-)) which also meant your wife is having some affair with some pale guy, and this rumour also made some rounds in the office, few employees would on purpose come and see the picture and go away with a smile. :-))

I shared this with my wife and we both laughed at the mentality of the pale fat old women from Toronto.

Bottom Line; It is always women who lets down other women and it is always women who can uplift other women, be it your own child, sister, daughter-in-law, cosister, neighbour, friend, colleague.

Once I saw a pregnant women standing in the bus, so I got up and offered her the seat, my mother was sitting next to me, after we got down from the bus, my mother asked me, why did you give her the seat, I said, amma, she was pregnant, my mother said, so what, I was pregnant 4 times, no one ever offered me a seat, I used to go standing in buses to hospitals, nothing happens.

I could not digest the fact that how could my own mother be that numb towards another women who happens to be carrying. :-))

I guess once a women goes through that labour pain and all that trouble to give birth to a child, they turn numb and insensitive to other peoples pain and troubles, and if a women had given birth to 3 or 4, they have no place in their heart for any body and their troubles, or other peoples trouble appear very small, the general feeling is , what is the big deal. :-) my grand mothers were like that they had 12 kids, she was like a army general.

So women mostly suffer under other women, even girls suffer mostly under other women and girls.

Men are very careful when it comes to pregnancy, I used to feel like it is a bubble winside her belly and it can burst if you just touch or little pressure it could hurt the child inside, :-)) I never touched my wife when she got pregnant, yes when she told me the girl is kicking, I would place my palm gingerly on her belly and the boby would go bonkers and would kick like a football player and I was like what if she kicks her way out and after  her delivery also for years I could not touch her with that kind of experience who would, and I have no idea how women get ready for the second pregnancy.

I think god said: Listen child, I have made women so stupid that she will get ready for many such pregnancies and go thought all that pain. :-)) I did ask my wife this question, OK first time you had no idea or knowledge then how could you do it second time. :-)) she just smiled. :-))

For this one thing, I would salute women how they do it. :-))


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