Jan 26, 2015

Current 26 JAN 2015

66th Republic day parade in New Delhi, India, was witnessed by President of USA Mr B Obama and his wife, first US president to do so, though both countries brag of being oldest and largest democracies :-) and then Obama has promised that they will do business close to 500 billion $, the current situation is:

USA- India, 50 Billion $ Imports business,
USA-China, 500 Billion $ Imports business,

Canada-India, 1 or 2 Billion $ Imports business
Canada- China, 30 Billion $ Imports business

Europe-India, 60 Billion $ Imports business
Europe-China, 300$ Billion$ Imports business

China is Communist,  Mandarin or Chinese, so people from west learn Mandarin or Chinese to do Business with China.
India is Democratic, English, Indians learn English to do business with the west.

:-)))  and the three USA, Canada and Europe say they are pro democracy. :-)))))))))))

Another highlight of this republic day parade was all women contingent, this is the first time an all women contingent is seen in this parade.

I have yet to see one women who is self less, meaning country first, self next or even family next kind of character, I have not seen, I have heard Iran is one country where there is all women army regiments who fight for their country, I don't think even NATO has something like all women regiments. :-))

If you ask me where are the men who are self less, :-)) millions of them in each country, Army, Navy , Air Force, Fire fighters, Police, Border Security forces, all are men who are self less.
Canada- Elections

I was listening to two women talking on CBC about Liberal leader and NDP leader, and they felt people will vote for Liberal leader because he is good looking, :-))

Obviously when the current good looking Prime Minister has brought Canada to its worse level, you can say ground level when it comes to,

Personal freedom,
Free Speech,

They were already curved downwards when Mr Chretian left the office, and Mr Harper added his harpoon and it has touched the ground, and suddenly the good looking man is looking not so good, and now again women wants to vote based on looks, :-)) the two women felt Mr Mulcair was good to listen and Trudeau to look. :-))

But the women were totally unaware of the situation in Canada as far as things I have listed are concerned, and Harper is going to turn this country into a police state before he leaves.

So anyone who takes office after him will blame him for all the downgrades and continue to add their weight so that I think in 2016-2020 we will see Canada reaching nadir point in fundamental rights of citizens.


Now all the intelligence agencies are trying to come out into open and assert their position, that yes we are all united and we share information and we plan together, and few more things they have to add to show they are holding absolute power.

1) Yes we run the government and your elected representatives also,we also manipulate the election results and decide who should win.
2) Yes we watch everyone 24/7 irrespective of age, color and race,
3) Yes we control the so called All Kinda bad terrorists,
4) Yes we are the good terrorists and we also do same destruction but for some politician,
5)  Yes we have the technology to control peoples body functions, like digestive systems, reproductive systems, muscular systems, Nervous system, etc. etc.
6) Yes we are running brain research on citizens of Canada/US with out their knowledge,
7) Yes we have free flow of money and we are asking more and are going to get more.

If this happens, elected representatives will not be able to function or act with out the pre approval of these agencies, people like Harper are digging their own grave. :-))

Like I said by year 2060, women in Canada will not be able to give birth because their ovaries will be controlled by CSIS, meaning the ova from ovaries will not be released with out the premission from CSIS, same thing about sperms, a Canadian man will not be able to ejaculate or have an erection with out the approval of CSIS, this technology already exists which is being perfected now, but the intelligence agencies are learning to be bold and open like politicians, :-))) and they will reach there by 2060 in an absolute show of power.

Once this happens we will not see Harpers, Trudeaus adn Mulcairs gettign elected by people, the Intelligence agencies will have a leader China style. :-))

So I say, "dig your grave and please do it faster", so that I can have some fun with these Intelligence agencies and their technology. :-)))

Canada- CSIS,
India- RAW
UK, MI5, 6
Isreal- Mossaud
Pakistan- ISI
Russia, France, Germany, are already in it, but they are going to consolidate their unity and position so that few women can run their show, these women will pass away in few years but the damage they will leave for us to handle will be too vast and too deep.

I think the current methods used by these agencies is something like this, let me take the case of Charlie Hebdo,

Intelligence in France runs a campaign after two guy who happen to be Islamic and little towards fundamentalism, so they follow them, watch them, and get everything ready with their communications and also they see that they have recorded messages claiming they belong to some terrorist organization, which is also controlled by the above given intelligence agencies. :-))

Then they ask their two shooters (From intelligence ) to gun down Charlie Hebdo staff  under cover, and they are allowed to escape, so few days are allowed to pass and they inform the media that they have two guys under hold in some place, "Dam Martin",  :-)) who happen to be the two islamic guys previously cornered by the intelligence agencies for quite some time. :-)

Bam Bam Bam, hollywood style, they kill the cornered guys and then some other drama is also planned like this, and it is seen that two things come together, "Martin", and some Jewish outfit,

Mumbai,  There was no Martin but Jewish couple got killed leaving a child behind,
Australia, Martin Place,
Quebec , Martin Reschleau,
USA, Two Martins gunned down by police,
France, Dam Martin, and Jewish shopping mall,

:-)) No one knows about the two set of guys, and can never prove that the two sets of people are two different people, and I think this has been the modus operandi of intelligence agencies for quite some time, including Sep 9/11, Mumbai 26/11, New York Marathon bombing, etc. :-))

And the main goal is to keep people under fear and pressure, which keeps the importance of these intelligence agencies. :-)) so basically it appears, that more then anything the comfort of these intelligence agencies is important.

So we should congratulate people like Mr Harper to help these things take place.

I think the world will have to take a good and long look at their intelligence agencies and their operations, communications, money spending, etc. otherwise future is going to be very bleak for the people of this world, we will not be fighting some ill concieved terrorist outfit but we will be fighting powerful intelligence agencies which will keep us busy with flimsy terrorist attacks and keep their upper hand.

So folks wake up.

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