Jan 6, 2015

Year 1985-2015, Science Project, Religion, Tolerance

Back in 1985, while I joined graduation and due to some student unrest for reservations, I used to spent most of  my time in state central or city central libraries, and I came across some science based predictions about how the world would be in the year 2015, that is after 30 years from 1985, I was 18 or 19, so 30 years appeared like an era.

And today we are in that era, so I was thinking what has changed since 1985, it is a coincidence that George Orwell also wrote a novel "1984", I think he wrote that novel in 1966, that is when I was born. :-)

His novel spoke about how things would change in USSR, as far as personal freedom, privacy and confidentiality is concerned, well USSR had disintegrated long back and today what we have is Russia with its rudimentary democratic systems and its determined leader Putin who is not giving into the pressure of west.

I have never been to Russia, so I can not write how different Russia is today compared to USSR then, but I have lived in Canada since 2001, and visited USA and also seen India after I left India in 2001, So I can definitely write how different India is today and also about Canada, where it is going and where it will end up.

Back in 1985, my parents  or even my siblings would not know what I was doing in my room, what I was watching, what I was reading, what I was drawing and what I was looking at, listening to, and my parents were least bothered to even find out what I was doing, so it was 100% personal freedom, privacy 100% and of course integrity on both sides was of top quality, and my parents never peeked into my cub boards or personal effects, never.

One behaviour I would like to highlight, 1983-84, I did some science project and it was liked by all and the chief guest announced it as the best, so as per the trend I was supposed to get the first prize, but my physics teacher, whose son also happened to be in my class, was not happy, so he changed certain things and while giving the prizes, he on purpose called me as the last person on the list, :-) and he did that with some drama, he said, " ok I think that is all, I have covered everyone, Oh! wait there is one name left", then he called me, and everyone was given a golden color pen. :-))

I did not feel bad, given his background and mentality, and it was not the end of the world, so I moved on, but after few months he called me and said, this year (1984) you will do the science project with my son, :-)) I told him, "this year I am not doing any science project", to that he said, "I will not let you pass physics practicals this year", I told him, let us see. :-) he was 45 I was 17.

Well I was given 20 out of 30 marks in the physics practicals, :-) even though I did my part well, because the school had this rule that no one will be given less then 20, :-)) and I scored 63 in theory, 5 marks more then his son, and when he saw this on the notice board, I am sure he must have suffered from some frustration, after few days he met me in a grocery store and the moment he saw me, he said, " you will do nothing in your life". :-)

If I analyse his issue, he was just frustrated that his son was not bringing him accolades in front of the school audience which he expected and he could not digest the fact that someone else was showing it.  :-))))))) it was a case of simple jealousy nothing else, today he must be around 75 yrs old, somewhere in Jharkhand, India, waiting for his date of expiration or may be he already left, as he was always coughing due to heavy smoking. :-))

Now in 2015. :-)))))))))))))) I can not stop laughing,

The three things which have taken a nose dive since 1985 are personal freedom, privacy and integrity with respect to confidentiality. :-)

I don't know about Russia, but I can tell you Canada has sure come very close to the George Orwell's novel "1984", with respect to personal freedom, privacy and integrity w.r.t confidentiality, all the three started to nose dive under Liberals in 2001 and touched the nadir point under Conservatives in 2015.

As on today, in Jan 2015

There is no personal freedom in Canada,
There is no privacy in Canada
There is no integrity in people, private or public, so they don't keep any thing confidential.

Every single electronic gadget, does not matter it belongs to a private business, or to children, it is under hacked condition by the government of Canada, I guess they are following NSA-USA policy of "process the haystack to let go the needle". :-)

Because If this policy was successful, the needle that blew up in Boston would not have happened, but it happened, same thing about recent Ottawa shoot out, or Quebec incident.

The so called Law enforcement agencies are keeping an eye on every single citizen of Canada, 24/7, I think it is their way of protecting people. :-))

As far as technology is concerned, surveillance technology is on its peak in 2015, but rest everything has remained more or less same,

Transportation is same, Trains look and run the same way, Flights still go missing and it takes two to three days to even get an idea what happened, :-) politicians have remained same, self centered and irresponsible.

Education has remained same, only that now children are under 24/7 surveillance by the government agencies.
Health is same, only that people suffer from symptoms designed by the government agencies with their high tech electronic toys.
Sports have remained same, Only that China and India are learning how to win more medals. ;-)
Basic life of people has remained same, particularly for the bottom 30% and the middle class.
Rich were called Millionaires in 1985, now in 2015 we call them Billionaires.

If Canada is like this, then US is not very different, in fact it is more inclined towards capitalism.


2015, Nothing has changed, same old same old as far the basic life is concerned, Politics, Cinema and private business are family based.

What has changed is:

People go to open toilets with a bottle of water and a mobile, :-)

Women also go to open toilets with a bottle of water but might get raped, and the elected minister would claim " boys make mistakes", and remain in power.

Trains look little better, toilets in the trains are as filthy as before, but the music on railway stations is as wonderful as before.

Flights are numerous,

Surveillance of citizens of India, not for its security concerns, for some other country like Canada or USA has caught up with spread of mobiles, so integrity has also gone down, people don't mind to hurt their neighbours through electronic toys, provided by countries like Canada for a small fee, I guess this disease has spread from the west like swine flu. :-)

Bottom line: Even today the science journals are predicting that world would change in a big way in 2045. :-))))))))

And the behaviour has remained same, it has not changed, I am going to be 49 in march 2015, but the challenge from people like my physics teacher has remained, :-)) " You work with me, my son or my pet, or my political party", or you will be called last in the list, has remained, and now it is a different person and more political, but suffers from the same cough like my physics teacher and smokes heavy like him, but this time it is a pale women born in affluent Canada and is 75 years old, but the issues are same. :-))))))))))))))))

Though I have not done any science project since 1985, :-) but attention is same.

The threats are the same: Do this or I will fail you, :-) Do that or, :-))

So did I change, no, because I don't see any reason to change for such folks, but I have changed like every body else 19 to 49 outlook changes, expectations change, patience goes up, at 19 you scorn, at 49 you smile. :-)

The tolerance in the world is going down because of too many gorilla outfits, which hit and hide and it is very difficult for the people to find out who did that, like my neighbour in 5th apartment is doing some mischief and tenants of 3rd apartment are exposing themselves, you know why.

The policy followed by most of these gorilla outfits is similar to Canadian policy with regards to tolerance.

" If I do it then you have to tolerate a great deal, but If you say even one word against me, the tolerance is zero", this is Canadian policy followed by the visible majority, which has no religion, no prophet, no culture, and no history beyond 400 years, and their tolerance level is Zero.

And Muslims have a history of 1500 years, they do have a prophet, and they also have a culture, old enough, and their tolerance with regards to their religion, prophets, sects  is zero.

They can not sit with each other If sects are different, and here is a newspaper which is unconcerned with any thing Islam, is making satire of a foreign religion, etc. so this paper "Charlie Hebdo", has been projecting itself as a mascot of free speech.

And we know now the status of free speech in France.

Tolerance: e.g. Canadian Pale folks style:

A pale women from Switzerland/Cuba/Mexico in Montreal would use words like " Abuse Mother", in Spanish every now and then for years, and would take it granted that no one will take it in a wrong way or feel bad because she is abusing mother, but the same women would raise such a hue and cry, when someone calls her or tells her to " Shut the f&^* up".

The entire pale community of Canada (Conservatives, Liberals etc etc. /USA/Europe/come together for her rescue, because that some one who told her to "Shut the f&^* up was colored. :-)

If this is right, as far as reaction is concerned,

Then what happened in Paris, (I will not say is right), but is a similar reaction with guns.

Bottom Line: If you can not take satire, or jokes, then better don't joke or pass satire on others, and this is specially for pale community of Canada/USA/Europe etc. and if you do what Charlie Hebdo has been doing, then you should not complain If you face some reaction.

Please don't say how about Islam, I already said, They can not sit together if sects are different, that is their level of tolerance and you are poking your nose into their most sensitive areas. :-))

Lesson to learn: Before passing satire or jokes on others, try making fun of yourself and see how you feel, once you are comfortable then go make fun of others, because people have a very low esteem, are frustrated for small small things and instead of praising them if you make fun, what do you expect, kisses, :-)))))))))))))))))))))  no they will throw the worst thing at hand. :-))))))))))))

And pale folks need this test very badly, check what is your tolerance level, just do things (Making fun or mockery) to yourself what you regularly do to others and take it for granted. :-)) and one stone comes your way, all hell breaks loose.

Where do you think all these guns came from, all that we have today is the result of zero tolerance towards satire, jokes, and mockery and the least tolerant of all has taken to guns, now see who is hoarding large quantity of guns.

Why Saddam Hussein was hanged by USA, because he was walking on a carpet in his house on which George Bush seniors picture was printed. :-))))

George bush could have done something similar in his house or white house but instead he sent the entire US army, which is no different then Charlie Hebdo attack.

The world will change towards peace, only when your right is their right and your wrong is also their wrong, but now your right is their wrong and vice verse.
Religion, Spirituality, Divine power.

Religion is like a boat,

Spirituality is like the oars of the boat,

Divine power is like the thrust which moves the boat in right direction.

Most people are in their respective boats but they don't have the oars, :-)  so that boat is going no where.

If you don't like the boat and its occupants, where the label reads, "Islam", or "Jews", or "Christian", or "Hindu", or "Buddhist", or "Jain", or "Sikh", then don't get in to it or poke your nose into it, or make fun of it, or even try changing it or its occupants.

Make your own boat and you can label it what ever you like, you can also write, " Jackass", :-)) and still that boat will be ready to cross the river, provided you get proper oars. :-))

Because there is nothing in a name, intention is important, you might have a name like "jackass", and spirituality and divine power is equally available to you also with out any bias, like it is available for all those religions.

Then why waste your time poking your nose into something you don't understand or want to understand.
Terrorism -Family Business

It seems like Cinema, Politics, and other commercial business, Terrorism is also being cultivated in families as a family business. :-))

But what is this "Martin", being used by Terrorists as a common word,  what terrorists have to do with Martin, these are not Islamic terrorists, these are Pale women terrorist from Toronto, Terrorist no 75 and 65.

Australia shootout Dec 15-- Martin Place

Paris suspects hiding at---- Dam Martin en goele

Quebec Army men run over-- Martin Rouleau who was later shot by RCMP

St louis, Missouri, USA, 18 years old Black man shot by Police 2014, his name, Antonio Martin

Sanford Florida, USA, 17 years old black man shot by police 2012, his name Trayvon Martin

Someone does not like the word "Martin", and I am sure it has nothing to do with Islam, this is our own official terrorist organization, CSIS with Terrorist no 75 from Toronto.

There is a street in Laval, Saint Boul Martin,

There is a car named Aston Martin used by James Bond.

There is this Aerospace agency, Lockheed Martin

I think the Intelligence agencies in Canada, Australia, France, of course USA and UK will always be there, are cooking some new brew to be fed to the world and to initiate they need some reasons and the reasons were created by the Intelligence in all these countries and Martin is the common word in all these incidents.

I am thinking which country are they going to invade or attack, Oil prices are falling and it is predicted they might fall as low as 30$ a barrel. Kuwait is being highlighted as a country from where all the racial TV channels operate or are financed, but that is between two sects of Islam, what white man has to do with it.

But something is being cooked by these 5 or 6 nations, they have called an Anti Terror Meeting in France, ok that is ok, Anti Terror, remember USA did similar thing in 2001, with Anti Patriotic Law passed, so something similar is being planned but to screw whom????

Swine flu was not effective,
Bird flu was also not very effective,
Ebola is slow and needs very close contact

So what is it that is bothering the white man...........tch tch tch
Bigg Boss Season 8, India

The program is a scripted and directed one, with 14 to 15 celebrities locked up in a house and they are asked to go crazy.

Bigg Boss is never shown only a representative talks on his behalf, like "Bigg boss wants this wants that etc.".

The season 8 started with the host Salman Khan sporting a Canadian flag on his tie.

But if you watch carefully, the noise made by all the inmates 14 or 15 of them is a reflection of one person's mind from Canada, that is Terrorist no 75, :-))

After watching this show one can get an idea of the noisy brain of this one Terrorist no 75, she is 75 years old lives in Toronto and is very socially sick and calls herself "Bitch from hell",, one can see that sickness in Bigg Boss Season 8.

Basically it is clear from the behaviour of all the inmates, that this women terrorist has too many issues and one psychiatrist would not be able to handle it, she needs a team of psychiatrists all clinical.

Though she is playing double game she gets caught red handed due to her traits, which are Greed, Hurry Hurry and worry worry, she makes blunders in a hurry and expects someone else to solve them for her. :-))


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