Feb 4, 2015

Current 04 Feb 2015: "THE CROW" from Canada & Irresponsible CSIS

A small story from my primary class Hindi book,

There were two set of birds, peacocks and crows, and as birds of same feather flock together, peacocks live together and so do the crows, and one day a crow finds a peacock feather and it finds it very beautiful.

So the crow pins the peacock to its feathers and starts behaving like a peacock and slowly goes near the peacocks, and when the peacocks see this they push the crow out of their place with their beaks and the crow feels bad that it is not being accepted by the peacocks, though it has a peacock feather.

So the poor crow still with the peacock feather walks back to the crows and crows find her different like a peacock and they too push her out of their place with their noise and beaks.

Now why nature had given the name "CROW", to "Bitch from hell", alias T No 75, :-), does it mean Bitch from hell is trying to be a peacock or is it that she is trying to tell me that she is a peacock and nature tells me , no no she is a crow. :-))  nature is very careful because it does not want a destructive character like her to go anywhere.

In 2010, when I visited India, we had a chance to visit a dog's temple, :-)) an idol of an upright standing dog is actually worshipped, and it is a big temple, and in the centre there is an idol of Lord Shiva also.

Dog is also called Bhairav and is supposed to be a pet of Lord Shiva.

When we reached this temple, believe me a large black crow also landed in the temple, and in a corner there was this small tree smeared with some sweat stuff and millions of house flies covered that tree trunk. :-))

One thing is clear, the crow (75 years old) wants to go somewhere, but it can not because of its own rumours and lies, so she can go only If I go, which also means she will have to prove that she has actually to do something with me, which is very difficult because again it was she who kept me out of her inner circle or confidential circle. :-))

This is called, fall in the pit which you created, :-)) so the Crow is in deep shit, it is her own creation.

And I am not in a position to extend any help to any one, so SORRY crow, :-))  again it is her who is responsible for my situation also. :-)))))))))))))))

And hundreds of cowards in Canada/India are suffering because of this one Crow. :-))

"Vinasha Kaale, Viparita Buddhi", :-)) When the end comes the mind works in negative direction.

Delhi Elections:

I think with this elections, Kejriwal 's political career will be over, reason the Crow is with him, :-) the same Crow was with Congress-I, and see where it is now, and now the Crow herself is in deep shit, and has been trying very hard to fly, is now  trying to help Kejriwal getting elected in Delhi.

I think it is the people of Delhi who will elect their leaders, and only they have the right, no one else should have any say in this matter. at least not a Crow from Toronto.

And I would say may the best person who will do something for the people of Delhi may win.

And Crow will take care of Kejriwal, he is doomed. :-)))  so anyone who wants to go down should link himself or herself with this Crow which is also a terrorist no 75.
Black and White:

The pale folks in Canada have been playing this Black and White game, actually both the left and right political parties are packed with only pale folks, In Conservatives you see one blue turban rest is all white or pale and Liberals is all white or pale, but one of the party is calling it self Black and the other White.

I have not seen one black politician in Canada, yes I see them washing dishes in Tim Hortons,  still I am not sure which one is which. :-))

White is anyway useless and Black behaves like slaves, and only after 2090 Blacks will get real freedom from Whites, that is when the whites go extinct.

For me they all are white only, listed for extinction, let me repeat the reason for extinction.

1) Homosexuality
2) CSIS (Other similar intelligence agencies like CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6 etc.) control over reproductive organs of women and men,

Imagine, Canadians in future will have to take special permission from CSIS, like a certificate to bear children and CSIS will hold the control to allow women to ovulate or not and to allow men to ejaculate or not. :-))  please don't laugh and say humbug, :-) they already have the technology and are using it on many Canadians.

I think the so called "Free Speech and Freedom", has gone the wrong way, people of this country do not have the right of free speech and freedom, only the intelligence agencies have.

What can be worse for humanity when a spy agency like CSIS will control your ovaries and testicles, I am sure If George Orwell was alive he would have died again :-)) a country which brags for its freedom of expression and in 1997, UNO called it the best country to live in, that is when I applied.

Today CSIS has the technology to control Ovaries and Testicles, :-)))))))) the first question that comes to my mind is why someone would develop such a technology if it is not to control the masses.

I am sure Mr Harper is still sleeping. someone put a bucket of cold water and push him towards CSIS, after he is the representative of people and he should investigate CSIS for every single technology and they are using it illegally on Canadians.

And this disease will spread through their excellent networking to every single intelligence agency in this world.

Good luck folks, :-))) This is called "you dug your own grave and now the Crow is trying to fly.
The Crow:

It just claims that she is responsible for what ever you did, and she might as well claim that people are afraid of her, :-)) she just claims.

She is not alone, many people do that kind of thing, but she is master of "just claim', politics.
:-))  She might not even see you or know you or met you, she will just claim you are her pet. :-)))))

Oh! he is my pet, he will do whatever I tell him to, :-))  really!!

The first company I worked, the MD I used to report, was like the Crow, he was telling cock and bull stories to his partners, that I was just a puppet, and I was doing things only because he was guiding me, "he is just a chemist", and when I resigned all hell came down on him, so he has to convince his partners why I resigned. :-))

Because the big question must have been, If he is your pet, and a puppet why did he resign. :-)))))))

To cover it up he tried everything from ambitions, growth to threats, when nothing was working and I was adamant to leave,  he said, one phone call to the Kadapa Reddy and he will throw bombs at you, I told him I can give him my address if he needs. :-))

But rascals really brought crude bombs and stored in a quarter 100 feet's away from my quarter and luckily they exploded in the night with out hurting anyone only the building got damaged.

I was sitting outside my home till 11 pm that night, my family had gone to my in-laws home, and around 11PM, I went to sleep and the bombs stored in the attic exploded blowing the door 100 feet's and 16 inch wall of that quarter cracked open like a water melon., the children and women in that home were sleeping under that attic and  were safe. 

The Crow is in similar situation, she must have told cock and bull stories to all the cowards, and now not a single thing is happening like she claimed, so all the noise. :-))

Well there is always a downside to any politics and this is it for just claiming. :-)))

CSIS & Supreme Court of Canada & Conservatives

(CSIS= Canadian Security Intelligence Services)

Old adage was, "walls have ears", now due to irresponsible CSIS, the adage in Canada is,

"Walls have eyes (x ray vision) and ears", so live and visit at your own peril.

CSIS: This organization is run like a grocery store, there is no log for any gadget, device, and majority of the work is carried out as a favour, so people who are involved in fraudulent activities, stealing from private sector or even public sector, and many other criminal activities are taking the help of CSIS, like if a fraudulent person from Toronto wants to keep tabs on certain people, she is using CSIS. :-))

And warrant?? I don't think CSIS ever takes any warrant for any of its activities in Canada, why would they worry about a warrant for international activities.

I think Mr Harper should be given a free hand to help CSIS whatever it wants, money, freedom to screw anyone in Canada and outside Canada, so that CSIS can expand its activities to such an extent that entire Canada will spy on each other for CSIS. :-)))

There must be many outfits in Canada which copy CSIS functioning and carry out their own spy activities with  the help of corrupt local police and we might be blaming CSIS. :-))

When I visited India in 2010, where ever I went the police followed in large numbers, and in Tirupati, a policemen who was driving the Cab asked me If I was from Muscat, and when I said no I am from US, then a cop joined him in his cab and a plain clotheman warned the driver, this is your last chance.

This is what CSIS is doing internationally, they tell local agencies that the person in question is from middle east, even though the person might be from Canada, :-)) because Canada is a big player in the drama of terrorism and any bad person has to be from middle east and of Islam religion.:-))

The moment I reached my home town of Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, I got a message from Canadian High Commission on my cell, it said, "welcome to Andhra Pradesh (name of the province in 2010) please if you need any assistance please call us at " some number was given. 

And one day in 2010, I was returning home with my daughters and my sister and her daughter, it was 9 pm, and a auto driver tried to act smart, when I shouted at him then he left, and with in minutes I got another message from Canadian high commission, it said, "welcome to Andhra pradesh, if you need any assistance please call this number at Canadian High Commission", :-))

So CSIS must be involved in these kind of mischiefs also, meaning they would ask local agencies like RAW in India to harass the Canadian citizen visiting India and then send messages to the Canadian citizen offering help, I am not sure what is the purpose but this sure happens.

Most Indo-Canadians who travel to India report bad behaviour from Airport authorities in India and in Canada, that is when they enter or leave India, and when they enter Canada, :-))and many other people who visited to many other countries also reported this kind of behaviour.

And I think all this is international activities of CSIS to harass Canadians travelling abroad, the local agencies of those countries are given mis information, like, I think in my case the local agencies in India were told I was from Muscat, :-)) and the local police was so alert, and hundreds of RAW agents were all over the place with the local police even inside the temples, it is my mentality to remain calm in any adversity that keeps me going other wise slight provocation could have created lot of trouble for me and my daughters (both Canadian) because an irresponsible agency like CSIS was having some fun at the cost of some citizens of Canada.

Whatever, no matter how much one might beat the drums against this agency, they are bound to take us where like I said Canadian women will have no control over their ovaries. :-)))

There are people who will push this agency to that extent, Crow is in favour of this, so is the other piece of shit from Montreal. they are numb, insensitive, self centered people and above that they are pale. what Supreme court of Canada will do, :-)) Ask Mr Chretien he will tell you the powers of Supreme Court of Canada. :-)))

Another very serious thing carried out by CSIS and its international partners is, targeting parents of Canadian citizens in their home countries, when they travel to Canada, most of them get sick and leave Canada with in months, and once they return India, most of them suffer from artificial symptoms of various ailments and are attacked in their homes by RAW-CSIS and its five eyes partners, I don't know what is the purpose, that they have to target old people who are not even Canadian, or from Middle east.

One thing is clear,countries like Canada, USA, UK, and others involved in the drama of terrorism, are trying to pull other countries like India, France, etc, into this drama, so that it turns into a major international program, countries like India need to be very careful, program against terrorism is ok, but first make sure it (so called terrorism) does exists and after you burn your hands the truth might come as,  terrorism was just a mirage created by the west for its personal gains.

West is using double edge weapon, one edge is NATO and its propaganda against terrorism, and the other edge is the Islamic outfits who are controlled by NATO.  Imagine India gets stuck in this mess, because west will do anything for Pakistan, it is their ally and permanent first wife, India is just a concubine for time being. :-))

Jesus Christ save Canada and its Citizens from CSIS and the sick people pushing it over the edge..
Obama comments about religious intolerance in India,

Obama should first know that India is the only democratic country which is secular by constitution and is the only country where religious minorities get reservations in education and jobs, even USA is not secular, it is a christian state and we all know how well Muslims are treated in US, Muslims and most south Asians refuse to transit  via US because of this special treatment. :-))

I still remember my visit in 2002, it was an official visit to attend some conference, and the way I was asked to remove everything and the way I was given the last seat in the flight, :-) I was not even a Muslim, :-)) OK then 2001 Sep 9/11 was very fresh.

But then in 2009, I visited US with my family by road, same treatment, special treatment for Canadians, OK I understand CSIS was playing some mischief and it does always with Canadians leaving or entering Canada.

"Please before throwing stones at others clean up your backyard or people living in glass houses do not throw stones at others".

What is Canada?

Canada is a school, managed by CSIS and many such organizations, :-))

New immigrants are like new students who are given special education, where they are taught that white is superior, Brown is middle and Black is inferior, and this apartheid system is followed silently by all Canadians. :-))

Otherwise CSIS comes down heavy on them through their electronic gadgets.

I think white is incompetent and useless, Brown is very competitive and independent, Black is still suffering from after effects of 100's of years of slavery.

And white hides behind both black and brown.

White is on the top of all places, :-)) brown is either independent or in the middle, Black is always on the bottom and for all the menial and hard work.

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