Feb 10, 2015

Current 10 FEB 2015-Delhi and elections-Look who was scared

Delhi Elections  2015 "Jo Dar Gaya Wo Mar Gaya".

10 Feb 2015, will go down in history of politics as Kejriwal day, wow! sure people in Delhi were fed up with Congress-I and BJP for in action, Congress-I is a party of rich people, we can understand and it got its treatment many many times in recent past, but BJP is a party with its leader from lowest sections of the society and yet people are not getting any help.

I think the Crow instead of landing on Kejriwal's camp it landed on BJP, Amit Shah's camp, this defeat is a defeat of Amit Shah of BJP, Kiran Bedi is a women who is lost, she does not know what to do with her life, :-)) some times Anna, sometimes, Kejriwal, sometimes Congree-I and sometimes BJP, so now she can rest and my suggestion to Kiran Bedi is go for spirituality, settle your mind, body and soul, then you will see what you have to do with your life, otherwise Amit Shah's of this world will continue to use her.

In a way it is good for BJP to have strong Kejriwal in Delhi, because Delhi will not sleep under Kejriwal and active Delhi will work in favour of Modi, so that Modi can do something for this country and its people.

One thing I fail to understand about people is why don't they do something when they have power.

Let me give an example from my experience.

There was this employee club, with some 300 employees, there was some money, but the club was being run like a grocery store by a senior officer, accounts were like his personal property, and when I took charge, there were 10 people who were not part of the club yet they tried to block me from dong anything, including the management, :-)) and when I asked for accounts, they were up in arms because there were no accounts being maintained. :-))

And it took me 3 months to put back everything in order and after that I would go once in the evening for few minutes, there were 4 people who were running it on a regular basis, and I maintained accounts got it audited by our company CA and gave a copy to the club for their information, was it difficult, not at all.

And I guess it remained in that functioning state after I left it, I think the main reason, why things don't happen is people do not know how to do things and what to do first, etc. so everything remains a mess, and the hero worship is another factor, one person is treated like a god and rest are forgotten, this is what happened in Congress-I and they have not yet learned lesson and I think it is time we should forget about Congress-I, and may be AAP works with sound planning they can replace Congress-I in 4 years time and contest next general elections with a bang, I think Modi and his men will have to hurry up with their projects.

People like Amit Shah have a small problem, they run a good campaign, they win, but after that they loose focus, and Delhi is a good example how Amit Shah lost focus and brought Kiran Bedi which was the biggest folly.

And it is very clear that the agenda of Mr Amit Shah is not people, it is BJP, which is very correct according to his position, but this can not be the only agenda of Mr Modi, people will have to be the number 1 item on his agenda, or please look at Congress-I, :-))))  because they did not keep people on their priority list.

Any way Modi or Kejriwal as far as people get help it is always good in democracy.

Because, Modi, Amit Shah, Rahul, Sonia, etc. etc. are not important, important are people, because it is democracy, and to keep democracy up and running we can loose many leaders but not the people and democracy.

So Congratulations Kejriwal, he deserved it, and may be Kejriwal will do something for the people

"Kitne Aaye Kitne chale gaye

Lekin Log wahin ke wahin,

So Khao Piyo lekin kuch to karon.

Aakhir praja ke bina Prajatantra kaisa".

So this should be a lesson for BJP that a door through which Congress-I went is always open in democracy and the door is controlled by people who vote.

And Amit Shah should stop feeling and behaving like a king and he doesn't have to run his Ashwameda horse every where in all directions, and please keep away from Telangana,  it is just a baby and let KCR handle that baby.

And elections are not won or lost because some mother gets sick or how you celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, or what you think about certain things, what people want is some development in their lives.

And people who have no idea what they have to do with their lives, what suggestion they will give you Mr Modi,

Modi Ji, Aap to Yogi hain

phir kaise Arjun ban gaye,
bhar siraf duryodhan ka raj chalta hain ,
or duryodhan ka matlab hi hota hain, mis conception. :-)))

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