Feb 23, 2015

Current 23 FEB 2015- ICC World Cup Cricket 2015 coverage in Hackerville

ICC World Cup Cricket 2015: We in Canada have so many channels for cricket, but only Bell Canada is covering ICC world cup cricket 2015, and they are selling the entire season for 200$ even to its subscribers and I think as a regular Bell Canada subscriber it is an open loot.

Then we have CBN channel, Common wealth Broadcasting channel, and it is busy showing us all old footage of last years or this years cricket.

Then we have another Cricket channel, CRK ATN, same thing with this channel they are also showing highlights of old cricket matches and only 30 minute talk shows on world cup 2015.

Then there is Sports net one, it is busy showing tennis, and now and then they cover highlights of world cup 2015. apart from these there are some 30 channels which cover sports, and all are busy with our national sport," face bashing sport", sorry we also call it ice hockey. :-))

I think Canadians will be interested in Cricket, only if players are allowed to kick each other in face, if this is allowed I bet Canada will take interest in this sport and then we might not call it a gentleman's game, :-))

So this season thanks to Con government, we Canadians are deprived of Cricket, it is like pay 200$ or forget it. :-))  So we said forget it, and out Canadian team could not qualify to play in ICC world cup cricket, but Afghanistan did qualify. :-)

Another interesting point in this world cup is, UK has three teams, Ireland, England and Scotland. ad only teams which did not win the world cup are :

New Zealand
South Africa

So I tried to connect through some scrapper websites like smartcric, but by mistake I downloaded some app and the computer stopped from functioning.

So this weekend I tried to reinstall windows XP in my old computer which has been in coma since it suffered hackers pique, so after few tries it came out of coma and started to function and even before I could restore it properly, the hacker came back and with one touch to his key board sent the old computer back in coma, :-)) for a moment I forgot I live in hacker ville, :-)) and the government is Con which serve only hacking.

So my computer needs a change of circuit board so I let it rest. :-))  for a moment I felt I should send an email to Mr Stephen Dion, MP Liberal party of Canada, that his constituency, Ville Saint Laurent has been changed in to a hacker ville. :-)) then I thought it will be like asking a hungry man to do some guarding duty. :-)))))))))

Even our prime minister's name rhymes with hacker, Stephen Hacker. :-))))))))))))

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