Feb 24, 2015

Current 24 FEB 2015, Canada going Satan way tch tch tch

Canada going "Satan", way, :-)

One thing everyone knows is that we are surrounded by two energies, positive and negative, and then there is the food that you eat which designs your mind, hence we also say, "you are what you eat".

And food is of three types, Vegetarian, and devoid of Onions and Garlic, Vegetarian with Onions and Garlic, and Non Vegetarian, some might even say Eggitarian, or Hindu type of Non Vegetarian which lacks beef (Mad Cow Disease) and pork (Worms), the first type keeps the mind clean, and is suitable for positive thinking and since it does not contain Onions and Garlic, people do not suffer from lethargy or excess sleep, then the second type is Vegetarian with induced lethargy, but Onions gives a good body to any dish and fried Onions taste really good, but too much Onions are bad for health and breath, but I like to cook with Onions, Garlic, and Ginger. :-)

Even though the mind might be clean and alert because of Vegetarian food with out Onions and Garlic, it is very much capable of taking in the negative energy, the thoughts are the carriers of energy, and if a person with clean mind thinks dirty, dirty thoughts will take very dirty negative energy and it is a loop, same thing with good thoughts, good thoughts are carriers of positive energy and they induce positive thinking and again it is a loop, because with positive thinking the mind, body and soul gets richer and richer pushing the human to higher levels of living.

And negative thinking push the human to lower levels of living, towards evil, which many religions have called, Satan, or Shaitan or Devil or just Evil, and once Satan takes hold of your mind, and if that mind is fed non vegetarian food, one can imagine what that person is capable of in terms of negativity and evil.

So in terms of Physics the energy is either positive or negative, and there is this "field", but in reality it is as alive as you and me, and Satan is as real as you and me, and all it needs is a mind with evil thoughts, or mind which is sucking negative energy, same thing with the other side, which we call godly energy or positive energy, it needs a mind, clean and with positive thinking.

A person in Satan's control will be mean, and suffer from low esteem, cunning, always planning to hurt, block or spoil others, :-)) and a person who is in control of his own actions will be child like.

Now Canada is going Satan way, because the the top cream of the society is very negative and that is so attractive to the Satan that once it will get hold of it, it will be a long way before we will even see any thing positive, simple example is, look at the middle east, it is in the grip of the Satan, Satan likes only destruction, evil in its pure self, here godly energy is helpless because the minds are all corrupt with negative energy and where there is negativity only Satan gets to rule, godly power or energy is kind of helpless, it remains a spectator waiting for people to prepare themselves to take the positive energy, so that it can do some damage control, but given the current situation, it is hardly getting any chance to do some damage control.

And taking a u turn from total negativity towards positive energy is a very tough task, because it is a loop and it is controlled by Satan and its forces, :-) imagine Satan is drinking blood, source is provided by both the sides, heads and the tails, and you want to stop it from doing so, basically it means you will have to fight Satan to free your mind, and since you are used to eating food packed with violence, it is impossible to free your mind, thoughts and yourself from Satan.  :-) basically it means you are screwed with little or no hope of any return to normalcy, it is an abyss.

Secret: Bring yourself to a level which is so high that even if you take negative energy, Satan will not be able to control you. :-)) but first, one will have to reach those heights of positivity, and which you will never loose once you gain but you will get the ability to use both positive and negative energy with out the Satan's meddling, which means you will be the master of your actions. :-)) 

Anyway point is Canada is going towards Satan way. :-))

Faith begins where logic ends, and religion also begins where logic ends, and logic for us is what we can see, but there is that logic which is still invisible to us is also playing its part. :-)

Go folks go destroy yourselves, we will watch your destruction with awe. :-))))))))))

Then there is IQ, EQ and SQ, people are not clear what IQ is and EQ is already being discussed, and when will we reach there, where we will discuss SQ.

Given the above scenario,

Person with high intake of negative energy, has high negative IQ
Person with high intake of positive energy, has high positive IQ,

Person with high intake of negative energy is emotionally strong but can perform only negative tasks, and is emotionally very weak to perform any positive acts, and vice verse, so a person with evil thoughts is having very high EQ but it works for him only when he performs negative tasks and when he or she has to perform any thing positive it is beyond his or her understanding  or even imagination and might find herself or himself out of place, (Most or majority of pale folks fall in this category) :-) and my suggestion is please don't stop, eat as much beef as possible and it should be old, frozen and rotten the best. :-))) because Satan loves such folks who eat rotten, old, frozen beef, full of toxins. :-)) and better if it is eaten raw.

Satan hates vegetables. it thinks sissies eat vegetables.

Now a person with high negative EQ might be very successful in the material world, and most successful people in terms of wealth fall in this category, but they hardly do any good to the world, but exceptions are always there.

What makes the actual difference is SQ, spiritual quotient, a person with a high negative EQ can not have any SQ, it has to be positive EQ, but then the material success might not be there. :-))

Some real CON ADA:

I was reading on some online news website, I think it was msn.com, a story about how refugees suffer after they come to Canada, and most end up living on less then 11,000$ per year, and the main reason is they can not speak English or French, and it takes time to learn English or French and start working, and the comments section was loaded with comments from natural born Canadians, whose comments were :

"I have news for you. Many natural born Canadians and seniors live on less than that".

"I have always felt when reading stories like this, that these people have expectations and they feel like we owe them or something. So many Canadians I know struggle financially, living from paycheck to paycheck, paying taxes and still not able to save for a rainy day. They fail to realize that there are many Canadians living the way she does. It saddens me to hear a refugee or immigrant suggesting that the Government change the Pension Plan to suit their needs when they have paid nothing into it. All I have to say is this, if you come here to Canada to live, then you must realize that not everyone in Canada is filthy rich, not everyone can afford luxuries, so just suk it up and do what the rest of the low income families do, "the best you can" with what you got. STOP expecting to be treated BETTER than thousands of other Canadian families who have paid into the Canadain Pension Plan all of their working lives".

"Are you stating that a refugee should get as much or more than one who has paid pension, taxes etc all of there life. If it wasn't for our generosity to the hard done by people of every other nation there would be more money left over for our natural born citizens".

"Yes, If don't work here you get nothing but what your allowed nothing more and nothing less suck it up butter cup, if want more go back learn more but we'd be paying for that to".

"I've got news for her.. Many of us natural born Canadians are living on that or less.. The headline should read, many Canadians... not just immigrants... To her if she doesn't like it , should have stayed home".

"After a senior has been in Canada for 10 years they received Old Age Security even if they haven't worked a day or paid taxes in Canada. You're only entitled to receive CPP if you paid into it and that's the way it should be. There are Canadians who were born here live on $1100.00 a month or less too. Welcome to the real world!".

"While I feel sorry for the lady but the fact still remains that she shouldn't be coming here if she is not able to look after herself. It's not up to the Country to look after her she has to make it on her own, now a days Canadians find themselves facing the same problems she is experiencing. All the things she is facing should have been taken into consideration before she came here. I think one of the big problems is the lack of communication between these people and our government on just what the difficulties will be when coming to our country at her age. As already stated there are Canadians living here that are facing serious financial difficulties before retirement and after without a language problem. Allowing single older people to immigrant here especially with kids is a serious step and means considerable difficulty in getting employment and providing proper living conditions".

"Robert the term is "Refugee" not immigrant. If Canada brings in refugees, it is incumbent upon us to do what we can. Immigrants come to Canada with their eyes wide open through discussions with our embassies abroad. Please don't use the terms interchangeably".

"Morning I am a senior living in Canada on OAS, and CCP Just over $1300 per month.. I was born and worked in this country since I was 16 years old. You can come to this country from anywhere else if you live here for 10 years whether you WORK or not you (and most don't work) are entitled to those to pensions Which is BS. That is why most of those people come to Canada and enjoy our health care system and pensions. FREE.. The government needs to jack up the eligibility time to 20 years and if you don't work you are not entitled to does pensions... Same goes for a another segment of our population Which get more then the working seniors and they never work".

After reading all these comments, I think there is a huge communication gap between the government and the people, and same way between immigrants, refugees and the people, and the government, and no government, Liberal or Conservative did any thing to remove this communication gap.

On eof my client, he is in his 70's and he took precautions and saved for the rainy day by investing in RRSP's, and a home, etc, but to his shock when his time cam efor the pension, Canadian government deducted all those savings from his pension and he gets some 400$ per month, because he has some saving and a home, which I guess is paid.

And it is not a laughing matter, things are very serious for many including the native people in Canada, and old refugees, immigrants who come here and are taken for a ride by mafia extentions of the political parties like Liberals and Conservatives.

And the way Canadian government projects itself is a different story and many get attracted, like the per capita income, Canada projects 42000, and which is just misleading figures, reality is reflected in the above given comments. :-) and now we are going down towards nadir point.....tch tch tch.

As per the Astrology, after 2016 the times will changes, even for me, so I am just waiting for 2016 to arrive, :-))  right now it is Saturn-Rahu, nexus which is working against me and everyone.

So let us wait till 2016. :-)) after all we are not running out of time, like many others, :-)))))))))))))

So it is 2016, I guess after April or May.

 I think the time will change because NDP will come to power and the two mafia political parties (left and right) will bite the dust, the pale cowards have clearly given the indication that both the parties are dead against people of Canada, that includes me. :-)) they are interested in the welfare of one or two people. :-))

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