Feb 12, 2015

Current- Your Wrong can not be My Right

"Your wrong can not be my right", wrong is wrong, and right is right, irrespective of who is supporting it.

Canada-CSIS/CSE, Canadian spy agency wants to play police also, and for that they must have been pressing for new legislation, the reason for this I think is, CSIS and their subsidiaries in various parts of the country have been involved in scores of illegal activities, and particularly in Saint Laurent, Quebec, a Liberal strong hold for last 20 years, and CSIS probably wants to convert all those illegal operations in to legal operations as most of them might spill on their face and the reason why Liberals will not oppose this legislation is because most of these illegal operations are in Liberals constituencies.

The mafia extensions of the two parties Liberal and Conservatives have been using CSIS and its subsidiaries for political propaganda, which means using electronic voodoo to force people to join their mafia like political party, and more crime they will commit more legislation they are going to ask.

And the new legislation is required by CSIS for their domestic operation, till now they have run these operations with out any fear or concern for warrant or legal backlash, but now I think few of these illegal operatives working for CSIS are suffering from nervous break down. :-))))))

Imagine a CSIS/CSE operative has cornered someone for some purpose or as a favour for some rogue fraudster having links in Ottawa, but then he or she will have to explain the entire thing to RCMP or Police to close that operation, and that might create new problems, so why to have a separate RCMP, Police, why not one person can do everything, Spying, Policing, Judging, and Punishing, and in future they might as well occupy the parliament, it will be very easy to carry out any operation legal or illegal.

Wrong is wrong, and right is right, it does not matter who is holding the wrong as right, wrong remain wrong and giving too much power to spy agency is wrong, no matter who is supporting it.

Conservatives can not get away by saying Liberals are not objecting, I would say who are Liberals, that 30 puppets in the parliament, NDP is opposing, which they should tooth and nail, but the truth is all are pale, so my expectations from them are nothing, as they are digging their own grave, they will end up doing it, because that is where Canada is destined to reach. :-))

Mr Harper is behaving like he was elected by intelligence agencies and not the people, this situation is between rights of the people Vs Intelligence agencies, and Mr Harper seems to have forgotten that it is the people of Canada who elected them and not the intelligence agencies.

If they want Taliban like powers I suggest they should leave Canada and settle down in Kandhar.

I think this season we are going to have lot of problems watching this world cup, because CSIS/CSE are not going to let people in Canada watch this game, because CSIS/CSE are scared.

One might ask what CSIS/CSE has to do with ICC Cricket world cup, :-))  I would say naive fellow, they want to control this world and control every election results, every game, every single decision, every person on this earth, they have already covered  Canada, so they are moving towards the entire world and want the same 100% surveillance rights like they have in Canada. :-)) The evil is growing.

By the way Canada could not qualify for this world cup, any new team or new country has to win one match in teh qualifying rounds and Canadian team has not won a single match so far, Oh! sorry we are busy kicking each other on ice, we call it national sport "Ice Hockey".

I think the finals will be between Australia and England.

and England will win this world cup 2015.

India will loose because of  M S Dhoni and his ambitions. :-)) I think he asked for 40 crores to act in a movie based on his life. :-))

He makes 100 crores or more per year, I don't know what people do with so much money, where do they keep it, and RAW is not doing anything in India, here in Harpers Canada, CSIS/CSE tries to control my checking account which has some 30$. :-)))))))))))

Modi and his expensive dress:

Mr Modi should understand that he is living in India, and India is run by few rich Indians, who are in turn controlled by their masters in various foreign countries, this includes Congress-I also, :-)  and in this India, a chai wala had become a Prime Minister, which is still not digested by Congress-I and many such puppets.

Mr Modi, in such an India, a chai wala who had become a Prime Minister is yet to be tolerated by these puppets, how will they tolerate if he wears an expensive dress and tries to show some style.

I think that was good, and Indian prime Minister should have every right to wear what ever he wants, but there is a catch, please don't talk about being Gandhi wadi, because these two things do not go together, either this or that.

"Agar duniya se dar ke jiyenge to kuch bhi na kar payenge, Logon ka to kaam hain kahena".

CPI(M), JD this and JD that, DMK, Congress-I, all the corrupt politicians are so worried that If the clean up continues then their future is in danger, hence all the noise. :-))

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