Feb 18, 2015

Do you know someone ? I don't

It is really good to see some smile on the face of Mr Kejriwal, :-)) I don't expect him to do anything huge, but small small things which can bring smile to the face of ordinary citizens who do not know anyone from ruling class. :-)

Today morning, Mr Kavi Vishwas of AAP was narrating few funny things on TV and he told that top 10 bhanjans in India were written, sung, music directed, acted, and filmed by Muslims, :-)) I knew that few of the bhajans were sung by Late Rafi Sahab, but all 10 top bhajans produced by all Muslims is really surprising to know.

Before elections Mr Kejriwal said, "I am travelling in business class because I want all common people to travel in business class", now he is saying common people will have to live in Jhuggi and Jhopadi (huts), so what ever happened to common man travelling in business class. :-)

Apart from that the general tendency of people is I know so many people, :-)) I am surprised I hardly know anyone, :-)) and when I see or read any news, I hardly see a name I know him or her personally, like a class mate or a relative or a neighbour, every person in India or Canada or USA, I only see strangers. :-))

Not that I lived in one place like a frog in a well, I have moved more then 40 times in my 48 years and I hardly know one person who is popular in any field, even scientific field, :-)) what ever happened to so many people I grew up with in so many cities, :-)) I guess all of them are still trying to make both ends meet, :-)) because all of them come from middle class.

Many people I have observed feel very elated or great if they come across some one popular or wealthy, "I know him", is the reaction with a huge smile, and my question is always, "Does he or she know you", :-))  because I know who Harper is or Stephen Dion or T Mulcair is, but do they know that I exist. :-))

When ever my father would go out he would look for people he knows, sometimes even a tea vendor, a coolie (porter) a railway clerk, etc, would acknowledge his good wishes and he would be so happy, and he would say with a big smile, "He remembers me", my question would be, and?? :-)) I know lot of people get offended with such logical questions, but when he was down, except a barber, hardly a person he knew visited to see him. :-))

And even today I know that barber who runs a small salon in my parents locality, and he is the only person who knows me. :-)) actually I never gave much importance to this thought that people should know me my idea always was it is better if no one knows me, so that I can sit in peace, but when I came to Canada, Access human resource centre in Scarborough trained us for networking and I took it very seriously till I moved to Montreal. :-)

And many people take pictures with popular figures and put them in frames and tell everyone I know this person, and I always felt, and? does that person even remembers he took a picture with you, :-)

My Father-in-law, in a different ways knows how to use such people when needed, like getting heavy bags checked in an Airport, with out checking the actual weight, :-) the person will push the bags on the belt by telling the counter clerk, "Our people", :-)) my question, what about all those who paid the same fare, and are standing in the queue. :-)

Now If I see, In India I hardly know a single person who can stand with me shoulder to shoulder, given my character, well If you talk about opportunists, hundreds are there but a person who keeps a global point of view and will not get in to "our people", kind of day to day politics, I think zero.

Now in Canada, there is no chance for such a character, because Canada is a country based on communities, everyone is living in their own cultural or religious space, and they don't see each other, and all are being watched by CSIS on the name of security. :-)) the motto of Canada is " birds with similar feathers flock together", :-)) and I think CSIS and its subsidiaries would like to keep it that way, because it helps them in collecting information or placing electronic gadgets where ever they need with out any hassle. :-)

Even the number of opportunist people I know are in ten's or even less, Canada is country which inculcates strangers every where. :-)) like I said it is like a college, you join, you either leave or stay, you will remain a stranger, but not for CSIS or other government agencies which might be writing your biography.

I think In Canada, the biographers in CSIS and related agencies get busy the moment a baby is born, because you never know where you can use that baby for, so many international programs are supported by Canada. :-))

When I came to Canada, in first three months I did so much of networking that few people were surprised that so many people knew me, :-)) but after 14 years, I don't know who my neighbour is.
:-)) and all those with whom I tried to maintain a network are no more in my contact, thanks to someone very socially sick :-))

But today I feel free that I don't have to answer many people for every small small things, :-)) which I have to when I was new in Canada and that was the result of too much networking, :-)) and when people don't get that information in time or they come to know about some event that has taken place in your life from a third person, they feel offended, all that headache is not there. :-)) 

While I got married I called few friends and classmates from my MSc, two came, and went straight for lunch and left, did not even meet me, :-)) and when my daughter was born, after three months, her cradle ceremony was celebrated with lunch by my in-laws, and I paid for the Video, and I called few people from my office and everyone came, then I called few of  them for my daughters first birthday in a hotel with dinner, everyone came, but when my father passed away in 1999, few came and left with out even meeting me, they saw my parents home which was  a middle class apartment, with improper paint, that is what he could afford after he retired, so they left with out even saying hello, and one fellow could not keep his mouth shut and said, your parents home looks very bad, you should do something about it, I did in 2010, :-) and I called everyone for lunch as part of the ritual on 13 or 14 day of my fathers funeral, only two came, :-))

Basically what I have observed is people 99.999% are just opportunists, they want credit for doing nothing or doing very little and where you can not sit and talk like funerals they don't go.

Why would someone take the headache for free, :-)) people do things only when their comfort is at stake or their personal comfort needs an upgrade. :-))

I liked one line Kavi Vishwas said, "there is no saint with out a desire".

In fact saints have more desires then any one, it needs little thinking why? :-) may be some other time.

I read a joke yesterday, it is about how many people know you,

It seems bob knew people and one day he is out with his boss and other colleagues and at one point he stops to say hello to someone, and boss is offended that bob knew him, so they have a challenge that bob does not know Obama, but in front of the white house bob is shaking hands with Obama, boss is surprised, then he says, I am sure the pope does not know you, they go to Vatican, and Bob is standing with the pope in his balcony, suddenly the boss suffers a stroke, bob goes to visit him in the hospital, :-)) and asks him what happened, he asks, oh1 you had a stroke because pope was standing with me, boss says no, I had a stroke because a guy standing next to me said, who is that guy standing with bob?. :-))

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