Feb 9, 2015

Hacker Ville -The best country to live in the world-in 2015

Todays Globe and Mail, showed some guts and tried to feature a write up on how easy it is for hackers to hack cars and manipulate them while you are driving, and it seems all the manufacturers are exposed to this problem in Canada.

There are some 15 computers in my car and each computer has some software, and is controlling some function of the car, so the wireless entry points is one way hackers can get into your car and manipulate everything from software to the key functions to their advantage so that tehy can control the car while you are driving, the main purpose is mischief.

But the actual problem is not this one which the paper did not address, the actual problem is 99% cars in Canada and Quebec in particular are hacked by security agencies like local police and CSIS, :-) and they do not hack the car using available entry points rather they use their power to get access into your car at the service station and install their gadgets, so that they can see you  and your family in the car and also they can see where you are going.

And my car was taken to a garage, they had three days so the car must have been ripped open piece by piece and the sick guys installed every possible electronic gadget or what ever technology they had with them in 2009, what ever they have installed they can see me and also they can see where I am going, the streets in front and behind, and delivered the car after three days. I think all this hard work is  a part of racial profiling Canadian style. :-))

Today in Canada in general and Quebec in particular it is impossible to keep your electronics free from hacking by local police and CSIS, even childrens IPOD's, teenage girls cellphones, are not spared.

Since I bought my cellphone and my elder daughter bought hers, I could never speak to her on her callphone, when ever I call her number my phone jams and the screen goes dark, and her phone looses battery power and goes dead, this problem we faced in India also when we visited in 2010, it was my cellphone from FIDO and we got her a new phone in India  and her cell phone would never get charged or loose power, or would not connect.

Recently in Place vertu, Saint Laurent, I was near Canadian tyre and I called her number, she has an Iphone with FIDO, I called her number to find out where she was in Palce Vertu, same thing, my phone jammed, and her phone went dead, I don't know why some one has a problem with family members communicating with each other, I guess Canadian sleuths have nothign else to do and they all this technology developed by easy money given to them by Liberals and now by Conservatives, so some where they have to use that technology.

Is Mr Harper getting these informations, I think he is given exactly opposite information by the same guys . :-))))))))) or the people close to Harper must be under Liberal control so he must be getting all the opposite information, because he is doing things which are in opposition.

So this morning when I saw things not normal and are changing towards worse, I told my daughter, some one very sick is controlling Canada or Quebec now. :-))

I wrote to dodge boulevard, and immediately I got a call, the guy on the other side appeared more interested to find out what I am going to do with my car since it is hacked or it is in hacking mode 24/7, he said, "you want to change your car", :-)) they are not bothered if you have problems with your current car, they just want to sell another one and then behave like they behaved before once they sell the car, after sale service is very bad.

I told him the problem, and asked him if it is with in his control to do something about it, he said nothing.

I tried to write to Chrysler Canada, but their customer care centre is more secure then their cars, all my emails bounced back, I  said to myself I wish their cars have something like that, every attack should bounce back and not change the systems. :-))

But I am surprised at the bunch of guys who have all the time to sit in a hidden spot and watch you drive same old path over and over again for 5 or more years, :-)) so they are so free that have nothing to do in this big wide world other then watch a guy drive his car. :-)))))))))))) or sleep in his home, :-)) and they work in three shifts. :-)  May this is what Harper meant when he said they will increase jobs in Canada. :-))

I think all these guys are totally fucked up and can not lead a normal life of their own, they suffer from some rare disease of obsession and I am not sure if there is any cure for such a disease. :-)

They must be like this when they leave for work:

Honey I am going to work I have to watch the same old guy I have been watching for last 10 years, driving his car, or sleeping in his home,

or Honey I am leaving for work I have to slow down the traffic on Cote Vertu, :-))))))))))))

Or Honey I am leaving for work today I have to watch some one take shower in his home, so I have to make sure he rubs his groin. :-))

Or Honey I am leaving for work I have to block the traffic on Auto route 40,

His wife might as well say, why always on Auto route 40, they should also put you on Auto route 20, for a change. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Or today I have to drive at 15 km per hour speed on a high speed road,  and keep the traffic slow,

Or the children might be like, papa papa where are you going in the night,

I have to work at some apartment, watching their TV, :-))

Children: You can have your own TV and watch them here in our home

No No CSIS wants us to watch TV in someone's home from some other apartment and we record all the sequence of channels and report to CSIS. :-)))))

And when such a guy meets his relatives what must he be telling, Oh I work for CSIS,

doing what: Oh Secret work.

I think some one should come from behind and kick his arse and tell them he slows down tthe raffic on busy roads when the traffic is at its peak.

Sorry folks, This is Canada and Quebec in 2015- Not so best place in the world to live. :-)) thanks to Liberals and Conservatives.

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