Feb 16, 2015

People should mind their business

When I started my career like any other middle class guy, I joined with out much ado and demands, and expected that hard work and perseverance will be paid but surprisingly found out that a multi millionaire,  and people up to 25 years senior to me were playing dirty politics to stop me.

Not that I stopped, :-)) but why would a multi millionaire compete with me, when I was already loyal to him and was  reporting to him, :-) I could never understand.

And more then me he was more interested in my life, basically he wanted to design my life, with whom I should get married, how that women should be, etc. because his fear was what If I get huge dowry and start my own industrial unit for active pharmaceuticals, :-)) like he started with his wife's money. :-))

And his fears came true, when he came to my marriage, all my in laws were loaded with gold jewellery, poor fellow decided there it self that no growth for me, and I took a decision to leave his company when I visited his multi floored mansion to give him the invitation of my marriage, he made me sit near the shoes, and refused to offer even a glass of water, basically he showed me my worth.
 :-)) not that I was showing off of anything, I was as humble as a blade of grass, but I don't know why he felt he had to show me my place (in terms of wealth). :-))

Other people have been more interested in my life then I have been,

I just started working in 1990 and people started suggesting don't buy those fast bikes, a moped will be better, then something called Mofa was released, :-)  so people (who came by bus) suggested Mofa will suit me, :-)) but I purchased a Hero Honda and all those people were very unhappy that I did not listen to them. :-))

Then about my marriage, and then car which I never purchased in India. :-)) I just told one person that I am planning to buy that new car Maruti Zen that was released in the market last week, that's all every one (mostly seniors) ran to buy small 800 Maruti cars and started suggesting that the new car will not suit me, I should go for an old fiat.

:-))) then the Canadian thing came.

Here in Toronto, same thing people would suggest, you should buy a Honda civic used, and then drive for few years and then go for Honda accord used, :-)) when I asked them, "how much would a Toyota Camry cost",  with a loud laughter they said, "he is dreaming for a Toyota Camry", I said yes, that to a new one. :-)

I did, with in 6 months of my arrival in Canada, I purchased a new brand 2002 model Toyota Camry, the receptionist of our plant was surprised, she said, I am impressed, probably she thought I would come in a old Honda civic,  like our other Indian colleague. :-))

The people started talking, where did he get money for a new car, I have been working for so many years but I still drive an old car. :-))

Then one such employee who was selling his house came to me and offered his house for 1,60,000, and I jokingly said, that is too cheap, I can not live in such a small house, that is it, he went around spreading the new information, probably, he has lot of money etc, etc. :-))

The few people felt It is because of the new car I was getting respect in the plant, so it was stolen in 2003, expecting I will go for an old car, but I got another new Toyota Camry 2003 model, one should have seen the people's faces, what another new one. :-))

Now I don't even work in a company or talk much with people (particularly pale folks), but there are  many of them who are still more interested in my life then I care, :-))

I am not with any political party or with any organization, but people are so much interested in my life, where do I sleep, how do I sleep, with whom do I sleep, who is my wife, whether the mattress is soft or not, etc. etc. What I eat, what I drink, How I wipe my ass, with what, how I take shower, :-)) and with availability of technology (with CSIS) this curiosity has gone to obsession.

I think if people devote all that time for their self development, they might achieve many things they just dream. :-)

I seems I am their bread and butter, what will they do with out me and with their sorry lives If I am not their topic of discussion. :-)))))
PDP-BJP, Jammu and Kashmir,

I think BJP's loss in Delhi is causing some problems for BJP, even PDP is using it as an excuse, :-)
and the 11 point offer by PDP shows its true colors, BJP should take time now and resolve their stand on each and every point raised by PDP, because BJP stands for the entire India and PDP is not able to even take a stand for people of Kashmir, they are more interested in Pakistan. ::-)

I think BJP should educate people of Kashmir what exactly PDP is with the point they have raised, which clearly shows they do not want to stay with India or even they are interested in Kashmir or people of Kashmir.

Another option is Jammu and Kashmir can be separated into two states and BJP forms government in Jammu and PDP in Kashmir, and then BJP should turn Jammu into a developed place in may be 5 years, then people of Kashmir might change their political idea. :-)

Now BJP should understand why Congress-I left J&K to National Conference, :-)) with the 11 points offer it is very clear PDP is not interested in peace in that region, they just want to play in the hands of Pakistan, which in turn is a puppet in the hands of western powers.

BJP can also offer 11 points, like

PDP should occupy POK,
PDP should be responsible for any terrorism in J & K, since they are soft towards extremists and Pakistan
Article 370 should be repealed as everyone from PDP, NC, Hurriyat and Pakistan are hiding behind it.
Pakistan should never be a part of any talks with regards to J&K, because Pakistan did not exist when J&K joined India.
CM in J&K should be a BJP candidate, and Kiran Bedi is the best for this position.
Sri Nagar should be adopted as a smart city but under BJP leadership,
Dal Lake is a heritage site,
Shalimar Bagh also should be a heritage site,
No Non Muslim should leave Kashmir,
Border between Pakistan and J &K should be sealed for ever.
PDP if wants can leave India and join Pakistan and see if they are even allowed to move freely, leave alone talk.

Bloody Opportunists.

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