Mar 9, 2015

Current 09 March 2015- World's daughters

Since last week, everywhere from BBC to all online websites only one thing is being talked about, "India's daughter", by Leslee Udwin, and every one, particularly the most intelligent have been talking about and writing comments, and feeling great that finally someone has addressed this issue, which India has been trying to hide, and to do that India banned this documentary, so Ms Udwin gets more media coverage :-)

It seems she paid the rapist 40,000 Rs to get the interview or she might have paid 40,000 Rs to the tihar jail authorities to get an interview with the rapist, and get an idea how a rapist would think or would like his victim to do while he is violating her.

Because the world will loose in a big way if we would not know how a rapist thinks, and Ms Leslee Udwin has done this favour on all of us, now we all know what a rapist wants while he is violating some hapless women. :-)

Leslee Udwin, Is from Israel, I am not sure If she is Jew or not but she is from Israel so must be Jewish,

Nation Master:

So as per nation master, in Israel which has a population of 8.059 millions

2008: 1243 women were raped (reported)
2007: 1270 women were raped (reported)
2006, 1291 women were raped (reported)
2005  1223 women were raped (reported)
2004  1319 women were raped (reported)

Though other countries have reported for 2010, but for Israel data in nation master is available only up to 2008.

I am surprised that Ms Leslee Udwin never felt that she should make a movie about all these rapes and telecast all over the world, to expose how badly 0.16% of women in Israel are raped every year.

May be she thought Israel is not on the political spot light and why people will read or see when big offenders like US, South Africa, UK, and India are leading the list.

As per Nation Master:

2010:  USA had 84767 rapes (reported), which means rapes not reported are way above this number

2010: South Africa had 66196 rapes (reported) and the website suggests that South Africa has close to half a million rapes every year, which are not reported.

2010: India had 22172 rapes (reported) and unreported number might be way above this given the size of the population

India is followed by Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Russia, given the population of Russia, only 5000 women are reported raped per year.

The website claims, unreported rapes as highest in

South Africa about half a million, followed by
Egypt, 2 hundred thousand
UK, 85,000
China, 32000

Then there is this story making rounds, a lady professor named A B Sickinger of Leipzig university in Germany has refused an Indian student from getting internship in her biochemistry department because she felt her female friends will be at danger because of India's rape culture, though the German councillor had done some damage control but for her information:

Germany: 2010, 7724 women were raped (reported)  and if you check every year from 2010 backwards, around 8000 women are raped every year in Germany, total population is around 80 million.

Germany 80 millions population, 8000 women are reported raped, which is 0.01% women are raped.
India, 1250 millions population and 22000 women are reported raped, 0.001% women are raped,

As per these figures, Germany has a better rape culture then India. :-) and it stands 7 in the list, it tops in the list of fraud in Europe, and it also stands second in the list after UK, in violent crimes in Europe, and Ms Udwin did not find any rapist in Europe or UK (85000 rapes per year) to make a movie.

Canada: 2010,  576 women were reported raped and every year close to this number of women are reported raped in Canada, I am surprised how the rapists in Canada are able to hoodwink CSIS, because in Canada every single citizen  including the prime minister is watched 24/7 by CSIS,CSE and local police stations have direct access into people's homes, and population of Canada is around 30 millions. :-))

And if you see the % of rapes then it is slightly higher then India, 0.0019% of women in Canada are raped and I guess they are never caught so no movies by Ms Leslee Udwin. :-))

If someone like BBC has to do research on the minds of rapists why only India, there are bigger offenders USA, South Africa, UK, and Ms Leslee Udwins country Israel is also in the list with  10 times higher % of rapes given the population, reason is there is no political advantage to few people in Canada/UK and US if they make moves on all these rapists.

And when it comes to reporting, I think in India, as far as middle class is concerned, touching a women or a girl with out her consent is seen as a crime, which includes family members, then there are two different cultures where sex flows freely, one is the rich class, everything is hidden and under wraps, and second is the poor class which is open with out any security and most rapes which are reported (my knowledge is newspapers) are those that happen in the poor class or by the poor class.

And in India, as far as my knowledge is concerned, a women immediately knows the intentions of a man who is touching her, because the culture of touching women does not exist at least in middle class or even upper middle class, and I have never seen or heard or even come across one case in my 34 years of life in India, so I asked my colleague who is born in Delhi and lived in Delhi all his life, when told that India has around 22,000 cases reported every year, he said, "Oh! 22000 cases reported are not correct", I asked him, "how many cases did you see in your 30 years life in India", he said "zero", something, I asked another colleague of mine who happens to be from Jalandhar Punjab, same answer, zero.

But when it comes to USA and Europe, the general rapes are not reported because I think the victims are not in a position to differentiate between culture or rape, promiscuity is high, partners are exchanged freely and at a very young age,  so the numbers reported do not represent the actual figures.

What ever, the bottom line is the world daughters are violated by few men and most women (including Leslee Udwin) talk about it as if this is their main entertainment, which  is bad for the world culture.

And regarding this case in Delhi, which took place on Dec 16, 2012.

Government in India then in 2012: Congress -I, a women president, Sonia Gandhi lives in Delhi.
CM of Delhi, Shiela Dixit, from Congress-I a women again.
India's daughters creator, A Jew from Israel, a women,
BBC,  :-))(Never found one rapist in UK to do the research what goes in their mind while they rape.) I am sure there must be some women who is behind this documentary and telecast world over.

I think this case was a premeditated violent crime by few individuals (Mostly women from power circles) in Delhi, and UK, Canada, :-) "Bitch from hell", is Jewish too, then we have a very experienced Swiss women as far as free sex is concerned in Montreal, she can go to any length, and as per their request these men were engaged, the crime was planned and the women was also targeted in advance, I don't think it was a random pick, and the level of violence was also raised to such a level that no other story of rape reaches its level.

Purpose: Like the drama of terrorism, the way India and Indian men are being targeted it is sure a brain child of a very sick person outside India, who did not think about a hapless women, her family before using them in his or her political drama, Congress-I and Shiela Dixit had been politically punished by people, rapist should have been punished by now, I don't know why the delay, and someone should ask them how they are feeling while they are hanged and the main culprits (Political) in UK, Canada are still free and at large.

And there might be people like Leslee Udwin who might as well collect royalty from this movie. :-)
United Kingdoms Daughters,

Another documentary by some Harjit Singh, "United Kingdoms daughters", this trend started by Ms Leslee Udwin will continue for many weeks, and every time it is done, a hapless women will have to suffer again and again, because few people ( particularly women in power circles) have gone numb and insensitive towards their own race.

Quebec Racial vibes,

Few pale cowards who function in Quebec as domestic terrorists, were supposed to get a big boost in their inter racial conflicts, throught their civil rights legislation concerning religions and religious symbols like head cover etc, which were started after 1995 referendum, but due to huge win by liberal party of Quebec, their plans got disposed, but they have not given up, :-)) some how they want people who wear head cover like hijab, or turbans to fight with those who do not, trying to create a divide in the society, french Vs Head covers, and people who are neither french nor wear any head covers are the one targetted for a negative reaction, this has been the liberal brain child since 2001.

And If I am not wrong this thought is flowing from Ontario, few very sick people who are supposed to be in some mental asylum are talking politics and their politics is to make people fight with each other, like they did with Sri Lankans Vs Blacks in Scarborough Ontario, and in Quebec as the french community is always hyper due to their frustrations, some sick person is trying to exploit these vibes.

I experienced this behaviour when I came to Quebec in 2001, there is this petrol bunk managed by some Moroccon guys, and then I was new in Saint Laurent, but the behavious of these folks was not normal, it was like they are being asked to behave in a particular manner, but I ignored their behaviour and I think I have bought gas from them since 2001, but lately in 2014 their behaviour has become too rude, either due to business pressures or due to too much pressure from these pale cowards.

My Suggestion to pale cowards: If Pale cowards want pale folks to get good reviews for their behaviour, they should behave nicely with one and all, automatically you will get good reviews, but asking other people (People with head covers) to behave badly and expecting that people will feel good about pale folks or people will give good reviews about their behaviour is foolishness, that is pale folks culture, so If someone is expecting good reviews for good behaviour, one will have to behave nicely, even though we behave nicely we are not treated nicely or given any good reviews, so we don't expect, we just ignore, because it has lot to do with culture. :-))

So people be careful when you deal with people in Quebec, many are paid decoys, some sick person in Ontario does not like peace in Quebec, and when ever any thing happens, it is always due to some pale coward working from back stage. :-)

For quite some time they have been looking for trouble in Quebec, and they have not given up yet.

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