Mar 25, 2015

Current 25 MAR 2015, Ghost problems

Back in India it is said that If someone is possessed by a ghost, the best thing to do is give that person a nice and sound "chappal party", which sounds very under developed but it seems it works, the ghost would leave the body and retire in to the white light, which is none other then our bright sun. :-)

"Bitch from hell", is one such ghost, and she has possessed many people in the past and present, and I think which ever political party is effected by this ghost, all party members should pick up some flip flop and give that person a nice and sound flip flop thrashing (Chappal party), then see the ghost would leave her or him and th epolitical party might reduce their losses. :-)

I think "Root Cause" has been possessed by this ghost "Bitch from hell", for a long time, and she and her bunch of ass kissers, needs to be dispossessed from this ghost. :-))

By the way flip flops are available at any dollar store for a dollar or two. :-))

Problem with this ghost is she changes the persons character and the person possessed by this ghost starts behaving like her, greed is the main trait of this ghost. :-))

Apart from greed, the person pssessed looses the ability to differntiate right from wrong, morality takes nosedive, all that would matter is what this ghost wants. :-))

And all those ass kissers (pale cowards), possesed by this ghost need to take the "chappal party", as soon as possible before the damage to their psyche is permanent, so save yourself and your political party, which is your bread and butter, from this ghost by taking  this "flip flop ceremony".

Idea is to hold the person possesed by this ghost, and thrash with flip flops till the ghost leaves the person, and each slap should be as hard as possible, some times it would take days depending on the level of ghost., and "bitch from hell", is a very stubborn ghost, so it might take many sessions of chappal party. 

India Vs Australia, Second semi finals,

Australia has been known for sledging for a long time and this time also Rohit Sharma has been a victim of this sledging, and this semi final will be very aggressive, as both the teams wants to satisfy their egos, as both the teams have won the cup two times or more.

I think Australia has a very small edge, but India is full of surprises. :-)

Like I said India is full of surprises, they surprised us all by such a disappointing performance, I think every player exept Dhawan and Dhoni had their focus some where else, :-) and on the other hand the Australiam team had their focus on the cup.

I did not expect them to even qualify for quater finals but reaching semi finals is a big surprise, and I am surprised who are the selectors in the board, they all should be fired, who selected Jadeja, he is not suitable for even Ranji Trophy.

Anyway, the host countries, Australia Vs Newzealand in finals and I think given the intensity New Zealand might win this cup hands down.

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