Mar 27, 2015

Current 27 MAR 2015- Sunshine list

Sunshine list released by Ontario government:

Some 1,11,400 people are listed who made more then 1,00,000$ CAD from government of Ontario, and that includes some 4000 police constables and officers, andone Constable made 2,50000$ CAD from over time, I am surprised or what was he doing??

And the police chief of Ontario is making 3,50,000$ per annum, and Ontario's Hydro chief made 5,00,000$ and it seems his successor will get close to 1 million as salary. :-)

I was not aware that police gets over time pay also, :-)) 2,50,000$ per annum, wow!! I would have tried to get into police in 2001, :-)) I amde a mistake, then some pujabi boys and girls were joining police as constables, :-)) 2,50,000$ and that to over time. :-)

I am still surprised what must they be doing, watching people from neigbours homes and claming over time, and the rate of overtime is between 68 to 85$ per hour, and a minimum of three hours is given each time, so straight 240$ each time, and no questions asked, free car, free gas, I think Quebec government also should publish its sunshine list.

Here in Quebec police constables must be making more, and they are protesting that they are under paid.

Canadian average income is 25,000$ per annum
Canadian per capita income is 42,000$

Starting salary of a constable is 70,000$ + perks + free car + free gas + Over time pay, paid duty fees

I think the starting salary of a police constable should not be more then 25,000$, and if they get killed on duty then their family should be given not less then 1 million$ + other incentives like free education for children, etc.

Actually the police does nothing, ask any one the answer is,  they do nothing and why so much is paid to them.

70,000$ wow!! for doing nothing.

I wonder how much Hydro Quebec chief must be making, and how much Mr Simard must be making, he is busy doing favours to people with influence and his favours are very nasty, like watching people in their homes 24/7, watching children in schools, watching people in gas stations, all these are done as favours to people with some influence in Ottawa or Quebec city. :-))

Now I know why the electricity is so expensive in Canada, all that money is needed to pay the top cream of Canada 1 million salary to manage Hydro. :-)) Then there must be over time also.

Cost of electricity :

India: for a home of two bedrooms, 1 fridge, few fans, 450 Rs per month, which is about 6,000 Rs per annum.

6000 Rs  which in CAD is 100$  per annum, ok 150$ per annum,

Quebec-Canada: 195$ per month, for a home of two bedrooms and a laundry room, 2 fridges, no fans, no air conditioner, but one water heater and few base board electric heaters, which in CAD is 2400$ per annum

India is 150$ per annum
Quebec-Canada is 2400$ per annum

CEO of State electricity board salary as per 2006 pay commission must be around 80,000 Rs per month, which is 96,00,000 Rs per annum, which in CAD is 19,200$ per annum.

CEO Ontario Hydro is 1 million $ per annum

CEO Quebec Hydro is ???

In India there is frequent power cuts, due to shortage of electricity,
In Quebec the power went off for more then 8 hours this winter.


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