Mar 20, 2015

How difficult is it to be neutral ???

The umpiring of recent quarter final match between ICC world cup defending champions team India and first time ICC world cup quarter finals appearance team Bangladesh showed how difficult it is to be neutral, the umpires were from Aleem Dar from Pakistan and there was another white guy as umpire, and I also felt they did not keep their decisions up to the ICC level, though I am an born Indian myself and would like team India to win always, but winning a match fare and square gives a very positive feeling and every one is happy that team India deserved the win, but now there will always some talk how the Pakistani umpire gave a wrong decision and it was not very complicated issue, it was a simple catch of a full toss ball, and with so much technology around that every thing can be torn apart digitally and when such a simple decision is mugged in plain public view, it looks cheap.

I know that team India is in a brilliant form and can win any match fare and square, they don't need to resort to such cheap tricks particularly with a team like Bangladesh which is still in its learning phase as far as world cup is concerned.

Now there are protests in Bangladesh, because the decision was not correct, even a layman can tell, but ICC president Richardson a British academic, an South African feels Umpire's decision is final,
I think he should look into it, If the Pakistani umpire was bribed by someone or was it a decision made under pressure, and the pressure can be from anywhere, I am sure it is definitely not from India, it can be from some western country or some political party in west, like Liberal party of Canada or democrats of US, or Conservatives of England or UK etc etc, because there is this huge proxy was going on between left and right political parties all over the world, and Liberals are in the front of this proxy war, so are Conservatives. :-)

Now a days there is so much talk about India -Pakistan, any channel, any program where ever it is possible India-Pakistan friendship is talked, so I guess this was also an attempt to show the world that a Pakistani umpire can be in favour of an Indian team.

I would say OK, someone in Pakistan is trying to amend their past mistakes, which is welcome but not at the cost of a third country, in this case may be thought the Umpire Aleem Dar Pakistan or someone who is stuck with Pakistan due to the left Vs right political proxy war wanted to show some that Pakistani people are not against India or Indians, that is fine but why Bangladesh should loose.

Yes when India and Pakistan are playing, then they can show anything they want, and that will be between two countries.

My problem is I have never lived in single community or like I never was a part of birds of same feather flocking together, I have lived all my life in Multi cultural, multi religious, multi colored communities, so it is very difficult for me to understand how people support each other just because they look alike or speak same language, or go to same religious place, or have same skin color,.:-)

The Canadian pale cowards have been trying very hard to teach me that birds with same feather flock together, OK I understood but there are rarely any other bird which has same feathers as mine, :-)) so that is why I said I fly solo, :-)) then the problem is the birds of pale feathers wants to control me, which is not possible If I fly solo, :-) so they want me to join people with same feathers as me, so I would like pale cowards to find such people who have same feathers as me. :-))

For me merit is the only criteria, and I am neutral not because I choose, I am neutral because of my brought up or culture, being neutral is part of my life, :-)) I have seen people taking sides, the most ridiculous thing people do is take sides because they have same skin color, :-) or they have same last name, or same religion, or due to some similarity, :-)) and now pale cowards and their proxy games, this has gone to a new low level, sneezing, hiccups, running nose, itching, etc, etc, even pain in particular part of the body is also being used as similarity to get together, then that contradicts the policy of pale cowards, " birds of same feathers flock together", :-))

Back in 1995, one of my ex colleague of a different caste would match every thing, He said, I am MSc Chemistry, You are MSc Chemistry, I am Technical officer, you are Technical officer, You ride a bike, I have a scooter, Your elder child is a girl, mine also is a girl, I have a son, you might have a son, the he asked your wife is fare or dark, I said she is fare, he said, Oh! my wife is dark and he stopped there and started to think deeply, then he started again did you ever met with an accident where you broke your bones, :-)) I said, No, he said I did, I fell from my scooter and broke my leg, and he settled in his chair with a sad face. :-)) two important things he had which I did not, bank balance and a home. :-)

Basically the point I am trying to make is that people find reasons to feel sad, because their glass is always half empty, and then they feel comfortable and think they can only survive if they support each other, If I support people with same skin color then only I will survive. :-))

One should see this Indian movie PK, it clearly shows how people have opened various shops to survive, and thrive, ya thrive and one stone comes their way they fall apart.

So I think the biggest challenge where most people fail is when they have to be neutral or when they have to play umpire or referee, it is not a powerful position but it is of great responsibility, and rate of failure is very high, 99.999% fail.

People who lived all their lives like a frog in a pot hole, will fail to be neutral umpire, because every time they will win they have this family of frogs to take care of because so many promises, :-)) some times even before they win they bring out all the paraphernalia to share the spoils. :-))

Some one will have to tell them, wait! wait! the game is not over. :-)))))))))))


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