Apr 7, 2015

Current 07April 2015, Color is skin deep

ICC World cup 2015, Australia won the cup 5th time, I am shocked how New Zealand missed it, they were so good and so close this time, but they lacked the aggression of Australian team.

Biggest joke in this world cup was Srinivasan giving away the trophy, :-)) He is neck deep in scams and court cases, and he gets to give away the trophy, I guess someone has shown too much interest in his rare talent of making money in an illegal way. ;-)

Supreme Court of India has asked Srinivasan to leave the BCCI alone and see where he got promoted, ICC chairman, :-) this proves how corrupt this world is, or his stars are so strong that even powerful people can not pull him down. :-)

And beauty is he never played cricket, not front of his home, you know first class cricket and he is chairman of ICC, :-)) and another thing interesting was Duncan Fletcher, he was appointed coach to Indian team in 2011, and he too left after semi finals with Australia. :-)

Indians took him as a coach because he helped England for a decade or so, there are so many Indian cricketers, Sachin Tendulakar can be a coach, but he is not pale like western pale, that is the problem. :-)

On the same note, Giriraj said, If Sonia Gandhi was from Nigeria, meaning If she was black, then Congress I would not have allowed her as president of Congress I this long, or not considered her at all, what is so wrong in his statement, he was trying to project how racial Indians are, and how much importance is given to the fare skin color. :-)

Just watch Kapil Sharma in comedy with Kapil on colors, :-)) on the name of comedy so much trash talk goes in this show against dark skin, or not so attractive faces, :-) and so much is appreciated just because of pale skin or little attractive faces.

Same thing, South African Cricket team was all white and one black man may be the 12th man was serving drinks to the white boys, ok there was one pale islamist, even though the country moved from apartheid years back and the current president is also black, but the money and power still remains with the white boys.

And here in Montreal, Quebec, some pale cowards are playing with cars of various colors, even white and black, :-) and actually no one is colored in both the left and right, all these political parties are run by bunch of same pale boys and girls, but all the dirty work is carried out by the colored boys and girls. :-))

Today a red calibre dodge car driven by a pale boy, almost hit another car, as the car in the front braked abruptly, the pale boy was between my car and that car, then I observed a blue car was ahead of us, so the pale boy in calibre dodge was breaking all rules to follow the blue car, :-) stupid fellow, instead of breaking rules on the road and get killed under my car or some other car, he could have started few minutes early, may be he might be way ahead of that blue car. :-))

I am going to drop my children at their schools and pale cowards are rushing back and forth, fools there is nothing here, the rankings of number one have already been allotted, it is only the matter of time they will be revealed to the hidden world, though I would like the world to know who runs this world, both the ugly side and the ordinary side, world will be surprised it is the same bunch of pale boys who have been running both the sides till now. :-))

Pale boys and girls have one simple policy, if they are leading, they are masters rest everyone follow or are slaves, :-)) but if someone else is leading  then the pale boys and girls will talk about equality, brotherhood, love, faith, all those good words will pop up and as long as pale boys and girls are doing drama in front of a colored person, that means they are not leading. :-)))

Because If pale boys and girls are on the top and leading, they would not even look at non pale folks, history tells us or they would not spend a second that to impress some colored person. :-))

Ask "Root Cause", she will say colored folks do not deserve any thing, :-)) and the Leech, who once said, "What else can be done for the comfort of white man", :-)) and now they are saying they are black. :-)) which means they want to eat their share and also swallow black  folks crumbs as well.

There is this left party, it is packed with pale boys and girls, and is using two sets of games, one showing how nutty they are and another set is how nutty the right is, and then there is this right party again packed with pale boys and girls, even they are playing two sets of games, one how nutty they are and the second one is how nutty the left is.

So in this situation I get data from four sets of cowardly actions, and my conclusion is both are nutty, pale and stupid. :-)) and both sides crave for parental affection. :-)))))))))))))))))

Though I am not responsible for their bad childhood that even at 75 and 65 they crave for parental affection. :-)))))))))))))))))) my suggestion is they should take help from parental services of social services department, may be they can help, even centre de loisir has some parental section, or just ask your doctor.

By the way I have found out some interesting facts about Alien invasion
White Vs Black, or Police Vs Black,

One more down but this time the policemen was very careless and did not look around before committing his crime or may be he was on drugs so he did not even think that in today's world of twitter, face book, blogs, and selfies, someone might record his crime, :-)) and someone really did, and his lies evaporated like butter on hotplate. :-)

Every single policeman and women in South Carolina should give away their one month salary to the Scott family as a gesture of solidarity with people or just resign and look for more challenging jobs, like heist in London gems and diamonds. :-)) what is difference both are crimes at least you don't kill people in heists.  :-)) I am surprised no one ever tried to take the Kohinoor from the queen. :-))

At least this incident should open the eyes of white bad boys in uniform that they might loose everything in one bad judgement, olden days are olden days, there were no iPhones, twitter, face book, blogs, or selfies, or YouTube, so bad white boys could commit any crime and get away with it.

I think something is wrong with the training given to police in US/Canada, policemen are very numb, insensitive, and at the same time very dumb also, :-) and the judiciary is blind towards one color, every time a black man is shot down, the cop is always white and the judiciary always lets the white go free and commit some more crimes.

I think proper back ground check is not performed before recruiting white boys in police, each and every candidate irrespective of skin color should be checked for his childhood, particularly between 5 to 19 yrs, because the basic character of a person develops during these years and the kind of childhood years they have spent would decide what kind of person that individual might be, and any candidate with disturbed childhood, single parent childhood or multiple parents, etc, should not be allowed in to police force, because they are given guns and tasers, and only people with sound childhood can handle guns and tasers in a more responsible way.

It is like our police men and women come straight from 19th century, :-)) look at the video of UQAM students Vs Police, three to four male police men were dragging one girl student, and one policemen even arm twisted a black girl student on national TV, :-) and Canadians sleep in their cosy couches numb and dumb.

Once one lawyer said to me, "This is Canada and not US", what do you expect it is a cold country, we understand only one language, i.e. "blackmailing". :-))

Then the news on native Indian girls, more then 250 girls have gone missing and police just sleeps, I was shocked to note that police registered a case after two months of disappearance and they want more salary, perks.

I have gone to police quartier numero 6 many times to register few complaints and every time my impression was post offices are more active then these policemen, as a matter of business, the cop said," you want a copy of your complaint, please call this number, they (Archives) will send you a copy for 25$". :-))

And another time, the cop said, "don't complain", just forget about it", it was for some part on my car which was stolen, then another time, few cops talking to themselves, "Is he a fool that he is complaining", another time another cop, ' you should call this guy he is like x files", and he laughed, another time, a lady cop, "we have nothing with us, you should look for a private detective", another time, Oh! why did you come here, you should have called from your home, it is going to swell by tomorrow, another time, don't call 911, call our local number, another time for airline tickets fraud, a male and female cops, " this is not our jurisdiction you should go to RCMP", and after 6 months sleeping on the issue RCMP came back and said it is local police issue.
:-))) and first time when my car got stolen, a lady cop, "don't worry just give this paper to insurance they know what to do", so recently someone stole video player from my car, I did not even feel like going to the police station, it is a waste of time, as we were not even using them. :-))

If you go to a police station in Saint Laurent, Quebec, it does not appear like you have gone to people who are custodians of law, it appears like you have entered a den packed with pale bozos with fat belly's and loose talk, one can see the uniforms feeling insulted. :-))

Any country wants to develop a police force which is just useless and does not work, send them to get trained in Canada or if you want your police to kill people for small small things like broken tail light, send your people to get trained in USA. :-)) may be South Carolina is the best, or may be the best has yet to reveal itself.

Wake up pale numb bastards.

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