Apr 22, 2015

Current 22 APR 2015-Budget

2015 Budget, Canada:

I was expecting huge raise for Police and CSIS/CSE, Oh! then I realized this is the election year, so no one will take risk of pushing people away, so the Police, CSIS/CSE will have to wait till 2016 Budget, when they might get huge raise, If Conservatives come back to power in 2015 Oct. :-))

Universal child benefit extended to 6 to 17 years old kids, 60$ per kid, not bad. :-)

I was expecting some reforms in mortgage loans for first time buyers, but the mess created housing market by Harper's government remains, so first time home buyers will have to wait for 2016 or 2017 budget for some relief, banks are over loaded with funds but due to harsh rules put in place by Harper's government, people earning below 40K can not buy homes, this will hit Harpers government a big way in 2015 Oct. :-)

Small business tax cuts or 2% over a period of 4 years is nothing, it accounts to peanuts.

Then there is no talk about minimum wage, this will also hit this government, there should be minimum raise in minimum wage every year like 50 cents per hour, the price index is changing, housing market is changing, when everything is changing and going up then why not the minimum wage. :-) Still there are people who need to wake up. :-)
Cong-I-Rahul Gandy, Wakes up at wrong time.

I am surprised when I see people like Rahul Gandy of Cong-I, whatever they do, is it because they mean it or it is just they want to do something, so it comes out of them, because for 10 years it was their government which did nothing for middle and lower classes, and now suddenly Rahul Gandy wakes up and blames BJP of doing nothing. :-))

I don't understand, what does he expect, because he woke up now, people will remove Modi and let Cong-I rule, :-) for common man sake, Rahul Gandy should understand that he is standing on the wrong side and all he can do is either develop Amethi or just watch how Modi is pulling strings of the government. :-))

If this is the norm, Modi will continue for atleast 25 years and people like Rahul Gandy will have to look for some other business, may be land deals like his brother -in-law. :-))

Telangana MLA's visiting Israel:

Telangana MLA's visiting Israel as farmers, :-)) and now a days Canadian Liberal MP is sporting pink tie like Telangana MLA's, :-)
Tons of Gold in Temples and with people,

Modi government's move to get all the gold from temples and people is a very good move, what will temples do with the gold, and GOD will be happy if it is used for development of the country and the people.

It is a very good move.

Condition of Temples and pilgrims.

And this morning I was watching the condition of char dham, there should be some government fund to keep these char dham functional and also other temples and places of worship need proper uplift, the temples appeared so dirty and badly managed.

Even Tirupati which earns so much revenue is so badly managed and is often so dirty, and pilgrims visiting all these places are treated like criminals by the police and local authorities, they are watched on CCTV and followed.

The main mischief police and local authorities play with these pilgrims is to push them into each other so that most of them fall, I was pushed by a volunteer in Tirupati so badly I almost fell, :-)) the idea is to push them one over other and cause stampede. :-)

And people also behave like cattle in all these places, I have not seen one person behaving like a pilgrim, so this behaviour is exploited by police and local authorities, now they are investing in drones. :-))

It is the same attitude when standing in a cinema queue and in a temple for darshan or ladoo. :-)
Farmers in India,

It is really sad to see that a country which depends on farmers is not able to come up with a grand national program for farmers, so many brains are not able to pull a simple solution to the plight of the farmers.

And it is so sad that Rahul Gandy is trying to suck blood out of farmers for his political mileage, shameful, "chulu bhar paani me doob maro", what ever is the plight of farmers in India it is the result of numb CONG-I governments since Independence, only Lal Bhadur Shastri wanted to do something for the farmers and Jawan, hence the slogan, "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan", but his life was cut short. 

Mr Modi should come up with a national program for farmers, where agriculture should be treated as an industry, and every standing crop should be assessed by an Insurance company to insure it before it is harvested, and once harvested it should be the responsibility of National food corporation to distribute it to the market or where ever it has to go, farmer should not be responsible for the distribution and sale of his crop.

I don't understand why it is so difficult to do these small small things, when everything depends on it.


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